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  1. Bruce Dixon on building the Greens into a mass party
  2. Job Fair, 30+ employers hiring, May 19, 12-4pm, 1449 Webster St., San Francisco
  3. The Frisco 5 statement on this afternoon’s phone call from Mayor Ed Lee plus new inte
  4. Frisco 5 hunger strikers to SFPD: ‘Stop executing our people’
  5. Patrick Xu of the Land Action 4 speaks on their case, human rights and squatter movem
  6. Court rules no punishment for California prison hunger striker
  7. Remembering Burundi’s 1972 Hutu Genocide
  8. My brotha Yogi – two comrades with long memories
  9. Tenacity turned into treasure at San Francisco courts’ Children’s Waiting Room
  10. 2016’s San Francisco Black Film Festival will be a classic – June 16-19
  11. CHOOSE1 Three Strikes Reform Act needs 365,880 signatures by June 1: Volunteer today!
  12. Is there a balm in Gilead?
  13. ‘If you can dream it, you can be it’: African American film producer headed to Cannes
  14. Hungry for justice: Equipto speaks for the Frisco 5 on hunger strike to demand SFPD C
  15. City College faculty strike for justice – to stop class reductions and pay cuts
  16. Exposing toxic work conditions inside Texas Prisons
  17. Baltimore filmmaker Bashi Rose makes films on George Jackson and Freddie Gray
  18. Baba Jahahara Amen-RA Alkebulan-Ma’at on his newest book, ‘Afrikans Deserve Reparatio
  19. Political prisoner Luis V. Rodriguez: Aztlan warrior passes to the spirit world
  20. Will the Southeast Campus of City College at 1800 Oakdale become a PUC office buildin
  21. Free Wil B and the other 13 defendants fighting police terror in LA!
  22. On self-defense against racist murder
  23. Hillary Clinton is no friend of Black empowerment
  24. How much do ‘Black Lives Matter’ to Clinton? Rwanda Genocide offers answer
  25. Mayor Ed Lee: Fire Police Chief Gregory P. Suhr now!
  26. Applications available for 115 below-market-rate apartments at San Leandro BART
  27. Joe Debro on racism in construction, Part 14
  28. A Prince passes on
  29. Rwanda: Evidence undermines the ruling narrative
  30. Two sons shot in the chest by police: A mother’s cry for justice
  31. Join ILWU Local 10 for May Day 2016 ‘National Day of Mourning’ for victims of police
  32. Emigres demand answers after first African American dies during Israeli army service
  33. Cadlac Tom the adult cartoon: an interview wit’ founder Tyrone Trapper
  34. Hell no! Chief Greg Suhr has got to GO!
  35. Five New Below Market Rate Homes at 450 Hayes, SF, for Sale — Application Deadline Ma
  36. Job openings for children, age 14-18, of incarcerated parents, deadline to apply Apri
  37. Hugo Pinell’s daughter Allegra invites you to join in honoring her father on April 23
  38. UA Local 38 apprenticeship applications available May 31 – June 9
  39. San Francisco continues destroying its Black community
  40. Tipping point in Texas prison strikes? The history of slavery is at stake
  41. Seriously? Evicting a 99-year-old? Rally at Tuesday hearing
  42. Stiff resistance is a human right! Malcolm X Grassroots Movement statement on Dr. Mut
  43. Sanders at the Vatican: What did Bernie tell the Pontifical Academy?
  44. Urgent: Call to support tortured hunger-striking prisoners in Louisiana
  45. SF Housing Authority seeks Vacant Unit Secure Entry System
  46. ‘A Muslim Trapped in Donald Trump’s America’: an interview with author Professor A.L.
