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  1. 12 Reasons to pull the plug on the IMF/World Bank
  2. Naacp racial slurs have no place in politics
  3. Aseer (a brief clip)
  4. Who will step up and save our young warriors?
  5. Unforgotten pages in black history:(a contemporary look at black history 2009)
  6. African People's Socialist Party announces open positions in Office of Sec. General
  7. The PIGS are on Facebook. And MySpace, LinkedIn and Twitter, too
  8. Have yall noticed that............
  9. African-Americans Have Highest Stroke Rate
  10. Yo, What Happen?!!
  12. Guaranteed insurance: Life
  13. Fallen fruit: The young die young
  14. Afrikan Power Somalia Style - Holding Those Accountable
  15. White woman hijacks the mic at the Oscars
  16. Coming To A Facility Near You
  17. TO POOR TO LIVE: To Po To Die
  18. Thoroughly Check Out What She's Saying!!!
  19. Report on U.S. Schools - our children? All but forgotten
  20. Looking past 2050 and health care reform
  21. Global Shipping Collapse - Empty Shelves Coming to a Store Near You.
  22. 2010 notes in black history: There was once 9th street
  23. 2010 notes in black history: Confessions of the scribe
  24. I Smell Some New B***S*** Heading Our Way!!!
  25. Does It Have To Slap Us In The Face?
  26. Afrikan/Black muslims must denounce Islam!
  27. What is the True Nature of the Blackman and Black woman
  28. Ebony Magazine Criminalizes Mumia Abu-Jamal
  29. The Legend Of Stagger Lee:African American Folktale
  30. Black Tax Rebellion in the U.S.A.
  31. Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki (download PDF e-book)
  32. Racist profiling is a U.S. tradition
  33. Pyramids weren't built by slaves
  34. Black women in America are sick
  35. 'Bloom Box' Fuel Cell Offers Power for Your Entire House
  36. How far would you go to feed your family?
  37. Valuable Or Vain
  38. sign sign sign sign sign sign sign sign sign sign...
