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  1. ‘Mac Dre’ filmmaker Zachary Butler on Bay Area Hip Hop history
  2. ‘Moses’ tackles human sex trafficking in Africa at the SF Black Film Fest this year
  3. ‘Driving While Black’ comedy screening at the SF Black Film Fest
  4. ‘In an Ideal World’: an interview with filmmaker Noel Schwerin
  5. Challenging the Western consensus on Burundi
  6. US will not support third term for Rwanda’s Kagame
  7. Wanda’s Picks June 2015
  8. Former Black Panther Elbert ‘Big Man’ Howard celebrated at ACLU luncheon
  9. Chicago creates reparations fund for police torture victims
  10. Allensworth State Park Festival July 11: Celebrating and elevating the pioneering spi
  11. At Oakland Tech, Rev. Jackson pushes school-to-tech pipeline to Silicon Valley
  12. Verlie Mae Pickens: Celebrating my 99th birthday!
  13. Third Street Stroll …
  14. Teacher fired for students’ get-well letters to Mumia says we should rethink ‘leaders
  15. Top doc blasts California prison health care
  16. ‘Vision of Paradise,’ documentary on Reggae and Dub master Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry: an in
  17. ‘Shortage of Children’ screens Saturday, June 16, in SF Black Film Fest
  18. ‘Farming a Legacy’ at SF Black Film Fest celebrates Black farmers, an endangered spec
  19. ‘Hagereseb’ – Eritreans in Seattle – debuts at SF Black Film Fest
  20. Stop strip searching my mom!
  21. Rwanda: US Congress asks whether President Kagame hires assassins
  22. Lifting up BB King and Michael Lange: Reflections on lives well lived
  23. Earn $18.57 an hour as a Public Service Trainee at SF PUC — Applications due June 5
  24. Quest for Democracy 2015: Formerly incarcerated people lobby for justice in Sacrament
  25. New study shows 44% of Black women have incarcerated family member
  26. The mind that sees: The third eye of Eslanda Goode Robeson
  27. 137 shots: Cleveland killer cop acquitted in murder of Timothy Russell and Malissa Wi
  28. African communities in Israel escalate anti-racist struggles
  29. We cannot live by bread alone: Texas abuses prisoners with denied food and bread-and-
  30. Congresswoman Lee leads letter to president urging fair chance hiring
  31. My struggle for freedom in the midst of Virginia’s Truth-in-Sentencing and Abolition
  32. West Papua’s rightful place
  33. John H. White: Legendary photojournalist
  34. Romare Bearden: Afrikan artist, writer, photographer!
  35. No way to escape the eye of the state in Rwanda
  36. Today's my Birthday
  37. The TIDA board plunges into redevelopment, burying Treasure Islanders’ concerns: A tr
  38. The TIDA board plunges into redevelopment, burying Treasure Islanders’ concerns: A tr
  39. The TIDA board plunges into redevelopment, burying Treasure Islanders’ concerns: A tr
  40. National Black Farmers Association Scholarships for current and future Black farmers
  41. Rice and Museveni shake hands on crimes in Central Africa
  42. Kamilah and Adrianna speak about their shoe company, 2 Dollz
  43. Pennsylvania prison bars Bay View; prisoner fights back – and wins
  44. The third edition of the ‘Monumental Battle Cry for Cuba and Zimbabwe’ has been relea
  45. ‘Mac Dre: Legend of the Bay’
  46. CBS Radio seeks Staff Accountant
  47. ‘Njinga, Queen of Angola’: Masterpiece premiering at San Francisco Black Film Festiva
  48. 22 months after Oscar Grant: OPD ‘justifiably’ murder unarmed Black barbershop owner
  49. SFUSD seeks Healthy Choices AmeriCorps volunteers, pays $1,275 monthly + $5,730 upon
  50. Moving forward with our fight to end solitary confinement
  51. Minority Architects offer Architecture Camp to children ages 11-14 – registration dea
  52. Coup attempt defeated in Burundi, US continues to recognize Nkurunziza
  53. Protest racist sentencing of 14-year-old Black girl with clean record labeled ‘danger
  54. why this place so slow?
