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  1. Business? as usual?
  2. Bill Pickett Rodeo in Vegas
  3. Bringing Las vegas
  4. Homosexuality in traditional AFRICA
  5. Could the human race split?
  6. The Rise Of The Patio Negroes
  7. Final Call Newspaper Covers Jena Six Case
  8. For once...50 Cents says something I agree with...
  9. Nas' new album will be called "N***er"
  10. Why do AA's think they are african
  11. Paris in Africa?
  12. Polygamist leader convicted
  13. Jenna 6 Crying And Weeping: The Sages Look On
  14. Topic/Open Mic chat 9/16
  15. Hebrew or the so-called Negro
  16. Now can you understand why we need to get out of these churces!!!
  17. That Sambo Curtis Jackson is at it again
  18. Food for thought...HOMOPHOBIC! Say What!!!
  19. Sunday Evening 9/2 Chat
  20. Hell I thought my name was "nigger" for a long time
  21. Slavery Never Existed!
  22. Open Mic Chat Is Back!!!
  23. This article struck me as strange...
  24. Mama Assata Shakur: The Personification of African Womanhood by Kefentse Bandele
  25. What Does Getting Free Mean?
  26. Movie Kissing
  27. Reverend Is A Wrestler
  28. Hebrew Israelites...a Pan-Afrikan group?
  29. Racial Arrogance
  30. Support Mumia? Not anymore
  31. Those Guility Of Crimes Agaisnt God Reject A Reivew (critique)
  32. Notice to: FreedomJournal...
  33. Top 5....
  34. Modern Day Africans in AFRICA are like sheep in my opinion
  35. Who is Indigenous and Why...
  36. " niggas let white men change them"
  37. Why Are Black People So Ignorant?
  38. The Horrors of Georgia A Contemporary Dichotomy
  39. The Myth That Blacks Are Lazy
  40. Why was My Thread removed as tho I no longer exist?
  41. Peace to all of you.....
  42. Put A Fork In Black Americans, Their Done!
  43. Sexiest and Hardest Black Male Felon Competition?????????? WTF!
  44. We as Black Women Need to Take Our Safety More Seriously...
  45. Who has it harder? Brothers or Sisters?
  46. Is ethnic cleansing the only way to liberation?
  47. The Ressurection of Ferguson
  48. Civil Rights Movement?
  49. The Censorship Of The Freedomjournal
  50. Interracial Marriages Surge Across U.S.
  51. Your Mama’s a Nappy-Headed Ho
  52. RAW Response to Don Imus???
  53. We have to understand the Devils weapons"
  54. Organizations...
  55. For Some Black Pastors, Accepting Gay Members Means Losing Others
  56. What should be the punishment for negroes like this?
  57. Tragic Story in People Magazine
  58. The Revolutionaries must be Crazy!
  59. I dont want to be Black Anymore. (!)
  60. Fuck Obama!!!???
  61. Planet Overpopulation?
  62. Amazing how useless most movements are.
  63. We Caught One
  64. News from the Rebel Front in Western Sudan
  65. Open Mic Chat!!!
  66. I Know This is Controversal and Contentious.
  67. Natural or Not?
  68. The Case for Armed Struggle and Africans in America
  69. Beware of the Cultural Masturbator
  70. 'Dulotic' Ants!
  71. African Spritual Systems
  72. do my eyes deceive me?
  73. The Concept of Forgiveness?
  74. Teen Gunmen Kills 5 In Mall Rampage- I Bet He's White
  75. Hot Topic of the Week Saturday Afternoon Chat!!
  76. Open Mic Chat!!!
  77. Clueless anti-African youtube clowns
  78. Saturday Afternoon 3:00pm EST Open Mic Chat!!!
  79. Drop Squad List 2008!!!
  80. Is Darkness Evil ?
  81. What Is Hell And Where Is It ?
  82. A Descendant of Slaves Meets A Descendant Of His Ancestors' Owners
  83. Question ; Are there black devil 's ?
  84. What Is a cult ?
  85. Wearing Afrikan Clothing
  86. Is There A God ?
  87. The Mission Of Dr. Malachi Z . York 33 / 729
  88. Bling Bling!!!
  89. Jesus Found In Egipt
  90. El's Holy Injiyl ~ The Book Of Revelation
  91. Evidence of Our Demise -- Miscegenation Pt 1
  92. Combatting The Dangerous Negro - Pt 2
  93. According To The Bible Are There More Then One Adam ?
  94. The Holy Tablets
  95. White People Are So Stupid
  96. I am a revolutionary not a coward
  97. Cosby Callout airs on 08/20/06 at 9:00pm EDT TV One
  98. Spoken Sell-outs
  99. Controversy In The Workplace
  100. Wearing European clothing.
  101. "Step Up" and Steal Our Culture!
  102. White folks done infiltrated BMA
  103. The One drop rule............
  104. 'Black Nazism'..........
  105. Would you fight if you were a Hebrew Israelites in Dimona, Israel
  106. Qualities of a leader...
  107. Hell Yeah, I'm The FIRST!
  108. Defining our people...
  109. Segragationalist or Intergrationalist?
  110. Red Eye? Not us!
  111. is aids man made???
  112. Yakub ? What do you think?
  113. we are not black
  114. Can't Sleep
  115. Racist who attacked innocent Black man with bat has his day in court.
  116. Dear Black Americans: (fuel for the fire)
  117. Birds flying backwards & parasites...
  118. Is there a difference between racism and white weakness (supremacy)?
  119. Addressing Black Homosexuality: From a Black Heterosexual’s Perspective
  120. Whats keeping us from uniting?
  121. Star Jones Attacked..................
  122. The Last KKK meeting
  123. A Pan-Africanist view on religion
  124. Back your beliefs here!!!
  125. The MONSTER Called CHAIN KNEE!!!!!!!!!
  126. Plagarism!
  127. Is someone trying to convert u to Islam?
  128. Does Watching A White TV Sitcom Make You Any Less "Pro-Black"?
  129. The Three Amigos
  130. Bad examples can teach good lessons...
  131. Universal National Service Act of 2006
  132. Why Believe...
  133. Why does it matter...
  134. what kinda animals...
