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  1. Open letter to Sen. Loni Hancock from prisoners in solitary confinement in Corcoran S
  2. Mayor Lee uses San Francisco Human Rights Commission to discriminate against Blacks
  3. Berkeley-based filmmaker Eli Jacobs-Fantauzzi releases new film about Cuban musicians
  4. Black AIDS Institute strongly condemns Donald Sterling’s bigotry
  5. PG&E, Ed Lee and the SFPUC v. clean energy
  6. March and Rally for Equity in Education: Parents of Black students in Berkeley public
  7. Child sentenced to 227 years – is it justice?
  8. We are allowing our money to be used as a weapon of war against us
  9. Judge orders US government to halt force-feeding of Guantánamo prisoner and preserve
  10. Video shows officer kicking handcuffed 13-year-old for opening a window
  11. Rwanda: Absolute power at any price
  12. Kitchen Cabinets UK
  13. Activists mobilize against California’s proposed $500 million jail expansion
  14. Ammiano: Accreditation body must give City College more time
  15. The quality of education
  16. Ras Baraka, Amiri Baraka’s son, becomes mayor of Newark by earning it
  17. Marcus Books: The wealth-hoarders and land-stealers change the locks on Black history
  18. Review Board suggests Pelican Bay prisoner stop political writing for favorable place
  19. Nigeria: Abduction of students sparks outrage while imperialists pour in
  20. Texas Gov. Perry asked to stop tomorrow’s execution of intellectually disabled Robert
  21. Mothers of hope
  22. Free Summer Algebra Institute for Grades 7-9 in Hunters Point: Register by June 3
  23. Justice Committee co-chairs call for funding priorities change to ease prison crowdin
  24. Stupid Shit White People Say - Episode 3 (It's not okay to help your own people)
  25. SB 892 and AB 1652: Pelican Bay prisoner representatives speak to the California Asse
  26. Antonio Guillen: May Day message to the working class people of the world from Pelica
  27. Skepticism growing toward ‘twin tunnels’ project: Gov. Brown’s Bay Delta Conservation
  28. Ras Baraka, son of famed poet Amiri Baraka, fights a historic tide in Newark mayoral
  29. New proposed censorship rules mean more torture for California prisoners in solitary
  30. Shining a light on the historic moment: Reflections on prison isolation and the strug
  31. Fatherhood: Nap time, the phrase no child wants to hear
  32. Third Street Stroll …
  33. Prisoners and advocacy groups oppose Sen. Loni Hancock’s prison reform bill, SB 892
  34. Digital undivide: Keep your batteries charged and techies on your board
  35. Warren Jordan refuses to ‘step down’ after 41 years in solitary
  36. The National Afrikan-Amerikan Family Reunion Association: NAAFRA Time
  37. O-beast-ity
  38. Got scientists? Double Rock do!
  39. Joe Debro on racism in construction, Part 4
  40. Standing our ground: reproductive justice for Marissa Alexander
  41. PG&E vs. the people and the planet: John Avalos to the rescue
  42. SF public housing privatization threatens tenants and union workers
  43. Pelican Bay update: What change?
  44. Remembering the Hurricane: Rubin Carter
  45. NEMA opens application period for Mid-Market Affordable Rental Homes
  46. Racism sin vergüenza in the Venezuelan counter-revolution
  47. Lawyers Guild honors prison hunger strikers
  48. Donald Sterling’s willing enablers
  49. A Caribbean obsession: The United States’ endless campaign to destabilize Cuba
  50. Kagame’s charm offensive in American universities
  51. Send us your drawings of degrading places
  52. SF Housing Authority seeks Video Surveillance Systems for Potrero
  53. Chokwe Antar Lumumba doesn’t need City Hall to lead Jackson, Miss., into new era
  54. From a cage comes wise advice as Richmond considers forming Youth Council
  55. Anasa, a Black yoga studio in Oakland: an interview wit’ founders Jean-Marie Moore an
  56. South Africa: Don’t vote for these messiahs
  57. Civil rights fighter Rev. Pinkney arrested on trumped-up charges of election fraud fo
  58. From Marikana, South Africa, to Oakland, California: The struggle for workers’ power
  59. Treasure Island whistleblower fighting retaliatory eviction
  60. I am the US economy – from prison to the streets
  61. Arturo Castellanos’ update on Pelican Bay’s response to hunger strike demands – posit
  62. Retaliation against hunger strikers at Menard – windows blocked, strikers beaten – Ca
  63. Degentrification Zones, a poor people-led plan to take back this stolen and gentrifie
  64. Kagame visit should not go without scrutiny
  65. Author of ‘The Bay Area’s Brooklyn Bridge’ Chris the Fifth speaks from behind enemy l
  66. The peace that wasn’t: Rwanda 20 years after the genocide
  67. UN Human Rights Committee finds US in violation on 25 counts
  68. Apply to be an apprentice plumber, steamfitter, refrigeration and air conditioning me
  69. Voice from Menard: Chicago’s racist war against Blacks and Latinos continues in Illin
  70. Coalition opposes all proposals to expand California jails and prisons
  71. France and Rwanda hostile after Kagame accuses France of genocide planning
  72. We are relying on the legislature to rein in CDCR’s gross abuse of power, this year
  73. Redouble our efforts …
  74. Visual artist Eesuu speaks on his new body of work, ‘Sugar 2.0’
  75. Free performance of ‘Every Five Minutes’ at Laney College Saturday
  76. Rwanda 2014: 24 years after the Ugandan invasion
  77. ‘The Trials of Muhammad Ali’
  78. Our historical obligation: to pursue the total liberation of all oppressed people
  79. Memphis leads nation in use of deadly force by police, activists charge
  80. Rapper Soul performs downtown at Oakland Music Crawl Festival this weekend
  81. A family destroyed by eviction
  82. SF CTA seeks bids for Folsom and Fremont Street Off-Ramp Realignment Project
  83. For your college success, City College and SF State offer award-winning Metro Academi
  84. California moves to curb solitary confinement
  85. Menard hunger strikers still fighting to be treated like human beings
  86. 24 hours: What you do with them is up to you
  87. Chillin’ wit’ Turnd Up Radio owner DJ X-1 of KPOO
  88. San Franciscans of color encouraged to apply to join Civil Grand Jury to investigate
  89. ‘PURPLE: A Circus Tribute to Prince’: an interview with circus artist and show produc
