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  1. Black Power Nation initial formation invitation
  2. less than 2 hours to help raise funds for the filming of Organizing is the New Cool
  3. Black Family Conference ( Is Homosexuality Destructive to Black Family?) 9/2/12
  4. Marimba Ani educational forum august 24 2012
  5. Tribute to Akbar Imhotep Sunday, July 29, 2012
  6. || Annual Atlanta African Dance and Drum Festival 2012 ||
  7. Don't Miss "Dead Prez" In Concert 7.21.12 @ 595 North ave 30318 ATLANTA, GA
  8. Dialog Call on the OWS January 12, 2012 at 3pm EST
  9. **Update** April 23, 2011 Nat'l Day of Action and Unity (information inside)
  10. April 23, 2011 - Nat'l Day of Action and Unity? Who is organizing this in Atlanta?
  11. The African/Edenic Heritage Museum
  12. 41st and Central: The Untold Story of the L.A. Black Panthers @ NBAF!!!
  13. WRFG Radio Free Georgia Presents, Hot Blues & Steamy Jazz - June 10
  14. Auditions for afrikan-centered feature film!
  15. Rev. Wright speaks tonight (4/16/2010)
  16. Sea Islands Black Heritage Festival- Aug 20-22
  17. Art at war!
  18. Young warriors martial arts spring camp!
  19. Afrikan cultural summit!
  20. PRESS RELEASE: Metro Atlanta Kwanzaa Association 20th Anniversary Celebration 12.26.0
  21. Teaching Kwaanza to Your Child Workshop...
  22. sista 4 assata this saturday at 5 spot
  23. UNIA-ACL Special Sunday 6 Hour Broadcast Today
  24. SANKOFA CRUSADE 6...Spiritual Healing
  25. A saturday to remember: Movies in the garden ~ spirit dance
  26. Atlanta says "no" to r kelly!
  27. Annual Harvest in Atlanta
  28. White Racist Beats a Sister NOW what are you going to do about it
  29. Uhuru Movement building in Atlanta
  30. Black August Tribute and Birthday Celebration for Dr. Mutulu Shakur
  31. Commemorating the 49 anniversary of the independence of the democratic republic congo
  32. Relocating To Atlanta/Stone Mountain Very Soon. Need some pointers.
  33. Sat. May 30th*Malcolm-X Earthday Celebration (Hosted By DJ Sol Messiah)
  34. 2009 national black power conference agenda released
  35. Candlelight Vigil for Tramaine Miller in Atlanta, Victim of Police Shooting
  36. African Liberation Day in Atlanta, 2009
  37. FREE Self-Defense Workshop!
  38. Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation Events
  39. The Slavery Chronicles - a monthly event of slave narratives, drama, spoken word...
  40. Dr. Hagins In Atlanta On Saturday, January 17th
  41. African Djeli
  42. Truth & transformation ministries, inc
  43. An evening with Hip Hop Activist Rosa Clemente
  44. Dance circle of diversity and nature
  45. Dr. Mutulu Shakur Tribute / Fundraiser
  46. Afrikan knife fighting & self-defense workshop!!!
  47. Metro Atlanta Council of Elders
  48. Troy Davis' Execution Date Has Been Set For Oct. 27!
  49. Martial Arts For Our Toddler
  50. Only your action can save Troy Davis!
  51. Akan & Afa/Vodun Personhood & Community I: Adiama Fall Study-Group Series
  52. Check out "TASTE OF GHANA GALA" on Adiama Network
  53. Black panther reunion
  54. In Celebration of WRFG 89.3 FM's 35th Anniversary
  55. Southern Independent Media Tour
  56. FREE AKAN (TWI) CLASS Monday Oct. 20th 2008
  57. RUNOKO RASHIDI in Atlanta, September 27th, 2008
  58. In Celebration of WRFG 89.3 FM's 35th Anniversary
  59. FREE Afrikan Women's Self-Defense Workshop!!
  60. WRFG Ebon Dooley Literary Café
  61. Harvest In Allah's Garden
  62. Troy davis rally today (9/11)!
  63. Afrikan Martial Arts & WOMEN'S SELF-DEFENSE!!
  64. Trouble The Water
  65. Free bio-diesel fuel production workshop tomorrow 8/29/08 in atlanta, ga
  66. FINAL event for BLACK AUGUST
  67. Important: Ride Sharing to DC on Sept. 13
  68. Marcus Garvey Family Day, 8/16/08, In The West End?
  69. Attend Obama's Presidential Inauguration
  70. Reversing the Deepening Plight of African American Men and Boys In America
  71. Dr. John Henrik Clarke Commemoration
  72. Lawsuit filed over Atlanta airport barring guns
  73. Black Arts Festival
  74. An Evening with Dick Gregory -- Atlanta, GA
  75. Bro. Elombe Brath at WADU Mtg. 6/29
  76. Oya Masquerade party
  77. Happy Juneteenth y'all...
  78. Champion Road Movie Premiers in Atlanta!!
  79. A few events...
  80. 2nd Annual Nkurobo Nhyiamu (Youth Conference)
  81. In Battle of Aquariums, Big Gets Bigger
  82. Professor Griff fundraiser on 4/26/08 (Atlanta)
  84. Abakosem Sunsum: Honoring Nana John Henrik Clark and our Warrior Ancestors
  85. Midwest Earthquake Shakes Up Metro Atlanta
  86. Afrikan Martial Arts Workshop Update!
  87. Afrikan Martial Arts Workshop In Atlanta!
  88. Ga. judge: Blacks-only talk was bad idea
  89. Afrikan Martial Arts Book - Book Signing!
  90. Lost in GA
  91. F2 Tornado In Downtown Atlanta?!
  92. Commemoration of Dr. King's Assassination
  93. Sunday 3/9 For Prof. Griff!
  94. MEATOUT Atlanta (3/16) Black Vegetarian Society of GA
  95. Georgia No. 2 in percentage of prison inmates
  96. Cracks in foundation
  97. Lessons of the Battle to Free the Jena Six! Forum 02/26
  98. Lake Allatoona Water Levels on the Rise
  99. Bartow added to list of drug hot spots
  100. Georgia Claims a Sliver of the Tennessee River
  101. Dr. Cornel West speaks tonight in Atlanta (2/18)
  102. Schools shelved tainted meat
  103. Ga. county going to all single-sex public schools
  104. Illustrator For Graphic Novel Needed!
  105. Locals bristle at lawyers' refinery ads
  106. The Black Panther Movie Premiers in Atlanta!!
  107. Malcolm X Commemorative Banquet in Atlanta, Feb. 24
  108. Old Lakes Could Offer Ga New Water Supply
  109. Georgia loses major water ruling
  110. "Stopping Family Violence and Restoring Traditional African Centered Values"
  111. Atlanta Metro M.L.K. Jr. Day Events
  112. Ga. prisoners claim widespread beatings
  113. Ga. court examines banishment policy
  114. Great vegan spot in Decatur
  115. atlanta area kwanzaa events:
