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  1. Members of the Frisco 5 officially reject the San Francisco Human Rights Commission’s
  2. Kevin Durant is a Warrior
  3. The ‘fundamentalism’ in police operations
  4. New affordable studios for people with developmental disabilities – apply July 25-Aug
  5. Coalition that stopped new SF jail wins human rights award as jail system blasted by
  6. Treasure Island whistleblowers face immediate retaliation from power broker consortiu
  7. Indeed, Western Civilization is in a war
  8. Black teenage Brooklyn-based metal band documented in ‘Breaking a Monster’
  9. B.L.A.C.K organization: Building Leadership and Community Knowledge
  10. Do we need white revolutionaries to rise up?
  11. Thanks, Mama Harriet!
  12. San Francisco Civil Grand Jury and Blue Ribbon Panel rip SFPD for racial bias
  13. FBI gives green light to crack down on Black Lives Matter protesters – BLM statement
  14. Free six-week program exploring construction careers for Alameda County high school s
  15. Jalil Muntaqim: The 13th Amendment – prison slavery and mass incarceration
  16. Oakland displaced housing activist Paula Beal speaks
  17. What will Bernie delegates do in Philadelphia?
  18. Thousands make deposits in Black-owned banks as a way to protest recent police shooti
  19. Judge refuses to halt force feeding of inmate in solitary confinement protest
  20. R.O.B.I.N Hood project: Bringing dental hygiene to your doorstep
  21. DLabrie: The future of the Bay
  22. Whites face race: Let’s talk and act
  23. Wanda’s Picks for July 2016
  24. Michelle Alexander: Something more is required of us now. What?
  25. United States Postal Services (USPS) is Hiring
  26. Longtime ILWU Local 10 President Cleophas Williams mourned
  27. Cynthia McKinney speaks on Sterling, Castile, Dallas, Hillary, Trump, Brexit
  28. Ethiopians protest in Israel, call for end to state racism and police violence
  29. Professor Griff of Public Enemy speaks on Micah Johnson and the media
  30. Beyond Bernie: Socialist Alternative endorses Jill Stein
  31. Maroon sues DOC and wins! Settlement reached in Shoatz v. Wetzel
  32. Working as intended in Dallas and beyond: The inextricably wound threads of White Nat
  33. Paid internship opportunities in Oakland for formerly incarcerated people – Applicati
  34. The PS Imberakuri Party strongly denounces Kigali high court’s ruling in the case of
  35. 3 days away: Eviction fighter Iris Canada marches toward her 100th birthday
  36. Was Dallas reality or psy-op?
  37. Celebrate Eugene E. White Day in San Francisco July 10!
  38. ‘You shot four bullets into him, sir’: Girlfriend livestreams Philando Castile’s deat
