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  1. Oscar Brown Jr., 78 - Jazzman gave back to community
  2. Need Some Info
  3. THE BRIDGE The Black Top Ten: Evidence of Racism
  4. Miami Police Strike Again: Black Educator Under Attack Fears For His Life!
  5. Too Much Unity???
  6. Rapper Addresses Northwestern U., Advocates Education
  7. Salon Accused of 'Black Hair' Surcharge
  8. A motorcycle mecca stirs up questions of race
  9. Tupac Shakur's Mom to Open Arts Center In Atlanta
  10. Cave Paintings From Austrilia 5,000 To 10,000 Years Ago
  11. Celestial Eyes Afrikan Juliett, where are thou? For Sisters Only
  12. Celestial Eyes Afrikan Romeo, where are thou? For Brothers Only
  13. 21 Things African Americans Need To Do According To Tavis Smiley
  14. Apology for my post
  15. Afeni Shakur Announces Opening Date For Tupac Amaru Shakur Center
  16. Dead Prez, Mos Def Joins Hands Off Assata Shakur Campaign
  17. Community Economics
  18. Akyeame Kwame Goes to Atlanta
  19. Vice Lordz
  20. Afrikan-Centered Linguistic Tradition Re-examined
  21. Medew Nefer Good Speech
  22. Which Afrikan Languages have you learned/are you Interested in Learning and Why?
  23. Michigan Pastor Who Fights for the Poor ... Arrested
  24. Help with my project!!!
  25. The Basis Of Black-Latino Unity Is Not Political
  26. Revolutionaries Huntsville to B'Ham Alabama?
  27. Reactionaries Or Revolutionaries
  28. For MY People
  29. I have a question
  30. Bloody Ice and Hip-Hop
  31. Assata Shakur!
  32. Egyptian Hieroglyphs
  33. Alton Maddox on Thurgood Marshall
  34. The Pigs want my blood
  36. Lay This Body Down: The 1921 Murders of Eleven Plantation Slaves
  37. Maā Kheru (‘speaker of truth’): Ancient Egyptian Thought and Scribal Education
  38. US government child sex ring
  39. Interview d’Adama Samassékou, président de L’Académie africaine des langues
  40. Just Wondering
  41. From Pharoah To Negro!
  43. ::FBI Cointelpro War On Black America::
  44. Afrikan Baby Names
  45. Jobless youth 'biggest threat to SA security'
  46. Why spell Afrika with a K?
  47. Our Future
  48. Chiquita's Children
  49. Kwaku-Ifayekunu my thoughts
  50. Mississippi native earns poetry honor -California's second poet laureate
  52. Questionnaire For World-view Analysis
  53. Bolekaja! “Come on down, let’s fight!”
  54. Worldview in Language: Language and Thought
  55. Worldview in Language: Identity and Relationship
  56. Afrikan Languages and Linguistics on the Internet
  57. Post of the Month
  58. Desecration of Afrikan Warriors Brother Omowale Malcolm X
  59. Thread of the Month
  60. Teaching Race in Venezuela
  61. Enough is enough
  62. Erase Third World Debt
  63. Cultural Unity of Akan and Yoruba Worldview as Expressed through Myth
  64. The Problem of the 21st Century: The Color Line
  65. Is L.A.’s New Latino Mayor A Threat to Blacks’ Clout?
  66. Galloway: Usa Senate Testimony
  67. no sense
  68. Rare Malcolm X Memorabilia Goes on Display in NYC’s Schomburg Center
  69. CEO of GE Subsidiary Files Lawsuit Accusing Firm of Discriminating
  70. Mexican President's Racial Remark
  71. The Browning and Yellowing of Whiteness
  72. African caged in the Bronx Zoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  73. THE GREAT PYRAMID - men fear time but time fear the pyramid