  47. Displacement on BlackArthur, East Oakland, one business, one family, one elder at a t
  48. Honduran movements in mobilization one month after brutal assassination of Berta Cace
  49. Abolish ALL prisons, private and public
  50. From Oak Flat to Oakland, the fight to save all of our mountains on Turtle Island
  51. Michelle Alexander: Bill Clinton’s rant was a tutorial on all that’s wrong with the ‘
  52. Rwanda, Burundi and the assassination of three Hutu presidents
  53. 19th Annual Art & Writing Challenge for Contra Costa Youth, topic ‘Cherish These Natu
  54. No lawyers? No jail. Judge demands Constitution be respected in Louisiana public defe
  55. Tambay Obenson announces plea to filmmakers to save Shadow and Act
  56. 2nd SFPD texting scandal: Officers’ racist text messages condemned by public defender
  57. Shooting of homeless man shows need for sincere change in SFPD
  58. Carnaval Poster Contest open to K-12 students in Mission District schools, deadline A
  59. SF Housing Development Corp. is hiring, deadline to apply April 18
  60. Bill Clinton yells at Black Lives Matter protesters, defends violent crime bill
  61. Mayflower vocal scholarships offered, deadline May 30
  62. Prisoners in multiple states call for strikes to protest forced labor
  63. NorCal People’s Housing Union – fighting gentrification in Oakland – meets Saturday
  64. SF Housing Authority seeks administrative office development study
  65. 19 affordable rentals at 101 Polk St., San Francisco – apply by April 15
  66. California Apartment Association is stalking the tenants’ movement
  67. Tenants and homeowners of Mission, Fillmore and Bayview protest banks that fund displ
  68. Phi Delta Kappa, Beta Nu Chapter, invites all members, current and former, to our 60t
  69. Mondo mourned
  70. Bay Area muralist honored in ‘A New Color: The Art of Being Edythe Boone’ at Oakland
  71. Our hero has not been forgotten
  72. Black Friday: What legacy will you leave?
  73. Wanda’s Picks for April 2016
  74. Breathing new life into Dr. Coleman’s dream and the Arthur Coleman Medical Center
  75. Gov. Brown’s parole initiative could free 30-40,000
  76. Nixon aide reportedly admitted drug war was meant to target Black people
  77. ‘Miles Ahead’
  78. Prison abolition is overdue
  79. The movement inside Texas prisons will not be complete until the sisters join
  80. Petition on abuse in Virginia prisons
  81. Dr. Raymond Tompkins: How and why does pollution poison Bayview Hunters Point?
  82. NALC Rally Call
  83. My take on ‘The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution’
  84. I shed a tear
  85. 10 easy steps to understanding the protests in Brazil from the bottom up
  86. Ward’s Oracle: The return and the triumph
  87. Pride of consciousness
  88. Women do the choosing: Why do they give up their power to boys masquerading as men?
  89. Keep the St. John Coltrane Church in San Francisco
  90. Young prisoner speaks on Yogi’s assassination and bridging the generation gap
  91. America, we have a problem: Homelessness is out of control
  92. Bernie Sanders speaks to Cleveland’s Black community at Olivet Baptist Church
  93. WE need new Black Land and new Black institutions to develop our bodies contiunuing o
  94. the enemy's art photography is snapshots of invasion of our property
  95. Black people advertising enemy created and controlled productssystems must stop immed
  96. Black and Brown unity against police impunity
  97. Pennsylvania’s torture chamber for juveniles
  98. How Bayview businesses are getting a big boon and its residents could be the next bil
  99. Black people advertising enemy created and controlled productssystems must stop immed
  100. Hillary Clinton’s dark drug war legacy in Mexico
  101. Prisoners file federal lawsuit to end prison slavery in Texas
  102. Exposing the Libyan agenda: a closer look at Hillary’s emails
  103. Are you interested in a career in transit? BART offers fully paid training
  104. San Francisco Sheriff Hennessy rejects money for new jail
  105. Half the story has never been told: Commission of Inquiry into the death of Walter Ro
  106. Rep. Maxine Waters unveils landmark legislation to end homelessness in America
  107. BlackPowerNation Asks Afrikans to Join BlackPowerNation to receive reparations make s
  108. Why You Need All Black Nations Now
  109. The Cuban Embassy’s First Secretary Miguel Fraga in a candid Block Report Radio Q&A
  110. Survivors of solitary join menticide survivor ‘grandsons’ with one love, one struggle
  111. Families of police victims come together in Bay Area for Oscar Grant Legacy Weekend
  112. united nations has 16 black and brown naitons occupied with their troop
  113. Blacks who tried to save Hugo Pinell still being punished for ‘playing God,’ as DA re
  114. Jabari Scott: Eye-opening reality back on the mainline
  115. Reparations or Financial Stoppage!!!???
  116. 8th Annual Bay Area Preschool Teacher Award*Nominations Are Opening April 11th
  117. The Ten Percent Dont Want us to Separate Cause They Live Off Of Us!!!
  118. The movement to stop BDS against Israel championed by Hillary Clinton and Justin Trud
  119. Trump building in San Francisco is a legitimate target for protesters
  120. is the moon really black or is it red?
