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  1. The Black Perspective: Philosophical Notes Teaching
  2. A Philosophical Note On Missed Education & The Resistance To Change
  3. Part 1: The Historic Presence of Blacks in America: The Everlasting Presence of God
  4. A Message To The Black American Woman
  5. Will The Fruit of Black America Fall Or Stand Up
  6. What Are The Reasons? That Some Black Americans Claim to Be African and American?
  7. The Realms of Time & Contemporary Rebellion
  8. Another Note On Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow
  9. Introduction: Black American Conversations: God Greatest Blessing
  10. Part 4: Black American Conversations: Godís Greatest Blessing
  11. Part 1: Black American Conversations: Godís Greatest Blessing
  12. Black american history and white americans
  13. Hip Hop: Who Put The Hop In Hip?
  14. The Intellectual Dilemma of Being Politically Correct
  15. All human beings should have some independent thoughts
  16. Part 1: Teaching vs. Critical Thinking or Critical Thinking vs. Teaching: Did Einstei
  17. Will Apathy & Ignorance Cause The Destruction of Black American History?
  18. The Black American Race
  19. Did Jesus Die On Cross (BBC Four Documentary)
  20. The Black American Experience & The Generation Gap
  21. NOTES IN BLACK HISTORY: Black Nationalism, Culture: The Black American Responsibility
  22. The Black American Experience & The Blues
  23. Cultural Nationalism: The Black American Perspective
  24. NOTES IN BLACK HISTORY: The Impact of Slavery On The Black Experience: Then, Now & La
  25. Fall of america
  26. The black man must know the truth
  27. The Sad Black American Motherís
  28. Apathy & Ignorance The Attempted Destruction of Black History
  29. Progression Time: Realization and Presence of Black Americans
  30. African Americans & The Wig and Weave Culture
  31. The ParaFable Of The African Americans In The Immigration/Emigration Line
  32. The Clear Distinct Black American Ethnicity & Personality
  33. The Siege of Black History Black Studies Passť
  34. Does Hip Hop + African American = Hair Weaves?
  35. The Intellectual Dilemma In the Black Community
  36. PRESS RELEASE: Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) School of Excellence
  37. Covert lynching
  38. The Crisis of The Black Male: Out-House, In-House
  39. When the verdict hurts - Pastor Howard-John Wesley
  40. The critique of christianity: The traditional church or the new christian church
  41. Crisis in the black church: The role of women and preachers
  42. If god was your father, you would love me
  43. IS THERE A MYSTERY GOD, By Elijah Muhammad
  44. Evening and morning: Time in space
  45. Philosophical Notes: Love, Salvation & The World
  46. The Distinctions and Parallels Between Blues and Jazz: A Note On Black History
  47. THE HOG AND HIS EATER, By Elijah Muhammad
  49. ISLAM FOR THE SO-CALLED NEGROS, By Elijah Muhammad
  50. The true history of jesus
  51. Who is that mystery god ???
  52. THE ANTI=CHRIST, Muhammad Speaks
  53. A comparison between islam, christianity and judaism and the choice between them.
  54. A Closer Look At Christianity
  55. Black History & The Economics of Religion
  56. The Fable Of The Gun Toting Snakes
  57. Who is that mystery god ???
  58. The Fable of the Gadgets That Controlled The Mind
  59. Black History: Impact of Assimilation
  60. Black History: To Read Or Not To Read
  61. Black History: Afro-Centric, Elitism, Independent Thinkers Further Defined
  62. Black History and Contemporary Diversity
  63. Black History: Rhythm & Blues
  64. The On-going and Historical Dilemmas of Black History
  65. Christianity: Afro-Centric Critique
  66. The Fable Of All The Animals In The Forest Who Had Guns
  67. The Family (L familia)
  68. The Essence of Tolerance and Peaceful Co-existence
  69. Elitism and Independent Thinkers
  70. The Parable of Taxing Po Poor People And The Ignorant Who Are R
  71. The Parable Of The Weapon of Mass Destruction
  72. What does the bible teach us about sodom & gomorrah
  73. *AGE OF DECEIT* Fallen Angels and the New World Order
  74. True Hebrew Israelites
  75. Why so many gods?
  76. The Valley of the Dry Bones
  77. Are Your Aware That The Descendants of Abaraham Are Black People?
  78. Winters end
  79. Einstein: God, religion & scie
  80. Can a hen-pecked man be a godly minister/man
  81. My dreams and fleeing unity
  82. The so-called curse of ham
  83. Race & god (black nor white)
  84. A Different Look At Eden, The Serpent, And Tree of Knowledge
  85. Rising above the holy books
  86. "Holy Wars"
