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  1. Public Safety chairs Ammiano, Hancock announce hearings on hunger strike issues
  2. Agreement to End Hostilities benefits both the streets and the prisons
  3. Wanda Johnson, mother of Oscar Grant, reflects on reliving his murder in ‘Fruitvale S
  4. Criminologists tell Gov. Brown: Negotiate with hunger strikers now before there is bl
  5. Why I joined the multi-racial, multi–regional Human Rights Movement to challenge tort
  6. Video released of Georgia guards beating prisoners with hammer
  7. Katrina Pain Index 2013: New Orleans eight years later
  8. Day 52: Demand this abuse end now, today, before it’s too late for some of us
  9. The 2013 March on Washington: Where do we go from here?
  10. Celebrating celebrating?
  11. Pelican Bay guards ask why are we hunger striking
  12. Beyond the dream: Martin Luther King Jr. and Africa
  13. McClymonds girls championship basketball team stars in ‘I Just Wanna Ball’
  14. On Day 50 of the California prisoners’ hunger strike, I wonder, will change only come
  15. I will agitate until you comply with the five core demands or I’m dead!
  16. Getting the ‘System Out of our System’: an interview wit’ AshEl Seasunz
  17. Appeal for hearing on California prisoners to the Inter-American Commission on Human
  18. Green Party issues urgent call for Gov. Jerry Brown to negotiate with prison hunger s
  19. California prisons: ‘Solitary confinement can amount to cruel punishment, even tortur
  20. Oaksterdam professor gives the science on cannabis: an interview wit’ Paul Armentano
  21. Lawyers, advocates: Prison hunger strike force feeding order is a political attack on
  22. Letters from Pelican Bay hunger strikers six weeks in
  23. Beard must go: California needs a fresh start in Corrections, not a cover-up for busi
  24. Why did five Pelican Bay guards beat two elderly Black prisoners on Aug. 6?
  25. Memories of Damu
  26. New on DVD: ‘Free Angela and All Political Prisoners’
  27. State Sen. Mark Leno, Green Party Secretary of State candidate David Curtis issue sta
  28. Outrage over CDCR force feeding plans
  29. CDCR has negotiated and met Calipatra ASU hunger strikers’ humane demands
  30. Ten years after the death of general idi amin - annivessary day
  31. Texas prisons spend money cooling pigs, while inmates are dying from 120 degree heat
  32. Urgent request to UN Special Rapporteur on Torture Juan Mendez to visit California hu
  33. San Quentin hunger striker’s kidneys shut down, as warden meets one demand
  34. Guantanamo Bay is hell on earth: an interview wit’ journalist Adam Hudson
  35. August is Oakland’s Joe Capers Month: an interview wit’ filmmaker Naru Kwina
  36. ‘Us Against Them’: an interview wit’ Karaam and Ness of the A-Alikes
  37. We dare to stand united with all racial groups to say enough is enough, while CDCR an
  38. CDCR’s $9.2 billion corruption machine vs. Prison Human Rights Movement
  39. Solidarity with California hunger strikers: When darkness sets in
  40. NYC Mayor Bloomberg: Fingerprint public housing residents and visitors
  41. Calipatria ASU: We continue to hunger strike in dignity
  42. A lesson of the Irish hunger strike
  43. Coalition stops jail construction plan in its tracks
  44. Celebrating Black Philanthropy Month
  45. Hunger strike reminder: SHU isolation cell awaits California lawmakers as legislative
  46. Hunger strikers, supporters refute CDCR gang propaganda