  39. Black history: Overlooked, neglected suspended analytical persuasions
  40. Failed larceny in academia: Alleged theft of credentials
  41. Schools (alias Government) Are Out Here Sneakin' And Peekin'!!!
  42. The suicide letter of "joe stack" fed up with the system
  43. Food For Haitians From Feed The Children Is Coming-Up Short, What's Up With That?!!
  44. It's For Your Own Good (or so the story goes)
  45. Join me on ning
  46. Blogtalkradio show "black unity"
  47. Blogtalkradio show "black unity"
  48. Blogtalkradio show "black unity"
  49. Looks Like The Truth Is Finally Coming Out
  50. Crying over race
  51. As a man thinketh......
  52. 2010 notes in black history: Black history in transition
  53. 2010 notes in black history: Thoughts on black history
  54. Shades of machiavellism: Will the poor die?
  55. Pragmatism & commensurate health care
  56. INTERNET FREEDOMS & THE WORLD:The Morality of Free Speech
  57. Understanding black history: Knowing god
  58. White Slaughter In South Africa?
  59. Black Pride? - Watch And Decide
  60. Arab Racism And Imperialism In Sudan (Africa)
  61. The white women is the (Bitch) whore of babylon and will be destroyed!
  62. Natives NOW Kicking Non-Natives Off Their Land
  63. Things we say or think that disrupts ourselves………
  65. HarambeeRadio.com 'The African Diaspora Hour' Tonight 11pm (est) 10pm(cst)
  66. Almighty Black P Stone Nation?
  67. The MOSAP Plan - (Movement for the Survival of African American People)
  68. New World Currency Unwrapped???
  69. The Devils Who Stole The Children Have The Nerve To Complain
  70. The Devils Who stole The Children Have The Nerve To Complain
  71. Again
  72. Only if i had the cash
  73. http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/raceadopt01
  74. The Black Money Scam
  75. White, western destabilization of Haiti(Ayiti) continues after disaster
  76. TureBandele's "Warriors Vs. Wizards" Pt.2!!
  77. Questions about Black African Spirituality
  78. Two of the Cracka-man's GREATEST PSYCHOLOGICAL WEAPONS!!!
  79. The killing of Sandra Pratt
  80. It Should Say More Appropriately, "Modern Jobs Sucks"
  81. Intellectual Father of 20th Century Pan Africanism- YOU SHOULD KNOW...
  82. China halts military ties with U.S.
  83. Look At These Devils
  84. The real problem with blacks
  86. Gold Prices Up?
  87. Subversive Thoughts
  88. Heads Up - Ray Hagins And Friends???
  89. In Full: State of the Union
  90. A War For The Soul: Video
  91. The Devil Says That He "Forgot Obama Was Black"
  92. Venezuela Forgives Haitian Debt
  93. The World Economic Forum: 2010
  94. Maroons: People Who Do For Self
  95. Text Books Vs. Actual Work. Which Is Better?
  96. We As Black People Are Going To Have To Stop Looking For Handouts
  97. We Must Create Jobs For Our Selves
  98. Legit Haiti help.
  99. Good Video
  100. Academic vs Street vs Good Scholarship
  101. Did Anyone See This (Another Situation In Haiti)?!!
  102. Uhuru sasa
  103. Rest In Peace Brother Obadele
  104. Haiti hit by another earthquake
  105. Garden start ups
  106. From the First of the Blacks to the First of the Whites" Tech on Haitian Rev.
  107. U.S. trying to start food riots in Haiti
  108. The International community must let President Jean Bertrand Aristide return to Haiti
  109. Was the disaster in Haiti really caused by an earthquake?
  110. Senegal gives land to haitians for repatriation
  111. Two Dominican aide workers shot in Haiti/ Wyclef's Yele under attack
  112. What do you think of Sarasuten Seti ?
  113. Accept Your Own And Be Yourself
  114. Idk
  115. Be Careful Who You Send Your Money To.
  116. "Your" Money
  117. We Can't Be Acting Like We All That
  118. Subversive Thoughts
  119. Do The People That Idolize Malcolm On Here Have Any Businesses?
  120. Lecture: OUR LINEAGE - Egypt, The Bible, Ifa & The African-American
  121. How Do We Actually Prepare Our Selves For Revolution?
  122. This Is No Unity
  123. How Long Are We Going To Hang With The White People?
  124. When The White People Of America Stop Taking Care Of Black People What Will We Do?
  125. Genius Of The Great Pyramid
  126. I’m Not Afrikan, I’m Negro
  127. GSA’s African Burial Ground project
  128. Why are Negroes so naive as to Believe that we will ALL UNITE?
  129. What is the biggest PROBLEM holding the black RACE back?
  130. Why complete unity will never happen
  131. How Much Do Black People In America Love White People
  132. Why was my Thread Shut Down?
  133. Dear Black Muslims
  134. The Controversy over PRECIOUS: The Demonization of Black Men...?
  135. Earthquake In Haiti
  136. This Peckerwood Got Me Heated!
  137. RBG Comrades ...Time To Show And Prove
  138. War and Peace
  139. Myths About Malcolm X by Rev. Albert Cleage
  140. NSSM 2000: blueprint for de-population - Indigenous Nations who Corporations consider