  135. A day without us?
  136. Black woman chooses a Latino sperm donor so that her child will have lighter skin...
  137. when are blak men going to stop f*** white women
  138. Smells Like A White Person
  139. You may now be called n-i-g-g-e-r at will
  140. Racism Gets A Bad Rap
  141. Smokey Robinson - "Being Black" Is smokey "at it" too?
  142. Cosby is at it again
  143. What do we agree on?
  144. "look, What They've Done To Martin"
  145. I'm sorry for not being progressive
  146. Brutal Legacy-The Nation Of Islam
  147. W.m.d.
  148. marshall law...
  149. Why I love this site.
  150. African Suffering And Death(Searching for Real Answers)
  151. What divides us?
  152. Is there a necessity for a government?
  153. What then...
  154. Is there a such thing as FREEDOM?
  155. Heaven on earth Why/Why-not?
  156. Lemme ask dis...
  157. Help Me Fight Evil!
  158. FDA Says No To Medical Marijuana
  159. Breaking the Cycle of White Dependence
  160. Kush,kemet,nubia,atlantis,summeria
  161. Riddle Me This...
  162. How the Vatican Created Islam
  163. Runnin' Up On Them Krakkkas At The City Hall
  164. Black Folks - Its Time to Lay Down the Mantle
  165. ooooooooh heeell no! Japanese niggas
  166. What would you do if a DNA test revealed...
  167. Yankees Alienating Fellow Africans
  168. Dave Emory.
  169. Sharpton is at it again
  170. No God But Allah?
  171. Things That The Lack Of Unity Among Blacks Really Say About Us
  172. Sweeping it under the rug
  173. Arrest Black Babies
  174. A Progress Report on the "Destruction" of Our Men
  175. 2000 Computer Glitch In Review
  176. Beware of Christian's.....
  177. This Is For My People...
  178. You Know It's Hard Out Here Being Pimped
  179. I ain't your damn brotha
  180. RE: African Development (Is is me...)
  181. Free YO Mind and YO Azz will Follow
  182. Was 'Uncle Tom' Covert Operative?
  183. African Feminist?
  184. T.D Jakes is mad....
  185. Ridding the World of Niggers (Niggas)!
  186. Cure For AIDS Already Patented?
  187. Disclaimer on Allah Jihad from Chicago NGE
  188. Holla @ Me Nesayem!!!!
  189. The Negro League Story
  190. Mosques are struggling
  191. two brains?
  192. Chikungunya Virus
  193. Diary of a mad black...OH SNAP...MADEA'S BACK!!!
  194. Coal Black and De Sebben Dwarfs!?!?!?!?
  195. Prophet Muhammad Cartoons
  196. A 12-Step Program to Break U.S. Oil Addiction
  197. Neo-Nazis Awash in Sex Scandals
  198. Islam's Wretched Record on Slavery
  199. How They Are Creating Gay Children
  200. Chairman Fred Hampton Jr.’s response to State Slander
  201. democrats whitewash...
  202. white power hip-hop
  203. Teacher Suspended For Calling Student "Nigga"
  204. [Video] South African girl stoned, beaten, and burned to death
  205. Do homosexuals have a role or place in the struggle?
  206. www.discussrace.com
  207. Beware the Pharissees and the Sadducees
  208. Uses of The 4th Dimension (A NEW DISCOVERY OF THE HUMAN RACE!)
  209. Do Bean Pies Taste Good?
  210. Symbionese Liberation Army
  211. I'm Sick Of This Shit!
  212. Your Aunt Jemima Is Their B!tch
  213. would you be willing to take them out
  214. I need "Over"standing...
  215. We NEED to brainstorm on this!!!!
  216. Welsing's Theories - Agree/ Disagree?
  217. What do we do with afrikans like this???
  218. Why are so many articles posted, and not your own thoughts?
  219. HAS HARRY BELAFONTE LOST HIS MIND?: Belefonte supports Chavez against Bush
  220. Shem, son of Noah.
  221. Must view video None of Us are Free
  222. Oh my what should i do?
  223. If this is not a good read then I don't know what one is
  224. Everywhere and everything oyinbo touches
  225. Women and the black conscious community
  226. Black Political Ideologies – How closely do you follow particular philosophies?
  227. Thoughts as I walked
  228. What's In And What's Out For The Year 200[6] And Beyond
  229. "Clarifing "NOI Temple 15" comments
  230. Beating a subject to death...
  231. TV: Mass Mind Control
  232. "Alienated"
  233. Do You Need an A-TURN-EY?
  234. "If We Were Made in His Image': A Thought
  235. Scientists Find A DNA Change That Accounts For White Skin
  236. Are all white ppl devils?
  237. Woman Tries Swallowing Phone to End Spat With Lover
  238. The Assimilated Negro: Is THIS Funny?
  239. African-Americans vs. the new Africans
  240. You Got The Best of My Love
  241. Making a Martyr out of a Murderer
  242. Christmas trees are warned against!
  243. Uncle Tom's love Christmas
  244. Families switch racial identities in TV series
  245. Texas Officer Fatally Shot By Alleged Aryan Brotherhood Member
  246. Who's The Real Minority?
  247. Must see images of revolutionary solidarity.
  248. If Blacks were in CHARGE!!??
  249. USC Investigates Online Racism Among Greeks
  250. Al Sharton wants his own sitcom