  55. Two years after his murder, his imam recalls the life of Malcolm Latif Shabazz
  56. Stop Rwanda and Uganda in DR Congo; implement Obama’s Congo bill
  57. ‘3 1/2 Minutes, Ten Bullets’ film review
  58. California is not for rich people only! First Nation, Black, Brown and poor people st
  59. California draft budget backslides into aggressive prison construction, punting durab
  60. Clean energy supporters hail key milestone: CleanPowerSF not-to-exceed rates approved
  61. German Solidarity Address for the May 13, 2015, MOVE Commemoration
  62. Is the Shipyard safe? Dr. Sumchai writes EPA opposing transfer of more Hunters Point
  63. Seven Public Service Trainee positions available with SF PUC, $18.57 per hour
  64. SFCTA seeks planning and engineering for Freeway Corridor Management Study Phase 2
  65. PUSHTech2020: Jesse Jackson and PUSH Silicon Valley host inaugural tech summit
  66. The barbaric police bombing of MOVE: May 13th at 30
  67. Long-time UNITE HERE Local 2 President Mike Casey stepping down
  68. ‘Mariposa and the Saint: From solitary confinement, a play through letters’ – final p
  69. After Baltimore, mothers of police murder victims issue a call to reclaim Mother’s Da
  70. Oakland artist and educator Jonathan Brumfield receives top SF State honor
  71. The impact of Mumia on me: Reflections on Mumia Abu-Jamal
  72. What does it do to a child when a judge calls her ‘a danger to society’?
  73. Starve the beast
  74. Mexican seafood restaurant in SF Civic Center hiring, including people with convictio
  75. Affordable homeownership opportunities: Four homes in Hayes Valley
  76. Remembering the Black Panther Party newspaper, April 25, 1967- September 1980
  77. Wanda’s Picks for May 2015
  78. Baba Jahahara honored by Congresswoman Lee, California leaders and solar colleagues
  79. Crazy White Lady actually Infiltrated the Black Conscious Community gets EXPOSED
  80. Summer Algebra Institute in Hunters Point
  81. Will the world remain silent with Rwanda and Uganda in DR Congo again?
  82. The Bay Area’s best featured in SF International Arts Festival 2015
  83. Third Street Stroll
  84. Black fathers snookered at Vallejo Senior Center
  85. Malcolm X Day San Francisco – to make his birthday an official holiday
  86. From SHU to mainline, you will be tested
  87. Radio personality Wesley Burton killed in hit and run car crash: Davey D speaks
  88. ReBUTTal: The arguments for rent control in Richmond
  89. ‘Zara’s Faith’: Grandmother rallies community to fight police brutality
  90. Solitary confinement tricknology at Menard Concentration Slave Camp
  91. Joe Debro on racism in construction, Part 10
  92. KPFA radioman Wesley Burton killed in car accident
  93. Baridi Williamson at Pelican Bay: ‘I met with UN Special Rapporteur on Torture Juan M
  94. Four years after Fukushima, Japan is solar-powered
  95. Stand with the defiant ones in Baltimore
  96. ‘M Cream’ film review
  97. The public execution of Mumia Abu-Jamal?
  98. Increasing instability and political repression in African Great Lakes Region
  99. Two years, still not enough answers: Remembering Malcolm
  100. Kibeho and Srebrenica: Ed Herman on the politics of genocide
  101. Bethany Center Senior Housing seeks full-time Maintenance Technician for 12-8pm shift
  102. Invite the U.S. Census Bureau to Hold a Workshop on Census Data for Community Analysi
  103. Baltimore ‘shuts it down’ for Freddie Gray
  104. Love story at Arlington National Cemetery
  105. ‘I contribute to peace,’ a pledge to end hostilities inside and out
  106. At Ohio’s supermax prison, a hunger strike ends but extreme isolation remains
  107. Berrien County court continues racist campaign against Rev. Edward Pinkney
  108. Now that the Justice Department has struck out, it’s time to put Barry Bonds in the H
  109. Rwanda: No justice for Kibeho Massacre victims 20 years later
  110. Prison refuses Mumia medical care as his 61st birthday is celebrated worldwide
  111. A slow death for Mumia Abu-Jamal and thousands of prisoners in America
  112. The San Francisco Black Film Festival is back, second weekend in June!
  113. African liberation day 2015 washington dc uhuru kwame1!!!!!!!
  114. Open letter to Pennsylvania governor and corrections head urges independent medical c
  115. Apple lifts ban on construction workers with felony convictions, must do more – two p
  116. Uganda’s Museveni to seek re-election in his 30th year in office
  117. South African shack dwellers condemn xenophobia: ‘Our African brothers and sisters ar
  118. Sign Petition Encouraging Cuban Officials to Continue Asylum for Assata Shakur...