  87. The so-Called Jews "Do Not Predate The Sibyls"
  88. Who Brought The HEBREW Slaves To The Americas & The Caribbean?
  89. How do Afrocentric Afrikan Christians feel about Afrikan polytheists?
  90. Freedomjournal press takes leave from cyberspace
  91. Part 7: Blowing high wind
  92. The foolish mock wisdom, guillible, deaf, seen as fools, despised for folly (proverbs
  93. Psalms 11: Trust In The Lord
  95. Part II Psalms 51: Godís Forgiveness: In Prayer We Confess Our Sins
  96. Gulf oil spill: There is a victory upon the earth & in the sea for the righteous (rev
  97. The bible and prosperity
  98. Gulf oil spill: Part 2: In the lord there is no end of time (revelation 10: 6 & 8)
  99. The divine origin of king jesus
  100. I paid attention to the wind
  101. Psalms 51: Godís Forgiveness: In Prayer We Confess Our Sins
  102. Part II Psalms 140 A Prayer For The Deliverance From The Violent Action Of The Enemie
  103. Psalms 140 A Prayer For The Deliverance From The Violent Action Of The Enemies Of God
  104. Part 2 descendants of abraham are not guaranteed salvation (matthew 3: 9)
  105. The foolish mock wisdom: Guillible, deaf, seen as fools, despised for folly
  106. What is a king?davidís lineage a servant king (ii samuel 7: 1-29
  107. In the lord there is no end of time (revelation 10: 2, 5, 6 & 8)
  108. Asleep in the wind
  109. The confusion of prosperity: Money vs. Peace and paradise
  110. Will the people feel the affects of loose oil? (revelation 8: 8-9)
  111. The confrontation of fact vs. Opinion: Free speech & the first amendment
  112. Part III Psalms 109: The Peace In Prayer From The Liars & Those That Slander
  113. Part 3: Part 2: God remembers who has disturbed the earth and his people
  114. Is money greater than the word?
  115. Descendants of abraham are not guaranteed salvation (matthew 3: 7-9)
  116. Part 72: Part II Psalms 109: The Peace In Prayer From The Liars & Those That Slande
  117. Egyptian Mythology & The Christian Trinity
  118. God remembers who has disturbed the earth and his people (revelation 7: 1-3)
  119. What is a king?(the illusion of power)
  120. Part 6: The foolish a destructive force
  121. Has oprah winfrey drunk the kool-aid?
  122. God owns the oil & all natural resources
  123. Psalms 109: The Peace In Prayer From The Liars & Those That Slander
  124. The gulf oil spill: When the sea is troubled will there be peace?
  125. Part V Psalms 35: A Plea & Prayer For Your Enemies
  126. Can salvation be inherited?
  127. Texas textbook scandal
  128. Part IV Psalms 35: A Plea & Prayer For Your Enemies
  129. PART 4: WIND: The Touch Of The Wind
  130. (The Foolish & The Bible) PART 5: THE GOSPEL IS HEAVENLY WISDOM
  131. The death & resurrection of christ & salvation
  132. Part 67: Part II Psalms 35: A Plea & Prayer For Your Enemi
  133. Part 3: Wind: Where does the wind go?
  134. Psalms 35: A Plea & Prayer For Your Enemie
  135. Einstein: The challenges to free expression & independent thinking
  136. I believe in the inspired writerís
  137. Part II: Psalms 6: The Prayer of A Troubled Man
  138. Christians see Human Beings Not Black or White
  139. PART 2: WIND(EARTH, USA, 17 March 2010)
  141. Psalms 6: The Prayer of A Troubled Man