  141. The Assassination Of Malcolm X
  142. Are We Not A Free People?
  143. MTV Judge, Shane Sparks, Arrested for Child Molestation
  144. Malcolm Speaking About What Elijah Muhammad Has Done
  145. Asar Imhotep - Book Signing - Houston, TX
  146. Subversive Thoughts
  147. Food Clothing And Shelter. What Are You Doing To Secure Yours?
  148. Pan-Afrikan Leader
  149. Of Black Panthers, Prisons & a Life in Struggle
  150. Why Not Ease Up on Stop and Frisk?
  151. Choosing an Afrikan name..
  152. Subversive Thoughts
  153. Rereading and Retrieving Douglass
  154. Nazis Recruiting At Sacramento Gun Show
  155. The House Got Cockroaches - Solutions Needed
  156. Serco: The Biggest Company You Have Never Heard Of Before
  157. War Games! (seriously). No Wonder U.S. Is Broke
  158. Why Did Malcolm Go Against The Teachings And Pick Up A Gun????
  159. Basketball And Guns
  160. Mongrel Mexican germs insult Afro-mexican brother
  161. Black Police Don't Have Any Power
  162. Check This Out (Graphic Video)
  163. 2010 the year of PROGRESS
  164. Genetic Study Clarifies African and African-American Ancestry
  165. Islam, Africa, and Black Power
  166. Subversive Thoughts
  167. HAS anYOne SeEN ThiS.!
  168. This White People Being Scared Is Going To Result In What?
  169. Yo, The Sister Is Right, Deal With It!!!
  170. This Little Brother Got All This Mess Going On???? These Devils Is Skeered To Death.
  172. Look What Obama Did Now
  173. None of them is Cuban
  174. Build Up To a Justification for Afghanistan-Style Afrikan Occupation
  175. The Bush Family & the Drug Biz
  176. The New Year
  177. Subversive Thoughts
  178. The Devil Has No Limits
  179. Subversive Thoughts
  180. What is the conscious community ?
  181. Subversive Thoughts
  182. A walk in cuba: Race and rap
  183. Kingdom of God
  184. *** Beyond Legalizing Marijuana; A Top Cop Breaks Rank Again ***
  185. Subversive Thoughts
  186. police Interrogations
  187. MY STORY (new member)
  188. Shero, Sis. Kiilu Nyasha, on TV & the Web!
  189. Subversive Thoughts
  190. Subversive Thoughts
  191. Transformation into a dark matter paradigm
  192. Their grip on power is truly slipping
  193. Be Yourself And Do For Self
  194. Separation Is A Must
  195. The Funnies
  196. Militants Blacks Peril Security, Says Hoover (Prelude To A Killing)
  197. Subversive Thoughts
  198. Should we Afrikans continue to use the terms "sir" or "ma'am"?
  199. Venezuela:CIA agent captured-was also funding groups backing the oligarchy
  200. Subversive Thoughts
  201. Steve Cokely Interview
  202. Subversive Thoughts
  203. Subversive Historian
  204. Dr. Amos wilson
  205. Subversive Thoughts
  206. The Tiger Woods Story: A Tool Used To Help Dumb-Down The People
  207. Start A Business Where You Are At
  208. Accusations Of Teaching Hate
  209. Senate approves $1 billion gang bill...2 years after Hurricane Katrina; coincindence?
  210. Anybody Thinking Afrika and Starting A Business
  211. Black People If You Don't Help Yourself You Will Get No Help
  212. The 5th Column Chicago Hope The Panther The Politician
  213. Qualified Labor Is Still Wanted And Needed
  214. Subversive Thoughts
  215. Subversive Historian
  216. Due to Background: Hidden Life Sentences in Communities of Color
  217. Elijah Muhammad The True Pan-Africanist
  218. Subversive Thoughts
  219. Michael Jackson's Death Becomes Murder Investigation
  220. He Who Controls The Food Controls The Planet
  221. Homeland Security Embarks on Big Brother Programs to Read Our Minds and Emotions
  222. Subversive Thoughts
  223. Black People Don't Want To Unite Cuz:
  224. Which Is Worst
  225. Black People Are Going To Starve To Death
  226. Subversive Thoughts
  227. Black Nationalism and Power
  228. Veronica Jones has joined the ancestors
  229. For All The Revolutionaries Who Think They Are Going To Out Gun The Enemy
  230. We cant save all black folks!!!
  231. Want to support black entrepreneurs? Stop hitting them up for freebies
  232. Blackwater granted Otay Mesa Facility: without dicretionary review.
  233. Revolution Talk Versus Revolution
  234. This Message Is Approved By Your Enemy
  235. The N.W.O., More!
  236. Sprint manager:‘Half’ of all police surveillance includes text messaging
  237. Historian Of The Day
  238. What professors are saying about The Bakala of North America
  239. The Only Real "Free" Living Species In America
  240. The ocult technology of power
  241. The Black Candle Movie Clips - Angelou, Asante, Chuck D, Karenga, Dead Prez, and more
  242. The Truth Behind Christmas
  243. The Worst Is Yet To Come
  244. Where on the board do you spend the most time?
  245. Let Us Go To Work And Multiply
  246. Knowledge Of Self
  247. Did Anyone See This?!!
  248. Has anyone asked, WHY?
  249. DeStINy
  250. This Is so Beautiful, I Had To Share It