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  1. Have we sold our souls by turning a blind eye to Obama’s drones?
  2. South African police arrest Congo rebels
  3. Will america 'lead' the coming global slave revolts???????
  4. Cop-on-cop crime in LA: American blowback
  5. The Oakland International Film Fest is back: an interview wit’ OIFF Director David Ro
  6. Roy Clay, Black Godfather of Silicon Valley
  7. Sharing My Blog
  8. All because I asked for an African American police officer
  9. Metro High School in Hunters Point focuses one-on-one on student achievement
  10. Black history maker Esther Cooper Jackson 1917-
  11. Political prisoners, mass incarceration and what’s possible for social movements
  12. SF School District blocks Blacks from rebuilding school
  13. U.S. African and Mideast policies: War as foreign aid and regime change as democratic
  14. 10 things you should know about slavery and won’t learn at ‘Django’
  15. FBI arrests Malcolm X grandson en route to Iran
  16. Professor’s movement tops $10 million for urban communities
  17. The obstructionist: George Giurbino of CDCr
  18. Eighth Annual Citgo-Venezuela Heating Oil Program launched
  19. White power to the rescue
  20. The Underground SRO Railroad and other acts of dismantling the plantation called Amer
  21. Buy Black Wednesdays: Black history is universal
  22. Chowchilla Freedom Rally: It just ain’t right
  23. ‘Call Mr. Robeson’: an interview wit’ thespian Tayo Aluko
  24. Save Treasure Island Job Corps
  25. Wanda’s Picks for February 2013
  26. Supervisor Avalos calls for investigation of LIBOR fraud by big banks
  27. Judges grant California six additional months to cut prison population
  28. Our children are affected by our incarceration
  29. CPUC’s San Onofre investigation: Parties cry foul
  30. Court finds Shell Nigeria guilty
  31. Working the room: Inmates in solitary confinement tell their stories and move people
  32. Reflections and dialogue with the Global South
  33. Discussion of lado ( lado enclave ) in sudan central africa .
  34. Saving City College of San Francisco: Faculty initiate campus and community coalition
  35. Imprisoned human rights attorney Lynne Stewart denied cancer treatment
  36. New Orleans police conviction vacated
  37. Leo Robinson, soul of the longshore
  38. Innocent but wearing guilty clothes
  39. Postal hunger strike to save 6-day delivery
  40. The N-word unchained
  41. Toward racial peace in all prisons
  42. ‘The 16th Strike,’ documentary on the current state of Blacks/Africans in America: in