  74. US Trying To BumRush Cuba: karen Lee Wal On Assata & Posada
  75. Photos: The terrible suffering of the people of Congo (former Zaire)
  76. Information on NBPP?
  77. This was sent to me in answer to a question about Al Sharpton
  78. In Support Of Assata
  79. Important "May" Dates,
  80. yt/arab Theft of Ancient KMT Continues
  81. Afrikans = Humans
  83. Excuses Excuses: Conclusion
  84. Nuclear Weapons, Iran and Israel
  85. School for Johns; Arrested for soliciting sex, men wind up in a Brooklyn classroom
  86. Al's Secret Admirers F.E.C. Filings reveal that Sharpton has friends in high places
  87. NLPC Chairman Welcomes FBI Probe of Sharpton
  88. Attorney raids Detroit restaurateur La-Van Hawkins' posh condo
  89. Not American at all
  90. Afrikan Language Bibliographies Online!!!
  91. Attention: St. Pete Times Preparing Attack on Uhuru
  92. Online Afrikan Language Dictionaries
  93. Mandinka Language Resources
  94. Excessive force costs airport officer his job
  95. 4 Men to Receive Light Sentences for Assault
  96. Leprosy originated in Africa or Near East - study
  97. black boys disappeared from London schools
  98. DNA Study Yields Clues on First Migration of Early Humans
  99. Afrikan Language Textbooks and Resources
  100. Summer Cooperative Afrikan Language Institute: Get Paid to Learn an Afrikan Language
  101. A Brief Word on Afrikan Languages
  102. Afrikan Proverbs on Vengeance and Reciprocity
  103. The BlackCellent Afrikan Concepts Of The Day
  104. Bâmbuka
  105. Provincinal Gov't
  106. House passes tough anti-gang bill
  107. A Tribe Called...What???
  109. Castro defends Assata Shakur!!!
  110. DC Snipers To Stand Trial in Md.
  111. Lacking on John Africa**
  112. Who is this?????????
  113. Zombies In Cambodia
  114. Has this ever happend to you?
  115. Dead cat wins woman $45,000 award
  116. What Are Your Thoughs On The Zulu King, Shaka?
  117. amerikkka’s Black Holocaust Museum
  118. Wealthiest Countries in Africa
  119. Black Discuss Other Boards
  120. Global Tax Almost A Reality
  121. My Sister Assata!
  122. Amusement Park Manager Faces Murder Trial
  123. Americans Aren't Planning for Hurricanes
  124. Investigation Vowed in L.A. Shooting
  125. Kenya: Death by land
  126. Lessons from MOM
  127. Congo: White King , Red Rubber, Black Death
  128. Africans Take It To The Streets In St. Pete
  129. Uhurus march seeking deputy's prosecution
  130. Good Common Sense Warning
  131. Saddening
  132. Silent Weapons 4 Quiet Wars
  133. Who the hell is this fool?!! "Black redneckS"??
  134. black woman missing and it hasnt been on cnn, foxnews or msnbc
  135. Hip Hop DROP Squad Needed ASAP!
  136. Assata Commentary
  137. "America's High Tech "Invisible Man"
