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  1. Third Street Stroll …
  2. Chicago shows love to torture survivors
  3. Prison artist uses ‘visual language’ to inspire his brothers
  4. #JusiceForMyMy
  5. 13th Annual Oakland International Film Festival April 2-5
  6. Cops kill every 8 hours in 2015
  7. On leaving solitary confinement after 26 years, I salute all the advocates of progres
  8. With general strikes and marches, Haitians demand government by the people
  9. ‘Hard Times/Good Times’: an interview wit’ rapper T-Rydah
  10. To Hunters Point
  11. Joe Debro on racism in construction, Part 10
  12. Swanson Youth Foundation hosts 1st scholarship gala
  13. Nurse Paul Spector blows the whistle on torture in a California prison
  14. My safari from Pelikkkan Bay
  15. Video: SFPD officer strikes, pepper sprays homeless man
  16. Losing lives while gaining profit: 4 deaths in 2 months is business as usual for CCA
  17. Graduate students host teach-in to address institutionalized racism at UC Berkeley’s
  18. Rwanda: Free Victoire! international webcast
  19. The Jacka remembered: an interview wit’ his producer, Rob Lo
  20. Congresswoman Waters calls for HUD to fulfill its mission, meet nation’s housing need
  21. Centuries of rage: The murder of Oscar Grant III
  22. CBS Radio seeks Promotion Coordinator
  23. Amplify the voices these prisons try to silence: Fight censorship from California to
  24. At 91, President Mugabe leads Zimbabwe, SADC and African Union – with vigor
  25. David Johnson: Modern day griot
  26. Enroll online to Black colleges and universities
  27. Black Lives Matter activists shut down Emeryville Home Depot for 5 hours, demand answ
  28. Jambalaya in my soul: A tribute to Pat Parker
  29. ‘The Diary of Malcolm X’: Champion of Pan-African liberation in his own words
  30. Malcolm X's assassin Al-Mustafa Shabazz aka William X Bradley aka Willie X continues
  31. Rwanda: Deplorable prison conditions for Victoire Ingabire
  32. Haitian man lynched in Dominican Republic park
  33. The value of Black life in America, Part 1
  34. Loretta Lynch’s Rwanda ‘credential’
  35. ‘The Book of Negroes’: Role of British imperialism in the Atlantic slave trade highli