  121. Register now for San Francisco Rec & Park Summer Day Camps
  122. Dr. Cynthia McKinney on Hillary, Trump, BRICS and more
  123. ??Critical Resistance and IWW support prisoner resistance at Holman, call for action
  124. Oakland’s Oprah: Chamia LaRae, host of The Just Chamia Show, speaks
  125. The Twelve Gems are our Culture of Peace...By Black Power Nation
  126. Holman Prison guard calls prisoners ‘annoying insects that should be killed off the f
  127. Mumia is incredibly sick
  128. ¡Berta lives! The life and legacy of Berta Cáceres
  129. The Clintons’ $93 million romance with Wall Street: a catastrophe for working familie
  130. How students in Chicago organized to shut down Trump
  131. Sanders and Clinton on ‘the next Rwanda’
  132. New grocery store in Bayview Hunters Point hiring 17 workers at $14 per hour
  133. More street trees coming to Bayview in April — sign up by March 23
  134. Wopashitwe Mondo Eyen we Langa: A caged bird free at last
  135. Uprising at Holman Prison in Alabama
  136. Fukushima fallout: Throwing radioactive caution to the wind – and sea
  137. Fighting the system: The Alex Nieto trial lost in the courts, won in the community
  138. Trumping Trump: Deafening the white noise of racial supremacy
  139. Homeless Evicted in San Diego as Major El Niño Storm Approaches
  140. Flint: GOP senator no federal funding needed, stops $100 mill. in emergency funding
  141. Hunger striking Cornelius Harris in USP Florence, Colo., near death
  142. Dr. Mutulu Shakur: My story is your story; we must make the Parole Commission hear ou
  143. My dear friend Sister Nida Ali departs this realm – her Janaza or funeral Tuesday, Ma
  144. History marches on: Assessing the nuclear threat five years after Fukushima
  145. Prison comrades become fathers the same day
  146. Wanda’s Picks for March 2016
  147. J&J must pay $72 million for cancer death linked to talcum powder
  148. Marissa Alexander released from jail
  149. The Oakland International Film Festival is back
  150. Public defender meltdown in Louisiana
  151. 36th Annual Black Cuisine Festival coming March 5
  152. Assemblymember Thurmond honors Betty Reid Soskin, the nation’s oldest park ranger
  153. AfroSolo Theatre Company honors Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett
  154. ‘Race,’ a review
  155. A victory for Maroon!
  156. Haiti rises: a time for solidarity
  157. The Black Lives Matter Poem
  158. Children’s author Akua Agusi and her Afrikan-centered books
  159. Rhetoric vs. reality: SFPD’s investment in police brutality
  160. Kern Valley administrators aim to undermine our Agreement to End race-based Hostiliti
  161. Black Lives Matter and the Freddie Gray effect
  162. Remembering Oakland rebel Lovelle Mixon
  163. Today, few know how bad it was for Black and Brown people back in George and Yogi’s d
  164. The struggle for renter protections in Richmond moves forward
  165. From traditional rhythms to knowledge of self
  166. Filing for federal clemency, sentence reduction and other ‘decarceration’ projects
  167. New legislation increases transparency in law enforcement records
  168. San Francisco salutes Dr. Espanola Jackson at her homegoing services
  169. Celebrate Marin City Health & Wellness Center’s new satellite clinic in Coleman Medic
  170. SFPD gets away with murder(s); Department of Justice comes to town
  171. When President Paul Kagame, America’s dictator friend, speaks at Harvard Business Sch
  172. Sen. Sanders, Big Pharma’s greed is killing 3 million Hep C sufferers, including Mumi
  173. Original Black Panther Elbert ‘Big Man’ Howard broadcasts jazz liberation
  174. SF Housing Authority seeks Broker Services for Disposition of Surplus Property
  175. Dr. Kizza Besigye: Democracy is on trial in Uganda
  176. Police victims’ families are fueling the Black Lives Matter movement – gathering of f
  177. Albert Woodfox attends his birthday party as a free man, happy to ‘give others hope’
  178. Don’t disparage the victims of the ‘Grim Sleeper’ murders
  179. Hypnotic Brass Ensemble coming to SF Jazz on March 19
  180. Apply for membership on the TJPA Citizens Advisory Committee – Applications due March
  181. Love and lessons in memory of Comrade Hugo ‘Yogi Bear’ Pinell
  182. After nearly 44 years in solitary, Albert Woodfox is freed today on his 69th birthday
  183. Scourge of US elections: Electoral College, hackable voting machines and obscure rule
  184. Dr. Mutulu Shakur: More than Tupac’s stepfather!
  185. Hands off Coltrane Church! Eviction imminent – sign the petition