  116. Holistic Health Consultant Certification Course with Dr. Llaila O. Afrika
  117. Natural hair braiders in Atlanta
  118. Seeking Space to teach Afrikan Martial Arts Classes!
  119. Atlanta Vegetarian Restaurant Week (10/21-10/27)
  120. Minister Louis Farrakhan speaks (10/16)
  121. African Indigenous Unity Festival 10/12-10/14
  122. 3rd Annual Harvest In The Garden Oct 5,6,7, 2007
  123. Atlanta get on the bus to Jena LA
  124. I'm here representing!
  125. AFRIKAN METHODS OF SELF DEFENSE - Knife Defense Workshop
  126. Marcus Garvey Day Celebration
  127. New black panther meetings!!!!!!
  128. Organic Fest - Atlanta 6/23/07
  129. Mutabaruka in Atlanta 6/23/07
  130. MARTIAL ARTS SUMMER CAMP in Stone Mountain
  131. Summer camp in Eastpoint
  132. Nkurobo Afrikan Youth Nhyiamu (Conference)
  133. The New Black Panther ANNUAL FOOD DRIVE!
  134. Shooting In The West End!
  135. New black panther meetings
  136. Black Business Network
  137. Shrine of the Black Madonna Bookstore
  138. Seminar: Does Hip Hop Hate Women?
  139. Akoben Institute Summer Sessions
  140. Akoben Book Drive + M. Baruti Talk
  141. Upcoming Slave Warrior Premiere Screenings
  142. Vegetarian Food and Wholistic Health fair
  143. Elegba Festival (party and drumming)
  144. Ankobea's Nyansa Festival September 16, 2006
  145. Allah's Garden Family Reunion Weekend
  146. Oshun Festival August 24-27th
  147. LLAILA O. AFRIKA Soon inda HOUSE
  148. Afrikan Ancestral Day for Nana Kuntu ( Del Jones)
  149. Sobonfu Some
  150. GA Natural Gas Rates for August
  151. Polymathematic Building Tour
  152. Guerilla News Network Free Screening: "American Blackout" ~ 7.27.06
  153. Black Power TV show
  154. Organizing & Galvanizing Meeting For Cynthia McKinney~ 7.22.06
  155. Terror suspects accused of plotting attack in ATL
  156. GHANA 101: Travel Workshop
  157. Afrikan Centered Home School
  158. Lush life preformance
  159. GA Natural Gas Rates for July
  160. The Fig Tree / Dr. Sebi's Products
  161. Georgia Lynching Protested
  162. Fort Valley State Univ. in Middle Georgia is shelving African studies institute
  163. Atlanta Organic Fest!!!!!!
  164. Rap Song Draws Attention to GA Candidate
  165. blackEnergy Introduces Natural Gas with No Credit Check in Georgia
  166. Pan African Summer
  167. Ujimaa Gardening Class, 6/17/2006, 9:00 am (This event repeats every week.)
  168. Booksigning /Lecture with Mwalimu K. Bomani Baruti~ June 23rd, 2006
  169. GA Natural Gas Rates for June
  170. White Supremacy in Valdosta, GA
  171. Healing Opression's Wounds Workshop
  172. brotha's keepas in birmingham
  173. just to see
  174. atlanta - new venue
  175. May 21: Im'Nur @ Lush Life Cafe
  176. African Liberation Day (ALD) Atlanta
  177. Fertile Ground Concert @ Afrikan Djeli
  178. GA Natural Gas Rates for May
  179. Town Meeting: Police Behavior
  180. 29th Annual Atlanta Jazz Festival
  181. Nothin' but the Blues 2006: Bayou Blues; A Louisiana Celebration
  182. April & May Poetry Events
  183. Natural foods/ Holistic directory
  184. ATL Film Festival schedule
