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  1. From KPFA to Block Report Radio Station
  2. Wanda’s Picks for December 2013
  3. We came together to reclaim our humanity
  4. Encouragement is essential
  5. Immigration policy is good policy? If so, for whom?
  6. Joanna Haigood’s Zaccho Dance Theatre’s ‘Between me and the other world’
  7. CDCr calls hunger strike supplemental demands reasonable, then reneges; prisoners res
  8. New rules for MOVE
  9. Third Street Stroll …
  10. The Dallas 6 Case: Solitary confinement on trial in a US courtroom
  11. The Karbala Mixtape
  12. Michelle Alexander to hunger strikers: You are true heroes for our times
  13. Putting our money on solar energy and green construction: Cypress Mandela, a promisin
  14. White people, run, don’t walk to ‘12 Years a Slave’
  15. ‘Intolerable’: a call to action to free Lorenzo Johnson
  16. Marissa Alexander released from jail just in time for Thanksgiving
  17. State and federal prisons persecute Nation of Gods and Earth (Five Percenters)
  18. Saint John Coltrane Church to honor Archbishop Franzo Wayne King and Rev. Mother Mari
  19. Racist attack at San Jose State, the holy ground of the Black athlete’s revolt
  20. Greening the hood: Is clean energy reaching poor communities?
  21. The too-many prisoners dilemma
  22. Herman Wallace, who gave his life to end solitary confinement, got no mercy
  23. Being normal is not OK
  24. Morongo gives 1,000 Thanksgiving turkeys to aid needy in San Francisco
  25. Oakland businessman opens Hip Hop clothes shop in Vegas
  26. Democratic Republic of Congo: A prescription for lasting peace and stability
  27. SFPD brutally beat Black bicyclist D’Paris Williams and Valencia Gardens neighbors wh
  28. RFP to purchase and develop Transbay Block 8 in Downtown San Francisco
  29. Diabetes, Heart and Oral Health
  30. Richmond activist Melvin Willis wins Mario Savio Award
  31. And still WBA champion of the world! Andre Ward outclasses Edwin Rodriguez
  32. Serving the people despite the retaliation of the oppressors
  33. Confronting California’s abuse of solitary
  34. Meet Black Girls Rock! Award winner Ty-Licia Hooker
  35. The deadly ‘integrated yard policy’: Commentary on ‘The Pelikkkan Bay factor: An indi
  36. Kennedy died, but the haters did not win
  37. Joe Debro passes: National leader of Black contractors championed jobsite justice
  38. Amnesty International asks the world to demand justice for Albert Woodfox
  39. Prison hunger strikers face reprisals as papers that back them are censored
  40. Missouri prisoners in solitary confinement follow California’s lead, begin hunger str
  41. Cholera spreads beyond Haiti as Mexico suffers devastating floods
  42. Death by pepper spray: Just another day in the Texas prison system
  43. anzac day-tours-anzac tours 2014
  44. Rock on, Raquel! From Bayview to Rio, Raquel ‘The Rock’ Miller on the 2016 Olympic ro
  45. Equal Opportunity Council seeks low-income board candidates
  46. ‘Hip Hop: The New World Order’: an interview wit filmmaker Muhammida El Muhajir
  47. Hunger striker who suspects poisoning attempt still denied medical attention
  48. I have a pen and I could probably kill you with it: Official absurdities and student
  49. Hunger striker: We’ve all come a long way to settle for less
  50. Select Committee to hold hearing on diversion and sentencing to reduce prison crowdin
  51. M23’s creators and commanders are in Rwanda and Uganda
  52. SFCTA RFQ for strategic communications, media and community relations professional se
  53. Letter to my Rwandan, Ugandan and Congolese brothers and sisters celebrating M23’s de
  54. Andy Lopez, 13, murdered by cop with ‘mean gene’
  55. Syria, Congo and the ‘Responsibility to Protect’: the US double standard
  56. National Day of Protest Saturday for Andy Lopez, 13, murdered by Santa Rosa deputy sh
  57. Addendum to Prequalification for SFUSD Projects
  58. Winning an end to solitary confinement in the court of public opinion: Hear Robert Ki
  59. Attorney General Eric Holder urges discussion on reinstating federal parole
  60. 35 years anchoring the prison abolition movement: Legal Services for Prisoners with C
