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  1. Rahm Emanuel" to Force People 18 to 25 to Labor for The Government"
  2. Malcolm X & Farrakhan **The Regime change 1/9
  3. Blackness
  4. Afrikan Americans Have No Other Reason But To Be Excited About Obama
  5. Can Gays Forward the Revoltion, Who's Gonna Stop Em?
  6. The Assassination of the Black Male Image (pt 4)
  7. How the sexual "devolution" has hurt women...and by extension men also!
  8. We have a black president....NOW WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?
  9. Your so pro-black, you hate yourself........
  10. The end of black consciousness as we know it
  11. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Barrack Obama is President of the United States!!!
  12. Hip-Hop Hijacked By Freemasons
  13. Hypocrites of consciousness
  15. LA Police Officer Kills Unarmed African American
  16. The Pros and Cons of a Black President
  17. Preparing for the Coming Race War
  18. The Plague of Violence Among the People—and the Real Solution
  19. Bush Should be President for Life for failing as white imperialist
  20. Cooning all over the world!
  21. The Vote (pt3)
  22. Katrina: Reloaded.
  23. How would you respond if your child's teacher said this
  24. What we need to end Madness against us.
  25. Denmark Vessey was "NEVER" executed, or caught!! Fight the Power!!! ITS A SETUP!!
  26. The Most High God real name
  27. I think this is fake but I'm going to try it
  28. What are you going to be on Halloween" !
  29. The vote (pt2)
  30. You're A Racist!
  31. The nicole richie complex
  32. The "VOTE"
  33. US gives El Salvador $2.6 million to fight gangs
  34. The Assassination of the black male image
  35. "NJ Declares Flu Vaccines Mandatory?"
  36. Not convinced
  37. Racism is mental illness
  38. Armchair Revolutionary-Kamal Imani
  39. Does the bible, or Christian religion teach against Withcraft?
  40. What???!!! Caucasians are family now???!!!
  41. Philosophers: Thinkers the road to elitism
  42. Slavery & sexuality: Economics & racism
  43. Deal with it, ''GOD'' can't do it all
  44. We are under Martial Law..so how do you feel
  45. The Sun Kills Them!
  46. McCain fan base
  47. On Strategy: Collective Ownership and Self-Defense of Our Communities
  48. Pastor Ray Hagins breaks down R Kelly (WARNING EXPLICT CONTENT)
  49. How do "black south africans" allow whites to dominate them and they are the majority
  50. a black child born to white parents "VIDEO"
  51. Attention Everyone
  52. Farrakhan takes a nose dive for White Supremacy
  53. Where was Jesus Christ?
  54. What happens when you don't do what the white man wants you to.....
  55. Mayer amschel bauer de rothschild
  56. Have you noticed?
  57. The "N" word in brief
  58. Dr. Ben's origins?!
  59. Diversity Candidate Identification: Check Black and you stay unemployed
  60. Before you take anymore drugs LISTEN TO THIS!
  61. What do you really think......
  62. Black Man on an Elevator
  63. Joke of The Day
  64. African....Americans
  65. Chris Rock
  66. Feminists Don't Make Good Mothers!!!.
  67. Are we being distracted?
  68. Battery on a Police Officer?
  69. People Murdered in 2008 by Law Enforcement in Los Angeles
  70. Why would a black man want to be president of this country?
  71. 2008 elections will be canceled
  72. Army unit deploys in america 1 october 2008 martial law soon
  73. Blacks, Latinos lead crime stats - NYPD
  74. Merry mess in September
  75. Army Unit to Deploy in October for Domestic Operations
  76. Josh Howard and the National Anthem
  77. Training center for police dogs opens at McClellan
  78. Klansman's Conviction In 1964 Case Overturned
  79. Rice: Not enough blacks at State Department
  80. Gramsci’s Hegemony Theory and the Ideological Role of the Mass Media By Stuart Hains
  81. Father of Bristol Palin's baby speaks Very Informative
  82. Who would you side with? A white hippy Socialist or a blood thirsty black Capitalist?
  83. The Federal Government and Rogue Charity organizations are stockpiling!
  84. Not all black women like thugs!
  85. "Tropic Thunder" America's No#1 Minstrel Show for 3 weeks straight!