  142. What is being saved? What is salvation?
  143. Part II: Psalms 137: Although We May Cry Our Tears Are Of Joy As We Pray
  144. The Foolish & The Bible: THE RIGHTEOUS SEE WISDOM
  145. Psalms 137: Although We May Cry: Our Tears Are Of Joy As We Pray
  146. Wind
  147. Psalms 74: We Pray For Help To Remember What God Has Promised
  148. The aphonic the asinine the oblivious
  149. Ill wind passed
  150. Part II: Psalms 44: We Hear & Know Of The Victory Over Our Enemies in Prayer
  151. Psalms 44: We Hear & Know Of The Victory Over Our Enemies in Prayer
  152. Psalms 123: God of Heaven ďHave MercyĒ
  153. POWER AND MIRACLE OF PRAYER: Psalms 80: Can We Still Hear David Praying For Merc
  154. POWER AND MIRACLE OF PRAYER: Psalms 79: David A Prayer For Mercy & Relief From The He
  155. Do afro-americans believe in the bible and God?
  156. Failed larceny in academia: Alleged theft of credentials
  157. POWER AND MIRACLE OF PRAYER: Part 55: Part II: Psalms 32: The Truly Righteous Pray F
  158. "A Continuing Curse of Stagnation."
  159. The Many Faces of Religion
  160. Mark of the Beast
  161. Contrasts, contradictions, parallels: World view & god
  162. T=ss≤ (The Theory of Nonconformity)
  163. Looking past fools and shame: 2008: Part 1: Introduction
  164. Einstein: God, religion & science: Did einstein believe in god?
  166. Is christian our name?
  167. Overview of Mormon Theology (Animation)
  168. Kebra negast
  169. Saints of Africa - by Vincent J. O'Malley
  170. Was Jesus Christ a Negro? A Rationalistic Review
  171. Christianity Refuted
  172. I Need You To Survive
  173. The depth of the independent mind
  174. Bible contradictions reloaded:
  175. Africans became Christians long before Europeans
  176. Officer Ray Hagins (FKA) Sa Ra Ankh Hotep Maakheru Setep En Ra
  177. Bibile Questions
  178. Bible Questions
  179. Missionaries and Colonization
  180. Colonization and Christianity in Zimbabwe
  181. Christianity is based on love ?
  182. The Bible (Please Read)
  183. Jordan archaeologists unearth 'world's first church?
  184. Origin of the bible
  185. The In-Credible Bible
  186. Liberation Theology Overview
  187. Am I Skeptical ~ You Betcha!
  188. The Gnostic Gospels By Elaine Pagels [Audio Book]
  189. Jesus, Christianity and 2000 yrs of Self Delusion
  190. New Research in Christianity!
  191. Practicing Liberation in the Black Church
  192. I Threw A Bible In The Trash
  193. Church members see face of God on ceiling
  194. Lost Book of Revelation
  195. The real Jesus
  196. Chronology of the Bible
  197. Pastor Ray's Testimony of His Transition From Christianity To Afrikan Consciousness
  198. African Bible launched.
  199. Happy Easter !!!!!!!!!!!
  200. African churches go global
  201. Black Jesus Film Makes Waves at Sundance
  202. Queen Sheba & the nigerian pyrimids
  203. Theology Tethers: The Whitewashed Whoring of Christianity
  204. The Egyptian Great Year and Christianity
  205. Jesus
  206. Christianity
  207. Lost Books of The Bible & Rasta Texts + Kabbalah
  208. Black Youth Leaving The Church?
  209. Connections: Auset and Mary
  210. 101 Biblical Contradictions / Contradikshunz
  211. Black Theology, Black Power, and the Black Experience
  212. African Theology and Social Change