  36. Hundreds of South Carolina prisoners sent to solitary confinement over Facebook
  37. Does Richmond, California, have a progressive majority?
  38. Repression and a green light for murder: The government ‘shout out to the Africans ou
  39. Daguerreotypist Augustus Washington and John Brown’s body
  40. Legendary ‘Queen of Fillmore’ Leola King*leaves proud legacy of struggle against Rede
  41. Judge approves expanding class action suit against solitary confinement to include pr
  42. Project Pull: Paid Summer Internship with City & County of San Francisco
  43. Richmond residents to Chevron: Get your dirty money out of politics
  44. Applications Open for Paid High School Summer Internships
  45. SFCTA (Transportation Authority) seeks Planning, Engineering and Environmental Servic
  46. Grand Jury indicts Brooklyn police officer Peter Liang in the shooting death of Akai
  47. The Black Guerrilla Family and human freedom
  48. P.H. Polk, one of ‘10 essential African-American photographers’
  49. On West Coast, bosses threaten lockout of longshore workers
  50. SF Housing Authority seeks Pest Control Services
  51. Love and Fit Hop: an interview wit’ Stic.man of dead prez
  52. The Bay Area mourns the Jacka
  53. A call for truth and justice in the African Great Lakes Region
  54. Flyaway Productions offers 15 paid summer apprenticeships to girls 14-19 for ‘Girlfly
  55. Fleetwood’s new film, ‘Da Cotton Pickas’
  56. Wanda’s Picks for February 2015
  57. The war on Billie Holiday: The Bureau of Narcotics’ strange obsession
  58. Repealing the lifetime ban on CalFresh and CalWORKs for people with drug felony convi
  59. Third Street Stroll …
  60. Mission Statement of the Free Speech Society
  61. Grandfatherhood: A second chance to get it right
  62. From Selma to San Francisco, BlackLivesMatter from 1963 to 2015
  63. Shipyard workers demand environmental justice
  64. Prisons, gangs, witchhunts and white supremacy
  65. Meet Dr. Brown, head of the African American Studies Department at Merritt College
  66. Third World Resistance: Reclaiming the radical Dr. King to protest police and prisons
  67. Deputy public defender unjustly arrested
  68. From West Oakland to South Africa
  69. How to end child poverty for 60% of poor children and 72% of poor Black children toda
  70. CBS Radio seeks Digital Sales Specialist and Web Content Producer
  71. Family Builders seeks Community Liaison
  72. West Oakland unites to keep Black families in their homes! Vigil at 6pm today
  73. What would compel a man to try to cut his own face off?
  74. Cages Kill-Freedom Rally in Santa Cruz
  75. Bill Duke reflects on Martin Luther King, race and colorism
  76. When a mother and her autistic son are evicted: The story of Bessie and Devonte Taylo
  77. 2015 Summer Math and Science Honors (SMASH) Academy at the UC Berkeley and Stanford c
  78. Making torture legal
  79. Prisoner Human Rights Movement: Agreement to End Hostilities has changed the face of
  80. If Black lives matter – A message to the youth from behind enemy lines
  81. Marissa Alexander released from prison: Supporters celebrate, demand full freedom
  82. Top 10 Black History Month scholarships for February 2015
  83. Lennar seeks Professional Services for Candlestick Point Development
  84. Carsharing for Electric Cars Coming to Low-Income Communities This Summer
  85. Yalani just wanted to cash his paycheck to help his mom with the rent
  86. CBS Radio seeks News Director, Imaging Director and Account Executive
  87. Community protector Bo Frierson tipped from wheelchair for protesting SFPD’s assault
  88. Pattern of practice: Centuries of racist oppression culminating in mass incarceration
  89. Congolese protest election delay: ‘Non Kabila Rwandais’
  90. The way forward to end solitary confinement torture: Where’s the Army?
  91. Wheelchair mobility plus education equals a bright future for Eunice Atim of Uganda
  92. ‘Friends of Victoire’ launched to free Rwandan political prisoner Victoire Ingabire
  93. Children of incarcerated parents say no to a new jail in San Francisco
  94. SF Housing Authority seeks hazardous material abatement contractor
  95. Our future and the solar mandate of Assembly Bill 327
  96. Shaking down the poor: The infiltration of a landless people’s movement
  97. Pan African City Alive! in Sunnyvale is closing its doors Saturday, Jan. 31 — big dis
  98. Black men disrespected in Mayor Ed Lee’s State of the City address
  99. The indispensable weapon is culture and the power of the spoken word
  100. The voice of a slave who is not afraid to speak out against Alabama’s wickedness and
  101. African American classical music: Renaissance woman P. Kujichagulia speaks
  102. Hajj Malcolm Shabazz: Malcolm and Martin came at the same enemy from different angles
  103. Congo’s problems are Museveni, Kagame and Kabila, not the FDLR
  104. Rep. Barbara Lee: We’re still living in ‘two Americas’
  105. New SF board president should fight for new Human Rights Commission
  106. Mumia’s daughter Goldii leaves a powerful legacy
  107. Disobedience is being Black or Brown
  108. Ronald ‘Elder’ Freeman: He walked the San Quentin yard with the noble stature of a re
  109. Applications available for affordable ownership unit at 2421 16th St., SF
  110. Lest We Forget ... 18 January 1981
  111. Today the Fillmore went dark!
  112. SF Housing Authority seeks Mechanical and Structural Engineering Services
  113. Five years later: Haitians step up their fight for independence and democracy
  114. An open letter to the technology industry: Honor the King Holiday ‘The time is always
  115. Thousands of Black lives mattered in Nigeria, but the world didn’t pay attention
  116. Dream Defenders, Black Lives Matter and Ferguson reps take historic trip to Palestine
  117. Governor’s proposed budget leaves California’s youngest children behind
  118. CBS Radio seeks Account Executive
  119. Ten things you should know about Selma before you see the film
  120. Barbara Lee on US war in Syria and Iraq: Congress ducks responsibility
  121. Humanity indicted for our silence in the face of torture
  122. ‘Selma’: Unexpected bounty
  123. Phil Africa of MOVE dies under suspicious circumstances in Pennsylvania prison
  124. London Breed wins second most powerful seat in San Francisco, city of hope
  125. Calling All Poets! Poetry Contest, Cash Awards
  126. Panzi Hospital and Dr. Denis Mukwege: Targets of ‘Le Petit Rwandais’ Joseph Kabila
  127. ‘Selma’ shockingly and sadly relevant
  128. He had a dream; we have a duty: Celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther Ki
  129. Teach Tomorrow in Oakland celebrate instructors as it gears up for final winter recru
  130. U.S. cops kill at 100 times rate of other capitalist countries
  131. Ferguson grand juror sues prosecutor to lift gag order
  132. Stop killing Congolese people
  133. Feingold dismisses fears of regional war in DR Congo
  134. my life as a biracial child or "how the tamahu operate"
