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  1. A global threat: Fukushima fallout damaged the thyroids of California babies
  2. Third Street Stroll …
  3. 50 reasons we should fear the worst from Fukushima
  4. The vacant housing option for squatting in Oakland
  5. ‘Condemned’ by Keith LaMar (Bomani Shakur)
  6. Loong overdue-Spike Lee opens fire on white supremacist gentrification
  7. Lawmakers bludgeon the food stamp program
  8. They’ve done their time, now let them vote
  9. California’s most dangerous Security Threat Group
  10. It’s about time for The Lumpen
  11. A mother’s cry
  12. Mardi Gras San Francisco Style kicks off in Fillmore Plaza
  13. Black and thinking of moving to San Francisco? Don’t do it!
  14. Jackson Mayor Chokwe Lumumba dies
  15. How torture is inflicted on prisoners in solitary confinement
  16. CBS Radio seeks Program Director and Receptionist
  17. Public housing privatization and Ellis Act evictions are stealing our homes, our live
  18. Marching for Madame Victoire 20 years after the Rwandan Genocide
  19. Chevron joins news publisher wars in Richmond
  20. Social consciousness, prison struggle and perseverance: a personal account
  21. ‘Ujamaa Village,’ an old idea revisited: Black towns!
  22. Hunger strike representative: Resist, resist and liberate
  23. KCSM’s ‘Announcer of the Year’ Greg Bridges in his own words
  24. The Richmond Housing Authority crisis and the big picture – connecting the dots
  25. CDCR still fabricates evidence, so what’s our Plan B to free the people?
  26. Jackson Rising: Building the city of the future today
  27. Find and rate social services online with One Degree
  28. San Francisco housing squeeze disparately impacts African Americans
  29. Russell Maroon Shoatz released from solitary confinement – first time in general popu
  30. ‘The Black Arts Movement and Its Influences’ conference hits UC Merced Feb. 28-March