  90. Women prisoners plead for help
  91. Treasure Island radiation cleanup Subsite 6: Fires to put out fires
  92. Treasure Island Subsite 31: The Chernobyl trees at Mordor
  93. Treasure Island: Pandemonium at Halyburton Court
  94. Site 12, Treasure Island’s toxic bullets: Someone’s about to get hit!
  95. Wanda’s Picks for April 2014
  96. Systemic racism and abuse of Black student at St. Charles Borromeo School goes to tri
  97. Public Safety Committee to hear Ammiano’s solitary confinement bill
  98. Who killed the Hutu? Remembering the Rwandan Genocide
  99. SF CTA RFP for Planning and Engineering 19th Avenue/M-Ocean View Project
  100. Chokwe Lumumba: Dare to struggle, dare to win!
  101. Rwandan Genocide Commemoration clouded by Rwandan president’s criminality
  102. Third Street Stroll …
  103. Exchanging her wheelbarrow for a wheelchair, Eunice Atim in Uganda finds education st
  104. We’re sick and tired of being locked out
  105. Technology talk: Say goodbye to Windows XP
  106. ‘Set Me Free’: an interview wit’ screenwriter and director Big Spence
  107. San Francisco YouthWorks is hiring for the 2014 summer session! Apply by April 11
  108. EPA selects cleanup plan for Yosemite Slough
  109. Dream of Oya
  110. Step Down Program: Orwell’s story come true
  111. Security Threat Group policy is sugarcoated racial profiling aimed at torture
  112. Petition for Black Victims’ Restitution
  113. Joe Debro on racism in construction, Part 3
  114. Lawsuit challenges explosive crude-by-rail shipments to Richmond, Calif.
  115. Souls of Mischief’s Phesto Dee speaks
  116. An end to ‘the hole’? 6 signs that solitary confinement reform is coming
  117. We are the world
  118. Evangelist Sabarah Israel – an extraordinary life
  119. Demand a special review into the death of Shadae ‘Dae Dae’ Schmidt
  120. Not just me, we!
  121. TheatreWorks’ ‘Once on This Island’ – redemption song for Haiti
  122. Proven innocent: The case of Bobby McClelland
  123. Power concedes nothing: A discussion on CDCr’s insidious regulatory semantics and jud
  124. SFPD-enforced gentrification killed Alex Nieto
  125. Richmond to have highest minimum wage in California
  126. Take our Obamacare survey – after you sign up by Monday
  127. The current state of recycling
  128. Will Navy’s radiological survey of homes on Treasure Island mean evicting 2,600 resid
  129. The hearts of warriors
  130. Richmond Vice Mayor Jovanka Beckles: Victories we can be excited about
  131. Pelican Bay earthquake prompts double locking of cells, reveals need for united front
  132. San Franciscans of color encouraged to apply for the Civil Grand Jury, which investig
  133. Health is wealth: an interview wit’ Soca dance teacher Nakeya Murray
  134. Blood in my pen
  135. Rainbow PUSH Coalition launches new Digital Inclusion initiative in Silicon Valley
  136. Papa Bear’s final report: ‘A lot of people are dying’ on Frisco streets
  137. Sankofa one hundred percent
  138. Panther unleashed
  139. Rwanda’s ambassador to bring legally enforced history to Sonoma State University
  140. CBS Radio seeks Sales Coordinator
  141. Marikana land occupation wins important victory in Cape Town High Court
  142. Striking Georgia prisoners name names, allege sexual abuse, ongoing threats and maltr
  143. ‘Til Infinity’: filmmaker of Souls of Mischief doc speaks on Oakland International Fi
