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  1. Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on more than just NYC
  2. Hurricane Survival
  3. SFPD chief invites the community into the taser debate, shuts down people of color!
  4. UK rethinking budget support to Kagame’s Rwanda
  5. Implicated in Congo crimes, Rwanda’s Gen. Kagame has bigger headache than silencing V
  6. Obama working with the devils? who will you vote for?
  7. German town Jamaica
  8. Panthers celebrate 46th anniversary
  9. Bill Owens of Cascos Martial Arts Academy is in financial trouble
  10. The vortex of dementia
  11. Bani Walid pays price for refusing to accept the mark of the beast
  12. Gov. Jerry Brown at NAACP State Convention
  13. Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Be man enough to say ‘I’m sorry’
  14. Richard lives! More thoughts on my friend, Richard Aoki
  15. They circle like vultures
  16. Pelican Bay Human Rights Movement Bulletin: File your complaint
  17. Freedom, justice and human rights vs. potty watch
  18. Why Can't Africa Defend Itself??
  19. Cynthia McKinney on leadership
  20. Look who’s punishing violent cops now!
  21. Steve Champion, promised release from Adjustment Center, ends hunger strike
  22. Help U.S. graduates of medical school in Cuba prepare to serve needy communities at h
  23. Support Zulu’s legal fund; get his beautiful, hand-crafted jewelry
  24. Making fitness ‘fit’ into everyday activities
  25. Regional funding revived for Free Muni for Youth
  26. Banks spend millions on ads to silence media on foreclosure crisis: Vote Yes on C
  27. Don’t let the torturer define torture
  28. San Francisco Sheriff’s Department registers record number of inmate voters
  29. Attempted ivory tower assassination of Malcolm X: an interview wit’ Jared Ball, edito
  30. Tom Shelly explains why it is wrong to hate Ni**ers
  31. Ten Reasons Not To Abolish Slavery
  32. Slave Farms in the 21st Century
  33. Racism and classism in Berkeley streets and schools
  34. Being apart of a "RACE", keeps you in the RACE.
  35. Rep. Gohmert Says America is Worse off Now than During Slavery
  36. From foreclosure to homelessness
  37. The Bay View stands by Julian Davis, our first choice for District 5 supervisor
  38. Open letter to Gov. Jerry Brown: Stop the torture now
  39. Rwanda: Victoire Ingabire facing possible life sentence on Friday, Oct. 19
  40. On anniversary of hunger strike, Pelican Bay prisoners in solitary confinement see no
  41. Free community screening of ‘As Goes Janesville’ Oct. 16
  42. Steve Champion: Nine days into his death row hunger strike, he’s lost 51 pounds
  43. California rises to prisoners’ challenge to end racial hostilities
  44. Acción Latina presents First Annual Mission Latin Jazz Festival Oct. 13-14
  45. Gulf Coast joins together to help those in need due to Hurricane Isaac
  46. Academic Racist J. Philippe Rushton Dead
  47. Victory for Chávez is a victory for Latin America
  48. Time traveling: an interview wit’ African historian Runoko Rashidi
  49. Afrika in need of Doula's
  50. Indigenous Day, not Columbus Day
  51. Death Row prisoner Steve Champion, Tookie’s friend, on hunger strike since Oct. 4
  52. The District 5 Poor Peoples Candidate Forum
  53. Cynthia McKinney exposes ‘soft repression,’ political bullying
  54. Black and Brown laughter
  55. Good Ole Ann Coulter At It Again....Planned Parenthood
  56. Haiti’s constitutional horror show
  57. Hunters Point-born Marilyn Thomas wins high honor at SF State
  58. Wanda’s Picks for October 2012
  59. "Plantation Retreats" Where Black People Go to Serve Their White "Masters"
  60. Who is John McNeil
  61. Welcome to segregated California
  62. A conversation with Sam King, author of ‘The African American’s Guide to Working from
  63. Three Strikes: Today’s civil rights challenge
  64. Lightin’ the fire in the mind: an interview wit’ children’s book author Akua Ngusi
  65. Mapping the war on the right to vote
  66. ‘The Streetz Gon’ Cry’: an interview wit’ author Big Tray Deee and Anthony Barrows