  31. Three Black History Month scholarships: deadline to apply Feb. 28
  32. Apply for new affordable apartments at 1180 4th St., San Francisco, until March 5
  33. Top five secrets of the prison industry.
  34. Georgia prisoners on hunger strike since Feb. 9
  35. At the Well Young Women’s Leadership Academy Scholarship
  36. Hands off Venezuela! Stop right-wing violence
  37. ‘Team Richmond’ will continue decade of progress
  38. Fatherhood: I am my brother’s keeper
  39. Support Sonoma State University student rights for an affordable public college educa
  40. Santeria and ebo
  41. Martial Sciences
  42. Jordan Davis verdict: Failure to convict Michael Dunn of first degree murder a traves
  43. Flush the TPP!
  44. Broad coalition responds to 2-year extension on prison overcrowding case
  45. Chicagoans brave cold to rally in support of Menard hunger strikers
  46. Jasper, Texas: Feds to investigate death of Black dad whose mutilation was called ‘ac
  47. Princeton University offers free summer journalism program, deadline to apply Feb. 21
  48. Solitary confinement, CDCR get slammed at legislative hearings; Ammiano files bill to
  49. Toxic threats to people of color: Environmental justice leaders meet in Denver Feb. 1
  50. Pelican Bay Short Corridor Human Rights Movement: Banned testimony of the four main p
  51. Black history of 504 sit-in for disability rights: More than serving food – when will
  52. The crime of Ellis Act evictions
  53. For release from SHU, California requires cognitive restructuring – decades of good b
  54. Seven months after historic California prison hunger strike, opponents of solitary co
  55. Solitary confinement hearing Feb. 11: Support the prisoner-led movement and their fam
  56. Brightline joins Midtown residents and ALRP to file the biggest rent control petition
  57. Sonoma State University president seeks to impose new $500 annual fee on all students
  58. Ten points about college hoops All-American Marcus Smart pushing a ‘fan’
  59. Menard hunger strikers refusing water until face-to-face hearings begin
  60. Dan Gertler flips DR Congo’s Atlantic Coast oil rights for huge gain
  61. SF Rec and Park to Hire 426 Youth Workers
  62. Menard hunger strikers cheered by protesters, threatened by staff
  63. Wanda’s Picks for February 2014
  64. Oakland: Mother loses her only children to gun; in the same month.
  65. Third Street Stroll …
  66. Marcus Garvey, the African Union, the African Diaspora
  67. Midtown residents fight potential displacement
  68. Amiri Baraka: Poet on fire (1934-2014)
  69. Formerly Incarcerated People’s Policy Academy launches in Los Angeles
  70. Shit White People Do - "You Should Call Yourself American!"
  71. Golden State Giants football is back: an interview wit’ Golden State Giants President
  72. Sekou Odinga and Dequi Kioni-Sadiki: Marriage in a prison visiting room
  73. Joe Debro on racism in construction: A study of the manpower implications of small bu
  74. Marcus Books launches ‘Keep It Lit’ campaign and vows to remain a lighthouse for our
  75. Kev Choice releases soon to be classic ‘Oakland Riviera’
  76. Block Report: Plots, plans and campaigns
  77. John Stewart management evicts cancer surgery patient for having care provider
  78. California Homeless Bill of Rights: ‘We’re coming back and back till we get this thin
  79. Censorship behind the walls
  80. We stand with our sister: Stop the attacks on Myrlande Liberis-Pavert and the Lavalas
  81. Mission Statement of the Pelican Bay Human Rights Movement First Amendment Campaign
  82. Appeals court rules 7,000 New Orleans teachers unfairly laid off post-Katrina
  83. Our people – our evolution: ‘Emmett Till: An American Hero’
  84. Andy Lopez coalition blasts DA Ravitch and SRPD for refusal to release report or indi
  85. Declining a deal with the devil: Coercive journaling required to ‘step down’ from sol
  86. The rich ride for free, the po’ get po’liced: Mayor Lee orders Muni sweeps
  87. Richmond’s people to people delegation: How beautiful is Cuba!
  88. Party with Bluesman Augusta Collins at the African American Museum and Library in Oak
  89. How the discovery of COINTELPRO saved me from prison
  90. Scholarships for college, university or vocational school — deadline Feb. 28, 2014
  91. IRS attacks Cuba-supporting IFCO for fiscally sponsoring Viva Palestina
  92. Cuba and Miami announce record low infant mortality rates – Cuba 30% lower than Flori
  93. Prisoner Political Action Committee update: In solidarity, we can win
  94. Menard hunger strikers endure beating, threats by nurses but vow, ‘We will not let th
  95. 2014 MICROSOFT SCHOLARSHIPS: Application deadline 1/31/14
  96. Five years after the Oscar Grant murder: Author of ‘No Doubt: The Murder(s) of Oscar
  97. Human Rights Coalition sues prison officials for censoring political dissent and huma
  98. Three months since the police killing of 13-year-old Andy Lopez
  99. Judges give up on years of failed prison talks, will craft own solution to overcrowdi
  100. Colorado prisoner: ‘I am held in slavery’
  101. Peacekeepers depend on the Pentagon, in South Sudan, CAR, DRC, Uganda, Rwanda
  102. Update from Menard hunger strikers: We need outside support, force feeding threatened
  103. Transbay Joint Powers Authority seeks applicants for Citizens Advisory Committee
  104. Change comes when change is demanded
  105. Afrikan Calligraphy - Masizi System
  106. Cops walk who beat Kelly Thomas to death: Welcome to our world
  107. ‘Full Court Press to Success’ workshop series to feature new Fleetwood film, ‘I Just
  108. In honor of Dr. King: Day of Action for Homeless Bill of Rights
  109. Haiti: UN peacekeepers still not screened for cholera despite causing outbreak
  110. Albert Woodfox: It’s time to free the last of the Angola 3
  111. What Fox News and Hannity blocked me from saying: Mumia as fuel for right-wing agenda
  112. Illinois prisoners in Menard High Security Unit plan to begin hunger strike Jan. 15
  113. The Dr. Carter G. Woodson Black History Bowl is Feb. 22 at Frick Middle School in Oak
  114. AB, ode to Amiri Baraka
  115. African American leaders host first annual music, art and self-advocacy event for peo
  116. Garang on South Sudan: 8 million suffered daily before this war began
  117. ‘Unfathomable City: A New Orleans Atlas’
