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  1. With stroke of a pen, long-awaited civilian review board becomes reality in Newark
  2. Are Black Lives Terrorist Lives?
  3. Seize The Time: by Chairman Bobby Seale
  4. Herero and Namaqua Genocide
  5. The Battle of Adwa by Hannah Giorgis
  6. Secret World War II Chemical Experiments Tested Troops By Race
  7. The Case for Reparations by Ta-Nehisi Coates
  8. Liberal professor wants all white men to kill themselves (video included)
  9. Dating an unconscious man when I'm not as passionate.
  10. Interview: Black Mikey & San Diego Rap History, pt. 1 & 2 May 26th, 2010
  11. How to Recoup Taxes Paid on Disability Severance pay From the Armed Forces
  12. Daily reflection: Manifesting God
  13. Daily reflection: Keeping it 100!
  14. Daily reflection: All power to the people!
  15. Daily reflection: Wellness
  16. Daily reflection: Love me for me
  17. Daily reflection: "I wasn't always holier than thou."
  18. Daily reflection: Be and it is!
  19. Daily reflection: Our time counts when it matters, too us
  20. Daily reflection: On letting go
  21. Daily reflection: On scheming
  22. To the Abusers
  23. Setting the stage
  24. Stuck in the Wilderness by Yahmeesh Yh'mar Akbar I
  25. We got ants! By Yahmeesh Yh'mar Akbar I
  26. MLB gets it right with draft of living Negro Leaguers pg.1/2
  27. Sandy Hook "Go fund me" page, posted Dec. 13, day before shooting.
  28. Woman
  29. Ancient Hawaiian surfboard
  30. Reciprocity in African man/woman Relations
  31. The Contract of Integrity
  32. "National Day of Reflection" Nov. 24, 2011
  33. Alternative Sources of Service Records and Special situations
  34. Start Your Military Service Record Request (DD Form 214 & SF-180)
  35. Homestead Laws In The United States
  36. Nexus letter request for mobility scooter and PSTD
  37. Former U.S. Soldier Told He Has No Country
  38. 38 CFR Book C Subpart B—Disability Ratings: 4.40 Functional loss
  39. Adapting VA Home Modification Grants to Meet Your Needs
  40. Service-Disabled Veterans Insurance: Extra life insurance
  41. Direct Deposit for VA beneficiatiaries (parents, etc.)
  42. SSDI: Applying For Benefits - Tips & Tricks 01
  43. Qualifying Period Of Service Enlistment for MGIB and VA benefits
  44. Using SSDI or VA disabilty to fund Corporation (LLC)/or Non-profit organization
  45. "Black people ain't unique": Slavery's chosen people
  46. "We kill our own" by Yahmeesh Yahmar A.I
  47. Centering
  48. Memorial Day
  49. A fluoride warning
  50. Arizona is blufffing! State law least restrictive; mirrors fed. immigration law
  51. What is the VA’s Tiger Team?
  52. Dealing with the VA
  53. Comp. for Disabilities associated with Gulf War Service
  54. Veterans: Army admits medical records were destroyed; Vets can't get treatment
  55. Black History on Mind by Yahmeesh Y.A.I
  56. Gulf War Syndrome: VA Reopens Cases Involving Veteran Illness
  57. SSDI Self-report: Self-Report for Social Security Disability Income and the VA
  58. National Association for Black Veteran, Inc.
  59. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Manual for Veterans and Nexxus letter: Must Read!
