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  1. #BlackLivesMatter takes the field: A weekend of athletes speaking out
  2. Rwanda continues inquiry into BBC ‘genocide denial,’ refuses Reyntjens’ testimony
  3. People power grows, demands justice
  4. Rwandans protest Dutch support for Kagame dictatorship
  5. Third Street Stroll …
  6. Mass evictions at Oakland’s Empyrean Towers
  7. 16 hours in the torture chamber
  8. Questions from a White Nationalist
  9. August Wilson and Ferguson: Wilson’s ‘Jitney’ opens on Broadway, Oakland, Dec. 26
  10. Why we won’t wait: Resisting the war against the Black and Brown underclass
  11. A New Year’s call to action for the prisoner class: Support the Bay View
  12. SF public defender: NYC grand jury decision on Eric Garner ‘would defy belief – if it
  13. CBS Radio seeks Digital Sales Planner & Assistant News Director
  14. Wanda’s Picks for December 2014
  15. Man up or perish: White America is showing its true face once again
  16. Time to stop racially motivated killings
  17. Revolution now!!!
  18. 2 Build A Nation
  19. The history of Oakland’s premiere soul food spot: Home of Chicken and Waffles
  20. Tired of being gang raped, Congo mother takes up weapon
  21. ‘Let’s just shut down’: an interview with Spokesperson Ray of the Free Alabama Moveme
  22. Bringing the truth to light: Sunlight deprivation at San Quentin
  23. Blackout Collective obstructs BART trains on Black Friday in protest of police killin
  24. Joe Debro on racism in construction, Part 8
  25. There is power in unity!
  26. YCAT-C hires District 10 residents for flagging services at new CMPC
  27. Twenty years of hell in shacks
  28. St. John Coltrane Church to celebrate 50th anniversary of ‘A Love Supreme’ Dec. 8 at
  29. CDCR’s new con game to undermine our class action suit
  30. Donald Lacy’s historic interview: Gary Webb tells how the government flooded Black ho
  31. Kujichagulia Seitu’s ‘Go Tell It’ plays in Berkeley Dec. 6-7
  32. Beyond #BoycottBlackFriday, Invest in Justice #InvestInJustUs
  33. Thanksgiving and Ferguson: Mixed generation Black immigrant family’s holiday meal
  34. SF Public Defender calls refusal to indict Ferguson killer cop legal, ethical racial
  35. Who torched Michael Brown Sr.’s church the day after his baptism?
  36. Justice delayed and denied for eight years, Asa Sullivan’s family appeals federal cou
  37. Oakland International Film Festival is accepting submissions still
  38. Rwandan witness to Habyarimana assassination disappears
  39. Angola 3: Robert King on the ongoing struggle to free Albert Woodfox
  40. Salute to the Freeman Brothers! Last testament of Elder Freeman, a giant of a man
  41. Thespian Donald Lacy talks Gary Webb, cocaine and the play, ‘Superheroes’
  42. The overturned conviction of the Angola 3’s Albert Woodfox is upheld in a unanimous d
  43. A silence that speaks: Ayotzinapa, the Zapatistas and the politics of listening
  44. Film & Freedom Academy Filmmaking Workshop Dec. 6-9 — Register by Nov. 24
  45. Affordable housing applications available for 1100 Ocean Ave., SF
  46. From the front lines in Ferguson: ‘We will go out hard’
  47. Ten illegal police actions to watch for in Ferguson
  48. Et tu, Brute? Haiti’s betrayal by Latin America
  49. Help me
  50. SF Housing Authority seeks Mechanical Engineering, Architectural, Structural Engineer
  51. More street trees for Bayview Hunters Point: Sign up by Jan. 21 for your tree
  52. Phil Taylor: ICTR celebrates 20 years of establishing impunity
  53. Golden State Giants football tryout Dec. 6
  54. Let’s talk About Ferguson
  55. Pack the courtroom for the Dallas 6
  56. Notice of EPA Workshop Nov. 17 on Hunters Point Shipyard and Yosemite Slough Superfun
  57. OPD hiring Police Officer Trainees at $5,058.40 per month
  58. Strip search: California sets a high price for visiting a loved one in prison
  59. Major law firm: Banning the Bay View from California prisons would violate the First
  60. Inside a CCA private prison: Two slaves for the price of one, Part Three
  61. On Saturday we march with our Congolese comrades against the politics of death
  62. Meet Gloria Rolando, on tour with her new film ‘Reembarque’ on Haitian farmworkers in
  63. Stop the regulations that would ban the Bay View from California prisons
  64. CBS Radio seeks Business Development Manager
  65. Advocates celebrate Prop. 47 victory against mass incarceration and war on drugs but
  66. Presidio Gate Apartments subsidized senior housing waiting list to open
  67. The African Diaspora Bazaar and Crafts Fair coming to Humanist Hall Nov. 29
  68. Elect David Campos, worthy successor to Tom Ammiano, the conscience of the California
  69. Prison assisted suicide – the Texas way
  70. Prop 47: We support it, but it’s complicated …
  71. Rwandan prisoner Victoire Ingabire takes case against Rwandan regime to international
  72. Wanda’s Picks for November 2014
  73. People of Burkina Faso drive Blaise Campaore from power
  74. Amerika don’t give a damn about women, so quit frontin’
  75. Public Defender Jeff Adachi headlines Bayview Legal’s Third Annual Gala Nov. 16
  76. Shine a light on Tehachapi, where CDCr has violated prisoners’ constitutional rights
  77. ‘Party People’
