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    " Living in America ....

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    .... Eye to eye
    Station to station ...."

    So go the first few lines in the chorus of that song by the late Soul Brother #1, the Godfather of Soul, James Brown, in his hit song of the same name that is the title of this piece.

    'Station to station' is plain enough, I guess, traveling city to city, as the song does. 'Eye to eye', now, that may be more of a sentiment or ideal being expressed since human nature has shown us that, depending upon the circumstances, there are so many things on which folks cannot or will not see eye to eye.

    Race is one of those things.

    Well, I received a private e mail message at, where I am a guest editor. As I began writing of this incident, I envisioned an unknown number of readers there saying to themselves, maybe even out loud, after they'd concluded reading this, "Well, she should have seen that coming!" or "Well, what did she expect, writing about all that Black shit!"

    A few weeks ago, I received an e mail through the private message system at the site, obviously from a fellow site contributor, with the body of the e mail containing an altered history lesson, signing off "Love ya", ending with a link to a Ku Klux Klan website.

    It is certain I was not sent the link for recruitment purposes. Anyone reading my articles at the site, with my photo prominently displayed, would assume me to be of African descent, as I have also identified myself on a number of occasions.

    Aside from some bizarre assumption that I may be like the fellow portrayed in the comedic routine send up of Dave Chappell, portraying that blind, Black Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard and organizer, I can only conclude I was sent the link in an effort to intimidate me.

    The history of the Ku Klux Klan speaks for itself. It was organized at a time, shortly after the emancipation of the formerly enslaved of African descent in 1865, when some 'regular' White citizens believed the country in peril of being overrun by those 'other' people.

    The Klan gained popularity and respect for decades among those 'regular' folks with those folks saying they didn't belong to the Klan but they appreciated and believed in what the Klan stood for, with many Klansmen assuming local and state power, wielding that power to the detriment of those of African descent.

    Klan philosophies have always been based upon hatred and intolerance of others they perceived as different from themselves. Even when they did not possess state power, history informs us that members of the law enforcement community, including the judicial system, some vocally, others silently, supported and agreed with the stated aims of the Klan.

    Despite attempts by some compare Black activists, even the most radical and divergent, who lash out with their own form of hate speech, there can be no comparison to the Ku Klux Klan, an organization that was given free run of this country to terrorize its citizens for more than half a century, due to governmental inaction, with it being believed and stated that they were allowing otherwise 'fine, respectable' citizens a means for blowing off steam.

    It has been the instrument of state power, within the government on all levels within the U.S., that has allowed the venomous poison and disease of racial bigotry and hatred to bear fruit, generation after generation, that produce individuals that seek to carry on a time honored tradition of their forefathers.

    I cannot recount all the tales of intimidation and horror inflicted upon the African American community or anyone else who has found themselves in the sights of these types but, I will state, for the record, the 'new' Klan is most insidious.

    It seeks to wrap its schemes in twisted, revisionist logic that some find appealing, trying to equate their new 'persona' with organizations that have historically been formed to promote fairness and equality, preying on the assumed fears of 'regular' White people, also assuming that they see their world about to come to an end.

    I received an e mail. In the past, thousands have been murdered, with the Mississippi River having become one of the many dumping sites for the remains of victims of Klan violence and victims whose deaths occurred at the hands of those aligned with the Klan's thinking on how to handle matters regarding race.

    For more than a month, during Mississippi Freedom Summer in 1964, a campaign whose purpose was to register Black voters, as Mississippi authorities dragged that river, searching for Michael Schwerner, Andrew Goodman and James Chaney, they pulled up body after body, hurriedly announcing they'd found the remains of those civil rights workers.

    And for days, they released statement after statement saying they hadn't found them yet. The authorities stopped announcing when they'd found a body until the workers' remains were positively identified. Most of the other remains recovered during that period were never identified.

    There is an axiom attributed to the days of the Roman Empire that states:

    He who is silent is understood to consent.

    From the more ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) tradition, it is said:

    Be not silent when it is your duty to speak.

    Well, I received an e mail at and I state that I know we no longer live in those times I've spoken of and I say thank the Creator for that.

    It is the year 2008 and I stand on the shoulders of all of my known and unknown ancestors and relatives and I state again that I have been charged with a duty to do my part to assure that a return to those 'good ole days' , longed for by some, never occurs again.


    "Always remember the past for therein lies the future, if forgotten ...."

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    Living In America

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    As long as you live here, are you going to be like Christians who place their faith in "Dreams" and hope that one day they're going to wake up and find that things are DIFFERENT???

    Or... are you going to SEPARATE from the problem so you can work out your own solution, with your own people???

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    The first post above really says it all. Be not silent. The oppressed must speak up. We must raise our voices above the "white noise." They say the squeaky wheel gets the grease. It isthe only way to prevail in an unfair world "owned" by the white man. If you are silent, no one knows or hears your pain.

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