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  1. Aurora, Colorado Movie Theater Shooting: 12 Dead 20 Injured
  2. Obama speaks on "The One and Only Holocaust" (<--his words)
  3. George Zimmerman defense team responds to cousin’s molestation claims
  4. Wells Fargo Discrimination “Settlement” Won’t Resolve Foreclosure Crisis
  5. Britain "Apologizes" for Playing Apartheid-Era Anthem
  6. What is the significance of illuminati spelled backwards and then add .com to it?
  7. Trayvon, Christian, Jason, Gerardo, Kendrec and nine children in Afghanistan
  8. The slaves
  9. Navy Beginning To Implement Underwater Drones In Gulf
  10. D.C. (officer) pig allegedly made threatening comments about Michelle Obama
  11. SWAT Raid on Organizers of Occupy Seattle and Everything for Everyone festival
  12. Schools in the US are becoming more like detention centers
  13. Barack Obama's Brother Spits In The Face of Jomo Kenyatta
  14. Georgia pig (Sheriff) Who Dressed Up As KKK
  15. Islam has no link with these thugs
  16. Report on the Extrajudicial Killings of 110 Black People
  17. Black Eden, The Town That Segregation Built, Idlewild, Mich
  18. Under The Loop (Chief Edition)
  19. Go Fund me: Online Fundraising
  20. Denying that Slavery Existed in the name of Dignity? WTH?
  21. The nubian family in raising the reveloution
  22. George Zimmerman: "Yes mi friend, mi deh pon street again" Released from Jail.. Again
  23. Chris Rock's "Controversial" Tweet: July 4 is "White People's Independence Day"
  24. asaanti sana
  25. European union ( eu ) plays about with lado independence issue in africa !
  26. The Age of Obama as a Racial Nightmare, Michelle Alexander
  27. The 4th of July: Indoctrination, Oppression and Hypocrisy
  28. The South will(has) rise(en) again
  29. Racism’s Hidden Toll
  30. Most whites are still racists - AZAPO
  31. Wealthy Lawyer/Businessman Commits Suicide in Court after Guilty Verdict
  32. 2012 Emmitt Till Safer In Mississippi Then CHI
  33. Prejudiced at Age 3?
  34. Re-Open COINTELPRO Investigation
  35. Southern Companies purchased its very own civil rights organization...
  36. Scary visions.........
  37. Now if that ain't ironic...
  38. License Plate Readers: Big Help or Big Brother?
  39. Arizona's new Immigration Law can now be Enforced
  40. Adidas' Controversial SHACKLE shoes
  41. Dear Hans A. von Spakovsky
  42. Lordy Be...Good Ole Abe Saved Us From Blood Suckers!!
  43. Israeli police humiliate African female migrant during round up
  44. Adidas cancels shackle shoes
  45. Drones
  46. Haiti(Ayiti) Film Project is holding a fundraiser in Los Angeles Saturday, June 23
  47. Something sinister about Men in Black 3
  48. Not Voting for Obama: We're not Even Buying a Voting Ticket to the Show
  49. Britain Apologizes for playing Apartheid-era Anthem
  50. Decolonize the 99%
  51. Slavery: An African tells Queen Elizabeth she should be Ashamed
  52. Diseases and Peculiarities of the Negro Race
  53. Am I welcome
  54. Irish Slaves of the 1600s and the Cromwellian Genocide of 900,000 people
  55. Summit of Haiti(Ayiti)/Venezuela/Cuba and Argentina to discuss reconstruction in Hai
  56. Enjoy coffee from Haiti(Ayiti)
  57. How the U.S. sold Africa to multinationals
  58. Ashkenazi Wants African Out Of Their Stolen Land
  59. Subconscious racial bias in children
  60. Sacha Cohen and Arab Minstrelsy
  61. Trayvoning
  62. The Articulation of America's Anxiety
  63. UN Official: Mt. Rushmore Should be Returned to Indigenous Americans
  64. Census Results Stir White Rage
  65. Spain & the Canary Islands
  66. Obama loses for now. NDAA provision blocked by judge
  67. A Classroom Teacher (Mindlessly, I Must Add) Sticking-Up For Obama
  68. Publicly Puttin' A [supposed] Reporter In Check
  69. Noble drew ali issues a divine warning to the nations of the world
  70. Enjoy coffee from Haiti(Ayiti)
  71. "In Loving Memory"