  61. US Court of Appeals rules against Cat Johnson’s challenge to his frame-up conviction
  62. Retaliation against Pelican Bay mainline prisoners
  63. White savior John Prendergast tells the world what’s best for Congo and Rwanda now
  64. Bay View Voters Guide
  65. We’re not all snitches
  66. Third Street Stroll 1113
  67. How to make our ‘hood peaceful and prosperous: The sun always rises again
  68. Wanda’s Picks for November 2013
  69. In Maryland, youth offenders get no second chances
  70. Building prisoners’ political power
  71. Cat’s cries
  72. Beds for Bayview: Your voices count
  73. Bluesman Augusta Collins releases ‘Game’ DVD
  74. Emergency Response Network Alert: CDCR retaliates against peaceful protest
  75. Prison guards face civil suit in attack on Virginia prisoner Frank ‘Outlaw’ Reid
  76. Section 8 housing and public housing tenants at risk
  77. Everett Allen, MD, discredited for being sympathetic to prisoners’ medical needs
  78. Bayan means ‘make it plain’ or ‘clear evidence’
  79. Georgia prisoner beaten with hammer fights for justice
  80. Is Westerniization a curse?
  81. After 30 years in solitary, can SB 260 set me free?
  82. We pledged to become martyrs to force CDCR to the negotiating table
  83. The best of the best, Andre ‘Son of God’ Ward, vs. the lip of the East, Edwin ‘La Bom
  84. Rwandan Supreme Court to rule in Victoire Ingabire’s appeal on Nov. 1
  85. Top 6 countries that grew filthy rich from enslaving Black people
  86. Jean Nobles, Fillmore entrepreneur, retires after 35 years
  87. Fatherhood: Enjoying the journey
  88. What a vacation: 400 miles by bus on hunger strike’s 47th day
  89. Hunger strikers: Our resolve remains strong
  90. Black filmmaker shut down at MoAD gala for Bay View story on foreclosure protests
  91. Help us reach our Kickstarter goal for Hip Hop U Multimedia Magazine
  92. Justice for Andy Lopez, 13: A child is dead at the hands of Sonoma County sheriff’s d
  93. Saving City College: Stakes high in faculty contract negotiations
  94. Victory! Ban the Box is now the law
  95. Having the foresight to end all hostilities
  96. Margaret Winter, ACLU: California can be in the vanguard of the movement to limit sol
  97. Squadron Ace takes the cake at Life is Living: an interview wit’ dancer Gideon Mekwun
  98. Message from Pelican Bay prisoner representatives to UN Special Rapporteur on Torture
  99. Below Market Rate Rental Units at 1844 Market St., San Francisco, available
  100. Pelican Bay prisoner representatives meet with top Corrections staff
  101. BART Unions offer new proposal to get trains running Monday and end the strike
  102. If You are Black, Get Out: The Crisis of Statelessness in the Dominican Republic
  103. Africa on the Right Way?
  104. The cruel and unusual punishment of Herman Wallace
  105. The privatization of our public housing
  106. Women in solitary: ‘Last night another girl hung herself’
  107. BART unions shocked about collapse of negotiations
  108. ‘Collect Call’: an interview wit’ spoken word artist Chas Jackson
  109. Hunger striker reports: In our brokenness we can be made whole
  110. Lawyers for Russell Maroon Shoatz submit request to UN Special Rapporteur on Torture
  111. Revitalizing the demand for reparations
  112. A strategy meant to break me fuels my passion for human rights
  113. Free shuttle service to the Presidio from Bayview Hunters Point throughout October
  114. Berkeley City Council votes tonight on leasing University Avenue Cooperative Homes fo
  115. Albert Woodfox bids farewell to his Angola 3 brother, Herman Wallace, fights on for f
  116. UN torture expert Juan Mendez on Albert Woodfox: ‘Four decades in solitary confinemen
  117. ‘The Art and Rhymes of Ghetto Girl Blue’: an interview wit’ Jessica Holter, founder o
  118. Herman ‘Hooks’ Wallace a legendary hero in Louisiana prisons
  119. ‘Somebody tried to poison me’: Pelican Bay prisoner suspects hunger strike retaliatio
  120. US takes one more step toward isolating Rwandan warlord Paul Kagame
  121. Pelican Bay hunger strike reps to legislators and supporters: Tell California Correct
  122. California legislative hearings take on solitary confinement, address hunger strike d
  123. South African Shack Dwellers’ leader Bandile Mdlalose arrested, denied bail, 17-year-
  124. Protest at Candlestick: 49ers’ scorecard – Black players YES, Black contractors NO
  125. Pacifica board member Tracy Rosenberg weighs in on JR’s unjustifiable ban from KPFA