  47. Hunger striker responds to Corrections Secretary Beard’s op-ed demonizing hunger stri
  48. Hunger Strike Day 35: Crank up the cruelty and let them die
  49. Letters from hunger strikers: I still feel like I can keep pushin’, so I will
  50. SHU isolation cell to be installed on State Capitol South Steps Aug. 14
  51. Tayo Aluko is Paul Robeson in ‘Call Mr. Robeson’
  52. Rusesabagina to international community: Please ignore Rwanda
  53. Day 33: Prisoner hunger strike countdown for humane conditions
  54. Black August: Beyond 34 years of resistance
  55. Master organist Doug Carn speaks
  56. Ayiti(Haiti) "Reconstruction": Luxury hotels, sweatshops and deregulation for foriegn
  57. Wikileaks exposes U.S./U.K. interference in Zimbabwe
  58. Stay up Zimbabwe, an-Africanism, Caribbean Solidarity & Dignity
  59. Zimbabwe's MDC drops challenge to Mugabe election victory
  60. Assata Shakur: Still America's Nightmare?
  61. What Should African Do About Mental Enslavement
  62. Negrophobia Documentary
  63. Allow me to ask a few questions
  64. Ancient Appalachian people who boasted of Portuguese ancestry to avoid slavery
  65. Ever Heard of 1904 Savage Olympics In St. Louis?
  66. The iron hands of the anglo/ americans ruling lado kingdom in sudan central africa .
  67. Martial Arts Instructor Zimmerman LIED!
  68. Slaves In Washington Terrority
  69. Slavery in Oregon
  70. Wisdom Of Joseph C Price
  71. NEW nationalist party in South Afrika 2013
  72. Hardcore song against the white system.
  73. Free Afrikans Militia/Movement
  74. Did Having an Matriarchal Societies In Africa Lead To Our Demise?
  75. Invasion 1897 The Movie
  76. For students w/multiple schoolership offers in and out of florida: a suggestion
  77. Why Are So Many Falling For The Derailment Argument?
  78. How White Men Conquered the World
  79. Afro-Mexicans on Hunger Strike to Protest Death of Malcolm X’s Grandson
  80. The White Anti-Racist Is an Oxymoron: An Open Letter to “White Anti-Racists”
  81. The Point Is Not To Interpret Whiteness But To Abolish It Noel Ignatiev
  82. You cant be racist to a white man. He himself says he has no race.
  83. Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) demonstrates Guantanamo force-feeding
  84. Strange Fruit Documentary
  85. The federal nigger hunting license
  86. Once Called the Richest Colored Girl In America, Sarah Rector
  87. Former Attiorney to Tupac And Mama Assata Is The New Mayor of Jackson, MS.
  88. "NEO" nazis using OLD logos..
  89. Kappiri Muthappan Former Slave In India Now Worshiped As A God
  90. Macandal- A Freedom Fighter "The Black Messiah"
  91. Uncle Jack the Good Darky
  92. How the wizard of oz applies to black people
  93. Paula Deen & Blue-Eyed Devil America Propagate EXTREME HATRED of Black People
  94. Thomas Sankara Refuse to pay debts to international imperialist powers
  95. H.I.M Empress Shebah 'Ra- Queen Shebah III
  96. Fireburn of 1878 in Frederiksted
  97. I ain't from africa the documentary
  98. Thomas Sankara: the Upright Man
  99. George Washington an Abolitionist?
  100. Ethnic Notions
  101. Hague: 'Sincere regret' for Mau Mau victims
  102. Byron Katie Trying Override A Black Woman Thoughts On Whites
  103. Onitaset Kumat On Recruiting Soldiers and Training Soldiers
  104. Crackers Of Florida A History Lesson
  105. Please sign this petition against World Star Hip Hop
  106. is this true?