  86. Invasion...
  87. Should blacks join political parties?
  88. The Worst Biological Weapon of Warfare: Black women "deprogrammed"
  89. Barack Obama and the "End" of Racism
  90. Fidel Responds: You might get a kick out of this!
  91. Assata Shakur Was The Shit !!!
  92. Some Of Us Are Not Afrikan ???
  93. Did Scientology Kill Isaac Hayes?
  94. Resident Evil 5
  95. What is "Black", Who is "Black" and what is the criteria you are using to determine
  96. Lil Wayne exposed worse than Rick Ross
  97. The Myth Of Scarcity
  98. Officer Rick Ross ???
  99. "Objective fiction" Yahmeesh Yahmar Akbar I
  100. 'Niggas', Rap & Hip Hop
  101. War Crimes Paradox
  102. No oppression
  103. Praying at the Pump!
  104. Recent MJ photos w/children
  105. The Genius of Jesse Jackson!?!?
  106. Very interesting post I read elsewhere
  107. Islam: Ethiopia's last gift from GOD
  108. Queen And Slut Are Sisters Under The Skin
  109. Will there be an alliance between blacks and whites?
  110. Muslim Voters Detect a Snub From Obama
  111. Hand Over Your Badge Boy!, Shaq-pig O’Neal's
  112. Obama and the Church
  113. DIVINE BLACK TRUTH:: The U.S. Governments Black mind manipulation
  114. (old heads) Where y'all at???
  115. Religion is a Fraud. God is not.
  116. A Few Words ...
  117. The Message
  118. The testimony of Pero
  119. Secret Plan To Kill Internet By 2012 Leaked?
  120. Have You Ever Gotten "The Holy Ghost?"
  121. Pimps In the Pulpit: Are Megachurch Pastors Enriching the Spirits of The People Or Th
  122. The Big White Lie
  123. What the Bible Says a Christian Must Believe (in a nutshell)
  124. Muhammad: False Prophet.
  125. When and How the Jewish People Was Invented?
  126. Your Psycho Viscera
  127. Within Gods' Reach
  128. What? The First Bible Was Not Hebrew?
  129. Assassination Talk Shows Hillary’s True Colors
  130. Cop Killa
  131. What is a soul?
  132. Obama - Blessed are the Gays
  133. Video on how abortion affects Black People.
  134. The Black Resistance and Barack Obama
  135. A Fist Full of Contradictions
  136. Passion Of Christian African Slaves Vs Racism: African Religion
  137. Victims Of The Christian Faith
  138. If These Aint Niggas Then What The Fuck Are They?
  139. Suge Knight On His Ass !
  140. Your Thoughts?
  141. On The Criminalization of Black Motherhood
  142. Upward Movement! The Eloquent Peasant
  143. Where is Justice Hiding
  144. Trashman gives woman HIV on purpose
  145. LOVE (real or necessary)
  146. The "Save Darfur" Hoax (1 & 2)
  147. Senate Passes Obama Resolution Condemning Human Rights Violations in Zimbabwe
  148. 100% pure
  149. Should child rapists face death penalty?
  150. "We the People" Or We the "SHEEPLE" (Sheep-Like PEOPLE)
  151. Sludge fertilizer program spurs concerns
  152. Bitter Voters for Obama
  153. Dr. Malachi Z. York........
  154. Buchanan Response to Obama "Race" Speech
  155. Why I don't believe in the Holocaust
  156. I have a dream "JOB" . com?
  157. Rampant hate against Black Women!
  158. Ex-SLA member freed from Calif. prison
  159. I need your support, because this is an outrage!
  160. Stuff Educated Black People Like
  161. Im no good, basically
  162. Is it wrong to not want anything to do with your family?
  163. Christianity vs. The Old GODS of Nigeria
  164. The Hebrews
  165. Cosmetic Surgery For Prettier Pets
  166. 'Stuff White People Like' Hits a Nerve
  167. "Heres what they think about you" - Ice Cube
  168. Did Eldridge Cleaver really french kiss James Baldwin??
  169. Bro. Declares War on City Council
  170. DisUnity: Not telling the Divine Truth also keeps us in Disunity
  171. "True Islam, has no sects or divisions
  172. "Oprah and Friends" to teach course on New Age Christ
  173. I don't want to go to church.
  174. The Quran: Chapter 1
  175. Alexyss Taylor Gets Threatened
  176. B-S at it's finest National Geographic: Black Pharaohs CONQUERORS OF ANCIENT EGYPT
  177. New Black History??? MLK WAS WHAT!?!?!
  178. "Perjury during slavery?" "Who's guilty?"