  138. Police Reopen Atlanta Child-Killing Cases
  139. Farrakhan Plans Millions-Strong Fete to March
  140. Recommend any Books for the yoruba language.
  142. protest pics from anti-Bush supporters in Europe
  143. UN Definition of Genocide: Do WE Qualify Yet???
  144. EXPOSE * Outsourced, Please Pay Attention As This IS NOT A
  145. Ghetto Brawls and Exploitation
  146. This Shit Has To Stop
  147. Raising the Man you Despise\A Message to the Sisters
  148. Autistic Children
  149. Body to Be Exhumed in 1955 Racial Killing
  150. Modern day slavery in Pakistan- Women & child trafficking
  151. Black Leaders Want New Million Man March
  152. Pro-black African Teacher Ousted In Atl - Students Protest
  154. U.S. Department of Justice Posted $1M bounty for the capture of Assata Shakur
  155. Check These Pigs!!!
  156. What did You Do Today (For Yourself/Afrikan People/Afrikan Liberation)
  157. yeah i'm really gettin heated
  158. Christians And Warfare
  159. bureau of prisons
  160. Colonizer's Languages or Afrikan Languages???
  161. What is TRUTH ???
  162. Letting in the Draft
  163. The Struggle Around Afrikan/amerikkkan Political Prisoners
  164. Lest WE forget--Mary Turner and the Innocent Afrikans Murdered in Valdosta 1918
  165. Scientists find deafness gene through mutant mice
  166. Whitney's Rehab: Mommy's Orders?
  167. Food services company Sodexho Inc. Settles Large Racial Bias Case
  168. Check this Copwatch Site...
  169. Afrikan Proverb of the Day
  170. Duped by Bush: the Persistent Vegetative State of America
  171. Professor G. A. Oyibo Correct BIO and Press Release
  172. Florida Expands Right to Use Deadly Force in Self-Defense
  173. Earl Wilson, a Pitcher, '68 World Series Winner, 1st Blk Signed by Boston Red Sox
  174. Playwright August Wilson's 100-Year Memory
  175. Afrikans in America prior to slavery...
  176. Uhuru Destroys Display of Lynching
  177. It's all going Whyte.......
  178. U.S. OKs Bunker Buster Bombs for Israel
  179. Residents demonstrate in St. Pete
  180. What The Media Wont Tell Us.
  181. NBA/NFL Draft ain't no different then a Slave Sale
  182. What do you do?
  183. Rent-a-Negro
  184. Fred Hampton's Son is Free!
  185. Asia strips Africa's textile industry
  186. White Mans Burden
  187. Amadou Diallo based online movie
  188. 13th Amendment/Word Play/Tricknology/Propaganda (modern day slavery in mississippi)
  189. Whachu say?! That was NOT funny!!
  190. God's original thought
  191. Black Looks: Musings and Rants by an African Fem
  192. Are You a Black Man? Don’t go to Russia!
  193. Nigerian Men and their Foreign Wives
  194. Racist Flyers Target Blacks At U. of Cinncinati
  195. Pinellas Deputy Kills 19-Old During Drug Raid
  196. Black Is Beautiful!! / Touch One-Touch All!!
  197. Fair Trade Federation
  198. A Dedication to the White Man
  199. Cell phone video captures alleged police 'excessive force'
  200. Will a California Woman Be the Next Clarence Thomas
  201. The Congressional Black Carcass
  202. Posting for critique and correction
  203. Chinese Prejudiced Against Condi Because She's A Black Woman
  204. 5 Year Old Afrikan Girl Arrested By The Pigs, Caught On Tape!!
  205. Storm - Co-mod Of Queens United
  206. Tear it apart!
  207. Global exchange Afrikan programs.
  208. Iraq - Let a Thousand Militias Bloom
  209. No Matter Where We Travel, There’s No Better Tie that Binds Us than Our Blackness
  210. Eat More Chocolate!
  211. UN Monitor 'Outraged' by Violence against Women and Children in DRC
  212. HAPPY EARTH DAY Elisa_Keisha
  213. Fuc a pig (humor)
  214. Nanobacteria in Clouds May Spread Diseases Around the World
  215. Delphoi And Homer
  216. Professor Gabriel Audu Oyibo--Four time nominee for Nobel Peace Prize --PART TWO
  217. New POPE??
  218. Black Trap 4: Plague of Short-term Thinking
  219. good news people!
  220. Secret Instructions of the Jesuits SUPER SALE
  221. BOXES (false realities/illusions)
  222. Who Do They Exactly Think That This Guy Is?
  223. Brotha shoots pig with his own gun
  224. Chicago Shootout: Pigs On Pig
  225. The Afrikan Birth right (Imaginology)
  226. Finger Licking Good...
  227. Emergency plans often ignore disabled.
  228. Forgotten hate crime victims.
  229. Racial slur sparks discussion on tolerance.
  230. A Rose In the Cement
  231. Rhode Island: Events In The African Community
  232. Black Universities Make Strides
  233. Brian Nichols back for first appearance at courthouse since shootings
  234. Seven-Story-High Wave Hits Cruise Ship
  235. NBA player calls NBA Age Limit Racist
  236. Black Wall Street/if You Don't Know..
  237. National Security Council Memo-46 Undermine Black leadership, the Black Community
  238. What Does TTDC Family Of Sites Mean To The Liberation Of Afrikan People?
  239. Black Consciousness IQ Questionnaire
  240. The Unbeatable Black Queen!
  241. What Happens After We Die?
  242. Blackout on the Liberal Airwaves: Ethnic Cleansing at Air America
  243. Salon ownership affords African-American women a comfortable living
  244. Their Will Be Done
  245. ..." Damn...ignorance is the only evil; the only pain that there is...
  246. Motherhood dwelling of African femininity
  247. Uses of Marijuana
  248. Do Other Blacks Want Us, Or Are We Alone?
  249. Blacks And Jews?
  250. what's africa mean?