  43. SFPD can’t stop and frisk, so they turn to ‘hunting’ and ‘wolf packing’
  44. Beyond banning ‘bad guns’ and ‘arming good guys’
  45. Something Strange Is Happening Here
  46. HUD housing programs at risk locally and across the nation
  47. I believe trying children as adults is unconstitutional
  48. To the Oakland City Council re its $250,000 corporate cop contract
  49. Chowchilla Freedom Rally to draw hundreds of Bay Area residents to Central Valley to
  50. A message to supporters of the Five Core Demands
  51. Was Oakland police consultant William Bratton involved in the failed Venezuela coup?
  52. Report: Dr. King’s dream of economic equality deferred as racial wealth disparities p
  53. No Bratton-style policing in Oakland: Unraveling the fraying edges of zero tolerance
  54. Martin, money and movies: ‘Django’ and ‘Lincoln’ remind us reparations should not be
  55. Another white devil planned a killing spree at a walmart after killing his family.
  56. Another side of King: Black economic power
  57. How we can truly honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
  58. Martin Luther King Jr., John Carlos and the boycott that wasn’t, ‘an Olympics without
  59. It’s time to replace prison oppression with prisoner solidarity
  60. Build a movement to close solitary confinement
  61. Kevin Weston and Lateefah Simon launch national search for bone marrow match, seek to
  62. Sanctions on top Rwandans, not drones over the DRC
  63. The Pelikkkan Bay factor: An indictable offense
  64. Against capitalism: To exist we must resist
  65. M.O.I. JR speaks wit’ author Peter Maiden about his new book ‘Media Workers for Socia
  66. City College is NOT closed
  67. Sun of a. by Sefu Kafele
  68. What Wall Street has ALWAYS been about-SLAVERY
  69. Young lady killer: an interview wit’ Black Belt Tamia Hooker
  70. Fly and TaLea jump the broom!
  71. Stop the supercop! All out to Oakland City Hall Tuesday!
  72. Beloved camera man Bob Saulson passes
  73. New anti-tobacco ads for African American market unveiled
  74. Scare tactics: How loved ones are terrorized into breaking bonds with prisoners
  75. Gov. Brown tries to justify unconstitutional prison overcrowding, backslides on Corre
  76. River of Haitians march to stop the attacks on President Aristide and the Lavalas mov
  77. Mind food
  78. Students love their library
  79. Prop 36: Justice denied, now what?
  80. Bruce Dixon: Diversity is not justice, equity or peace
  81. The Abolitionists or absolute bull: The myth of the Great White Hope
  82. Showdown at San Onofre
  83. Anyone Ordered Their Django Action Figures Yet
  84. Information For TIs
  85. Zimbabwe delayed land reform to save South Africa from prolonged Apartheid
  86. ACLU opposes SFPD taser deployment
  87. Wanda’s Picks for January 2013
  88. FCC takes action toward fair prison phone rates and stronger communities
  89. Protest Red Cross theft of Haitian relief on third earthquake anniversary
  90. Invisible bodies
  91. Buy Black Wednesdays: Science of the years
  92. U.S. issues Haiti travel warning: How dare they!
  93. Uganda still won’t hang the gays, but it’s about to drill for billions of barrels of
  94. The british political tropical education system for africa
  95. Boycott all the brands that helped kill Prop. 37
  96. Fired up!
  97. Manteca killer cop cleared of any wrongdoing
  98. Imhotep
  99. Report from North Kern: Progress and chaos on the road to liberation
  100. How CDCr scams California taxpayers
  101. Minister Farrakhan on ‘Django Unchained’: ‘It’s preparation for race war’
  102. Destroy N Rebuild Radio - Love and the the Injured Afrikan Mind
  103. Israeli white supremacy-the diffence between zionism and Judaism
  104. FBI documents reveal secret nationwide Occupy monitoring
  105. A woman’s perspective: Our time is now to support our youth
  106. Check ‘n Go borrowers eligible for $4.3 million in refunds
  107. Tarantino,John Brown He's one of my biggest heroes of all time......
  108. Osborne Anderson escaped from the Harpers Ferry
  109. Any Thoughts on American Colonization Society
  110. Electroshock torture handcuffs now patented: Deliver shocking torture, ‘gas injection
  111. If only you could see our beat up and emaciated bodies
  112. The legend of Lincoln unchained
  113. U.S. deploying troops to 35 African countries
  114. Martin Delany’s reply to Uncle Tom's Cabin