  144. Support Chokwe Antar Lumumba for mayor of Jackson, Miss.
  145. Hunger strikes spread to Texas detention center
  146. Major reform of solitary confinement introduced in California Senate
  147. Feedback from Menard hunger strikers on noise demonstration: ‘Never stop beating your
  148. Ending musical chair politics in Oakland: an interview with Oakland mayoral candidate
  149. ‘12 Years a Slave’: What happened to slave rebellion?
  150. Haiti is not for sale
  151. ‘Toussaint L’Ouverture’ headlines the Oakland International Film Festival – April 3-6
  152. No mo’ Fillmo’: African Americans excluded, ignored and disregarded by SFHA
  153. David and Goliath fight: Taking on the largest US home lender, Wells Fargo
  154. What is happening in Venezuela?
  155. Muni is hiring drivers — apply March 12-14 only
  156. The new Freedom Ride: Black families, youth, elders and ancestors sing spirit into SF
  157. Greenagers paid internships for Southeast San Francisco youth: Apply by March 28
  158. Looking at the life of freedom fighter Obi Egbuna Sr.
  159. 100% College Prep: Fostering successful youth in the Bayview
  160. Behind the flash mob attack on Obama’s civil rights nominee Debo Adegbile
  161. How and why did Chokwe Lumumba die?
  162. Performing Arts Scholarships from Congressional Black Caucus Spouses
  163. Randy Weston’s ‘Roots of the Blues’
  164. Political prisoner Marshall Eddie Conway released after 44 years
  165. Wanda’s Picks for March 2014
  166. Calling for ABOLITION of solitary confinement
  167. Carol Ruth Silver’s ‘Freedom Rider Diary: Smuggled Notes from Parchman Prison’
  168. Radioactive burn pit found near Treasure Island home
  169. Radioactive object found in Treasure Island resident’s front yard
  170. Oakstop joins the fight against gentrification in Oakland: an interview with founder
  171. Treasure Island is radioactive
  172. Treasure Island is toxic: an introduction
  173. Inside a CCA private prison: Two slaves for the price of one
  174. San Francisco could face $32 million loss from African American tourism boycott
  175. ‘The Ghosts of March 21’: an interview wit’ filmmaker Sam Stoker
  176. A global threat: Fukushima fallout damaged the thyroids of California babies
  177. Third Street Stroll …
  178. 50 reasons we should fear the worst from Fukushima
  179. The vacant housing option for squatting in Oakland
  180. ‘Condemned’ by Keith LaMar (Bomani Shakur)
  181. Loong overdue-Spike Lee opens fire on white supremacist gentrification
  182. Lawmakers bludgeon the food stamp program
  183. They’ve done their time, now let them vote
  184. California’s most dangerous Security Threat Group
  185. It’s about time for The Lumpen
  186. A mother’s cry
  187. Mardi Gras San Francisco Style kicks off in Fillmore Plaza
  188. Black and thinking of moving to San Francisco? Don’t do it!
  189. Jackson Mayor Chokwe Lumumba dies
  190. How torture is inflicted on prisoners in solitary confinement
  191. CBS Radio seeks Program Director and Receptionist
  192. Public housing privatization and Ellis Act evictions are stealing our homes, our live
  193. Marching for Madame Victoire 20 years after the Rwandan Genocide
  194. Chevron joins news publisher wars in Richmond
  195. Social consciousness, prison struggle and perseverance: a personal account
  196. ‘Ujamaa Village,’ an old idea revisited: Black towns!
