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  1. Illuminati Human Cloning Immortality
  2. sailing/shipping maritime its just 102 years since UNIA kicked off young sailors etc
  3. Business defined
  4. A government defined
  5. Black Panther Party's solidarity with the gay rights movement
  6. Black history fact: The posthumous execution of Egyptian mummies
  7. Five letters of Cortés to the Emperor| Hernado Cortés cliff notes
  8. Irene Booker educational books
  9. California bans religious and philosophical vaccine exemptions for schoolchildren
  10. The Black Panther Party Service to the people programs
  11. Truth Is..General Wink From Its Self
  12. VIVA BÉISBOL! Mexico's Negro League
  13. Teaching the kids how to stay B.I.S.S.-'C
  14. what most represent Afrikan culture?
  15. San Diego Unified charges thousands of parents for busing.
  16. California Parents Could Get Jail Time if Kids Miss School
  17. Ourstory
  18. Homeschool Transcripts - 1. Introduction
  19. The Sibyls: the First Prophetess’ of Mami (Wata) By Mama Zogbé
  20. NC school dist. to give away iPod, laptop to children who participate in vaccination
  21. Reading, Writing, Abortions: Schools Arrange Secret Abortions
  22. Home School Registration Bill Hearing
  23. Wonderfully Cheap Alternative to your standard white dry erase board
  24. The 5 Biggest Mistakes Parents Make When Homeschooling High School pt.1
  25. Message to the Blackman and other books by Elijah Muhammed
  26. Wit And Wisdom of West Afrika [1865] / Chinweizu Articles 1985 - 2009
  27. Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass and Sojourner Truth
  28. Children of The Sun by George Wells Parker
  29. Young Black and Open for Business in Honor of the RBG
  30. The ad heritage!
  31. OSYRUS tonight on The African Diaspora Hour
  32. Focus on the African Goddess tonight on 'The African Diaspora Hour'
  33. I was tapping on the window...now I'm kickin the door in
  34. Africa for the Africans
  35. Black was green long before green was green
  36. Intellectual Father of 20th Century Pan Africanism- YOU SHOULD KNOW...
  37. The Teachings of Ptah Hotep
  38. What Can DNA Really Tell Us About Race?
  39. The Federalist Papers: Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison
  40. The Education of the Negro prior to 1861 by Carter G. Woodson
  41. The Universality of Incest
  42. CA Public School District teaches 1st gr. curriculum that Normalizes Same-Sex Unions
  43. Plain Talk About Spanking
  44. Escaping the Homeschool Matrix & Home Visits by Officials
  45. Stolen Legacy (*online book) by George G. M. James
  46. Ten Black Commandments
  47. The Real Thanksgiving
  48. A Truth-centered Social System
  49. THE STORY OF TWO BROTHERS: Samoan story of Pioa and Matafao
  50. Naturalization in the American Colonies
  51. John Dunn, The White ZuluChieftan: The Man, The Legacy
  52. The Education Of The Negro Prior To 1861 by Carter G. Woodson
  53. Ory Okolloh: The making of an African activist
  54. Reinforcing w/ Nile Valley contributions to Civilizations
  55. Online Medical schools
  56. "The Negro a Beast"...or..."In the image of GOD"...book online
  57. Why Aren't We Raising Revolutionaries???
  58. Would Sojourner Truth 'wanna lick the rapper'?
  59. Africans and African Americans in Cuban Medical Schools
  60. The End of Plantation Politics?