  60. Small NY Towns Scared of Spanish, Pass English-Only Laws
  61. Holocaust used as coverup for expanding Nazi Israel
  62. The Principal of Fun
  63. Divide and Conquer: SKIN TONE
  64. Queen Califia - African Mother and Namesake of California
  65. Mercy
  66. The color of execution: John Muhammad and the United States Government ...a synopis
  67. Healing from White Power: "One day at time"
  68. Father Abdul the Rahman: the Moorish Prince who beat the Slave System By Jide Uwechia
  69. Martin Luther King's support of Plan Parenthood: a synopsis
  70. WTO Announces "Formalized Slavery Model" for Africa
  71. Women are the Complementary Sex (Not the Opposite Sex)
  72. Struggling Against Cultural Surrender
  73. How the Media Treat's Black Murder: Several women murdered and missing in N.C case
  74. We were captured, not defeated! South Carolina Pardons Joyner’s Ancestors
  75. Creative Punishment: A Magnet for success
  76. LIFE STYLE; In Leather Medallions and Hats, Symbol of Renewed Black Pride
  77. The Freeman Institute: Black History Collection by Joel A. Freeman, Ph.D.
  78. Hip Hop History: The Source's Five Mic Albums
  79. Family of beaten teen hope for healing after death
  80. I See The Promised Land By Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr
  81. US Closes Down Jihad Websites...but was it legal? Remember The Mccarthy Era
  82. Mandatory Swine Flu Vaccination Alert...Does that come with the "chip"???
  83. The Obama, Swine flu connection: Who would of thought....
  84. Black Women: Successful And Still Unmarried
  85. The 65th Square: The Black Genesis of Chess - Moors of Spain
  86. Shame: The worst kind of punishment
  87. Why *African History and Philosophy are important to our survival.
  88. So before you say "I Do" consider...
  89. HPV, anthrax, small pox, and flu vaccinations: How I supported my disease of Racism
  90. The first European: 35,000 years ago
  91. Niggarachi's Eulogy - Freedom Speaks
  92. Niggarachi's Eulogy
  93. Successful Complementarity
  94. "On a mission, without taking the first hit". How I supported my disease of racism.