  126. Herman Wallace, the ‘Muhammad Ali of the criminal justice system,’ joins the ancestor
  127. Inspired to BMOER
  128. Wanda’s Picks for October 2013
  129. Oklahoma police chief apologizes for 1921 attack on Black Wall Street
  130. Reggae legend Rankin Scroo speaks on his life and his music
  131. M1 of dead prez speaks on Young Malcolm Shabazz
  132. Democrats cave in to another round of sequestration budget cuts
  133. Gov. Brown commits crimes against prisoners’ humanity for guards’ campaign contributi
  134. Malcolm’s 29th birthday commemorated: an interview wit’ Shaykh Hashim Alludeen
  135. Corcoran hunger strike negotiations: an extreme form of political discourse
  136. Using city power to prevent foreclosure
  137. Calipatria shows the way: ASU prisoners win their demands while on hunger strike
  138. Linda Brooks Burton, pride of Bayview Hunters Point, passes
  139. Zulu’s tribute to Herman ‘Hooks’ Wallace: Freedom ain’t never been free
  140. Free Herman Wallace, purveyor of ‘Black Pantherism,’ fighting to the death
  141. My Marcus Books love story
  142. Hundreds of California prisoners in isolation should be covered by class action, atto
  143. Political prisoner Romaine ‘Chip’ Fitzgerald writes to Assembly Public Safety Chair T
  144. Injustice runs deep
  145. Police are more dangerous to the public than criminals
  146. Dr. Willie Ratcliff on Black San Francisco
  147. Kev Choice produces Jennifer Johns’ ‘The Chronicles of the Aquarian Mind’
  148. African Americans and the Gypsies: a cultural relationship formed through hardships
  149. Disabled and riding a wheelbarrow: a father’s love
  150. The Omaha Two: How long is life?
  151. Internet radio is on the rise: an interview wit’ Streets Is Talking founder Leon Dyna
  152. Cynthia McKinney: The world needs peace – but not a Pax Americana
  153. 10 steps to dictatorship: Why the grassroots movement in Haiti is taking to the stree
  154. Opposition leader Bernard Ntaganda tortured in Rwandan prison
  155. RAD public housing privatization: Stealing our last acre and our one remaining mule
  156. Museveni as mediator between M23 and DR Congo?
  157. America’s Cup action on the waters and in the courts
  158. Black ambivalence about gun control
  159. We Will Shoot Back: Armed Resistance in the Mississippi Freedom
  160. Hunger striker considers where we go from here, wonders, ‘Will the Legislature dupe u
  161. To serve the people: Black Riders Liberation Party, new generation Black Panther Part
  162. Uncle Remus and Mammy As Superheros
  163. Heightened security: White Citizens Council bans popular KPFA host JR Valrey from Pac
  164. Rwandan opposition leader Bernard Ntaganda in peril after prison hunger strike
  165. Richmond homeowners beat Wall Street bullies 4-3
  166. The ‘compassion’ of empire: Herman and Lynne await
  167. Miracles still happen: A huge law firm is representing the Bay View on censorship at
  168. Testimony of Everett D. Allen, M.D., former chief physician and surgeon at Pelican Ba
  169. Split parenting: Making it work
  170. Pelican Bay hunger strikers denied newspapers, even denied food when they asked for i
  171. When you really need help, and you don't want yt help...
  172. Fighting spirit: a message from Herman Wallace
  173. LA advocates decry governor’s prison expansion compromise, moving prisoners to privat
  174. Holding Brown accountable: 60-hour fast held outside Gov. Brown’s condo in solidarity
  175. The Texas Department of Cowboy Justice: A case of lawless law enforcement
  176. Marcus Garvey Building – Liberty Hall: National Historic West Oakland Landmark saved
  177. My friend Todd Ashker
  178. Remembering Attica
  179. Amos Brown reflects on the 50th Anniversary March on Washington
  180. Gov. Brown, govern the people and prisons of California with respect and integrity
  181. Deja Bryson will be at Yoshi’s in Oakland: an interview wit’ songstress Deja Bryson
  182. California prisoners suspend 59-day hunger strike – families, legislators respond
  183. The body paint artist of the Bay
  184. The untold story of Oscar Grant’s father: Racism, mass incarceration and police bruta
  185. Alternatives to Jerry Brown’s ‘more cages’ prison plan proposed
  186. Hunters Point residents and their kids call on officials to fix up park
  187. Fresno County Jail hunger strike
  188. Zaccho opens Center for Dance and Aerial Arts in Bayview
  189. Operation Green Future: Chokwe Lumumba’s vision for Jackson, Mississippi
