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  1. Daniel Saenz, shot while handcuffed
  2. SF County Transportation Authority seeks Computer Network and Maintenance Services
  3. SF Housing Authority seeks Elevator Modernization at Five Sites
  4. Lottery applications available for Wilson Building, 7 affordable apartments at 973 Ma
  5. Palestine, not ‘Israel’
  6. Chevron’s Richmond Refinery expansion permitted with no funds for Doctors Hospital
  7. Schwartz means black
  8. The battle for Net Neutrality: an interview wit’ journalist Davey D
  9. To the late great Freedom Fighter Yuri Kochiyama, salute!
  10. From the Keystone State to the Golden State: The need for a national movement to libe
  11. Black Power Media News Interviews & Community Website
  12. Grand Jury investigates Santa Cruz County Jail deaths
  13. Bayview Legal’s 1st annual Summer Benefit Concert Aug. 16
  14. Joe Debro on racism in construction, Part 6
  15. Wanda’s Picks for August 2014
  16. Third Street Stroll …
  17. What’s next for Marcus Book Store?
  18. Oakland’s native daughter: an interview wit’ thespian and playwright Anita Woodley
  19. Black August Memorial, Black August Resistance
  20. Digital undivide: Dodging online scams
  21. Free all political prisoners: National Jericho Movement Conference, new effort to fre
  22. Angola warden ponders releasing Zulu from 35 years in solitary – but he’s a Panther
  23. James Baldwin’s visit to Bayview Hunters Point: Racism, censorship and a vision of de
  24. The unholy alliance between Belize and Israel: A commentary for freedom
  25. The T-shirt warrior: an interview with Chris Zamani, founder of the Hapo Zamani Za Ka
  26. ‘Mass Incarceration on Trial’
