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  1. For Immediate Release-cyril Neville Of Neville Brother
  2. Link Your Site to Assata Speaks! (Banners)
  3. Secrets of the Sphinx
  4. The Coming Of The New Age
  6. Alert
  7. What do some continental Africans suggest be done about Africa?
  8. Dinner at 250.00 a plate
  9. Trust Factor
  10. Great site!
  11. Brain Washing-Redemption Song-Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery
  12. What does it mean TO BE AFRIKAN?
  13. A Love Lost
  14. A Hip Hop Clothing Store Called 'Nigger'
  15. tom joyner latest
  16. Africa owned Miles...
  17. Blacks in trouble and need Black advice by ALTON H. MADDOX JR.
  18. In My House There Are Many Mansions
  19. Speech Question
  20. The truth about drugs and Black america?
  21. No Citizenship Required to Die for George Bush
  22. Adversities/Adversary
  23. Self-hate is a form mental slavery that results in poverty, ignorance and crime
  24. Males understand power by doing powerful things. Females just understand power
  25. Every woman is every other woman trying to figure out who she is
  26. A Season and a Reason
  27. Black revolution
  28. The Africa you never see
  29. "suicide bombers" that surrender ROTFLBAO!!
  30. Progesterex
  31. Elect Elaine Brown!
  32. Hope for the African (copied)
  33. McKinney reopens 9/11 hearings
  34. Viewing Afrikan Language Fonts in the Afrikan Language Forum
  35. 'Afrikan Alphabets: The Story of Writing in Afrika' by Safi Mafundikwa
  36. Iran to restart nuclear work
  37. Japanese dreads baby (lol)
  38. Théophile Obenga
  39. Today (www.afromerica.com-BACK TO THEE PYRAMID Honorable-Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala[
  40. Something I an beginning to realize
  41. Typesetting Afrikan Languages
  43. Knowledge Quest: Indigenous Amerikan Women + Afrikan Men
  45. Treaty Gives CIA Powers over Irish Citizens
  46. The Language You Cry In
  47. U.S. blacks using DNA tests to trace their roots to Africa
  48. InQuiring Mind: BEHEADING members
  49. Is english a Universal Language???
  50. Gettin it off yah Nerve...... (Throw a Temper Tantrum)
  51. Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome
  52. Bomb Scare Empties New York City's Penn Station
  53. UK Muslims alarmed after police shoot wrong man
  54. Man Shot by London Police Not Connected to Bombings
  55. Find Thee Goddess you are
  56. Shake, Rattle and Roll-The Heat Is On-Showtime-World War III
  57. Slaver Re-enactment Leaves African Actors Disputing Interpretation
  58. Are Black Women Scaring Off Their Men?
  59. Amerikkkans Cope With Record Temperatures
  60. Man Killed In U.K. Was Not Linked To Blasts
  61. Patriot Act Now PERMANENT
  62. we must rise!