  39. Muhammad Ali visits kids at San Francisco Juvenile Hall
  40. Oscar Grant’s Uncle Bobby speaks on Alton Sterling, Phil Castile, Obama, Dallas and O
  41. Marching on the DNC, an interview with Cheri Honkala
  42. New video shows Alton Sterling wasn’t holding a gun when he was killed by police
  43. Jesse Williams: ‘a system built to divide and impoverish and destroy us cannot stand
  44. Sundiata Acoli: Ride and denied
  45. Announcement of nationally coordinated prisoner work stoppage for Sept. 9, 2016
  46. In loving memory of Mike Brown
  47. LA’s Black Leimert Park Village Book Fair celebrates its 10th year
  48. Buffalo Soldiers honored in the Presidio
  49. White House officials and local leaders attend debate, organized by prisoner, between
  50. Passing of Capt. Josh Williams, founder of the ILWU Local 10 Drill Team
  51. Black Lives Matter leader Jasmine Abdullah Richards, jailed for ‘felony lynching,’ fi
  52. Alchemy by Alta affordable rentals at 200 Buchanan St., SF – apply by July 29
  53. John William Templeton finds African American history in places like Yosemite, Nob Hi
  54. The Black August Slave Rebellion: Every slave has a right to rebel
  55. More on the Bay Area police sex scandal from civil rights attorney Adante Pointer
  56. Writer Malcolm Shabazz Hoover releases his literary debut, ‘144 Poems for God, Love,
  57. Mayfield Place in Palo Alto is accepting applications for 70 affordable apartments un
  58. Dr. Davis’ dream comes true: Grand opening of the George W. Davis Senior Center
  59. Governor’s new budget supports more incarceration
  60. Dr. Raymond Tompkins: How and why does pollution poison Bayview Hunters Point? Conclu
  61. Mayan resistance to police terror
  62. Brexit
  63. Hugo Pinell, aka Dahariki Kambon: Decades of assassination attempts against the man m
  64. 99 seasons: A vigil for eviction fighter Iris Canada
  65. Afeni Shakur, 1947-2016
  66. Verlie Mae Pickens: Celebrating my 100th birthday!
  67. Oakland City Council votes to ban coal exports
  68. Suicide crisis in California women’s prison: Advocates demand justice for Erika Rocha
  69. Obama’s AFRICOM nominee would expand terror war, seek authority to assassinate
  70. SF Bay View banned inside Indiana prisons: Do Black Lives Matter behind the walls?
  71. Beat maker Maki releases ‘Kilo Hero’
  72. Attorney Adante Pointer speaks on Bay Area police underage sex scandal
  73. First Lady of the Mob: Remembering The Jacka
  74. Illinois prisoners boycott overpriced phone calls, commissary and vending machines
  75. Human rights watchdog IACHR opens case against violations caused by Chalillo Dam in B
  76. Babies on the blade: ‘Diamond’ speaks out on police and young prostitutes
  77. Oakland City Council President Lynette McElhaney weighs in on OPD sex scandal
  78. City Council President McElhaney speaks on West Oakland conflict between developer an
  79. Bernie Sanders: Here’s what we want
  80. Chican@ Prisoners Day
  81. Wisconsin DOC is force feeding prisoners who are on hunger strike to end solitary con
  82. Yog been through hell and was not burnt
  83. Prison rules must abide by human rights standards
  84. ‘Between Me and the World,’ M1’s new album
  85. Wisconsin prisoner hunger strike enters second week, spreads to multiple facilities –
  86. Hunger strike at Wisconsin’s Waupun state prison against conditions of a ‘living hell
  87. Clinton e-mail on Libyan conquest: We came, we saw, we got oil
  88. Oakland City Council President Lynette McElhaney speaks on OPD pedophile case
  89. Black Power, Black Lives and Pan-Africanism Conference underway now in Jackson, Missi
  90. Oakland’s Prosperity Movement fights gentrification by supporting local culture
  91. Explosive Trinidadian film ‘Trafficked’ screens Sunday at SF Black Film Fest
  92. Support free and fair elections in Haiti; stop the attacks on Fanmi Lavalas
  93. Jalal ‘Lightnin Rod’ Nuraddin of The Last Poets Speaks on ‘Hustlers Convention,’ scre
  94. ‘Codigo Color’ at SF Black Film Fest: Cuban doc explores colorism and cultural ignora
  95. Eight new affordable homes for sale in San Francisco’s Hayes Valley – applications du
  96. Frisco 5’s Sellassie interviews Bobby Seale publicly on Friday
  97. Jeff Adachi’s ‘America Needs a Racial Facial’ screens Saturday, June 18, as San Franc
  98. Parliament Funkadelic documentary screens at SF Black Film Fest this Sunday – SFBFF k
  99. Lawsuit: White Boys ‘Dragged’ Black Girl by Rope Around Her Neck
  100. ‘The BlackBoard’: Skater film examines Black identity at San Francisco Black Film Fes
  101. San Francisco Supervisor Aaron Peskin re-proposes toxic ‘special sauce’ for Treasure
  102. How California is being stolen from Sanders right now
  103. Nou pap obeyi! Defying the international voter fix and forging unity and solidarity w
  104. The 2nd annual Wine Festival kickoff is this weekend
  105. From fires to foreclosures: BlackArthur (MacArthur Blvd) displacement crisis
  106. Musical ax wielders: From Prince to Martin Luther McCoy
  107. Mother of civil rights attorney John Burris has passed, funeral June 10
  108. 26 affordable housing units at Hunters View Phase 2A – Apply by July 5
  109. Applications available June 8 for The Openhouse Community at 55 Laguna, San Francisco
  110. Los Angeles activist Wil B is convicted of protesting police terror
  111. Palestine – the most compelling reason we need a Sanders victory and a Clinton defeat
  112. AC Transit Bus Operator- Training Provided
  113. ‘I just wanted to be free’: The radical reverberations of Muhammad Ali
  114. ‘The Black Woman Is God’ art exhibition is back!
  115. Philadelphia refuses to permit poor peoples’ march at Democratic convention
  116. The 20th Anniversary of Life Party for Tupac Shakur: also remembering Afeni Shakur
  117. Bayview resident the youngest to receive Peacemaker Award
  118. ‘Lambadina’ opens the SF Black Film Fest
  119. Frisco 5 Hunger Striker Equipto speaks on Jessica Williams-Nelson’s murder by SFPD an
  120. Black Panthers and Diaspora Palestinians illuminate shared struggle on Nakba day
  121. I am fighting for women in Texas prisons
  122. Long live Jessica Williams-Nelson
  123. SF State class of 2016 commencement speaker Richard Polote Jr. earned degree in Afric
  124. Racism reigns at James Rolph Park, San Francisco
  125. Parole threatened for organizing and writing for Bay View
  126. Waitlist opening May 31 for 100 affordable Ocean View Senior Apartments in Pacifica
  127. World music hip hop musician Sia Love drops a masterpiece, ‘For the Record’
  128. Incarceration, justice and the planet
  129. Voting, the final fig-leaf
  130. Prisoner Human Rights Movement Blue Print
  131. African American clergy defend their communities
  132. Drug discount helping African Americans is at risk
  133. ‘A Small Temporary Inconvenience,’ a feature film about Black, disabled civil rights