  135. The Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR) are freedom fighters
  136. Carcinogens, not bad luck, cause cancer
  137. We must help our own Black children
  138. ‘L’s Up, Guns Down’: Mamas resist gun violence from Oakland to Frisco
  139. No joy, no peace
  140. When police die!
  141. Cops vs. the First Amendment
  142. Prison closings in Virginia mean worse conditions for prisoners
  143. Where can we pee? Auntie Francis Love Mission and the criminalization of poor residen
  144. Wanda’s Picks for January 2015
  145. From Burkina Faso to the Congo: Challenging the quest for president for life
  146. Federal Pell Grant eligibility for people in county jails or juvenile hall
  147. ‘Midnight and the Man Who Had No Tears’
  148. Support SB188: Give Delaware prisoners a shot at freedom
  149. Nurse fired for speaking out: ‘I am on a mission to stop torture at CDCR’
  150. Congresswoman Maxine Waters condemns RAD public housing privatization scheme
  151. Dr. Chinosole joins the ancestors
  152. The Palestinianization of Blacks in the United States
  153. Black firms on winning team for $1.5 billion California High-Speed Rail contract
  154. Colombian port workers in solidarity against police violence
  155. No matter what they say or do, we die
  156. Rwanda and Uganda deploy FDLR excuse, threaten cross-border war in Congo
  157. Supervisor Keith Carson: A hopeful 2015
  158. Benny Wenda: Indonesian military and police torture and kill children in Paniai, West
  159. Proud of my sisters
  160. Pennsylvania politicians pass Mumia Gag Law: Help fund the lawsuit to stop it
  161. Hands to the fire: Rebellion spreads from Ferguson and Ayotzinapa to the Zapatistas
  162. Joe Debro on racism in construction, Part 9
  163. Who will protect and defend Black life? The Black Panthers had the right idea
  164. FDLR offer to disarm, demobilize, join political process
  165. ‘Helping Me, Help Me’: Help returning prisoners find work, stay free
  166. We need to use our Black economic power
  167. Prisoners’ Agreement to End Hostilities as the basis for the abolition of ‘legal’ sla
  168. If Mary and Joseph tried to reach Bethlehem today, they would get stuck at an Israeli
  169. Can community pressure reverse the dangerous secret Lennar-City decision to implode C
  170. The work of Christmas
  171. Immigration policies are criminalizing our communities
  172. Kagame castigates BBC and foreign donors but keeps cashing checks
  173. Selma Contest for high school students, $5,000 grand prize: Martin Luther King Jr. us
  174. National defense campaign building for Rev. Edward Pinkney
  175. Athlete-activists can’t be scared silent after the murder of two NYPD officers
  176. Dear Nadir: How can I prepare my 13-year-old Black autistic son for encounters with p
  177. Mike Brown Sr. speaks to San Francisco
  178. A #FreeOakland movement: High school students march against police brutality
  179. Lucasville vet: Refusing to snitch on men merely protesting inhumane prison condition
  180. Public defenders from the Bay to Brooklyn take to the streets to hold police accounta
  181. Cuba Protects America's Most Wanted
  182. Cuban President Raúl Castro: We must learn the art of coexisting with our differences
  183. SF Transportation Authority seeks general legal counsel services
  184. Bayview Hunters Point Community Legal puts the law on your side, needs your support t
  185. Berkeley Copwatch: Make the police obsolete
  186. Supervisor Avalos introduces resolution to review racial profiling and use of force b
  187. Civil rights leader Rev. Edward Pinkney sentenced to 2 ½ to 10 years by Berrien Count
  188. Protesters shut down Oakland Police Department for almost 4.5 hours today, demand end
  189. Applications available for affordable family housing at 255 Broadway, San Francisco
  190. No justice, no peace: National Lawyers Guild San Francisco Bay Area chapter turns up
  191. Raising issue of OUSD police murder of Raheim Brown leads to reinstatement of Urban D