  27. Oakland City Council postpones vote on WOSP gentrification scheme
  28. BMAGIC to distribute backpacks, uniforms to Bayview kids
  29. Chess vs. checkers
  30. The Sandy Agee story, Part Two: We love Treasure Island, but we don’t want to die
  31. A new life for Sundial Park
  32. Connecting the dots throughout the world leading to economic empowerment
  33. Stop the McFarland GEO women’s prison!
  34. Rally to stop wrongful convictions planned in Louisiana
  35. Survivors of Black Wall Street race riot still haven’t received any reparations
  36. Medical ‘care’ at Soledad is degrading … and lethal
  37. ‘Kill Team,’ the mind state imperialism breeds
  38. Special assignment: George Jackson funeral
  39. 8th annual Leimert Park Village Book Fair Aug. 9 in Los Angeles
  40. Child refugees: When children are ‘the enemy’
  41. California’s death penalty is cruel, unusual and ‘arbitrary’
  42. Pennsylvania hunger striker: I’m in search of a voice to help me bring light to our s
  43. Umoja African Festival returns
  44. Free Security Guard Training for Veterans
  45. Will current clinical trial mean the end of sickle cell disease?
  46. Mary Ellen Pleasant, California’s Mother of Civil Rights, and her partner meet again
  47. Hundreds of protestors flood Detroit streets to protest water shut-offs
  48. Inside a CCA private prison: Two slaves for the price of one, Part Two
  49. Trail for Humanity: Mothers and children walk from Merced to the border
  50. Racism in San Francisco County Jail
  51. CBS Radio seeks Sales Coordinator
  52. Cypress Security seeks Accountant
  53. From Gaza with pain – and dignity
  54. Using Twitter to challenge Twitter on workforce inclusion-diversity data
  55. Eric Garner, father of 6, killed in chokehold by NYPD for selling untaxed cigarettes
  56. SF Housing Authority seeks Lead Paint, Mold & Asbestos Contractor Service
  57. Bigoted bullying at Richmond City Council meetings aims to end progressive leadership
  58. Economic Empowerment Idea
  59. In memory of Andy Lopez: Turn a negative into a positive
  60. Doesn’t the Navy know the Boys and Girls Club left toxic Treasure Island?
  61. Imam Jamil Al-Amin (H. Rap Brown) transferred to Butner Federal Medical Center, N.C.
  62. ‘Virunga’ documents Congo battle pitting gorillas against greed over ocean of oil
  63. Kenneth Harding Jr.: Three years after SFPD murdered my son, just demonizing, no just
  64. The Fall of Egypt as the Catalyst for the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade
  65. CBS Radio seeks Account Executive
  66. ‘The 12 O’Clock Boys’ screens July 17 in Matatu Film Festival
  67. Federal judge strikes down California’s death penalty
  68. Guantánamo nurse refused to participate in ‘criminal’ force-feedings
  69. Poetry returns to Oakland: The Golden Stair
  70. To celebrate the movement: The California prisoner hunger strike one year later
  71. Andy Lopez inspires the people to rise up, to defend! educate! resist!
  72. Wanda’s Picks for July 2014
  73. Gaza: Nowhere to run
  74. Justice sought for Black woman savagely beaten by CHP officer
  75. 10 arrested blocking trucks sent to shutoff water services in Detroit
  76. Prisoners and advocates commemorate the one-year anniversary of the hunger strike by
  77. Events worldwide commemorate mass California hunger strike first anniversary
  78. Comedian Leroy Stanfield talks Stop the Violence and Oakland Comedy Superfest Weekend
  79. Supporters demand political prisoner Imam Jamil (H. Rap Brown), diagnosed with rare c
  80. Largest hunger strike in history: California prisoners speak out on first anniversary
  81. SF Housing Authority seeks bids for Fire Alarm Upgrades
  82. SF Housing Authority seeks bids for Elevator Modernization at Five Sites
  83. Meet Tawana Williams, motivational speaker born without arms, author of ‘Unarmed But
  84. Sixty-five million left out of July 4 celebration
  85. Early childhood education: Look both ways and watch out for the police
  86. Mosso SF offers new affordable homes for rent in San Francisco
  87. Jury denies damages to father of Oscar Grant
  88. Frisco’s dynamic duo: an interview wit’ gallery owner, organizer and media-maker Melo
  89. Hunters Point to Treasure Island: From the frying pan into the fire
  90. Third Street Stroll …
  91. Lower Bottom Playaz present August Wilson’s ‘Two Trains Running’
  92. Yuri Kochiyama: A life in struggle
  93. Happy Birthday, Ms. Verlie Mae Pickens!
  94. Campos, Adachi and tenant advocates seek right to legal representation for any tenant
  95. Open arts in Bayview Hunters Point
  96. Outlaw to walk free July 14
  97. Bayview Foundation wins 2014 SF Peacemaker Award
  98. Houston needs a civilian review board – but Texas needs much more!
  99. Noose hung on Recology worker’s job
  100. Pianist Stephanie Woodford, 18, one of 173 worldwide chosen to attend Grammy Camp
  101. Eviction attorney Charles Ramsey wants to be Richmond’s next mayor
  102. Calipatria riots need to cease and unity needs to spread
  103. ‘We are hiding out with no water’: Detroit privatizers deny poor people their right t