  134. You can stand
  135. Who’s behind unpaid prison labor in Texas?
  136. Albert Woodfox speaks on being a political prisoner
  137. Honoring the life of Jessica Williams – march & vigil tonight at 6:30
  138. PHSS Committee to End Sleep Deprivation asks for letters about the ‘security/welfare
  139. OUSD recognizes Boost! West Oakland for phenomenal youth work
  140. George Jackson University – a statement from its founder
  141. Federal sentence enhancements keep Black low-level drug offenders in prison for life
  142. Rwanda blocks legal counsel to political prisoner Victoire Ingabire with Kafkaesque b
  143. Coordinated offensive on STG kickouts
  144. The 3rd annual Sacramento Black Book Fair is June 3-5
  145. Terrible Tier II: We are fighting for our lives
  146. The 7th annual Fist Up Film Festival wraps up this week
  147. Police chief forced to resign in victory for Frisco 500
  148. Amend 13!
  149. TKO! Raquel ‘Pretty Beast’ Miller deflates Sara ‘Mac Tire’ Flores in an outstanding p
  150. It’s personal: Bubba, your cover’s blown
  151. Remembering Yogi
  152. Bay View Voters Guide: Cali can make Bernie president if we vote our hopes, not our f
  153. Hip Hop for Change organizes the Environmental Equity Summit for May 21
  154. I’m a young Black woman in Oakland, single mom and student – and a Bernie Sanders del
  155. Haiti’s Election Verification Commission a step in the right direction
  156. Will Skywalker build memorabilia museum on Treasure Island Death Star?
  157. Come to the Afrikatown Anti-Eviction Block Party on May 28
  158. ‘Concerning Violence’ screening at Qilombo Friday
  159. Wanda’s Picks for May-June 2016
  160. Uganda: Besigye and Museveni, a tale of two presidents
  161. Oji and the Ascension Team rise to the occasion
  162. Do the Black lives on our planet really need another Clinton administration?
  163. Hunger striker Hassani Bell speaks on the end of the Ethnic Studies hunger strike and
  164. Prison labor strike in Alabama: ‘We will no longer contribute to our own oppression’
  165. Richmond Councilmember Jovanka Beckles: What really matters is improving the lives of
  166. Four journalists covering Frisco 500 City Hall occupation file brutality complaint ag
  167. As attorney John Burris reveals SFPD sergeant transferred to Bayview to ‘kill niggers
  168. Prince Amir speaks on his comrade, Young Malcolm
  169. #Frisco500 shut down City Hall to stop police murders
  170. Against all odds: Teens advocate in the rain for disability rights & to redefine ‘bea
  171. #Frisco5 end hunger strike so they can join #Frisco500 in the struggle, call for gene