  63. Rallies against Pakistan crackdown
  64. Black People of Mother Africa Need Whites to Get the Hell Out
  65. I/We Got the Power. Ha!
  66. Wholism, Interconnectedness and Interdependence in the Afrikan Worldview
  67. New Age - One Mind?(do You Want A Chip Inside Your Body?)
  68. Twilight Thought-by Tony Dodd
  69. THE TRUTH IS BURIED--Thoughts by a Teenager (age 16)
  70. Exhumation Mulled In Civil Rights Case
  71. UK "Bombing" Today-another "TEST"
  72. She Hate Me
  73. Global Piso Spell Machine
  74. BackTo Thee Pyramid-www.afromerica.com
  75. The Weapons and Tools of Mass Reconstruction
  76. Los Ageles Holice Shooting Of A Toddler
  77. Discrimination Delimas: Rebok'd Racism
  78. Smoking cessation 7/20/05
  79. A Hair Revolution
  80. Who Were/Are the Greatest Afrikan Thinkers of All Time?
  81. Paradigms of Re-Afrikanization
  82. Ex Panther David Hilliard & Fredrika Newton Seek Trademark "Burn Baby Burn" for Hot..
  83. Prophet Yahweh
  84. Rape Spurs Anti-Hispanic Backlash in Ohio
  85. 25 Most Dangerous cities in america
  86. This is beyond funny...
  87. G-8 Aid is not Fair Trade
  88. Crackhouse Law: A Rock and a Hard Place
  89. Ruin-Ridden Religiosity-By Mankind Olawale Oyewumi
  90. Color Blind ; Teens Say Interracial Dating is a Much Bigger Deal for Their Parents' G
  91. PTAH Sasetem Adesua (Workshop) 7/30/05
  92. Africans Put In German Zoo Exhibit
  93. Do we put our melanin to good use?
  94. Are you truly an original black woman?
  95. Sudan ex-rebel joins government
  96. Whites fear exclusion in new S. Africa
  97. 2002 Bush RAPE CASE
  98. Africa Must Put Its Own Languages On the Internet
  99. Bill Giving Native Hawaiians Sovereignty Is Too Much for Some, Too Little for Other
  100. Mexico's black minority demands apology for stamps
  101. Africa Still Needs Revolutionaries
  102. The Wrong Concept of God:Keeps a People Powerless and Aids the Slave Master
  103. Chatroom Brainstorming Session Scheduled
  104. Should We Be Satisfied ? Why Not Return Them All ?
  105. Unborn Babies Soaked In Chemicals
  106. Serena Williams Rumor: A Modern Willie Lynch Letter ?
  107. Being Real About Provacative Dress
  108. Black People and who are we?
  109. Afrikan Woman-Time To Redecorate Our Soul
  110. Jamaica is in Mexico?
  111. Top Chinese general warns US over attack
  112. Rastafari...are you?
  113. Exposing Oneself !
  114. Los Angeles Blacks In Worse Condition
  115. Whitewashing??
  116. Super Power Principles - US terrorism against Cuba
  117. My letter to Tavis Smiley
  118. Economic Decline & the Color Line-Prt I:The Racial Consequences of Conservative Eco
  119. Social Change Organizers of Color Invited to Apply for Alston/Bannerman Fellowship
  120. 10 Worst Places to Be Black
  121. Half-Black/Half-Palestinian Baby Denied
  122. Young Speaker in Georgia
  123. Child Welfare System Almost As Damaging As Slavery For Black Families
  124. Get an Assata T-Shirt!
  125. US Bumrushes Baseball Out of the Olympics
  126. Intro to the Worldview of KMT
  127. Don't mess with their money....
  128. Old School Love
  129. Dialogue vs. Debate...What DO WE DO?
  130. Greetings from Ghana
  131. Assata Shakur's response to Dr. Mutulu Shakur
  132. What is Happily Natural Day?
  134. Revolution is Bloody
  135. Language, Identity and Power By Kwame Ture
  136. On Our Afrikan Interests
  137. Divine Forces in Haiti: Symbology in Writing
  138. Article by Kathleen Cleaver On Assata Shakur
  139. Happy Birthday Mama Assata
  140. Kola Boof!!!
  141. Risky Rx For Parkinson's
  142. Hustlin' Ho's for Holly'hood
  143. Afrikan Symbols
  144. African Philosophy: Myth and Reality
  145. POCC International Top 10 Revolutionary Sites
  146. The Allafricaradio Is The Voice Of Africa
  147. Monogenetic Theory of Humanity "Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop"
  148. The Psychology of Blacks
  149. Single African Currency
  150. G8 Summit, London bombing – some reactions
  151. Wonder Woman vs. George W. Bush
  152. It Shouldn't Take Centuries to Correct Racial Crimes
  153. London Bridges Falling Down
  154. Character Assassination!!
  155. Jesus Puzzle
  156. Hair Scare!!! Sister Please Read...
  157. Good short film on "Evil"
  158. To Thee True Afrika Queen Goddesses
  159. Sistahs On The Run - Black Women in Exile