  67. Good hair and fair skin vs. Gabby Douglas, Michelle Obama and Essence Magazine
  68. Go on
  69. Ammiano decries Gov. Brown’s veto of media access to prisoners
  70. South Africa’s strikes are growing and spreading
  71. No new jails! Californians fight on a year after realignment
  72. It is a matter of innocence, not economics
  73. Politics of voting: Open windows, election time and voting in Black America
  74. Moor Books?
  75. Bay View Voters Guide
  76. Black president, preachers, politicians and people MIA on Black issues?
  77. Revenge vs. a Kage Brother’s tolerance
  78. Hope
  79. SFPD facing people in crisis: No gun, no taser! Talk ‘em down
  80. Blueford family exposes City Council lies
  81. Army’s Cold War Experiments On St. Louis Residents Revealed
  82. No More Shackles: AB 2530 is SIGNED!
  83. Mumia, the long distance revolutionary: an interview wit’ documentary producers Steph
  84. San Francisco Trolley Dances 2012 comes to Bayview
  85. Outsiders EXPECT burning tires in Haiti … not accurate reporting
  86. Annie Coulter on:They Date Black Gals So They Think They're Freedom Riders
  87. Amnesty International report condemns shocking conditions in California SHUs
  88. San Mateo Board of Supervisors push $160 million jail plan forward
  89. Solitary confinement policies in California revised again, as inmate leaders promote
  90. Prop 37: We deserve to know what’s in our food
  91. Benghazi attack: Libya’s Green Resistance did it … and NATO powers are covering up
  92. My bogus validation and torture at Calipatria ASU
  93. In search of Black Assassins
  94. The return of scientific racism
  95. Racist America, Kent State Cover-up,Israel Propaganda
  96. Rwandans and Congolese should be allies, not enemies
  97. Ann Coulter: Civil Rights Are Only 'For Blacks'
  98. Richard Aoki: Humanist and human being
  99. Houseless homeowners: Will San Francisco declare them illegal?
  100. Joanna Haigood’s ‘Sailing Away’: Black exodus from San Francisco 1858 and 2012
  101. We wrote our own appeal to prove my husband’s innocence
  102. Derrick Gaines: They treated him like a statistic
  103. Grow sessions: an interview wit’ horticulturalist Ms. Parker
  104. PBSP update: Assessment of meetings with assistant warden
  105. Ships ahoy! America’s Cup overflows $1 billion or more
  106. Mo Nishida: My thoughts on the unprincipled attack on Richard Aoki’s character
  107. Dying for a raise
  108. Georgia prisons ‘out of control,’ rights group says, as FBI brutality probe deepens
  109. Will AB 2530 unshackle childbirth in California?
  110. A COINTELPRO story
  111. California prisoners make historic call for peace between racial groups in California
  112. TKO! Dawson demolished at the Oracle in Andre Ward’s Oakland
  113. Hundreds pack San Mateo supervisors’ meeting, demand no new jail
  114. The 2020 vision for Buy Black Wednesdays
  115. Two tributes to John ‘J-Rock’ Carter, murdered by Pennsylvania prison guards
  116. ‘Placas: The Most Dangerous Tattoo’ by Paul S. Flores at the Lorraine Hansberry Theat