  172. Uganda’s Museveni orders arrests, house arrests and media bans before inauguration
  173. SF State hunger striker Hassani Bell speaks on cuts to Ethnic Studies and aims of the
  174. Frisco 500 occupy City Hall to demand Mayor Lee fire Chief Suhr
  175. Frisco 5 hunger strikers march to City Hall with hundreds of supporters, mayor a no s
  176. Bruce Dixon on building the Greens into a mass party
  177. Job Fair, 30+ employers hiring, May 19, 12-4pm, 1449 Webster St., San Francisco
  178. The Frisco 5 statement on this afternoon’s phone call from Mayor Ed Lee plus new inte
  179. Frisco 5 hunger strikers to SFPD: ‘Stop executing our people’
  180. Patrick Xu of the Land Action 4 speaks on their case, human rights and squatter movem
  181. Court rules no punishment for California prison hunger striker
  182. Remembering Burundi’s 1972 Hutu Genocide
  183. My brotha Yogi – two comrades with long memories
  184. Tenacity turned into treasure at San Francisco courts’ Children’s Waiting Room
  185. 2016’s San Francisco Black Film Festival will be a classic – June 16-19
  186. CHOOSE1 Three Strikes Reform Act needs 365,880 signatures by June 1: Volunteer today!
  187. Is there a balm in Gilead?
  188. ‘If you can dream it, you can be it’: African American film producer headed to Cannes
  189. Hungry for justice: Equipto speaks for the Frisco 5 on hunger strike to demand SFPD C
  190. City College faculty strike for justice – to stop class reductions and pay cuts
  191. Exposing toxic work conditions inside Texas Prisons
  192. Baltimore filmmaker Bashi Rose makes films on George Jackson and Freddie Gray
  193. Baba Jahahara Amen-RA Alkebulan-Ma’at on his newest book, ‘Afrikans Deserve Reparatio
  194. Political prisoner Luis V. Rodriguez: Aztlan warrior passes to the spirit world
  195. Will the Southeast Campus of City College at 1800 Oakdale become a PUC office buildin
  196. Free Wil B and the other 13 defendants fighting police terror in LA!
  197. On self-defense against racist murder
  198. Hillary Clinton is no friend of Black empowerment
  199. How much do ‘Black Lives Matter’ to Clinton? Rwanda Genocide offers answer
  200. Mayor Ed Lee: Fire Police Chief Gregory P. Suhr now!
  201. Applications available for 115 below-market-rate apartments at San Leandro BART
  202. Joe Debro on racism in construction, Part 14
  203. A Prince passes on
  204. Rwanda: Evidence undermines the ruling narrative
  205. Two sons shot in the chest by police: A mother’s cry for justice
  206. Join ILWU Local 10 for May Day 2016 ‘National Day of Mourning’ for victims of police
  207. Emigres demand answers after first African American dies during Israeli army service
  208. Cadlac Tom the adult cartoon: an interview wit’ founder Tyrone Trapper
  209. Hell no! Chief Greg Suhr has got to GO!
  210. Five New Below Market Rate Homes at 450 Hayes, SF, for Sale — Application Deadline Ma
  211. Job openings for children, age 14-18, of incarcerated parents, deadline to apply Apri
  212. Hugo Pinell’s daughter Allegra invites you to join in honoring her father on April 23
  213. UA Local 38 apprenticeship applications available May 31 – June 9
  214. San Francisco continues destroying its Black community
  215. Tipping point in Texas prison strikes? The history of slavery is at stake
  216. Seriously? Evicting a 99-year-old? Rally at Tuesday hearing
  217. Stiff resistance is a human right! Malcolm X Grassroots Movement statement on Dr. Mut
  218. Sanders at the Vatican: What did Bernie tell the Pontifical Academy?
  219. Urgent: Call to support tortured hunger-striking prisoners in Louisiana
  220. SF Housing Authority seeks Vacant Unit Secure Entry System
  221. ‘A Muslim Trapped in Donald Trump’s America’: an interview with author Professor A.L.
  222. Displacement on BlackArthur, East Oakland, one business, one family, one elder at a t
  223. Honduran movements in mobilization one month after brutal assassination of Berta Cace
  224. Abolish ALL prisons, private and public
  225. From Oak Flat to Oakland, the fight to save all of our mountains on Turtle Island
  226. Michelle Alexander: Bill Clinton’s rant was a tutorial on all that’s wrong with the ‘
  227. Rwanda, Burundi and the assassination of three Hutu presidents
  228. 19th Annual Art & Writing Challenge for Contra Costa Youth, topic ‘Cherish These Natu
  229. No lawyers? No jail. Judge demands Constitution be respected in Louisiana public defe
  230. Tambay Obenson announces plea to filmmakers to save Shadow and Act
  231. 2nd SFPD texting scandal: Officers’ racist text messages condemned by public defender
  232. Shooting of homeless man shows need for sincere change in SFPD
  233. Carnaval Poster Contest open to K-12 students in Mission District schools, deadline A
  234. SF Housing Development Corp. is hiring, deadline to apply April 18
  235. Bill Clinton yells at Black Lives Matter protesters, defends violent crime bill
  236. Mayflower vocal scholarships offered, deadline May 30
  237. Prisoners in multiple states call for strikes to protest forced labor
  238. NorCal People’s Housing Union – fighting gentrification in Oakland – meets Saturday
  239. SF Housing Authority seeks administrative office development study
  240. 19 affordable rentals at 101 Polk St., San Francisco – apply by April 15
  241. California Apartment Association is stalking the tenants’ movement
  242. Tenants and homeowners of Mission, Fillmore and Bayview protest banks that fund displ
  243. Phi Delta Kappa, Beta Nu Chapter, invites all members, current and former, to our 60t
  244. Mondo mourned
  245. Bay Area muralist honored in ‘A New Color: The Art of Being Edythe Boone’ at Oakland
  246. Our hero has not been forgotten
  247. Black Friday: What legacy will you leave?
  248. Wanda’s Picks for April 2016
  249. Breathing new life into Dr. Coleman’s dream and the Arthur Coleman Medical Center
  250. Gov. Brown’s parole initiative could free 30-40,000