  119. Less than one lifetime: Eyewitness to nuclear development, from Hunters Point to Cher
  120. ALERT-is elimination of anti-Cuba embargo being used by the U.S. again Assata Shakur?
  121. Wadiya Jamal: Help my husband get free! Mumia is dying in there!
  122. San Francisco Mayor’s Office plans to sell public housing to private investors, leavi
  123. California: For rich people only?
  124. ACLU: America’s obsession with locking up Black men led directly to death of Walter S
  125. With no more cotton to pick, what will America do with 40 million Black people?
  126. Visitor decries racism at Pelican Bay in open letter to warden
  127. Struggle without sacrifice is useless
  128. Prisoner Human Rights Movement fights on many fronts to reclaim our lives and freedom
  129. Wanda’s Picks for April 2015
  130. Witness who recorded shooting of Walter Scott speaks out: Cop had control before he s
  131. A Ugandan doctor describes the real ‘Ebola Hot Zone’
  132. White cop charged with murder for shooting Black man in South Carolina
  133. Quest for Democracy Day 2015: Formerly incarcerated people will press legislators to
  134. Cultivating resistance in AfrikaTown, West Oakland
  135. Campaign Encourages National Dialogue on Youth Mental Health with Text-Enabled Events
  136. See how sick Mumia is – keep calling!
  137. Mumia’s wife, Wadiya Jamal: It’s time to stop trying to kill my husband and free him
  138. SF County Transportation Authority seeks Annual Audit Services
  139. Let’s help Shuja come home to his family
  140. Richmond asks, ‘Who killed DMC?’
  141. Mumia’s life is in danger; only the people can save him – keep calling!
  142. A Community Look at Substance Abuse April 7: Keynote on Cannabis and Youth by Dr. Dav
  143. Mumia’s son says, ‘My father is in pain,’ as Mumia is sent back to prison
  144. Rwanda: Critics ask Canada to protect them from Kagame’s assassins
  145. Third Street Stroll …
  146. After 30 years leading City College Journalism Department, ‘not over yet’ for Juan Go
  147. Mumia Abu-Jamal hospitalized in diabetic shock, guarded, family and friends denied ac
  148. Kev Epps talkin’ about his new film ‘Solutions Not Suspensions’
  149. Dear Black men: Help us save the lives of young Black men and boys by simply writing
  150. Writer coaches make a positive social impact!
  151. Gov. Jerry Brown, AG Kamala Harris and CDCr officials, you have the power to stop tor
  152. Grandfatherhood: Part 3
  153. The people’s investigation into the San Francisco police killing of Asa B. Sullivan
  154. The first monthly Statewide Coordinated Actions to End Solitary Confinement held Marc
  155. SHU-shifting: An update on and overview of the Ashker v. Brown class action
  156. Robert ‘Fleetwood’ Bowden’s ‘Da Cotton Pickas’ to be featured in Oakland Internationa
  157. UN: US is violating Kenny Zulu Whitmore’s right to be free from torture
  158. Does the disability community need a documentary on police brutality from a retired d
  159. SF County Jail prisoners forced into interracial gladiator-style fights
  160. Making money with solar
  161. A durable and sustainable plan: Reducing corrections spending in California
  162. An appreciation: Dr. Ben, legendary Egypt scholar, dean of Harlem Street University
  163. How does Africa get reported? A letter of concern to 60 Minutes
  164. Free Speech Society: Forum for prison activists inside and out
  165. Jim Crow San Francisco
  166. S.F. Housing Authority seeks Fire Alarm Maintenance
  167. Filmmaker Pendarvis Harshaw talks about graf legend Mike Dream in ‘Dream Kontinues’ d
  168. Community shuts down Mission Station, puts police on trial on anniversary of Alex Nie
  169. S.F. Housing Authority seeks Pest Management and Control Services
  170. Bay Area air quality regulator to refineries: Refine more crude
  171. UC Berkeley Black Student Union wants Barrows Hall renamed for Assata Shakur as one o
  172. The criminality of solitary confinement
  173. Grant ‘Strategic Release’ to Abdul Olugbala Shakur
  174. San Francisco YouthWorks *is Hiring for the 2015 Summer Session!
  175. Viciously beaten University of Virginia honor student Martese Johnson did not have a
  176. AIDS group’s Castro billboards with Dr. King’s image have whites-only feel
  177. Tensions remain high in Ferguson
  178. UK Foreign Office calls on Rwanda to restore BBC Gahuza
  179. Bay Area residents hold Air District accountable for protecting health and climate fr
  180. Public defender releases racial justice recommendations, finds up to 1,000 cases may