  115. Black Audiences, White Stars and ‘Django Unchained’
  116. CDCR’s Oct. 11, 2012, Security Threat Group Pilot Program
  117. Political prisoner Khalfani Malik Khaldun puts the Indiana prison system on trial
  118. Save Liberty Hall, the Marcus Garvey Building in West Oakland
  119. Chaka Khan helps raise $14 million for terrorist
  120. Report from the Pelican Bay SHU Short Corridor Representatives: Continued ignoring of
  121. UN capitalizing on cholera, playing both arsonist and fireman
  122. The Monster is in the House: The Cause of Consciousness in the Diaspora
  123. Report from North Kern: Progress and chaos on the road to liberation
  124. Victoire Ingabire spends her third Christmas behind bars
  125. Batala: Musical waves from Bahia, Brazil, to the Bay
  126. Vietnam, Afghanistan, Somalia … Congo? The DRC?
  127. Culture of violence
  128. White Women
  129. Reflections on our accomplishments so far – no more suffering in silence
  130. John Lewis slams Obama’s fiscal cliff proposal to cut Social Security
  131. From slavery to suicide
  132. Children receive gifts from loved ones behind bars at Community Giveback
  133. Nobody deserves to be tortured: a response to CDCR’s STG-SDP plan
  134. Dr. Booker t. Coleman will be presenting in philadelphia
  135. Susan Rice’s defense of Kagame in Congo puts Obama State Department on the defensive
  136. Cynthia McKinney, IAC Co-Director Sara Flounders travel to Pakistan in solidarity wit
  137. Supreme Court rules cops can be filmed
  138. Israel: Ethiopian Jews’ birth rate falls 50%
  139. I Guess You Can Say It Came Straight From The Horses Mouth
  140. Assemblymember Ammiano introduces Homeless Bill of Rights
  141. ‘Occupy Our Homes’ protest: Wells Fargo Bayview Branch Ground Zero
  142. Modern Day Lynchings in Delaware
  143. A Black-Woman Who Tells It Like It Is!!!
  144. U.S. at U.N. prisoners’ rights meeting: Progress, but still wrong on solitary confine
  145. North York Immigration lawyer
  146. Race, family and Down syndrome under the big lights
  147. Congo, AFRICOM and the U.S. Corporate Council on Africa
  148. 7th Annual San Francisco Kwanzaa Celebration
  149. Toss wasteful defense weapons programs off the cliff
  150. Cleveland PD murders unarmed Black couple, firing 137 shots
  151. A question from a white nationalist.
  152. Six million dead since 1996? It’s time to break the silence on the Congo War
  153. Racism at its worst: The story of Kenny Zulu Whitmore
  154. Police State: What is a police Officer?
  155. Wanda’s Picks for December 2012
  156. Something Else To Consider: Buzz-Words And Catch-Phrases
  157. Things About The War That The Corporate News Media Hardly Focuses On... If Ever
  158. Phantom Negro Weapons
  159. Police Officer Admits He Plants Drugs on Strangers’ Cars to Test K9 Alerts
  160. We need Lynne Stewart back on the front lines
  161. Poem - African Princess
  162. Oakland’s City Girl Farmstore: an interview with owner Abeni Massey
  163. Obstacles to Black economic development
  164. The courage to fight for love matters
  165. A Harriet Tubman Christmas story: an interview with ‘Go Tell It!’ playwright Taiwo Ku
  166. Withhold U.S. aid to speed end of atrocities in Congo
  167. Creating broken men?
  168. Jeff Adachi wins national award for defending the poor
  169. The Political Fight for a Cure The Cancer of Police Violence
  170. Free Lynne Stewart: an open letter to the Center for Constitutional Rights
  171. Deadly force the ‘only’ option?
  172. Destroy N Rebuild Radio - Know Your History, Aint No Mystery
  173. believe or not to believe
  174. asking for a understanding
  175. A Couple Of Really Good Debates Between Capitalism And Socialism
  176. Lessons On Economics You Might Find Interesting
  177. Black Businesses win a chance to work on the $68 billion California High Speed Rail P
  178. The youth are our future
  179. Pan African designs adorn leatherworker Shaka Camera’s hand tooled bags at the KPFA C
  180. OMI neighbors, Inner City Youth call for reopening 103 Broad St.
  181. Are lesser evils progress or collateral damage?
  182. Hip Learning: an interview wit’ founder Naru Kwina
  183. San Quentin 3 declare solidarity with prisoners’ agreement to end hostilities
  184. Stop retaliation, racism and bullying by principal of Martin Luther King Middle Schoo
  185. Some More Sister-Warrior Cynthia!!!