  118. Amiri Baraka, the Malcolm X of literature, dies at 79 – two tributes
  119. GoBaby Productions comedy shows bring smiles to Bay Area faces: an interview wit’ com
  120. War on poverty wages on
  121. African migrants to Israel, ‘We are human beings too’
  122. Advocates call budget plans to open new prison beds a major contradiction
  123. Eric Holder, Arne Duncan tell schools to stop pushing students into school-to-prison
  124. The international community’s unforgivable betrayal of the people of South Sudan
  125. Why is the SF DA trying a 14-year-old as an adult?
  126. Andre Ward in 2014: Reflections on a son of God
  127. Are U.N. peacekeeping operations causing more instability than they are resolving in
  128. Block Report Radio: Revolutionary radio station empowers the people
  129. Third Street Stroll …
  130. George Jackson University
  131. City College wins reprieve, as court enjoins ACCJC from terminating accreditation
  132. San Francisco Black boycott
  133. Joe Debro on racism in construction: A study of the manpower implications of small bu
  134. Home training: A basis for survival
  135. Other Brothers in Angola
  136. Salvador, Bahia, Brazil: Africa in the Americas
  137. Notice of ROD Hunters Point Naval Shipyard Parcel E
  138. Judge orders Lynne Stewart’s release
  139. New Year’s message from Muammar Al Qaddafi
  140. The killing of Andy Lopez: a manifestation of a corrupt and soulless system
  141. Women in solitary confinement: ‘The isolation degenerates us into madness’
  142. Nelson Mandela, Cuba and the Terror List
  143. The Screening Room
  144. Democratic Republic of the Congo: Resource politics behind the UN Force Intervention
  145. Hot spots: Radioactive San Francisco
  146. A closer look at ‘crime’
  147. The other side of the divide
  148. The City of Big Shoulders: Chicago stands up to Big Tobacco in a big way
  149. Gov. Brown’s plans to reduce prison overcrowding ignore early release
  150. Exchange a word for a life
  151. Exoneration only the first step in making amends to the Scottsboro Boys
  152. Richmond’s Neighborhood Stabilization Plan moves forward against realtor opposition
  153. Our own political action committee can expand the prisoners’ rights movement
  154. To all the homies on lock and solitary
  155. You got to surrenda?
  156. In memory of Cookie Suttle (January 1925-November 2013)
  157. Samantha Power’s latest crusade: Central African Republic
  158. Special needs students and the Black community
  159. Free shannon zach nyamodi
  160. True soldiers needed
  161. For honorable men confined to cages
  162. Secret torture unit at San Quentin, Part 2
  163. Gore-Mbeki Commission: Eyewitness to America betraying Mandela’s South Africa
  164. Mandela, sanitized
  165. San Francisco African American Chamber of Commerce calls for boycott of San Francisco
  166. Winnie and Nelson: Forever linked to freedom struggle
  167. ‘Love, Peace, and Soul’: an interview wit author Ericka Blount
  168. ‘Help bring me home for the holidays,’ a life and death appeal from renowned people’s
  169. A circus of injustice: Wrongful convictions are not equal
  170. African American Shakespeare Company’s ‘Cinderella’ through Dec. 22 at AAACC in San F
  171. Life means guilt to a Black Man
  172. Why the West loves Mandela and hates Mugabe
  173. Victoire Ingabire: the woman who challenged Rwanda’s Paul Kagame
  174. Legislative alert: CDCR’s Step-Down Pilot Program is in fact systematic, mandatory br
  175. Mandela, America, Israel and systems of oppression
  176. Rwanda: Opposition leader Victoire Ingabire’s sentence increased from 8 to 15 years
  177. The ethnic cleansing of broadcasters from Pacifica continues nationally: Jared Ball s
  178. Shack dwellers protest in Cato Crest in honor of Nelson Mandela
  179. Mandela, pacifist or rebel?
  180. Kampala ‘declaration’ would contract DRC to concede to M23
  181. Mandela’s legacy extends from South Africa, the continent to the world
  182. Legacies: Michael Hourigan and the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda
  183. The Honorable Rolihlahla Mandela, July 18, 1908-Dec. 4, 2013
  184. Alima Olga Kasongo, the Boondocks and the Congo
  185. Tavis Smiley spotlights Black suffering, Black hope
  186. Yours is the quest that’s just begun
  187. Take Free Courses
  188. Kalioya Politrix LLC launches new practice this fall
  189. Harriet Tubman Christmas play ‘Go Tell It’ is back: an interview wit’ playwright Taiw
  190. 1st Saturdays in Oakland: an interview wit’ founder David Roach
  191. Joe Debro on racism in construction
  192. ‘12 Years a Slave’
