Freemasonic 'Gematria': How Esau (jewish) controls both the goyim-gentiles and true Yisrael here in Sheol, using english words by the numbers!

"Control the Goyim thru their labour."

All Propaganda in the Mass Media (called "News") is CREATED BY THE NUMBERS, coded in words to deceive, scare (thru false flags), intimidate, TAX, THE MASSES, to build a police state around us, to lead our YOUTH into needless/endless WARS, to CONTROL the masses!

*****The English language is BASED in Gematria, created by Esau (jewish), enemy of Judah=Negroes and true Yisrael!

The other 10 Tribes of Yisrael are now Pale-Skinned, known today as SLAVS of Eastern-Europe and Russia (endured Radhanite Slave trade 500-1000 AD and Baltic Black Sea Slave Trade 1200-1760 AD)!