  192. Tech jobs for Blacks? Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rainbow PUSH convene tech companies for div
  193. Chairman Shaka Zulu: Resistance is the way forward
  194. Outed undercover cop pulls gun on Oakland protesters
  195. All SFUSD High Schools to Offer Ethnic Studies Classes
  196. I grew up in Guantánamo: Now that you have heard my story, you cannot turn away
  197. Living in a world on edge: ‘It might not be safe to be here’
  198. California’s savage system of confinement: An end to solitary is long overdue
  199. Have NO contact with police – they are child killers
  200. CBS Radio seeks Digital Sales Specialist
  201. NEMA seeks Valet Attendant and Lead Valet Attendant, $12-$16 per hour
  202. Put those police cameras on the bankers
  203. #BlackLivesMatter takes the field: A weekend of athletes speaking out
  204. Rwanda continues inquiry into BBC ‘genocide denial,’ refuses Reyntjens’ testimony
  205. People power grows, demands justice
  206. Rwandans protest Dutch support for Kagame dictatorship
  207. Third Street Stroll …
  208. Mass evictions at Oakland’s Empyrean Towers
  209. 16 hours in the torture chamber
  210. Questions from a White Nationalist
  211. August Wilson and Ferguson: Wilson’s ‘Jitney’ opens on Broadway, Oakland, Dec. 26
  212. Why we won’t wait: Resisting the war against the Black and Brown underclass
  213. A New Year’s call to action for the prisoner class: Support the Bay View
  214. SF public defender: NYC grand jury decision on Eric Garner ‘would defy belief – if it
  215. CBS Radio seeks Digital Sales Planner & Assistant News Director
  216. Wanda’s Picks for December 2014
  217. Man up or perish: White America is showing its true face once again
  218. Time to stop racially motivated killings
  219. Revolution now!!!
  220. 2 Build A Nation
  221. The history of Oakland’s premiere soul food spot: Home of Chicken and Waffles
  222. Tired of being gang raped, Congo mother takes up weapon
  223. ‘Let’s just shut down’: an interview with Spokesperson Ray of the Free Alabama Moveme
  224. Bringing the truth to light: Sunlight deprivation at San Quentin
  225. Blackout Collective obstructs BART trains on Black Friday in protest of police killin
  226. Joe Debro on racism in construction, Part 8
  227. There is power in unity!
  228. YCAT-C hires District 10 residents for flagging services at new CMPC
  229. Twenty years of hell in shacks
  230. St. John Coltrane Church to celebrate 50th anniversary of ‘A Love Supreme’ Dec. 8 at
  231. CDCR’s new con game to undermine our class action suit
  232. Donald Lacy’s historic interview: Gary Webb tells how the government flooded Black ho
  233. Kujichagulia Seitu’s ‘Go Tell It’ plays in Berkeley Dec. 6-7
  234. Beyond #BoycottBlackFriday, Invest in Justice #InvestInJustUs
  235. Thanksgiving and Ferguson: Mixed generation Black immigrant family’s holiday meal
  236. SF Public Defender calls refusal to indict Ferguson killer cop legal, ethical racial
  237. Who torched Michael Brown Sr.’s church the day after his baptism?
  238. Justice delayed and denied for eight years, Asa Sullivan’s family appeals federal cou
  239. Oakland International Film Festival is accepting submissions still
  240. Rwandan witness to Habyarimana assassination disappears
  241. Angola 3: Robert King on the ongoing struggle to free Albert Woodfox
  242. Salute to the Freeman Brothers! Last testament of Elder Freeman, a giant of a man
  243. Thespian Donald Lacy talks Gary Webb, cocaine and the play, ‘Superheroes’
  244. The overturned conviction of the Angola 3’s Albert Woodfox is upheld in a unanimous d
  245. A silence that speaks: Ayotzinapa, the Zapatistas and the politics of listening
  246. Film & Freedom Academy Filmmaking Workshop Dec. 6-9 — Register by Nov. 24
  247. Affordable housing applications available for 1100 Ocean Ave., SF
  248. From the front lines in Ferguson: ‘We will go out hard’
  249. Ten illegal police actions to watch for in Ferguson
  250. Et tu, Brute? Haiti’s betrayal by Latin America