  95. How Buffoonery hurts the Image of Black People
  96. The History on Valentine's Day by Terry Moore and Art Braidic
  97. African T-shirt ideas
  98. Confidence and Self-Worth: Self-Esteem Matters to Your Health!
  99. Kenyan Women Go On Sex Boycott for Political Change
  100. Trust Again?
  101. The Bridge: Diary of a Mad Black Man
  102. ‘Missing' Black males missing from media coverage
  103. Perfection of the Ego
  104. How the economics of marriage affect black men and women.
  105. Finding Our History: African-American Names
  106. Reflections on - Being Black
  107. Race, Nationality, and Reality: INS Administration of Racial Provisions Part 1
  108. Naturalization, Immigration and the Law: A Chronology
  109. How Oregon forgot to ratify the Fourteenth Amendment By Cheryl A. Brooks
  110. The American Colonization Society
  111. First Black President... John Hanson, In 1781
  112. The Black Flight of 1877 a.k.a Hayes Compromise
  113. Scientific Institutionalization, and how it effects you.
  114. Malcolm X SPEAKS pg.71 and Neely Fuller Jr. United Independent.Comp.Code/S/S pg.71
  115. Too much bad marriage advice
  116. Who sold out the race?
  117. Happy Kwanzaa 2009
  118. A quick love letter to THE BLACK WOMAN
  119. Perspectives: The Status of African-American Women
  120. A Few Thoughts on Polygamy (and Polygyny and Polyandry)
  121. Factors To Consider When Getting Married?
  122. The Importance Of The Family
  123. Marriage based on Irrationalities
  124. That Women Is A Bitch Khallid Muhammad
  125. Family celebrates Mis-Giving Day and Merry Mess,I celebrate Kwanzaa
  126. Making it cool to be smart
  127. Jumping the broom
  128. The Psychopath and His Lover!
  129. anyone serious about relocating
  130. Have You Been Told To "Get Off Your Soapbox"?
  131. Is it difficult to find a revolutionary complement?
  132. The Joy of Being Afrikan!
  133. The truth about Black Women Being Gold Diggers!!!
  134. Men/Women Cheating, Society or Nature?
  135. Can a Woman teach a enslaved man to be a warrior?
  136. Black When Nobody Minds..
  137. Tale: The Perfect Woman
  138. Abortion: A Man’s Right?
  139. African Marriage, Past and Present
  140. erykah badu's baby #3
  141. XX Marks The Spot? CNN's Black In America Part I: the Black Woman and Family
  142. Coming this fall: ‘Marry your Baby's Daddy Day’
  143. Lawsuit exposes growing rift among the children of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
  144. Black students helped end 'Massive Resistance'
  145. The Difference Between a Father and a Baby Daddy
  146. The Campaign for Black Male Achievement
  147. Who Asked Us? One Young Woman’s Struggle to Succeed in Community College
  148. Site Map
  149. Slavery's Andean Legacy
  150. Unemployment is a man thing...
  151. Tips From a Successful Black Marriage
  152. Brothas...I have a question for you
  153. Cosby brings 'blunt' message to community leaders
  154. King followers mourn loss of activism
  155. Celebrate Black Marriage Day 2008, March 30, 2008
  156. Is Being Married Important When It Comes to Having Children?
  157. The Future of Men (Males)
  158. The Anti-Femininity Movement: Correlations of Mainstream acceptance, Hip Hop culture
  159. Ray Charles Scholar Adds Taste of Creole Culture to Lecture
  160. Thug Mentality Fine for Tupac, Not for College Males
  161. Famous Black Lives Through DNA’s Prism
  162. What is wrong with Africa?
  163. Family Tree Research....
  164. Revising a Name, but Not a Familiar Slogan
  165. Would you want your man to help with the wedding?
  166. Would you rather be a working mother ,or stay at home mom?
  167. Oprah - 70% of Black Women Single
  168. Who would you like to meet,alive or ascended?
  169. Ode To Black Women
  170. What is the key to a strong relationship?
  171. Need Advice?
  172. Interview with an Executioner
  173. Why our sisters running our brothers away?
  174. Why would older men what to be with younger women?
  175. What do you find sexy in your mate?
  176. Amazon Woman vs. Counterfeit Man
  177. Why do African Americans Are In Denial About their African Roots!
  178. Nbc 'nightly News' To Explore Black Women
  179. call me by my name!
  180. Breast ironing and FGM
  181. Essay on Polygamy
  182. Good Sex 4 Real
  183. Indigenous African Culture
  184. Conceptualizing Gender: Eurocentric Concepts Conflicts with African Concepts
  185. Motherhood in Malagasy Society: Tradition vs Modernity Conflict
  186. My Brothers Keeper: The Responsibilities of The Black Woman
  187. Wacky State of Fe/male Relationships...
  188. Marriage? African?
  189. A Question About Relationships
  190. A Father's Presence Helps Young Girls Resist Shallow, Sexualized Self-Image
  191. Relationships - Ifa Teaches
  192. Tips From a Successful Black Marriage
  193. Conscious Women Love Niggaz?
  194. Black Love As Told By Some of Our Artists....
  195. Africa Insight: The new Africans called Afropolitans
  196. Who will step up?
  197. JUST ANOTHER DEAD NIGGER! (from Wise Intelligent)
  198. " Why alot of black women cant get good men"
  199. My people! What would you do when you do if....
  200. I require some assistance with the history of romance....
  201. Jubilee! Celebrate Juneteeth!
  202. The Long Aims Of Pan Africanism Against Colonialism And Recolonialism In Africa .
  203. Money, Power, Sex
  204. African Hairstyles
  205. Fulanis (Foulahs, Fulbes, Peuls, Wodaabes,...)
  206. Healing Techniques For Couples
  207. What Black Men Think (Video)
  208. Will Blacks Ever Unite?
  209. Pictures With Your Kids You Should Always Take
  210. How to tell if you've found a single warrior?!
  211. Ligali warrior, Toyin Agbetu, challenges the Queen and government live on TV!!!
  212. To All Black Women, From All Black Men.
  213. What am I doing wrong???
  214. Titles
  215. Black men and women should return to their African roots to find enduring love
  216. Osa Meji: Pay homage, give respect to women
  217. Reclaiming a Black Research Scientist’s Forgotten Legacy
  218. Women, not men, choose spouses on island
  219. Art of Seduction and Ritual Courtship by Christine Akiteng
  220. Exporting our Sexual/Relationship Dysfunction
  221. Reach Out: Save a Child, Save The Future Of Our People
  222. Frame of Reference
  223. Working
  224. White-Black Role Models
  225. Return to Innocence
  226. Circumcision: Necessary or Euroconcept?
  227. Study Black Women who Love Well
  228. Black Women Need Love too
  229. What is Africa to me?
  230. The African Presence in Pre-Columbus America
  231. Afrikan Population statistics
  232. Breaking the Cycle of Abusive Relationships
  233. To That Brother That Just Don't Know. . .
  234. Gender Roles?
  235. 10 ways to improve relationships
  236. "Can Black Women Raise Black Boys to Be Black Men?"
  237. Let's Talk About Ploygamy
  238. Words of the day
  239. Weird dream
  240. Your Ideal Afrikan Woman
  241. Your ideal Afrikan Male
  242. Questions For The Sisters
  243. Is Age Just a Number?
  244. SisterHood
  245. A Love Letter to the Kings
  246. Open Marriage
  247. My friend and inferior
  248. Sexuality and You- Don't Be Afraid To Be Real
  249. Finding and building a relationship
  250. Shall we replace White supremacy with Black supremacy