  107. african americans 20% European
  108. The Purge Movie Website New Founders Of America
  109. Surviving the barackalypse after celebrating a pyrrhic victory
  110. White Privilege At The Grocery Store
  111. Mirrors of Privilege: Making Whiteness Visible
  112. Steal Away Jordan Video Game
  113. White Student Union To Stop Black Crime
  114. Federal Judge Says Defense of Systemic Racism are Red Herrings
  115. You are searching this site: Looking for answers, you know something is wrong!
  116. If Assata is a terrorist, what does that make you?
  117. An Open Letter to Alicia Keys from Alice Walker
  118. BabaKiueria
  119. There Was To Be A Mammy Statue In D.C.
  120. PTSD And Racism Epidemiology of PTSD in Minorities
  121. Orange Crate History Lesson
  122. Olaudah Equiano Daughter Joanna Vassa Her Story
  123. The Interesting Narrative of Olaudah Equiano
  124. Are Black People Suffering From Learned Helplessness?
  125. Help Free An Innocent Man Nathan Dwight
  126. Assata Shakur is a freedom fighter, not a terrorist
  127. ASSATA SHAKUR $2M Bounty: Unrepentant Terrorist or victim of Obama's 'Politricks
  128. To My People
  129. The History of Gun Control - FULL LENGTH
  130. Assholes Wearing The Symbols And Emblems Of Our People...
  131. Assata Shakur at World Youth Festival 1997
  132. Take Assata Shakur off the terrorist list
  133. Assata Shakur- Off The Record Ep. 7: Assata Shakur Is Not A Terrorist
  134. Target Assata: How the FBI and Cuba Bashers Are Going After a Black Liberation Activi
  135. Black people are innocent. Blame the White people or die.
  136. European Parliament to hear arguments for Restitution of Haiti's Independence "debt"
  137. RIP Malcolm Shabazz.. Grandson of Malcolm X Robbed & Killed in Mexico
  138. FBI calls political exile Assata Shakur a ‘terrorist’
  139. What’s Behind the Renewed Attacks on African American Activist Assata Shakur? Exiled
  140. Marchers wear yokes, chains as sign of apology for slavery
  141. New attack on Assata Shakur!
  142. Bring Lynne Stewart home!
  143. Orlando Bosch, Cuban Exile, Dies at 84
  144. The Human Zoo Science's Dirty Little Secret
  145. SF School District makes progress on community hiring and contracting
  146. Postal workers picket their boss, US Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe
  147. Formerly Incarcerated People’s Quest for Democracy: Lobby Day May 13 in Sacramento
  148. Torture in Israeli jails
  149. Does the gay rights movement hurt our people?
  150. Democracy Now: Assata Shakur in her own words(FBI at it again!)
  151. So much for Israel being a "Jewish state"see this zio-NAZI state did to a Jewish Ame
  152. Deportation of a labor movement leader
  153. KPFA’s Townhall on Racism: General manager asked to step down
  154. Saving Our Future combats high infant and maternal mortality rates among Africans and
  155. Keeping Joe Capers’ legacy alive in Oakland
  156. Iyanifas in Atlanta and surrounding areas
  157. National Black leaders decry economic exclusion from 49ers’ stadium construction
  158. March for the Innocent begins 600-mile trek from San Diego to Sacramento
  159. The SF Black Film Festival is back: an interview wit’ Kali O’Ray
  160. The Haunting ‘Human Zoo’ of Paris
  161. Sustainable development for Haiti(Ayiti)!
  162. Game tight
  163. Speaking to UN Meeting on Palestine, Cynthia McKinney calls for public debate on pro-
  164. LA mayor holds contractors accountable for lack of Blacks hired on Phase I of Crensha
  165. Erotic literature wit’ novelist Mary Honey B Morrison
  166. Our women need us!
  167. Our women need us!
  168. Life expectancy of prisoners
  169. Women and abuse
  170. Britain’s involvement in assassination of Congo’s Lumumba confirmed
  171. Oakland International Film Festival thrilled thousands
  172. Superintendent implicated in cover-up of Oakland School Police killing of Raheim Brow
  173. Crooked laws, crooked cops
  174. Hands off the Bay View
  175. White woman’s burden: Angelina Jolie, the G8 and rape in the DRC
  176. Palestine prison
  177. SFUSD recruiting people of color for substitute teacher positions
  178. San Mateo County residents protest toxic jail on Earth Day
  179. Corcoran SHU staff told to ignore legal mandate to protect lives of hunger strikers
  180. Afro-Venezuelans say no to the advance of the undemocratic, racist and fascist far ri