  186. Do Black African lives matter to the NBA? Rwanda’s Kagame in Toronto
  187. Free Leonard Peltier, wrongly imprisoned 40 years
  188. Left feminists seek administrative assistant
  189. In defense of Beyoncé’s Black Panther tribute at the Super Bowl
  190. Sensory deprivation is depravity
  191. On Beyoncé’s In_Formation Day, Haiti revelers celebrate slaying Carnival King
  192. Burundi: Western interests masked as African solutions
  193. Longtime Fillmore-Western Addition artist Eugene White gets fresh recognition
  194. Happy 50th Anniversary: Black Panther Party
  195. The art of painter Paul Lewin
  196. Why Hillary Clinton doesn’t deserve the Black vote
  197. End prison slavery in Texas now!
  198. Beyoncé wins the Super Bowl: Pop legend invokes Black Panthers, #BlackLivesMatter at
  199. Fake housing crisis: From Bayview to Baltimore, public housing kept empty while thous
  200. Bay View founding publisher: I was inspired by Malcolm, Martin, Elijah and the 1966 H
  201. Calling Bay Area high school students: Apply for the 2016 MTC Summer High School Inte
  202. Jose LaCrosby, stylist to the stars, entrepreneur extraordinaire
  203. SFCTA seeks On-Call Transportation Planning Services
  204. UN committee urges US government to pay reparations for slavery
  205. Beyoncé’s Super Bowl dancers demand ‘Justice 4 Mario Woods’
  206. African Union refuses to invade Burundi
  207. Must-see movie documents God’s unchanging hand in the evolving lives of gays
  208. Looking at Mugabe’s Zimbabwe and the African Union in 2015: an interview wit’ US corr
  209. Wanda’s Picks for February 2016
  210. From mean streets to mansions: The Denise Smith story
  211. Free Rev. Pinkney!
  212. I’m the same as you – I just don’t have a roof
  213. Oakland’s DB Tha General
  214. CHOOSE1’s Three Strikes Reform Act needs 500,000 signatures by July 17 to make the No
  215. Third Street Stroll – and beyond
  216. UN panel hears wrenching testimony of abuse in Black Chicago
  217. Three prisoners bid a loving farewell to Hugo Pinell
  218. Acknowledging and encouraging our fathers ‘inside’
  219. Black worker on Bay Bridge told to wear noose
  220. SF African American Historical Society’s annual Black History Month program
  221. NAACP secures changes to California Marijuana Initiative
  222. Support the loved and loyal Bay View: Keep the voice of the people alive
  223. Bethel AME Church youth empowerment recognition
  224. The Newtons – Cam, Huey and Isaac – and why you and Cam should boycott the Super Bowl
  225. Black Chicagoans with disabilities stand solid against police terror
  226. I was one of the last ones to see our beloved Brotha Yogi alive
  227. Celebrate 40 years of life in the Black Community: The SF Bayview Anniversary Party i
  228. Can labor support both Black Lives Matter and police unions?
  229. They’re releasing us to GP, where they’d rather see us war and kill one another off
  230. Lennar, the corporation that ate San Francisco, gobbled up Hunters Point and is devou
  231. Literary organizing giant Naomi Jelks of the SF Main Library talks about what’s happe
  232. Growing up in Compton: A woman’s story
  233. In celebration of the charismatic life of Sister Espanola Jackson, a born leader and
  234. Historic settlement to end California’s indefinite solitary confinement finalized in
  235. Cultural Links to Academic and Social Success (CLASS): an interview wit’ founder Andr
  236. Burundi: Nkurunziza refuses to bow to Samantha Power’s demands
  237. New affordable rental units available at The Shipyard
  238. Affordable housing opportunity: Noble Tower Senior Apts., 1515 Lakeside Dr., Oakland
  239. US police are killing people with war-crimes ammunition
  240. Outrage against big pharma!
  241. Uganda: Upcoming elections and ongoing US influence, an interview with Milton Allimad
  242. The longest trade embargo in the history of the world
  243. Bomani Shakur (Keith LaMar), innocent on death row
  244. Boycott Michigan! Jail Snyder, cronies for Flint lead poisoning, domestic terrorism,
  245. CURB responds to CDCR’s new master plan: ‘A concerning vision of a more powerful pris
  246. Congresswoman Waters urges Secretary Kerry not to support flawed elections in Haiti
  247. ‘Annotated Tears: America’s Auschwitz’
  248. Fighting for justice: It’s a unity thing
  249. Mumia in the crosshairs: Stop efforts to murder him by medical neglect
  250. Covered California ‘Big Sunday’ connects with more than 500 African American churches