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Why Campaigning for 18 Years...???

There are seven sins in the world: Wealth Without work, Pleasure without conscience, Knowledge without character, Commerce without morality, Science without humanity, Worship without sacrifice and politics without principle. �

Mahatma Gandhi

Dear friend / supporter;

Re: 1988�Present: 18 Years of Persecution / Oppression

We did expect to the government t o sort out our case in 1988/1989; but we are now in 2006 without any solution in sight. For the last 18 years , we have had 3 Premier Ministers ( Margaret Thatcher , John Major , Tony Blair ); 8 years of 2 conservative administrations and 10 years of New Labor government .

There has been a conspiracy to cover-up, following by witches hunt campaign against an innocent man. And in our case, it is scandalous that no body is talking about Equal Opportunities: Equal Treatment / Equal Chance to every body regardless of color, race, creed, religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, age, marital status.

We feel badly and unfairly treated (Discrimination) because of our Color and Ethnic Origin (Reference McPherson Report on Stephen Laurence Case).

Why This 18 Years of Campaign for Justice:

1. since 1988, we are surviving like �Political
Prisoner �under �House Arrest �, being kept
Incommunicado from close relatives.

2. No government officials / ministers, Elected
Representative are willing to discuss openly,
Only rumors; we are still being kept in the
Dark about the whole case process.
(No Inquiry, Apology, Redress�)

3. We have never been interviewed by Police or
Security Services about the false allegations. They
Are engaged in large scale propaganda to humiliate
And discredit us; using Bio-weapons to harass us
(Remote though reading / broadcasting, recruitment
Drive of gang stalkers to abuse us; Monitoring,
Interference into family and professional life for

4. according to rumors, the government used a very
old legislation (1861 Treason Act) to organize a
Secret trial in absentia for High Treason (despite
Staying at less than 10 miles away) and sent an
Innocent man to gallows in 1988 / 1989.

5. And in conspiracy with medical staff , they mis-
diagnosed an innocent man of mental illness in
order to cover-up and started a witches hunt (Like
Old Soviet Gulag).

6. We have been struggling for years to get a lawyer
willing to take up our case because of interference
and pressure from the security services.

7. The is still a ban on media running our story;
Pressure and Official Secrets Act.

8. The security services have tried to recruit our
friends, associates, relatives as gang stalkers
for sabotage, forcing us into isolation and
Living as prisoner without resources (prevented
from working or running a business peacefully.

9. The Security services have been involved in un-
Settling our whole life: Smears, harassment,
abuses, malicious phone calls, setting us people
Antagonists towards us .Unacceptable interference
into our family, private and professional life.

10.Attempts to keep us penniless by sabotage our
Career / running of our business (driving us out
of work by recruiting our work colleagues, business
Contacts, prospects, suppliers, customers as
Potential gang stalkers (abusers, tormentors�).
An innocent man left a successful career with a
Software Giant in dubious conditions. And many
Lucrative contracts were lost as well in similar

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Tumbay People (Resourcing): http://www.tumbay-people.com

We do need support (legal, financial, material etc) for the Civil Action in High Court.

You can support our Request for a meeting between us, our legal advisors and government officials / ministers about the case and our Campaign for a Parliamentary Inquiry by contacting the British Premier Minister:

Rt Hon Tony Blair MP
Premier Minister
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E-mail: webmaster@pmo.go.uk


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