  72. Did Trayvon fight for his life? If so, good!
  73. Uncle Tom Sowell: Censored Race War ?
  74. Please help with our move to Africa
  75. A convo I had with a now-fired coworker (Martin Luther King)
  76. U.S. evangelical Christians terrorizing Haiti(Ayiti)
  77. Trayvon Martin Gun Range Targets
  78. H&M apologizes for using too-tan model in ads
  79. question to a member of msta
  80. The Jones Plantation
  81. Group pays drug addicts to get sterilized
  82. The Secret Meeting that Changed Rap Music
  83. Redemption of the White Liberal?
  84. The floyd mayweather vs. Miguel Cotto fight
  85. From emmit till to trayvon martin
  86. We British have a peculiar ability to blot out our colonial history.
  87. Colonialism never ended, it continues by different means.
  88. Dr Umar Johnson (The Mechanics of Self Hate)
  89. defending our leaders
  90. Does anyone know of any good books on sovereignty and the moorish paradigm?
  91. Insidious conspiracy theory: Trayvon Martin killed for a heart transplant
  92. Justice or Just Us
  93. Racial Stereotyping and Alcohol
  94. I Knew There Was Something Up About That Thing!!!
  95. Should We As A Black People Practice Eugenics ?
  96. I'm very confused now.
  97. Swedish Cake, Anyone? Minister in 'racist circumcision outrage'
  98. The COUP Proclamation, 40 Years Since Gary: Where Are We?
  99. Treason and traitors within usa!
  100. Baba Steve Cokely Has Transcended!
  101. Police Car Shot Up in Trayvon Martin's Neighborhood
  102. Heroic Man Dies Saving Child from Powerful Riptide
  103. Phone Call with Dr. Joy DeGruy
  104. Black & Dangerous
  105. Up you mighty afrikan nation! Dream of mlk, jr.
  106. Meet John Derbyshire part 2
  107. License to Kill: Justifiable homicide booms in US
  108. Anonymous calls for global General Strike May 1, 2012
  109. Meet John Derbyshire
  110. The Games Whites Are Playing With Video... This How whites took over America Video
  111. World rebellion, and the coming u.s. 'civil war.'
  112. Whites Are Murdering Blacks In Tulsa, OK.....AGAIN!!!
  113. 29 Black People Have Been Killed by Police/Security Since Jan 2012: 16 Since Trayvon
  114. U.S. Drone Crashes in Seychelles + some history behind it
  115. Justice for Trayvon Martin Also Means Joining the International Struggle Against U.S.
  116. Angela Davis Has Lost Her Mind Over Obama
  117. Green Party Black Caucus Endorses Roseanne Barr for President
  118. Afrikans-in-america are powerful!
  119. Africans in Israel join forces for improvement
  120. We push for 'regime' change in america!
  121. 'judgement' on america, or have we been bamboozled?
  122. Ten Things Everyone Should Know About White Privilege Today
  123. Affirmative Action in Brazil
  124. Sabreena El-Amin
  125. 'occupy' movement, fema, and nwo!