  78. CDCr issues SHU sentences illegally
  79. Breast cancer happens to real people, not abstractions on paper
  80. Elder Ronald and Roland Freeman, presente!
  81. Feminist group seeks part-time administrative assistant
  82. A village cannot be built in a jail: Why gender responsive is not gender justice
  83. NAAFRA: We need a youth hip-hop vanguard for change
  84. Third Street Stroll …
  85. Stop prison censorship! Submit comments by Nov. 10 on revised regulations misleadingl
  86. Another ‘Mumia Rule’
  87. Christopher Xavier Earl-Rockefeller wins Heroes and Legends Award
  88. City in the shadow of Chevron fights back: Vote Team Richmond
  89. Affordable housing applications available for 100 Van Ness studios, 1 & 2 bedrooms
  90. When it comes to solitary confinement, U.S. fails the mice standard
  91. Corrections Dept. agents bang on activist’s door at 8 a.m. over a postcard she wrote
  92. Will US policymakers review ‘Rwanda; The Untold Story’ before sending in the Marines?
  93. National Day of Action: It’s right to rebel!
  94. Abu Jihad: A living, fighting museum for prisoner movement affairs
  95. Woman prisoner reveals torture of children by police and juvenile authorities
  96. On racism, resistance and state violence: a discussion on the politics of greed and h
  97. The meaning of Black Media Appreciation Night 2014
  98. The official Michael Brown autopsy report doesn’t say what the St. Louis Post-Dispatc
  99. At Tehachapi, release from SHU means more solitary confinement
  100. Richmond: Obscene corporate spending!
  101. Suspicious death at San Francisco County Jail: They call it suicide – would you?
  102. BGI-Nibbi Pre-Bid Follow Up & Workshop for Alice Griffith Block 2 & 4
  103. Rev. Pinkney: Why I’m charged with election fraud
  104. Haitian-Americans win long awaited visa program to reunite families
  105. Rachel Maddow: Chevron spends $1.3 million to buy Richmond election
  106. Kagame’s newspaper calls on the ICC to indict the BBC for ‘genocide denial’
  107. The truth and lies that targeted and convicted Sahara Fakhir, an Islamic activist
  108. Edris Cooper-Anifowoshe ’s ‘Traveling While Black’ at Brava through Oct. 26
  109. Gerald Perreira, chair of Black Consciousness Movement Guyana, refused entry to Jamai
  110. What is solitary confinement?
  111. Ebola, the African Union and bioeconomic warfare
  112. Bay View Voters Guide: It’s time to claim our political and economic power
  113. BGI-Nibbi outreach to Bayview Hunters Point for Alice Griffith Block 2 & 4
  114. Duvalier: Dead but not gone
  115. Oct. 14 take action to stop Pennsylvania’s ‘Gag Mumia and All Other Prisoners’ bill
  116. BBC asks ‘What really happened in Rwanda?’
  117. Cynthia McKinney on autism and Ferguson
  118. Solidarity had the might to move the mountain of prison torture that kept us isolated
  119. United States Ebola death raises questions about quality of care
  120. Wassup Nigglets!
  121. The Agreement to End Hostilities must be re-implemented in all California prison and
  122. Tehachapi SHU is the worst of any SHU, prison or jail I have seen in 23 years
  123. Joe Debro on racism in construction
  124. Still no resolution: an interview wit’ Sheikh Hashim Ali Alauddeen, the Imam of Malco
  125. Wanda’s Picks for October 2014
  126. Rwanda attacks political prisoner Victoire Ingabire’s family
  127. Public Defender, Quattrone Center to study consequences of race, justice in SF
  128. More Black people killed by police than were lynched during Jim Crow
  129. Jacqueline Hairston to receive Howard Thurman Award
  130. Governor veto of prosecutor misconduct bill criticized
  131. After many long years in solitary confinement, I’m just asking
  132. Da Cotton Pickas
  133. Sen. Holly Mitchell’s California Fair Sentencing Act, ending crack disparity, becomes
  134. California transfers Pelican Bay SHU prisoners to general population despite calling
  135. Oakland, thank God you haven’t lost your soul
  136. National Afrikan Amerikan Family Reunion Association brings families together to free
  137. ‘Why the U.S. Government Assassinated Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr.’
  138. Unanimous vote renames Bayview Library for Linda Brooks-Burton