  190. Oakland’s Indie Film Night: an interview wit’ director and organizer Diaunte Thompson
  191. Negotiate? For whose land? Congo, Rwanda and Rwanda’s M23
  192. Georgia prisoner dies in solitary confinement
  193. The homeless to jail pipeline – from South Carolina to Santa Clara, the criminalizati
  194. Michelle Alexander: I can no longer just stay in my lane
  195. Wanda’s Picks for September 2013
  196. Hunger strikers, weak and sick, transported 8 hours by bus: ‘Our strength is a reflec
  197. Cop who murdered Kenneth Harding arrested for molesting teenage boy
  198. Corcoran 2011 hunger strike petitioner needs legal help re retaliation, medical care
  199. 2nd annual Hiero Day: an interview wit’ Tajai of Souls of Mischief and Hieroglyphics
  200. Occupy is converging
  201. Rev. Dr. Frederick Douglas Haynes III: No. 1 for me is economic equality
  202. Barbara Lee on war in Syria: Congress must decide
  203. Hunger strike in 8th week: Don’t let them die
  204. Lyric Performing Arts Academy is set to open in September ‘13: an interview wit’ co-f
  205. Black Autonomy Prison Federation is born
  206. ‘Vigilante on the Loose’: Black filmmakers put Overtown back on Front Street
  207. Public Safety chairs Ammiano, Hancock announce hearings on hunger strike issues
  208. Agreement to End Hostilities benefits both the streets and the prisons
  209. Wanda Johnson, mother of Oscar Grant, reflects on reliving his murder in ‘Fruitvale S
  210. Criminologists tell Gov. Brown: Negotiate with hunger strikers now before there is bl
  211. Why I joined the multi-racial, multi–regional Human Rights Movement to challenge tort
  212. Video released of Georgia guards beating prisoners with hammer
  213. Katrina Pain Index 2013: New Orleans eight years later
  214. Day 52: Demand this abuse end now, today, before it’s too late for some of us
  215. The 2013 March on Washington: Where do we go from here?
  216. Celebrating celebrating?
  217. Pelican Bay guards ask why are we hunger striking
  218. Beyond the dream: Martin Luther King Jr. and Africa
  219. McClymonds girls championship basketball team stars in ‘I Just Wanna Ball’
  220. On Day 50 of the California prisoners’ hunger strike, I wonder, will change only come
  221. I will agitate until you comply with the five core demands or I’m dead!
  222. Getting the ‘System Out of our System’: an interview wit’ AshEl Seasunz
  223. Appeal for hearing on California prisoners to the Inter-American Commission on Human
  224. Green Party issues urgent call for Gov. Jerry Brown to negotiate with prison hunger s
  225. California prisons: ‘Solitary confinement can amount to cruel punishment, even tortur
  226. Oaksterdam professor gives the science on cannabis: an interview wit’ Paul Armentano
  227. Lawyers, advocates: Prison hunger strike force feeding order is a political attack on
  228. Letters from Pelican Bay hunger strikers six weeks in
  229. Beard must go: California needs a fresh start in Corrections, not a cover-up for busi
  230. Why did five Pelican Bay guards beat two elderly Black prisoners on Aug. 6?
  231. Memories of Damu
  232. New on DVD: ‘Free Angela and All Political Prisoners’
  233. State Sen. Mark Leno, Green Party Secretary of State candidate David Curtis issue sta
  234. Outrage over CDCR force feeding plans
  235. CDCR has negotiated and met Calipatra ASU hunger strikers’ humane demands
  236. Ten years after the death of general idi amin - annivessary day
  237. Texas prisons spend money cooling pigs, while inmates are dying from 120 degree heat
  238. Urgent request to UN Special Rapporteur on Torture Juan Mendez to visit California hu
  239. San Quentin hunger striker’s kidneys shut down, as warden meets one demand
  240. Guantanamo Bay is hell on earth: an interview wit’ journalist Adam Hudson
  241. August is Oakland’s Joe Capers Month: an interview wit’ filmmaker Naru Kwina
  242. ‘Us Against Them’: an interview wit’ Karaam and Ness of the A-Alikes
  243. We dare to stand united with all racial groups to say enough is enough, while CDCR an
  244. CDCR’s $9.2 billion corruption machine vs. Prison Human Rights Movement
  245. Solidarity with California hunger strikers: When darkness sets in
  246. NYC Mayor Bloomberg: Fingerprint public housing residents and visitors
  247. Calipatria ASU: We continue to hunger strike in dignity
  248. A lesson of the Irish hunger strike
  249. Coalition stops jail construction plan in its tracks
  250. Celebrating Black Philanthropy Month