  181. Greg Curry on Lucasville Uprising and 20th anniversary hunger strike demanding media
  182. Cynthia McKinney on Obama, Africa and fake change
  183. Lucasville Prison Rebellion 20 years later: an interview wit’ political prisoner Imam
  184. White immigration VS black immigration. "white genocide" is code for anti mixed race.
  185. Now what do I get out of this?
  186. Ninth Circuit upholds Caltrans equal opportunity program to counter discrimination in
  187. Fertilizer plant explosion Waco, Texas
  188. Cynthia McKinney tours Cali wit’ her new book ‘Ain’t Nothing Like Freedom’
  189. African Power somehow became synonymous with rolling over
  190. So much is at stake in Venezuela’s presidential election
  191. Chavez’ legacy, African solidarity and the African American people
  192. Enough already with tasers for San Francisco police!
  193. Court orders California prison population reduction plan in 21 days
  194. The 42 Priciples of Ma'at
  195. ‘Systemic failures persist’ in California prison mental health care, judge rules
  196. Stand with us in the upcoming peaceful struggle
  197. Blacks twice as likely as whites to develop Alzheimer’s
  198. Back to our Afrikan home
  199. International body slams U.S. solitary confinement practices
  200. Strategies CDCR may use in response to our peaceful protest
  201. KPFA, the local White Citizens Council and Jim Crow radio
  202. Settlement reached in Trayvon Martin wrongful death case
  203. The Prison Industrial Slave Complex, a profit-making industry
  204. Wanda’s Picks for April 2013
  205. The global campaign to save the life of Lynne Stewart gathers steam: 6,000 and counti
  206. ‘The Black Woman Is God’
  207. Trayvon Martin's Family Settles Wrongful Death Suit
  208. conglomerate hotel's invade Haiti
  209. Living to fulfill my dream
  210. Oh how I envy you.
  211. Prison-wide hunger strike still rages at Guantánamo
  212. SBA deputy said to go ‘beyond the call of duty’ for Black businesses
  213. Charlotte Hill O’Neal – Mama C: Urban African spirit visits Laney, CSU Eastbay
  214. Black self-respect/self-reliance war strategies
  215. Finding a mate does not mean to be a predator
  216. 5 reasons women ain’t feeling you
  217. U.S. drone policy: Sen. Rand Paul filibuster
  218. ‘The River’: an interview wit’ thespian Donald Lacy
  219. Additional prisoner grievances that must be addressed and corrected
  220. Cannabis – medicine and politics: an interview wit’ Dr. Aseem Sappal
  221. ‘Rolling’: an interview wit filmmaker Damon Jamal
  222. 23 years of solitary: Beyond ‘cruel and unusual’
  223. Inmate slavery and the prison industrial complex: Resilience vs. docility
  224. Ban Ki-moon: What about the people of the Congo?
  225. A lil’ bit ‘bout Leo’s legacy …
  226. The horrifying existence of solitary confinement
  227. Sacramento cancer rate dropped after shutdown of Rancho Seco reactor – 4,319 cancer c
  228. Taking back City College from the corporations – by any means necessary
  229. Prison rape: Sexual torture
  230. ‘No Faith’: an interview with author and motivational speaker Kendra Willis
  231. Why immigration reform is important
  232. Enlightened
  233. Through the looking glass: ‘The Mountaintop,’ ‘Black Power, Flower Power’ and ‘The Bl
  234. Pelikkkan Bay censorship reveals thought control agenda
  235. Leo L. Robinson, ILWU Local 10: Guerrilla fighter for the people
  236. Oregon prisoners driven to suicide by torture in solitary confinement units
  237. Medical neglect and pepper spray bring death to mentally ill man in SCI Albion’s dark
  238. Big-box hardware store supplies discrimination
  239. Bosco Ntaganda surrenders in Rwanda, but will global powers hold the real culprits of
  240. Women of the Congo decry U.S. neocolonialism
  241. Belize Territorial Volunteers demarcate border lines
  242. City auditor spanks Black council members for trying to bring jobs to Oakland
  243. ‘California in Crisis’ details Wells Fargo’s damage to California’s communities of co
  244. John Doyle: A giant passes
  245. Stop pre-emptive retaliation against hunger strikers!
  246. ‘Oakville’ filmmaker Lisbon Okafor speaks
  247. Rwandan police beat and arrest Victoire Ingabire’s supporters outside Rwanda’s Suprem
  248. The W.L. Nolen Mentorship Program
  249. Gen. Bosco Ntaganda’s ‘surprise surrender’? in the most heavily guarded area of Rwand
  250. Generational incarceration