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  1. Kenneth Harding Jr. Foundation third annual coat drive Dec. 18 in Oakland, Dec. 20 in
  2. Jesse Perez prevails: Prison guards found liable for retaliatory abuse of California’
  3. Rev. Pinkney, marking one year in prison, endures the routine lies of prison official
  4. Burundi: Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee hears testimony on political crisis
  5. Author Leroy Moore releases new book, ‘Black Kripple Delivers Poetry & Lyrics’
  6. All eyes on San Francisco Dec. 15: Tell Supervisors to vote for NO NEW JAIL
  7. Mumia Abu-Jamal: After 34 years of wrongful incarceration, showdown in federal court
  8. Administrative Assistant Wanted
  9. Do you live in a ‘hot spot’? need health insurance? Covered California can help, but
  10. Consider Lighthouse community charter public schools for your K-12 student
  11. ‘I Am San Francisco: (Re)Collecting the Home of Native Black San Franciscans’ coming
  12. New Afrikan Black Panther Party-Prison Chapter’s 10th Anniversary
  13. African American Legion Post 198 to address War Memorial Commission Board of Trustees
  14. Coltrane Church needs to remain in the Jazz Preservation District
  15. Peskin in, jail out
  16. Justice for Mario Woods: #BlackLivesMatter issues demands and Lets Talk Communities a
  17. South Sudanese and Congolese flee from one war zone to another
  18. Concerned USF law students’ statement on SFPD’s killing of Mario Woods
  19. SF police execute again: Community and labor speak out on Mario Woods’ murder
  20. Rwanda: Has Kagame exceeded the limits of his US-EU support?
  21. Mario Woods, 26, executed by SFPD in his own hood
  22. ‘Nat Turner: Following Faith’ playwright Paula Neiman speaks
  23. Award-winning City College Journalism Dept. continues striving for excellence
  24. The grandson of Imam Malik bka Jeff Fort of the Black Stone Rangers speaks on Tyshawn
  25. Introducing Mayor Ed Lee’s new director of continued Black marginalization
  26. CHOOSE1 files new initiative to reform California’s Three Strikes law
  27. The time is now to stop the SF Jail
  28. Wanda’s Picks for December 2015
  29. Shirley Chisholm awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom
  30. Celebrating the life of legendary community organizer Regina Douglas
  31. From solitary confinement at Pelican Bay, Jesse Perez sues his guards for retaliation
  32. ‘To My Unborn Sons and Daughters, I’ll Make You Proud’ author Yakub Bey talks about w
  33. The ENOUGH Project calls for a conflict-free Black Friday
  34. ‘May your spirit be with us’: Prisoners recall Comrade Hugo ‘Yogi’ Pinell
  35. Win transit justice: Lateefah for BART!
  36. I had to write on brown paper bags when these rogues came and confiscated everybody’s
  37. The man beaten and choked at a Donald Trump rally tells his story
  38. Rwanda conscripts Burundian refugees into new ‘rebel force’: an interview with Jeff D
  39. Georgia DOC’s Tier II Program, extreme solitary confinement, is dehumanizing torture
  40. Inside prison or out, be a hero today, save a life that might be lost to suicide
  41. Black Lives Matter Solidarity Statement from First Nation Peoples on National Day of
  42. ‘Big Ole Pretty Girls’ founder Yolanda Y’Netta speaks
  43. #LaquanMcDonald: As video released, cop charged with murder 1, activists demand Polic