  139. California prisoner representatives: All people have the right to humane treatment wi
  140. Robert C. Fuentes, ‘poet, jailhouse lawyer and humanitarian in the hunger strikes,’ d
  141. Why did you shoot me?
  142. Join the #HandsUp mass mobilization in Ferguson Oct. 9-13
  143. SF community newspapers featured at Commonwealth Club forum
  144. Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law blasts proposed prison visitor strip s
  145. The future of streaming music: an interview wit’ Vaytus owner Aniefre Essien
  146. Treasure Island flooded with water, mold and radiation
  147. Mumia on the meaning of Ferguson
  148. 15 US lawmakers ask Haiti Senate to make way for mock elections
  149. Corcoran SHU prisoners start hunger strike for decent healthcare; support needed now
  150. Black man on a quest: an interview wit’ Life is Living organizer Hodari Davis
  151. Third Street Stroll …
  152. Former delivery boy, now poet, helps Bay View spread love and hope
  153. Zapata and the Zapatistas: Today’s continuing struggle
  154. Practice makes us better dads
  155. Nurses reject ‘independent’ panel on Doctor’s Medical Center as cover for real intent
  156. Activists renew urgent call for Ferguson police chief’s resignation after cops attack
  157. Amy Buckley in Mississippi prison: I will not give up until I receive the medical car
  158. SF Housing Authority seeks quotes for Lead Based Paint, Mold and Asbestos Removal
  159. Gov. Jerry Brown signs SB 1135, Prison Anti-Sterilization Bill
  160. Haiti: Where will the poor go?
  161. Unresolved hunger strike issues: Five Core Demands, 40 Supplemental Demands and CDCR’
  162. No charges in Ohio police killing of John Crawford as Wal-Mart video contradicts 911
  163. Stop the political persecution of Aristide and Fanmi Lavalas once and for all
  164. SFUSD holds Second Annual Family Empowerment Conference
  165. Africa Towns and Ujamaa Villages: an interview wit’ city planner, author and gardener
  166. Fire destroys Michael Brown memorial, some residents cry arson
  167. California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation tries to fast track draconian
  168. Africa’s Ebola virus crisis: African technologists urge more robust technology-based
  169. Rwanda Day: Black faces of empire
  170. Lennar seeks landscape architectural firm for Candlestick Point streetscape
  171. Trapped on Treasure Island, Part Two: Treasure Island is a big bowl of jello
  172. Deadline to apply for Youth Leadership Academy extended to Sept. 24
  173. Trapped on Treasure Island, Part One: Yet another Treasure Island renter wrestles the
  174. ‘Color Struck’: an interview wit’ thespian and comedian Donald Lacy
  175. Applications Available for Affordable Homeownership at 8 Octavia, San Francisco
  176. Kagame started the genocide in Rwanda, then Congo
  177. Defining our empowerment fuels Black Media Appreciation Night 2014
  178. Myron Potier, legendary graphic designer to rappers and more
  179. Black Women’s Roundtable: Open letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell
  180. SF Housing Authority seeks Electrical Engineer Consultant
  181. The red flag flies high again on prosecution in Michael Brown slaying
  182. As former Haitian President Aristide is placed on house arrest, supporters worldwide
  183. Why we should listen to the youth fury from Ferguson
  184. Digital undivide: New Google Flights finds the best airfare, schedule, wi-fi and othe
  185. Exposing a national crisis in Black mental health behind bars
  186. Justice for Michael Brown: Ferguson youth to shut down I-70 on Sept. 10
  187. Removing fraudulent debt
  188. Fathers in the classroom: Everybody benefits
  189. Vote for natural grass soccer fields, not toxic artificial turf
  190. What they don't want US .. U and ME to see
  191. The Art of Mothering: an interview wit’ doula Gingi Allen
  192. UNIA at 100
  193. Black Media Appreciation Night 2014 this Saturday, Sept. 13
  194. Power concedes nothing, Part 2: a discussion on retaliation, censorship and fascism i
  195. Revolutionary education for our youth: Homefulness runs a summer camp and opens a sch
  196. ‘Motown the Musical’