  197. Hunger strike representative: Resist, resist and liberate
  198. KCSM’s ‘Announcer of the Year’ Greg Bridges in his own words
  199. The Richmond Housing Authority crisis and the big picture – connecting the dots
  200. CDCR still fabricates evidence, so what’s our Plan B to free the people?
  201. Jackson Rising: Building the city of the future today
  202. Find and rate social services online with One Degree
  203. San Francisco housing squeeze disparately impacts African Americans
  204. Russell Maroon Shoatz released from solitary confinement – first time in general popu
  205. ‘The Black Arts Movement and Its Influences’ conference hits UC Merced Feb. 28-March
  206. Three Black History Month scholarships: deadline to apply Feb. 28
  207. Apply for new affordable apartments at 1180 4th St., San Francisco, until March 5
  208. Top five secrets of the prison industry.
  209. Georgia prisoners on hunger strike since Feb. 9
  210. At the Well Young Women’s Leadership Academy Scholarship
  211. Hands off Venezuela! Stop right-wing violence
  212. ‘Team Richmond’ will continue decade of progress
  213. Fatherhood: I am my brother’s keeper
  214. Support Sonoma State University student rights for an affordable public college educa
  215. Santeria and ebo
  216. Martial Sciences
  217. Jordan Davis verdict: Failure to convict Michael Dunn of first degree murder a traves
  218. Flush the TPP!
  219. Broad coalition responds to 2-year extension on prison overcrowding case
  220. Chicagoans brave cold to rally in support of Menard hunger strikers
  221. Jasper, Texas: Feds to investigate death of Black dad whose mutilation was called ‘ac
  222. Princeton University offers free summer journalism program, deadline to apply Feb. 21
  223. Solitary confinement, CDCR get slammed at legislative hearings; Ammiano files bill to
  224. Toxic threats to people of color: Environmental justice leaders meet in Denver Feb. 1
  225. Pelican Bay Short Corridor Human Rights Movement: Banned testimony of the four main p
  226. Black history of 504 sit-in for disability rights: More than serving food – when will
  227. The crime of Ellis Act evictions
  228. For release from SHU, California requires cognitive restructuring – decades of good b
  229. Seven months after historic California prison hunger strike, opponents of solitary co
  230. Solitary confinement hearing Feb. 11: Support the prisoner-led movement and their fam
  231. Brightline joins Midtown residents and ALRP to file the biggest rent control petition
  232. Sonoma State University president seeks to impose new $500 annual fee on all students
  233. Ten points about college hoops All-American Marcus Smart pushing a ‘fan’
  234. Menard hunger strikers refusing water until face-to-face hearings begin
  235. Dan Gertler flips DR Congo’s Atlantic Coast oil rights for huge gain
  236. SF Rec and Park to Hire 426 Youth Workers
  237. Menard hunger strikers cheered by protesters, threatened by staff
  238. Wanda’s Picks for February 2014
  239. Oakland: Mother loses her only children to gun; in the same month.
  240. Third Street Stroll …
  241. Marcus Garvey, the African Union, the African Diaspora
  242. Midtown residents fight potential displacement
  243. Amiri Baraka: Poet on fire (1934-2014)
  244. Formerly Incarcerated People’s Policy Academy launches in Los Angeles
  245. Shit White People Do - "You Should Call Yourself American!"
  246. Golden State Giants football is back: an interview wit’ Golden State Giants President
  247. Sekou Odinga and Dequi Kioni-Sadiki: Marriage in a prison visiting room
  248. Joe Debro on racism in construction: A study of the manpower implications of small bu
  249. Marcus Books launches ‘Keep It Lit’ campaign and vows to remain a lighthouse for our
  250. Kev Choice releases soon to be classic ‘Oakland Riviera’