  44. Imprisoned people facing medical neglect and violence: Family members and organizers
  45. The 1st annual Tahuti’s Ball!
  46. Prisoners, where is thy victory?
  47. Morongo Band of Mission Indians gives over 900 Thanksgiving turkeys to needy in San F
  48. Do Black lives matter behind prison walls?
  49. Sister shares story about police profiling and beating her autistic brother
  50. Burundi: Insurgents claim attack on presidential palace
  51. Defiant Haiti: ‘We won’t let you steal these elections!’
  52. The Ricky Davis affair: A Hurricane Katrina story
  53. From 5M to The End (of SoMa): How does a corporation wipe out an entire community?
  54. The successful Black Urban Growers conference
  55. US State Department warns Rwandan dissident to evade assassins
  56. Alicia Garza honored at Harvard: One equal temper of heroic hearts
  57. Rwanda: Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals to rule in Munyakazi case
  58. SF Supervisors split over controversial jail plan, communities demand alternatives to
  59. Ohio death row political prisoner Bomani Shakur (Keith LaMar) speaks
  60. ‘To Protect and Serve Who?’ Mumia’s new pamphlet on organizing to abolish police viol
  61. CBS Radio seeks Digital Sales Planner
  62. Increased African-American enrollment is key goal in Year 3 of Affordable Care Act
  63. Booker T. Washington Community Service Center seeks volunteer Homework Helpers
  64. Rainbow’s End Cafe in Sacramento seeks Office Assistant
  65. The 6th annual successful Silicon Valley African Film Fest does it again
  66. Do you really Love your Enemy???
  67. Rev. Pinkney: I believe Berrien County officials have put a hit on me, inside the pri
  68. That’s me in the picture next to Quentin Tarantino
  69. ‘There’s no life without dance’: Mbongui Square Festival brings African dancers to Sa