  197. Leaving Pelican Bay SHU, I’m a pup in a brand new world
  198. Culture shock! Leaving Skeleton Bay after decades in solitary
  199. Wanda’s Picks for September 2014
  200. Third Street Stroll …
  201. ISIS vs U.S Police Terrorism
  202. Dr. Mutulu Shakur on Tupac: Fight for the legacy
  203. Ammiano’s bill on prosecutor misconduct goes to governor
  204. Keeping my eyes on the prize
  205. Ferguson lit the fuse
  206. Doing It For Ourselves, free 9-week health education support group for older lesbian,
  207. Second genocide in Rwanda? Slow, silent, systematic?
  208. Ending hostilities means no more violence on the yards – period!
  209. Uncle Bobby in Ferguson, supporting the most fearless youth of our generation
  210. Sitawa Nantambu Jamaa: Worse than Pelican Bay
  211. University of San Francisco seeks Staff Psychologist
  212. UCAN kicks off new school year with 10-city HBCU college recruitment tour
  213. The lessons of Ferguson, Part One: Economic inequality a root cause of unrest
  214. Talking about Liberty Hall and Net Neutrality wit’ Oakland mayoral candidate Jason An
  215. Another dead teenager: Only in solidarity will we ever get back what’s been taken fro
  216. Hands up! Don’t shoot: The genocidal killing of Michael Brown
  217. Thousands attend funeral of Michael Brown
  218. Why Ferguson is the Congo
  219. On the Little League World Series, Jackie Robinson West and Michael Brown
  220. Minister Louis Farrakhan was a COINTELPRO Penetration Agent
  221. No justice and no peace
  222. Rod Starz of Rebel Diaz: Ten important observations to know about Ferguson
  223. PFLP salutes the Black struggle in the US: The empire will fall from within
  224. Swinerton invites small subcontractors & suppliers to bid on Transbay Block 9
  225. Mike Brown appears to have paid for those cigars
  226. US-Israeli terrorism blocked at the Port of Oakland
  227. Bloomberg seeks Ad Sales Manager for new SF radio station
  228. From Ferguson to Gaza, we charge genocide
  229. SB 260: Don’t deny yourself a chance at life
  230. Richmond unites to fight hospital closure by filing federal lawsuit against responsib
  231. San Francisco YouthWorks is hiring for the 2014-2015 school year
  232. ‘Motown the Musical’ rocking the Bay Aug. 19-Sept. 28
  233. How the Navy made Treasure Island a radiation dump, then promised to clean it up and
  234. Stop the attacks on former Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide and the Lavalas M
  235. Israel-trained police ‘occupy’ Missouri after killing of Black youth
  236. ‘Birth of a New Breed’: an interview wit’ rhyme slayer Ms. Incredible aka TaLea Monet
  237. Ariana grande North African
  238. SB 892: Letter from four main reps at Pelican Bay to California legislators
  239. Unarmed Black man, Ezell Ford, murdered by police in Los Angeles
  240. To win justice for Michael Brown, send the Black press to Ferguson, Missouri
  241. AHF Oakland Wellness Center*adds days, extends hours to fight HIV & STDs
  242. US Postal Service now hiring in SF Bay Area, $15.30 to start
  243. Richmond Progressive Alliance mayoral candidate Mike Parker withdraws, throws support
  244. Black Caucus: #StandWithKeith Ellison to end Gaza blockade
  245. Police murder unarmed, fleeing Michael Brown, 18, in St. Louis suburb
  246. Black and female in higher education: Professors stand alone against hate crimes
  247. Stop the ethnic cleansing of Palestine
  248. Killer of Renisha McBride convicted on all counts
  249. Biopsy results released for Imam Jamil Al-Amin (H. Rap Brown)
  250. ‘Sweet & Lovely’: an interview wit’ vocalist Meres-Sia Gabriel