  104. Candlestick Heights Phase 2, 19 4-bedroom affordable units, applications available
  105. Saluting Delores Hearring, one of Bayview’s oldest residents, as she turns 100
  106. The Death Penalty: Killing in the name of God is the ultimate act of blasphemy
  107. Leonard Peltier, my cellmate: Simple man with a big vision
  108. Leonard Peltier after 39 years in prison: Live to make our children proud
  109. Jackson Rising launches Cooperation Jackson to end economic exclusion and build commu
  110. Mississippi Freedom Summer Youth Congress: Once again youth are the swinging fist
  111. Attorney Anne Butterfield Weills: ‘Obscenity’ regs show ‘CDCR views many of its priso
  112. Lottery applications available for Gantry, 18 affordable apartments in San Francisco
  113. ‘Madagascar Made’: an interview wit’ author and photographer TaSin Sabir
  114. The story behind the 2015 California Budget Act
  115. Last Menard hunger striker calls for a new generation of warriors
  116. At Sista’s Place, Troy Williams finds the liberty and justice he was denied for 27.5
  117. Kevin Weston, maker of media-makers
  118. Who gets to choose? Coerced sterilization in California prisons
  119. Don’t let Ohio execute Keith LaMar (Bomani Shakur), framed and innocent on death row
  120. Free Imam Jamil Al-Amin! His wife, attorney Karima Al-Amin, tells of the US’ 47-year
  121. Some questions, hopefully not too annoying.
  122. Berkeley parents rally for*equity for Black students
  123. Saint Paul Tabernacle Baptist Church Seeking a Pastor
  124. Court rules Human Rights Coalition’s prison censorship lawsuit can move forward
  125. From Palestine to Pelican Bay, prisoners and their loved ones fight for justice and f
  126. Brazil: Who is the World Cup for?
  127. CURB responds to Legislature’s compromise Corrections budget deal
  128. Intensified mail censorship a failed attempt to put new twist on Death Row SHU experi
  129. Opposition to new prison censorship rules comes from The Netherlands
  130. Major law firm opposes new rules that could ban the Bay View from all California pris
  131. CDCr counterpunch: New rules designed to silence prison protest
  132. At SF Black Film Festival, new doc sheds light on race in Cuba
  133. Treasure Island’s mold monster, Part 2: Damian shows how*renters can get what they wa
  134. 2Pac Birthday Tribute June 14
  135. The people fight the lies of e-RAD-ication and No HOPE
  136. Digital undivide: Losing customers to the web? Find your niche
  137. A Quest for Democracy in Sacramento
  138. ?The human cost of rising rents in Richmond
  139. Third Street Stroll …
  140. Menard hunger strikers’ message of solidarity with conscious captives nationwide
  141. Treasure Island and Hunters Point Shipyard unfit for human habitation
  142. Africa’s betrayal by African leaders
  143. Treasure Island’s mold monster
  144. KPFA’s new am host and US wars in Africa
  145. SF DocFest: 13th Annual San Francisco Documentary Festival, June 5-19
  146. The second coming: Comedienne and actress Rain Pryor speaks
  147. Fleetwood’s ‘I Just Wanna Ball’ will be featured at the SF Black Film Fest this year
  148. Who is Dan Siegel? Tracy Rosenberg speaks
  149. Discussing ‘The Young Oscar Micheaux’ wit’ filmmaker Jamie Walker
  150. Fight new prison censorship rules proposed by CDCr
  151. Hundreds of California prisoners in isolation to join class action lawsuit
  152. Californians gaining momentum against prison and jail expansion
  153. Robyn Charles’ ‘Fingerprints’ is selected to screen at the SFBFF this month
  154. Five affordable 1-bedroom condos available in Western Addition
  155. Texas prison officials and medical staff kill prisoners and move to silence witnesses
  156. Black success begins at City College of San Francisco
  157. Heal Nick Hinkins!
  158. Community struggle, resiliency and determination at San Francisco’s Midtown Park Apar
  159. San Francisco, your poems are eviction notices
  160. Humiliation and loss: Mass cell searches at Corcoran SHU
  161. Joe Debro on racism in construction, Part 5
  162. Free Kunta Kinta Green: When someone is innocent, it’s everyone’s business
  163. Open letter to American universities that invited Kagame to speak
  164. A woman called Maya
  165. We interrupt this program: Prison censorship of TV news
  166. Retired federal judge concludes court should reverse and remand or dismiss IRP6 convi
  167. Tribute to Mabel Robinson Williams (1931-2014): Mabel and Robert F. Williams led a ca
  168. Stop the censorship! Restore the Urban Dreams website!
  169. SFCTA seeks Treasure Island Mobility Management Program System Manager
  170. Oakland Unified School District bans lessons on MLK and Mumia: Demand they restore th
  171. On strike since Marikana Massacre, hungry workers cut production of world’s platinum
  172. Tyrend Goins wants family to know he is innocent
  173. The San Francisco Black Film Festival is back
  174. The first Memorial Day was Black
  175. Desecration of Marcus Books! Sweis family declares holy war against Blacks in San Fra
  176. Senior Housing, 129 Golden Gate, San Francisco, applications available May 20 – June
  177. Open letter to Assemblyman Tom Ammiano from prisoners in solitary confinement in Corc