  70. F**k france
  71. Canada and Justin Trudeau in Africa
  72. Pras of the Fugees talks about his new film, ‘Sweet Micky for President’ of Haiti
  73. Keith LaMar (Bomani Shakur) and other Lucasville prisoners on hunger strike since Nov
  74. San Francisco Port Commission seeks Parking Lot Operators, submittals due Dec. 17
  75. Stone Ramsey invades the street lit genre
  76. Prison guards face jury in retaliatory abuse of solitary confinement case – pack the
  77. 3 lessons from University of Missouri President Tim Wolfe’s resignation
  78. Berkeley High students fight racist attacks: Navigating the shoals of increasing raci
  79. The revolt of the Zanj (Blacks)
  80. Claude Gatebuke speaks on Kagame, Burundi and more
  81. Will the West create its next failed state in Burundi?
  82. Maafa 2015: We remember the ancestors
  83. Tosha Stimage’s Sandra Bland art piece is at Dia de los Muertos
  84. Opus for Work can help you find on-demand jobs
  85. National Afrikan Amerikan Family Reunion Association (NAAFRA) launches campaign to en
  86. Wanda’s Picks for November 2015
  87. Third Street Stroll …
  88. A father’s journey
  89. The ‘First Friday’ doc premieres this week at the New Parkway
  90. All Of Us Or None, founder of ‘Ban the Box’ campaign, applauds President Obama for ba
  91. African Great Lakes Region wracked by presidential succession struggles
  92. Black Satanism and Ritual
  93. Thandisizwe Chimurenga on Black women victims of police terrorism
  94. Political prisoners for 45 years – yet Mondo and Ed live lives that matter
  95. On the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March, Blacks demand ‘Justice or else’
  96. Comrades hail hero and martyr Hugo Pinell
  97. Fact finding delegation reports an electoral coup now in process in Haiti
  98. FCC cuts predatory phone rates to reconnect prisoners’ families
  99. Black women leaders outraged by police violence against South Carolina student
  100. Stop the disproportionate incarceration of Black and Brown men, women and youth in Sa
  101. The response to ‘George Jackson in the Sun of Palestine’
  102. Tactical targeting of iconic activist Hugo Pinell
  103. Mack reports back from their South Africa trip
  104. Kiva in SF: Local entrepreneurs receive crowdfunded loans to serve their communities
  105. Congresswoman Maxine Waters questions RAD, calls for more public housing protections
  106. Get your Prop 47 convictions reclassified, even if you are not in California
  107. SF Housing Authority seeks Standby Generator Maintenance
  108. Valencia Gardens accepting applications 11/9 through 11/13
  109. Attica book ban
  110. Day of reflection on Victoire Ingabire’s heroic sacrifice
  111. Georgia, land of peanuts, pecans and prisons, has always been a penal colony
  112. Reflection on IDEA, our nation’s special education law
  113. Not all state agencies are created equal
  114. ‘Writing My Life,’ an interview wit’ musician Maya Songbird
  115. Women’s prisons as sites of resistance: An interview with Victoria Law
  116. Stand firm collectively and denounce the actions that caused the death of Hugo ‘Yogi’
  117. ‘Together to End Solitary’ unites activists nationwide
  118. Profiled by race and disability in Ottawa, Canada
  119. Until we win: Black labor and liberation in the disposable era
  120. Victory for South African youth: Besieged Zuma announces 0% university fee increases
  121. An attack on Serena’s physique is one I take personally
  122. Brother Hugo Pinell: The tragic loss of a true servant
  123. San Francisco Black community demands a real housing plan
  124. Prison officials, ACA inspectors ignore contaminated water in Texas prisons
  125. From privatization to reparations
  126. Healthy Hearts Campaign takes off in Bayview
  127. Help ensure justice for all at votelegal.com – last day to vote Tuesday, Oct. 20!
  128. Bay Area Black doctor plots to repatriate to South Africa
  129. Representative or the represented?
  130. Election 2015: The fight for voting rights and sovereignty in Haiti
  131. Like Syria, Burundi is a war theater: the China-Russia axis vs. the US-EU axis
  132. The real criminals in Sonoma County: A statement from the Police Accountability Clini
  133. Unity Sunday: Replace poverty with a plateau of plenty
  134. Stanley Nelson’s ‘The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution’ is the best short i
  135. Imprisoned on Treasure Island
  136. ‘Beasts of No Nation’