  179. some questions for black reader
  180. The new attack on Martin King and the rest of us!
  181. 1811 Louisiana Slavery Rebellion
  182. NORTH AMERICAN UNION & VCHIP TRUTH - Divide and Conquer is the Motto
  183. Gay Muslim Doc 'Jihad for Love' Nabbed by First Run
  184. "it's Truly Time To Wake Up And Smell The Coffee"
  185. Revolutionary or cop killer?
  186. 10 questions that every intelligent Christian must answer
  187. DIFFERENT PEOPLE -SAME STORY- Majority can be mistaken.
  188. What are your views on this? Liberation is about Freedom, Independence...
  189. Victory - Serious U.S. Government Revolt Crisis in 2008 - Ron Paul
  190. Iraq War Veteran tells the truth about the NWO Iraq war
  191. Slave For A Day
  192. Blacks worshiping the devil -BOBBY HEMMITT- White Man is more spiritual than Black-
  193. Official Document Confirming the Concentration Camps
  194. The Science of Time, the Time of Judgment, by Elijah Mohammad
  195. Has Ice Cube Sold The Fugg Out? Potent Drop
  196. Spirituality-Manna, Mushrooms (Connection to the gods), drugs and the woman Vagina
  197. They fought back!
  198. What Is The Point?
  199. Damn...crack!
  200. Aspiring radio hosts need only a computer & phone
  201. THE N WORD A.K.A. NIGGER - Why Are We Offended? (VIDEO)-Divine People & the Serpent
  202. Are our boy's asses more important than our girl's vaginas?
  203. To win a war a group must....
  204. The responsibility of self and leadership
  205. Anybody Ever Heard Of "Song Of The South"?
  206. Odd Revolutionary Examples...
  207. Real slavery didn't exist until December 18, 1865.
  208. Spear of the Nation!
  209. What is African Liberation?
  210. White people
  211. The Mau Mau Revolution
  212. Is the U.S. Constitution relevant to African People?
  213. I'm a black racist
  214. The Zanj Revolt!!!
  215. I used to think Winnie Mandela was guilty until I did my research.
  216. Blacks who kill whites most likely to be executed, study finds
  217. How close are we to seeing DAD?
  218. christian god isnt part of the struggle
  219. TaxMasters Will Solve Your Tax Problems!
  220. New York Teen Terrorist?!!
  221. John Okello-"To all Arab youths..."
  222. Mark Essex-Hero of the people!
  223. Colin Fergunson...Hero, Victim or Villian?
  224. Is the Bible a "white man's book"? NO!
  225. I asked myself a question...
  226. Shalam!
  227. Should the descendants of slaves in America embrace "African" customs?
  228. The Black People of America: The True Jews of the Bible
  229. Flashbacks! Does anyone believe or know that we are reincarnated from our ancestors?
  230. is jesus a myth?
  231. A Case For Armed Struggle
  232. Dr. Malachi York... Guilty or Innocent?
  233. Califonia has passed laws that allows your children to choose there gender
  234. Is this Hood news?
  235. Mahatma Gandhi hippocrite?
  236. Were El Che and Gandhi racist?
  237. Are u still praying to Jesus?
  238. What is missing here?
  239. Speaking With God A DVD
  240. making water on the moon
  241. Afro-Cuban identity.4 ever
  242. Las vegas in the spotlight again!
  243. Grammys and beyond CASE DISMISSED
  244. George Carlin - Religion is Bullsh!t
  245. Toy Containing Date-Rape Drug Pulled
  246. Latin Grammys honoring one of cubas best
  247. Las Vegas
  248. Be careful of what u sleep on
  249. Gov't Official Wins H'ween Contest With Racist Costume
  250. Business? as usual?