  181. Performing Arts Workshop’s Beats of the Bayview coming Friday at 3rd on Third
  182. Swinerton invites bids from Interior / Finish Trades for Transbay Transit Center
  183. A terrorist under every bed in Canada
  184. Venezuela a threat to US national security?
  185. Port Chicago: Who were those men?
  186. Mumia Abu Jamal: Unsaid at Selma
  187. Mercy Housing offers 69 affordable apartments at 280 Beale, San Francisco – applicati
  188. Democracy or hypocrisy: Why do we dare to call it genocide?
  189. Successful motion in court strengthens California prisoners’ case against solitary
  190. Formerly incarcerated people drive 2,400 miles to celebrate 50 years since Bloody Sun
  191. Manager PK remembers the Jacka
  192. Wanda’s Picks for March 2015
  193. Bessie and Devonte Taylor: Black, disabled, still houseless
  194. Grandfatherhood: Part 2
  195. One billion in potential contract dollars lost annually by businesses owned by women
  196. ‘Drum Beat Journey’: an interview wit’ organizer and filmmaker Elilta Tewelde
  197. Third Street Stroll …
  198. Chicago shows love to torture survivors
  199. Prison artist uses ‘visual language’ to inspire his brothers
  200. #JusiceForMyMy
  201. 13th Annual Oakland International Film Festival April 2-5
  202. Cops kill every 8 hours in 2015
  203. On leaving solitary confinement after 26 years, I salute all the advocates of progres
  204. With general strikes and marches, Haitians demand government by the people
  205. ‘Hard Times/Good Times’: an interview wit’ rapper T-Rydah
  206. To Hunters Point
  207. Joe Debro on racism in construction, Part 10
  208. Swanson Youth Foundation hosts 1st scholarship gala
  209. Nurse Paul Spector blows the whistle on torture in a California prison
  210. My safari from Pelikkkan Bay
  211. Video: SFPD officer strikes, pepper sprays homeless man
  212. Losing lives while gaining profit: 4 deaths in 2 months is business as usual for CCA
  213. Graduate students host teach-in to address institutionalized racism at UC Berkeley’s
  214. Rwanda: Free Victoire! international webcast
  215. The Jacka remembered: an interview wit’ his producer, Rob Lo
  216. Congresswoman Waters calls for HUD to fulfill its mission, meet nation’s housing need
  217. Centuries of rage: The murder of Oscar Grant III
  218. CBS Radio seeks Promotion Coordinator
  219. Amplify the voices these prisons try to silence: Fight censorship from California to
  220. At 91, President Mugabe leads Zimbabwe, SADC and African Union – with vigor
  221. David Johnson: Modern day griot
  222. Enroll online to Black colleges and universities
  223. Black Lives Matter activists shut down Emeryville Home Depot for 5 hours, demand answ
  224. Jambalaya in my soul: A tribute to Pat Parker
  225. ‘The Diary of Malcolm X’: Champion of Pan-African liberation in his own words
  226. Malcolm X's assassin Al-Mustafa Shabazz aka William X Bradley aka Willie X continues
  227. Rwanda: Deplorable prison conditions for Victoire Ingabire
  228. Haitian man lynched in Dominican Republic park
  229. The value of Black life in America, Part 1
  230. Loretta Lynch’s Rwanda ‘credential’
  231. ‘The Book of Negroes’: Role of British imperialism in the Atlantic slave trade highli
  232. Hundreds of South Carolina prisoners sent to solitary confinement over Facebook
  233. Does Richmond, California, have a progressive majority?
  234. Repression and a green light for murder: The government ‘shout out to the Africans ou
  235. Daguerreotypist Augustus Washington and John Brown’s body
  236. Legendary ‘Queen of Fillmore’ Leola King*leaves proud legacy of struggle against Rede
  237. Judge approves expanding class action suit against solitary confinement to include pr
  238. Project Pull: Paid Summer Internship with City & County of San Francisco
  239. Richmond residents to Chevron: Get your dirty money out of politics
  240. Applications Open for Paid High School Summer Internships
  241. SFCTA (Transportation Authority) seeks Planning, Engineering and Environmental Servic
  242. Grand Jury indicts Brooklyn police officer Peter Liang in the shooting death of Akai
  243. The Black Guerrilla Family and human freedom
  244. P.H. Polk, one of ‘10 essential African-American photographers’
  245. On West Coast, bosses threaten lockout of longshore workers
  246. SF Housing Authority seeks Pest Control Services
  247. Love and Fit Hop: an interview wit’ Stic.man of dead prez
  248. The Bay Area mourns the Jacka
  249. A call for truth and justice in the African Great Lakes Region
  250. Flyaway Productions offers 15 paid summer apprenticeships to girls 14-19 for ‘Girlfly