  137. Tasers in Berkeley?
  138. Black Farmers’ Lives Matter: Defending African-American land and agriculture in the D
  139. The Black Urban Growers Conference is at Laney in Oakland this weekend
  140. Bolivian President Evo Morales honors Leonard Peltier, National Lawyers Guild joins c
  141. Seven things we learned from Thabo Sefolosha’s trial
  142. Documentary filmmaker speaks on Ousmane Sembène, father of African cinema
  143. David Cameron’s visit to Jamaica: Amusing and dangerous
  144. When will the truth be told? The Black presence in America before Columbus
  145. The Blue Angels air show: San Francisco’s choice
  146. NYPD on trial: NBA player Thabo Sefolosha fights back after police beating
  147. Black San Franciscans protest growing poverty as rich San Franciscans meet President
  148. The spirit of Oakland Blues legend Augusta Lee Collins lives on …
  149. Contra Costa County begins counting Richmond anti-rent control petition signatures
  150. In largest one-time release, 6,000 inmates will walk out of federal prison
  151. ‘Went in like Gestapo’: Sonoma sheriffs’ bloody rampage
  152. Comrades of Malcolm Shabazz remember him on his 31st birthday
  153. Mansour Id-Deen of the Berkeley NAACP speaks on Barbara Lee funding 18 new cops
  154. Dr. George W. Davis Senior Residence affordable apartments — apply by Oct. 28
  155. The Broken Windows Theory is broken
  156. Menard hunger strike, Sept. 23-28: Trying to make it better for the next person who r
  157. Burundi accuses Rwanda of training rebels for cross border attacks
  158. Physician Janette Sherman on US gun mania
  159. Apply by Nov. 3 for Large Scholarships for High-Achieving, Low-Income High School Stu
  160. Rwanda: Nahimana asks why the US wants to deport Munyakazi
  161. Shafia Monroe, founder of the International Center for Traditional Childbearing, seek
  162. How to Win the War on Whites
  163. Hugo Pinell, like George Jackson, shall ever be an example of New Afrikan manhood: th
  164. Messing with Major
  165. The water and the wind, a song for Dedon
  166. Burkina Faso: France, the US and the spirit of Sankara
  167. More street trees coming to Bayview Hunters Point in November
  168. Third Street Stroll …
  169. 2,000+ Bayview residents celebrate learning at BMAGIC’s backpack giveaway
  170. Gracias for the anti-solitary class action settlement from a named plaintiff
  171. The cost of criminalizing homelessness just went up by $1.9 billion
  172. First fruits: Celebrating the future of our village
  173. Summary of settlement terms in anti-solitary confinement class action, Ashker v. Brow
  174. Don’t be fooled by ‘Inclusive Capitalism’ – it’s still a disaster!
  175. Mumia Abu-Jamal’s eighth book: ‘Writing on the Wall’
  176. A-APRP comrade speaks on the work of the late Dedon Kamathi
  177. Largest rent control petition in San Francisco history denied, Midtown residents vow
  178. Update from Menard: Hunger strike resumes Sept. 23
  179. Joe Debro on racism in construction, Part 12
  180. In loving memory of Elzie Byrd, hero of Geneva Towers
  181. The Matatu Festival of Stories is in full swing
  182. Eva Contreraz: San Quentin Adjustment Center from my perspective
  183. Who gets hepatitis C drugs? Who pays?
  184. As sheriff, John Robinson will aim to reduce disproportionate Black and Brown incarce
  185. Good men, not worst of the worst
  186. Oakland’s Black Spirituals is a headliner at Matatu Festival of Stories
  187. Below market rate rental units available at Stevenson Lofts, 529 Stevenson & 550 Jess
  188. Chef Bryant Terry speaks on food justice
  189. Richmond’s Donte Clark, the King of Spoken Word?
  190. World politics: 4 years after Qaddafi, 2 years after Chavez
  191. Gordon Parks, genius at work
  192. Build unity: Don’t let CDC undermine the Agreement to End Hostilities
  193. Bernie Sanders files bill to ban private prisons for federal, state and local prisone
  194. An open letter to Bernie Sanders about Hugo Chavez
  195. Revolutionary eulogy by Texas Chicano POW-political prisoner Alvaro Luna Hernandez fo
  196. Visual artist Mahader Tesfai takes center stage in the Town
  197. Cuba to release 3,522 prisoners on the eve of Pope Francis’ visit; why can’t Obama do
  198. Regime change refugees on the shores of Europe
  199. For Mumia, we demand no retaliatory transfer and treatment to cure his Hepatitis C no
  200. Dominican Republic apartheid
  201. Part 5: She was homeless, so cops and Child Protective Services took her kids
  202. It takes a village to send African American students to college!
  203. Dedon Kamathi: To challenge the U.S. Empire
  204. Part 4: She was homeless, so cops and Child Protective Services took her kids
  205. Doc on Ethopian singer Asknaketch Worku screens in Oakland at Matatu Fest
  206. Part 3B: Toxic stachybotrys mold, the silent killer, sickens Treasure Island family
  207. Rwanda: Supporters of scholar Léopold Munyakazi struggle to stop his deportation from
  208. Part 3A: She was homeless, so cops and Child Protective Services took her kids, then
  209. Remembering Dedon Kamathi
  210. Karima Al-Amin speaks on the health of her husband, Imam Jamil Al-Amin
  211. How big money stole Richmond’s renters’ protections in less than a month
  212. Bay Area rapper Paris releases ‘Pistol Politics’
  213. Give peace a chance in South Sudan: An interview with Dr. Horace Campbell
  214. Prisoners report on San Quentin health crisis: Legionella outbreak prompts water shut
  215. San Francisco, World War II and African Americans
  216. From Katrina to Ferguson
  217. The 7th Annual One Love One Heart Reggae Music Festival is in Sac on Sept. 19 and 20
  218. Stop the execution of Imam Jamil, the former H. Rap Brown, by medical neglect in fede
  219. ‘Akiti the Hunter’ brings a Black hero to children’s literature
  220. Aisha Fukushima takes over the planet
  221. Self-sufficiency, self-defense and self-determination: August Wilson’s ‘King Hedley I
  222. Dreadlocks Of Love! Dreads For Friends A Cancer Donation
  223. Tajai of Hieroglyphics speaks on Hiero Day
  224. Paradise’s Theory of Relativity (to End Racism)
  225. California prisoners win historic gains with settlement against solitary confinement
  226. The Formerly Incarcerated and Convicted People’s Conference comes to Oakland
  227. Third Street Stroll 0915
  228. Hugo Lyon Antonio Pinell, aka Daddy
  229. The Scarlet Letter ‘R’: The unveiling of Katrina’s oldest survivor, Racism
  230. South Sudan: African Union commission says oil resources must benefit the people for
  231. KPOO interview: Kiilu Nyasha and Terry Collins remember Hugo ‘Yogi’ Pinell
  232. Oakland PD: ‘We’ve let the dogs out!’
  233. Rebel Diaz’ Ñ Don’t Stop webisode is biggest show on TeleSur English
  234. M1 of dead prez headlines Black Media Appreciation Night 2015 on Sept. 12
  235. Testimony of Everett D. Allen, M.D., former chief physician and surgeon at Pelican Ba
  236. Decolonization not canonization: Enslaver Junipero Serra was no saint
  237. The other death sentence: Deliberate indifference at Corcoran SHU
  238. Raw G talks about her new album, ‘Esperanza’
  239. Death and life of Hugo Pinell
  240. Greg Bridges’ jazz show is now nationally syndicated
  241. Plan Lanmó – the Death Plan: The Clintons, foreign aid and NGOs in Haiti
  242. ‘My Dedon, my Dedon, my Dedon: Dedon Kamathi still ready for the revolution!’
  243. Prisoners speak out about the assassination of Hugo Pinell
  244. In San Francisco, sleeping is a crime: New data shows SFPD giving mountains of ticket
  245. Hugo ‘Yogi’ Pinell, comrade of George Jackson
  246. Dorsey Nunn on Hugo Pinell and the Agreement to End Hostilities: An old man’s opinion
  247. War on Terror? US proxies Ethiopia and Rwanda terrorize their own people
  248. Concerning reactionaries and thugs: The New Black Panther Party
  249. Julian Bond, race man
  250. National Action Network Oakland Technology Academy – FREE CLASSES