  117. Distorting the legacy of Richard Aoki
  118. Capitalism Is The Crisis
  119. The Boundaries of Black Allegiance
  120. The Movie the Muslim World Is Furious About Might Not Even Be a Movie
  121. Did ML King know about Gandhi’s racism?
  122. Michelle Obama and American Status Quo Action Plan
  123. Africom is Spreading its Activity Throughout the Continent
  124. African Americas: Venezuela, Panama, the U.S. and Beyond
  125. Bullsh!t Media and Politics: Richard Aoki and Radical Visions Defended
  126. Black August and George Jackson
  127. Afrikan-Centered Education and Nation Building
  128. Please Remember Trayvon
  129. Police Brutality: Your Rights?
  130. Saving Community Radio (?)
  131. Black HealthCare for the SOUL
  132. African Liberation Theater (and the new Public Enemy!)
  133. I am Colon!! A Response to the Negative and Unjust Representation of Colon by Juan a
  134. Attack of the Drones
  135. Flashback: H.R. 3200 section 2521, Pg. 1000 "RFID Implant"
  137. This Is Bugged-Out: An Employer Mandate That Their Workers Attend Romney Rally!!!
  138. Are Y'all Up On This?!!
  139. Racial Bias Among Criminal Defense Lawyers
  140. Travesty of Justice: 'No chance Gaddafi son gets fair trial in Libya
  141. Military Terror Plot:White Terrorist At It Again
  142. The Man Who Armed the Panthers,FBI Informant ?
  143. DNR Radio - Dr. Booker T. Coleman (A Pro-Active Approach to Culture, Curriculum and..
  144. The politics of skin color in gambian society and beyond
  145. Sacramento celebrates August 23, 2012, International Day for Remberance of the Slave
  146. Meles Zenawi's Death: Why Don't Africans Trust Black Doctors?
  147. Virginia New Achievement Standards Based On Race And Background
  148. 3 Blogs to Check Out!!
  149. Blue-Eyed Devil: Muslim hatred on the rise, economy tanks
  150. Julian Assange can stay in embassy for 'centuries', says Ecuador
  151. "We Are Not a Colony": Ecuador Grants Political Asylum to Assange
  152. Assata Shakur Speaks From Cuba
  153. Why Most Mass Murderers Are Privileged White Men
  154. Police Shoot Milton Hall Over 40 Times
  156. War Predicted If Israel Attacks Iran
  157. Enforcing racism in Florida
  158. Black Power The Album + 187 (Cop Killa) Video
  159. U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. is responding well to treatment for bipolar depression
  160. 3 killed in shooting near Texas A&M University
  161. Revolutionary Daily Thought
  162. South Africa: Is there another need for reconciliation?
  163. Zimbabwe: “Keep your money, keep your power, and keep away from us”
  164. A Tear for Africa: Humanitarian Abduction and Reduction
  165. Subversive Thought 4 2-day
  166. Elaborate Three-Day State Funeral For President Mills
  167. "The Guilty Always Confess"
  168. Africa Re-Enslaves Itself
  169. Shooting at Sikh temple: 7 dead, including suspected gunman
  170. John Brown's Last Speech
  171. The Persecution of Our Littlle Warrior-Scholar, Jada Williams
  172. (Flashback) Sister Souljah Kickin Facts and Exposing then Candidate Bill Clinton
  173. Assata Shakur on nj state pigs
  174. Black August: A Celebrarion of Freedom Fighthers
  175. Far from a Humanitarian Savior, the U.S. Causes Vast Misery In Africa
  176. U.S. Steps Up Militarization of Africa Through “Drug Wars”
  177. Mumia Abu Jamal On Assata Shakur
  178. "So Called 'Great Men' "
  179. Why Ban an Important Import if not Tampering with Country's Stability?
  180. Assata Shakur: a woman warrior
  181. "Left" Media for NATO Wars?: Deceit & Disinformation for "Thought Control"