  193. SFSU Metro Academies alum Cory Mickels sets sights on law school
  194. From KPFA to Block Report Radio Station
  195. Wanda’s Picks for December 2013
  196. We came together to reclaim our humanity
  197. Encouragement is essential
  198. Immigration policy is good policy? If so, for whom?
  199. Joanna Haigood’s Zaccho Dance Theatre’s ‘Between me and the other world’
  200. CDCr calls hunger strike supplemental demands reasonable, then reneges; prisoners res
  201. New rules for MOVE
  202. Third Street Stroll …
  203. The Dallas 6 Case: Solitary confinement on trial in a US courtroom
  204. The Karbala Mixtape
  205. Michelle Alexander to hunger strikers: You are true heroes for our times
  206. Putting our money on solar energy and green construction: Cypress Mandela, a promisin
  207. White people, run, don’t walk to ‘12 Years a Slave’
  208. ‘Intolerable’: a call to action to free Lorenzo Johnson
  209. Marissa Alexander released from jail just in time for Thanksgiving
  210. State and federal prisons persecute Nation of Gods and Earth (Five Percenters)
  211. Saint John Coltrane Church to honor Archbishop Franzo Wayne King and Rev. Mother Mari
  212. Racist attack at San Jose State, the holy ground of the Black athlete’s revolt
  213. Greening the hood: Is clean energy reaching poor communities?
  214. The too-many prisoners dilemma
  215. Herman Wallace, who gave his life to end solitary confinement, got no mercy
  216. Being normal is not OK
  217. Morongo gives 1,000 Thanksgiving turkeys to aid needy in San Francisco
  218. Oakland businessman opens Hip Hop clothes shop in Vegas
  219. Democratic Republic of Congo: A prescription for lasting peace and stability
  220. SFPD brutally beat Black bicyclist D’Paris Williams and Valencia Gardens neighbors wh
  221. RFP to purchase and develop Transbay Block 8 in Downtown San Francisco
  222. Diabetes, Heart and Oral Health
  223. Richmond activist Melvin Willis wins Mario Savio Award
  224. And still WBA champion of the world! Andre Ward outclasses Edwin Rodriguez
  225. Serving the people despite the retaliation of the oppressors
  226. Confronting California’s abuse of solitary
  227. Meet Black Girls Rock! Award winner Ty-Licia Hooker
  228. The deadly ‘integrated yard policy’: Commentary on ‘The Pelikkkan Bay factor: An indi
  229. Kennedy died, but the haters did not win
  230. Joe Debro passes: National leader of Black contractors championed jobsite justice
  231. Amnesty International asks the world to demand justice for Albert Woodfox
  232. Prison hunger strikers face reprisals as papers that back them are censored
  233. Missouri prisoners in solitary confinement follow California’s lead, begin hunger str
  234. Cholera spreads beyond Haiti as Mexico suffers devastating floods
  235. Death by pepper spray: Just another day in the Texas prison system
  236. anzac day-tours-anzac tours 2014
  237. Rock on, Raquel! From Bayview to Rio, Raquel ‘The Rock’ Miller on the 2016 Olympic ro
  238. Equal Opportunity Council seeks low-income board candidates
  239. ‘Hip Hop: The New World Order’: an interview wit filmmaker Muhammida El Muhajir
  240. Hunger striker who suspects poisoning attempt still denied medical attention
  241. I have a pen and I could probably kill you with it: Official absurdities and student
  242. Hunger striker: We’ve all come a long way to settle for less
  243. Select Committee to hold hearing on diversion and sentencing to reduce prison crowdin
  244. M23’s creators and commanders are in Rwanda and Uganda
  245. SFCTA RFQ for strategic communications, media and community relations professional se
  246. Letter to my Rwandan, Ugandan and Congolese brothers and sisters celebrating M23’s de
  247. Andy Lopez, 13, murdered by cop with ‘mean gene’
  248. Syria, Congo and the ‘Responsibility to Protect’: the US double standard
  249. National Day of Protest Saturday for Andy Lopez, 13, murdered by Santa Rosa deputy sh
  250. Addendum to Prequalification for SFUSD Projects