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Thread: Death with a backdrop of piss yellow

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    Death with a backdrop of piss yellow

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    Again the truth deemed as negativity
    Standard riposte of cult leaders and zealots
    Old symptoms of an even older sickness
    Stolen hearts, captured minds and souls
    With greed as a shovel, they dig their own holes
    Food for the worms later eaten by moles
    Infectious infiltration, spreading disease

    Made ignorant by a false sense of hope
    The great lie disguised as uplifting messages
    Temple foundations of past horrific acts
    Ornate white marble columns and thick walls
    Sacred chambers, business offices and halls
    Scented decorative urinals and toilet stalls
    Aspiring saviors and their slavish acolytes

    Inspired by shysters and slave owners
    Pushing back and trampling over all in their way
    Pale, within the glow of Jeffersonian enlightenment
    "Join us or die" they often stridently insist
    A cruel draconian policy for all who would resist
    Despotic transgressions never fading in time's mist
    Never are they ever to reach their manifest destiny

    Again an old viper raises it's wedge shaped head
    Some finding serenity in it's cold lidless eyes
    Rattling tail and dripping fangs betraying intentions
    Sleeping lightly through the day and hunting by night
    None too particular about who or what it will bite
    Of flickering forked tongue and fading unblinking sight
    Soon to be haunted by the ghosts of all it has consumed

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    This is hands on warrior. Keep on using the knowledge to unlock the many doors that are within the mind. Uhuru!

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    Uhuru Warrior Queen your outstanding Poem wasnt pulled it fell into a moderated status due to your new membership, its an automated system we have in place for those pale face spammers your status has been upgraded welcome home
    Thirty eight years ago on 12/04/2009 the united snakes murdered Fred Hampton & Mark Clark, this date also marks the 6 year anniversary of the launching of this site in solidarity of these martyrs.

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