  126. Indiana Governor Signs Bill Allowing Citizens To Use Deadly Force Against Police
  127. Trayvon martin, u.s. Bio-terrorism, and you!
  128. Something I don’t get.
  129. LeBron James Tweets Picture Of Miami Heat Wearing Hoodies
  130. Uncle Tom Larry Elder defends Murderer George Zimmerman
  131. uhuru
  132. Race, Guns, and the Danger of Private Law Enforcement
  133. Holding a gun makes you think others are too, new research shows
  134. Teju Cole on Kony and the White Savior Industrial Complex
  135. Is the CIA in Your Kitchen?
  136. As Occupy Arrestees Arraigned, Iris Scans Affect Bail
  137. Underwater sculpture, in grenada, in honour of our African ancestors thrown overboard
  138. Question on Nubia and "Egypt"
  139. Trayvon - Jasiri X
  140. Murder and Mayhem: The Trayvon Martin case gains international attention
  141. Another Example Of The Sympathetically Confused White Mind....
  142. Look At My Kony: Viral Video Creator Busted Exposing Himself; Likely Under Influence
  143. Too Short: Misogyny, Teen Violence & the influence Rap Music
  144. The U.S. Empire's Achilles Heel: Its Barbaric Racism
  145. The Private Prison Problem: Not Here, Not Anywhere
  146. Congress looks to extend Israel's loan guarantees
  147. crying heard before young tray was shot
  148. question for the computer savvy
  149. when suggesting people to research whose work do you avoid
  150. Earl Ofari Hutchinson: Why So Many Whites vote Against Themselves
  151. Heart disease drug 'combats racism'
  152. Are whites racially oppressed?
  153. White Nationalism: A Scourge That Won't Go Away
  154. Slavery In Silence
  155. Youth Movement Promotes US Military Presence in Central Africa
  156. Kony 2012 Don't Be Fooled
  157. Israelis build the world's biggest detention centre
  158. Townwatch murders innocent Black boy
  159. Mama Africa
  160. After Obama?
  161. The “Race” Notion’s Role in Ethnic Assimilation
  162. The Rate of Black-to-White “Passing”
  163. How the Law Decided if You Were Black or White: The Early 1800s
  164. Why afrikans can't 'hear' dr. Claud anderson!
  165. Whose Debt Is It Anyway
  166. The blackness of tango. Dance's dark roots in a country "without blacks"
  167. I bet Obama did not see this coming when he supported the rebels
  168. 'Tinderbox': How The West Fueled The AIDS Epidemic
  169. White Race Traitors
  170. Afrikaner Blood
  171. Libya: Blacks treated like Apes in the Zoo by rebels
  172. Obama's Seals
  173. The true love for the black woman.
  174. Home Depot and Lowes 10% Military Discount
  175. Ethiopia’s Connundrum Selassie or Nkrumah?
  176. It's Carnival in Haiti(Ayiti)
  177. Zionist 'judas' factor in afrika's fall!
  178. YT uses Whitney's death
  179. A great spiritual truth-fact!
  180. For 'mature' afrikans only!
  181. When Wiil The Tommin' End?!!
  182. Arizona Lawmaker Proposes White Appreciation Day
  183. Is Black Genocide Right?
  184. boycott Nicki Minaj
  185. Afrikan 'house-cleaning' time now!
  186. Nigerian sitcom. Very funny
  187. Can anyone explain why this black woman denies her own race???
  188. White devil school teacher molests 23 black/non-white students
  189. Mumia abu-jamal....the picture,WITHOUT THE SHACKELS !
  190. ... And We Wish You... Love... Peace... and Sooouuuul
  191. Ghana, the begging millionaire – africa, the begging trillionaire
  192. Virtual Jamestown,VA
  193. Africa’s population exceed that of India and China
  194. Insiders view of axis of evil Amerikkka
  195. My Old Master - "... send us our wages for the time we served you."
  196. 2012 Buy Black Initiaves
  197. Megaupload shut down by Feds; Founder arrested
  198. Spider's web: Hindrance to afrikan freedom!
  199. Low IQ & Conservative Beliefs Linked to Prejudice
  200. How the Free Masons Rule Africa for their Masonic Masters
  201. The Africa You Never See or Hear About
  202. Internet: Final phase and 'tool' of enemy!
  203. Lot's of military hardware on the move in Cali
  204. Newsflash: African ancestry dna fraud
  205. New Blackstar Line or Blackstar Underground?
  206. 10 things that divided Afrikan people from unity.
  207. Vote Early And Often For Your Pick Of The Uncle Ruckus Award
  208. When Ghettos Become Verbs and We Concede Our “Wrongness of Being”
  209. It looks like stormfront is having some financial problems. Now starting to beg!
  210. Pasteurized Black
  211. Patrice Lumumba: the most important assassination of the 20th century
  212. Dude, That Isn’t Wax On Your Apple!
  213. Elder malcolm x 'makes it plain,' even today!
  214. Ignorant afrikans-in-america reject afrika!
  215. True Skool Radio's liberating Dr. King L's mixtape
  216. Only $50,000 For Eugenics Victims
  217. The “Colonial Film: Moving Images of the British Empire”
  218. Meet Clovis Kabaseke using Artemisia to treat malaria
  219. Solar Powered Internet School in Africa
  220. something you can do for National Human Trafficking Awareness Day
  221. Arab builders of Zimbabwe
  222. What?
  223. Whites Conditioned Racist, One White Woman Says Yes
  224. Sandy Cornish... The Desire To Be Free!
  225. House Of Lies Is A Big "Oh Hell No"!!!
  226. How the Black man became schizophrenic
  227. Mexicans confront racism with white, black doll video
  228. Microsoft Patents ‘Avoid Ghetto’ Feature For GPS Devices
  229. The US Defeat in Iraq and the Persistence of White Supremacy
  230. Original Homeland Of The So-Called White People is Central Asia!
  231. Wise Intelligent Speaks About Black Love
  232. Afrikans at the crossroads (2012)
  233. Why the zionist europeans are destroying the u.s.?
  234. Im Thinking,what do you all think
  235. The Arabs used to take pride in their darkness and blackness
  236. AFRICA IS OUR THRONE Khalid Muhammad
  237. Khalid Muhammad We Should Embrace Being Black
  238. 6 fired over teen’s death in lockup
  239. Thoughts on this video
  240. Amerikkka's Chickens Coming Home To roost
  241. Ma'at and Islam Discussion
  242. The rape of black women during the Civil Rights era and Black female activism
  243. Gif world map of Africa colonisation
  244. The detrimental effect of Africa’s colonial borders
  245. Khaly, Abd and Nigger.
  246. Forums New Look, More Aesthetic
  247. Kwame Nkrumah Is history repeating itself?
  248. How much money would cover the “costs” of being born black
  249. The Nat Turner Land:
  250. Fox News Lies About Riots In Russia And Gets Put On Blast!