  186. Do You Know About The "ITU" ?
  187. Cynthia McKinney On "The Power Hour" Radio Show
  188. Tears of sorrow and rage: Oakland PD, the Black Panthers and Alan Blueford
  189. ‘Fiscal cliff’ scare just a fake crisis
  190. Homefulness, a landless people’s solution to houselessness
  191. Chavez: Every Venezuelan to have dignified home by 2019 ‘whatever it costs’
  192. Justice 4 Alan Blueford – JAB – power punching the Oakland PD
  193. Murdered by police for being Black and poor
  194. Black Media Appreciation Night was a dream come true – thank you all!
  195. Sleeping on the street
  196. Decriminalizing our lives – one family at a time
  197. Marcus Garvey Versus W.E.B. Dubois: What Have We Learnt
  198. From skid row to your overpriced condo: Po’ folks resisting removal
  199. From foreclosure to homelessness
  200. Parents to Supervisor Wiener: Our families are an appropriate use of transit funds
  201. Terry Collins and Willie Ratcliff, the OGs of KPOO and the Bay View, discuss life and
  202. Update from Calipatria ASU: It’s a big difference here
  203. M23 tragedy manufactured by Rwanda and Uganda
  204. The Bay View has been my strength
  205. ‘Information Age’: an interview wit’ M1 of the revolutionary rap group dead prez
  206. Tony Pirone shouldn’t have a badge
  207. ‘My People Are Rising’: an interview wit’ Black Panther and author Aaron Dixon
  208. Black media, Black liberation: an interview with People’s Minister of Information JR
  209. Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. resigns amidst health and legal problems
  210. Race and ranked choice voting in San Francisco
  211. ‘Settle your quarrels’: Update on End to Hostilities, prisoners’ demands, hunger stri
  212. Vote ‘United for Community Radio’ for the KPFA Local Station Board
  213. Resistance to Martelly regime grows in Haiti
  214. Occupy Sandy, from relief to resistance
  215. Legislative Analyst Office predicts Corrections won’t meet budget reductions
  216. Amid calls for more war crimes, Israel minister hopes attacks will ‘reformat’ Gaza
  217. Reaching Out to the Family From West Africa
  218. California leaders call on Gov. Brown to grant demands of prisoners in solitary confi
  219. Sandy aftermath: Humanitarian crisis in Coney Island projects
  220. UK Parliament: Is budget support providing Kagame cover in Congo and Rwanda?
  221. Women boxers rise worldwide: an interview wit’ flyweight champion Ava Knight
  222. San Francisco Mental Health Board to vote on ‘no tasers’ resolution Nov. 14
  223. Labor supports Justice 4 Alan Blueford Nov. 10 march against racial profiling
  224. For public housing residents after Sandy, ‘a slow-motion Katrina’
  225. Three Strikes is cruel and unusual: an interview wit’ ‘Cruel and Unusual’ director Sa
  226. Victoire Ingabire’s family faces her prison sentence in Rwanda
  227. A Love Supreme: an interview with ‘Spirit Seeker’ author Gary Golio
  228. Martial mastery and the African origins of Shaolin
  229. Mr. President, three wishes of a Black American
  230. Corporate millions, deceptive ads only narrowly shut down Prop 37, GE food labeling
  231. Voters lighten Three Strikes while increasing revenues for education
  232. The 2012 election heralded by Sergio Romo’s shirt
  233. De La Fuente out: Oakland voters send a clear message on gang injunctions
  234. KPFA subscribers, be sure to vote for a Local Station Board that represents you!
  235. Last minute appeal from death row: Vote No on 34 to protect our due process rights
  236. In celebration of true revolutionaries
  237. Survey questionnaire from the Pelican Bay Human Rights Movement First Amendment Campa
  238. Rock the vote! Rock the boat!
  239. Proposition 36 on the Three Strikes Law: a poverty skolar’s report
  240. Obama in Africa: Mauritius, the Chagos Archipelago and the Indian Ocean
  241. Black media’s quarterback: an interview wit’ journalist Kevin Weston
  242. LWOP: Death sentence by another name – Vote No on 34
  243. The Rastafarians of San Quentin
  244. Gang investigators call sacred Mayan numeral a gang symbol
  245. California’s Prop 34: Yes or no, the death penalty remains
  246. San Francisco post offices spared the axe
  247. City College belongs to us: Three faculty perspectives
  248. California’s cruelest prisons
  249. End of hostilities holds in prisons statewide and spreads to the streets
  250. German Town Jamaica!?!?