  178. Open letter to Sen. Loni Hancock from prisoners in solitary confinement in Corcoran S
  179. Mayor Lee uses San Francisco Human Rights Commission to discriminate against Blacks
  180. Berkeley-based filmmaker Eli Jacobs-Fantauzzi releases new film about Cuban musicians
  181. Black AIDS Institute strongly condemns Donald Sterling’s bigotry
  182. PG&E, Ed Lee and the SFPUC v. clean energy
  183. March and Rally for Equity in Education: Parents of Black students in Berkeley public
  184. Child sentenced to 227 years – is it justice?
  185. We are allowing our money to be used as a weapon of war against us
  186. Judge orders US government to halt force-feeding of Guantánamo prisoner and preserve
  187. Video shows officer kicking handcuffed 13-year-old for opening a window
  188. Rwanda: Absolute power at any price
  189. Kitchen Cabinets UK
  190. Activists mobilize against California’s proposed $500 million jail expansion
  191. Ammiano: Accreditation body must give City College more time
  192. The quality of education
  193. Ras Baraka, Amiri Baraka’s son, becomes mayor of Newark by earning it
  194. Marcus Books: The wealth-hoarders and land-stealers change the locks on Black history
  195. Review Board suggests Pelican Bay prisoner stop political writing for favorable place
  196. Nigeria: Abduction of students sparks outrage while imperialists pour in
  197. Texas Gov. Perry asked to stop tomorrow’s execution of intellectually disabled Robert
  198. Mothers of hope
  199. Free Summer Algebra Institute for Grades 7-9 in Hunters Point: Register by June 3
  200. Justice Committee co-chairs call for funding priorities change to ease prison crowdin
  201. Stupid Shit White People Say - Episode 3 (It's not okay to help your own people)
  202. SB 892 and AB 1652: Pelican Bay prisoner representatives speak to the California Asse
  203. Antonio Guillen: May Day message to the working class people of the world from Pelica
  204. Skepticism growing toward ‘twin tunnels’ project: Gov. Brown’s Bay Delta Conservation
  205. Ras Baraka, son of famed poet Amiri Baraka, fights a historic tide in Newark mayoral
  206. New proposed censorship rules mean more torture for California prisoners in solitary
  207. Shining a light on the historic moment: Reflections on prison isolation and the strug
  208. Fatherhood: Nap time, the phrase no child wants to hear
  209. Third Street Stroll …
  210. Prisoners and advocacy groups oppose Sen. Loni Hancock’s prison reform bill, SB 892
  211. Digital undivide: Keep your batteries charged and techies on your board
  212. Warren Jordan refuses to ‘step down’ after 41 years in solitary
  213. The National Afrikan-Amerikan Family Reunion Association: NAAFRA Time
  214. O-beast-ity
  215. Got scientists? Double Rock do!
  216. Joe Debro on racism in construction, Part 4
  217. Standing our ground: reproductive justice for Marissa Alexander
  218. PG&E vs. the people and the planet: John Avalos to the rescue
  219. SF public housing privatization threatens tenants and union workers
  220. Pelican Bay update: What change?
  221. Remembering the Hurricane: Rubin Carter
  222. NEMA opens application period for Mid-Market Affordable Rental Homes
  223. Racism sin vergüenza in the Venezuelan counter-revolution
  224. Lawyers Guild honors prison hunger strikers
  225. Donald Sterling’s willing enablers
  226. A Caribbean obsession: The United States’ endless campaign to destabilize Cuba
  227. Kagame’s charm offensive in American universities
  228. Send us your drawings of degrading places
  229. SF Housing Authority seeks Video Surveillance Systems for Potrero
  230. Chokwe Antar Lumumba doesn’t need City Hall to lead Jackson, Miss., into new era
  231. From a cage comes wise advice as Richmond considers forming Youth Council
  232. Anasa, a Black yoga studio in Oakland: an interview wit’ founders Jean-Marie Moore an
  233. South Africa: Don’t vote for these messiahs
  234. Civil rights fighter Rev. Pinkney arrested on trumped-up charges of election fraud fo
  235. From Marikana, South Africa, to Oakland, California: The struggle for workers’ power
  236. Treasure Island whistleblower fighting retaliatory eviction
  237. I am the US economy – from prison to the streets
  238. Arturo Castellanos’ update on Pelican Bay’s response to hunger strike demands – posit
  239. Retaliation against hunger strikers at Menard – windows blocked, strikers beaten – Ca
  240. Degentrification Zones, a poor people-led plan to take back this stolen and gentrifie
  241. Kagame visit should not go without scrutiny
  242. Author of ‘The Bay Area’s Brooklyn Bridge’ Chris the Fifth speaks from behind enemy l
  243. The peace that wasn’t: Rwanda 20 years after the genocide
  244. UN Human Rights Committee finds US in violation on 25 counts
  245. Apply to be an apprentice plumber, steamfitter, refrigeration and air conditioning me
  246. Voice from Menard: Chicago’s racist war against Blacks and Latinos continues in Illin
  247. Coalition opposes all proposals to expand California jails and prisons
  248. France and Rwanda hostile after Kagame accuses France of genocide planning
  249. We are relying on the legislature to rein in CDCR’s gross abuse of power, this year
  250. Redouble our efforts …