  185. Justice For Mukasa Rally
  186. Defeat Negro-Colonialism's Uncle Toms, Snitches & Sell Outs/ Uhuru Black Power Rallie
  187. GA Natural Gas Rates for April
  188. Bembe
  189. Justice For Bernard Burden Rally, Struggle Continues
  190. Dead Prez the Movie
  191. Chairman Yeshitela Of The Apsp Leader Of The Uhuru Movement In Atl
  192. New Yoruba Workshops
  193. Gentrification Changing Face of New Atlanta
  194. Soul Food- Information that feeds our souls and empowers us as a community
  195. Amarna Wellness
  196. The Atlanta Community Statement Concerning Kalonji Jama Changa
  197. GA Natural Gas Rates for March
  198. Let's Get Together and Train
  199. WRFG Community Update
  200. The Cultural Consciousness Collective Presents: Cultural Expo 2006
  201. GA Natural Gas Rates for February
  202. Professor Griff Performing in the "A"
  203. WRFG Community Update
  204. Pan Afrikan Movement Summit!
  205. Revolution Is Not An Event It's A Process
  206. Home of Ga. Police Chief Is Burned Down
  207. WRFG Community Update
  208. Passionate 'Sistagraphy'
  209. GA Natural Gas Rates for January
  210. "from Freedom Riders To Freedom Writers"
  211. UMOJA & KUJICHAGULIA (Unity and Self-Determination)
  212. atlanta -village venue open mic
  213. Ghetto Intelligence Films
  214. The Cultural Consciousness Collective Presents: Cultural Explosion 2005!
  215. GA Natural Gas Rates for December
  216. GA Natural Gas Rates for November
  217. Support 10-10-50 and the African Community Centers:
  218. MMM - A Pan African Movement (PAM) Response
  219. Uhuru Black Power Rallies And Fitness In The Park...
  220. Griotsville Foundation Presents Spoken Word and Storytelling
  221. MC Lyte Hosts Hip Hop Week at Spelman
  222. Annual Black Man Film Festival Is Set For Atlanta
  223. UPDATE: Energy Townhall Meeting -- November 1st
  224. Sustaining our Communities" on Just Peace
  225. Energy Townhall Meeting in Atlanta -- November 1st
  226. Dec. 1-3 "Shut the War Down"
  227. Black Vegetarians: Alert
  228. GA Natural Gas Rates for October
  229. Media Activist and Film Director Danny Schechter In Atlanta Friday, September 30
  230. This tom nigga said the willie lynch letter didnt exist
  231. Expo Africa 2005
  232. Uhuru Black Power Rally
  233. Wish I was there
  234. GA Natural Gas Rates for September
  235. Hurricane Katrina After-Action Report
  236. Emergency African Hurricane Relief Rally
  237. Unia-acl Turner-davis Division #461 Celebrates Marcus Garvey's Earthday
  238. GA Natural Gas Rates for August
  239. Atlanta, GA to Host First United States Social Forum
  240. Fundraiser For Bernard C. Burden: August 6th @ 4pm
  241. Fundraiser For Bernard C. Burden: August 6th @ 4pm
  242. National Alliance Of Black Panthers
  243. 8/1 for PP Imam Jamil Al-Amin!
  244. GA Natural Gas Rates for July
  245. How you like this shyt
  246. NGE Parliment
  247. Advocates seek reform at Fulton County Jail
  248. Homosexuality and the Effeminization of African Males
  249. Wanique Talks W/baruti Wrfg-fm
  250. GA Natural Gas Rates for June