  182. Different Day, Same Thing.
  183. U.S. the Only Winner in Mexico's War on Drugs, says Zapitista Leader
  184. Subversive Thought 4-Today
  185. Timbuktu: whatever happened to the African Renaissance?
  186. Aurora, Colorado Movie Theater Shooting: 12 Dead 20 Injured
  187. Obama speaks on "The One and Only Holocaust" (<--his words)
  188. George Zimmerman defense team responds to cousin’s molestation claims
  189. Wells Fargo Discrimination “Settlement” Won’t Resolve Foreclosure Crisis
  190. Britain "Apologizes" for Playing Apartheid-Era Anthem
  191. What is the significance of illuminati spelled backwards and then add .com to it?
  192. Trayvon, Christian, Jason, Gerardo, Kendrec and nine children in Afghanistan
  193. The slaves
  194. Navy Beginning To Implement Underwater Drones In Gulf
  195. D.C. (officer) pig allegedly made threatening comments about Michelle Obama
  196. SWAT Raid on Organizers of Occupy Seattle and Everything for Everyone festival
  197. Schools in the US are becoming more like detention centers
  198. Barack Obama's Brother Spits In The Face of Jomo Kenyatta
  199. Georgia pig (Sheriff) Who Dressed Up As KKK
  200. Islam has no link with these thugs
  201. Report on the Extrajudicial Killings of 110 Black People
  202. Black Eden, The Town That Segregation Built, Idlewild, Mich
  203. Under The Loop (Chief Edition)
  204. Go Fund me: Online Fundraising
  205. Denying that Slavery Existed in the name of Dignity? WTH?
  206. The nubian family in raising the reveloution
  207. George Zimmerman: "Yes mi friend, mi deh pon street again" Released from Jail.. Again
  208. Chris Rock's "Controversial" Tweet: July 4 is "White People's Independence Day"
  209. asaanti sana
  210. European union ( eu ) plays about with lado independence issue in africa !
  211. The Age of Obama as a Racial Nightmare, Michelle Alexander
  212. The 4th of July: Indoctrination, Oppression and Hypocrisy
  213. The South will(has) rise(en) again
  214. Racism’s Hidden Toll
  215. Most whites are still racists - AZAPO
  216. Wealthy Lawyer/Businessman Commits Suicide in Court after Guilty Verdict
  217. 2012 Emmitt Till Safer In Mississippi Then CHI
  218. Prejudiced at Age 3?
  219. Re-Open COINTELPRO Investigation
  220. Southern Companies purchased its very own civil rights organization...
  221. Scary visions.........
  222. Now if that ain't ironic...
  223. License Plate Readers: Big Help or Big Brother?
  224. Arizona's new Immigration Law can now be Enforced
  225. Adidas' Controversial SHACKLE shoes
  226. Dear Hans A. von Spakovsky
  227. Lordy Be...Good Ole Abe Saved Us From Blood Suckers!!
  228. Israeli police humiliate African female migrant during round up
  229. Adidas cancels shackle shoes
  230. Drones
  231. Haiti(Ayiti) Film Project is holding a fundraiser in Los Angeles Saturday, June 23
  232. Something sinister about Men in Black 3
  233. Not Voting for Obama: We're not Even Buying a Voting Ticket to the Show
  234. Britain Apologizes for playing Apartheid-era Anthem
  235. Decolonize the 99%
  236. Slavery: An African tells Queen Elizabeth she should be Ashamed
  237. Diseases and Peculiarities of the Negro Race
  238. Am I welcome
  239. Irish Slaves of the 1600s and the Cromwellian Genocide of 900,000 people
  240. Summit of Haiti(Ayiti)/Venezuela/Cuba and Argentina to discuss reconstruction in Hai
  241. Enjoy coffee from Haiti(Ayiti)
  242. How the U.S. sold Africa to multinationals
  243. Ashkenazi Wants African Out Of Their Stolen Land
  244. Subconscious racial bias in children
  245. Sacha Cohen and Arab Minstrelsy
  246. Trayvoning
  247. The Articulation of America's Anxiety
  248. UN Official: Mt. Rushmore Should be Returned to Indigenous Americans
  249. Census Results Stir White Rage
  250. Spain & the Canary Islands