  160. Live 8 Short on Africans The Benevolence of Rock Stars Is Not Enough
  161. Sistahs On The Run - Black Women in Exile
  162. London is World Terror Headquarters
  163. You Nubians.... LOOK at what you do... !!!
  164. Dwt: A Tool for Breaking the Chains of Psychological Slavery
  165. Decolonizing the African Mind: Further Analysis and Strategy
  166. Hallmarks of the Four Tyrannical Counterfeits
  167. Question,Feedback would be wonderful....
  168. Africa's Place In The World: African Renaissance In The 21 Century
  169. A Companion to African Philosophy: Edited By: KWASI WIREDU
  170. An Essay on African Philosophical Thought: The Akan Conceptual Scheme
  171. Ngugi Wa Thiong'o: The Future of African Literature
  172. Afrikan Philosophy Resources
  173. R We Still Slaves?
  174. Four Blasts Hit London
  175. The New Colin Ferguson Says There's a Race War Going On
  176. Hip Hop Activist Resistance Movement
  177. NASA Sued for Hitting Comet w/ Probe.
  178. Oldest Afrikan Language? With a script?
  179. Tell em why you madd son!!!!!
  180. Where Is Sister Assata?
  181. I like to start trouble
  182. A question I would like to ask.............
  183. Counter-Racism Radio Network
  184. Frederick Douglass: "What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?"
  185. G8 Debt Relief is Bad Business for Africa
  186. Africa Requires Self-Help
  187. Fela Anikulapo Kuti
  188. Under~Utilization...Reasons?
  189. BLACK MIDDLE CLASS? FOR REAL???? no!!!!
  190. BLACK MIDDLE CLASS? 'Fo real????
  191. I know it's been said over and over
  192. call for end to African poverty
  193. The 4th of U lie
  194. Revolution And Reconstruction: Words For African Posterity
  195. Pigs Arrest 181 African Men
  196. Remember & Teach 'bout Ancestors!
  197. Damn Shame
  198. Luther Vandross Dies, age 54
  199. No MAS
  200. Aid for Africa - where Hip Hop at???
  201. ~afrikan Creed~
  202. FEd Ex and Kinkos
  203. Lawsuit To Prove Government Made HIV Virus
  204. Kola Boof & Children Documentary video Online
  205. Haitians in Amerikkka may help to rebuild Haiti
  206. Cracka who beat an African charged with hate crime
  207. Tell Me...What does it all mean
  208. Sambo south of the Border
  209. Instead of a million more marc on washington
  210. Excellent (from another board)
  211. Defend African Resistance, Fight for Black Power Mobilization: November
  212. Anatomy of a police shooting
  213. Greek Frat Has Strong Roots In Homosexuality
  214. WEALTH FROM Michelin is based on theft from natural resourses of Moma Africa
  215. More Companies Owned Slaves
  216. Revolutionary Talk
  217. Rape As A Weapon Of War
  218. Again Just Sharing My thoughts
  219. Should We Realy Trust Them To Help Us Research Our Past ?
  220. Politicians Pursue Lynching Charges
  221. State Secret: Thousands Secretly Sterilized
  222. Iran's President Says He'll Move Forward With Nuclear Program
  223. Black And Latino Divide
  224. Yt Invests In Moma Africa
  225. The Instructions of Ptah Hotep
  226. What is the difference between The Afrikan Worldview and The european Worldview?
  227. Do Afrikan Languages Play A Significant Role in Our Liberation?
  228. States Bar Teen Drivers Using Cell Phones
  229. Pentagon Creating Student Database For Recruiting
  230. Posada lawyer wants case moved to Florida
  231. From Another Site Great Read
  232. Id Cards Used To Discriminate
  233. Bush to push for new nuclear power plants, more refineries
  234. If you could change the course of history
  235. Poor Oprah...does Anyone Care???
  236. Whiteboy rapes black family's dog
  237. More Companies will share Wachovia's Slavery Woes
  238. US donates 50,000 metric tonnes of supplies to North Korea
  239. Asalaam Alaikum
  240. End the Travel Ban to Cuba Pettition
  241. Fda Approves Controversial Heart Medication For Africans
  242. Photo Of Australian Soldiers Wearing White Hoods Lik The Kkk
  243. Yahoo Closes Chat Rooms Over Sex Content
  244. The Dogon People
  245. Zoo sparks row over 'tribesmen' props for animals
  246. Empowerment Groups for Urban African American Girls: A Response
  247. Lawmaker Wants School Requirement Changed
  248. Yt Gets Off Easy Once Again
  249. Supreme Court Rules Cities May Seize Homes
  250. F***ed Up