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  1. Would You Eat A Crakkker?
  2. After Assata Shakur, We Don't Know What a Terrorist Is Anymore
  3. Willie Lynch Update
  4. The Role of White Supremacy in the Political and Religious Economy.
  5. Black people are targets of the largest perception management program in history!
  6. Christ on the Cross, Truth or Metaphor
  7. Cain
  8. African Americans target of largest media brainwashing Campaign in history
  9. waiting for the world to change?
  10. Lies told to black people to maintain white dominance
  11. How Black people are still being bamboozled
  12. Willie Lynch is a Lie !!!
  13. The demoralizing manipulation of black people!
  14. Not every conspiracy is a theory; Black people are being mass manipulated
  15. The mistreatment of Black students
  16. Why CDC reports tell lies about Black People
  17. Hindering Black unity to maintain white dominance
  18. The secret Governments plans for controlling Black people
  19. A hidden secret that every Black person should become aware of
  20. The U.S. Government's Social Engineering of Black People
  21. Conditioning Blacks to hate themselves
  22. What happens when Black people can no longer recognize white racism
  23. Does the election President Obama represent real change for African Americans?
  24. The manufacturing of Black perceptions
  25. How white racism is deplored using information management
  26. Black People whites are thinking for you
  27. The modern suppression of Black America--THE BLACK MATRIX
  28. A 21st century message to all Black people
  29. A white South Afrikans disclosure about AIDs and Black people
  30. The power of misinformation is profound.
  31. How Black people are kept enslaved in 21st century
  32. Why I love African Americans
  33. Fake News in the United States and how it being used against African Americans.
  34. The white world's best kept secret
  35. Black people's negative self perceptions are a deliberate design
  36. Black people and the Tavistock Institute
  37. What the media is really doing to Black people!
  38. Don't tell Black people this secret
  39. Black people listen to this important truth!
  40. President Barack Obama alone is not enough for real change
  41. What every person of African decent should know
  42. Psychological Warfare is detrimentally real and Black people are ongoing victims of
  43. Its time to wake up Black people. We are truly a beautiful people
  44. What is really happening to Black America
  45. Whats happening to Black people-The white Psychological Warfare against Black people.
  46. A People Divide & Distracted are a people Defeated.
  47. Black People have you ever heard of Dr. Edward Bernays?
  48. A Call to all Black people
  49. The Secret Governmental War on Black America
  50. Deprogramming The Black Mind
  52. The little Black Boy of great insight
  53. Its not yesterday's willie lynch that plagues us its todays psychological warfare !
  54. The Black matrix is real let us all spread word !
  55. Manipulating Black Minds
  56. Are Blacks wrongly blaming the media or scape goating ?
  57. A Prison for the Black mind: The perfect slave system
  58. Whats wrong with Black people is still white racism
  59. DVD COINTELPRO - FBI's War On Black America (downloadable link)
  60. Solution against the Black Matrix
  61. They cannot stop a realization which time has come
  62. Black screams that now goes unheard
  63. Black cries that no one now hears nor care of
  64. The truth about the Biblical story that Blacks are cursed
  65. Are white people the man of lawlessness that the Bible speak of?
  66. The undoing of Africa
  67. How we Blacks view Africa affects how we also see ourselves
  68. How The Jews Became White
  69. SHOCKING: The forgotten mentally mortifying aspect of Black enslavement in the U.S.
  70. The ongoing miseducation of Black students
  71. The Black Mind exist within a Black Matrix
  72. It Is Not So Much Willie Lynch, But Modern Psyops That Plagues Us
  73. Are you aware of what was implemented by the U.S. Gov. after the death of Dr. King?
  74. The Secret War on African Americans
  75. Why the Black Matrix is real and not just another conspiracy theory
  76. The real reason why Blacks are negatively portrayed
  77. Todays Cointelpro is the face of modern white racism
  78. Black Matrix!!