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  1. Fifty-five years after Lumumba’s assassination, Congolese see no relief
  2. Black Family Day is Jan. 21 at Willie Brown Middle School
  3. Camp 120 in front of City Hall is protesting Mayor Lee and DA Gascón’s failure to cha
  4. Rashid attacked: Texas prison officials are punishing us for exposing their abusive w
  5. In a fiery statement, Congresswoman Barbara Lee announces inauguration boycott, promi
  6. EVIVA Mission Bay: One-, two- and three-bedroom ‘moderate rate’ rental units – deadli
  7. Former BPP members say, ‘NO! In the name of humanity we refuse to accept a fascist Am
  8. Wise words from Dr. King, a revolutionary thinker who practiced what he preached
  9. Citywide homeless people’s assembly Tuesday to honor Martin Luther King
  10. William Frazier of Victory Honda has a car for you, no matter your credit situation
  11. The Folsom 6 who stood up for Yogi are vindicated
  12. President Obama, grant clemency to Dr. Mutulu, Veronza, Leonard, Oscar and, posthumou
  13. We did it! City College regains full accreditation
  14. Glen Upshaw to receive Humanitarian Award from Living Jazz at ‘In the Name of Love’ a
  15. Review of the new blockbuster ‘Hidden Figures’
  16. New study shows Covered California consumers saving and paying much less than expecte
  17. Heartless San Francisco demolishes ‘Box City’ encampment in pouring rain
  18. Hepatitis C gets a knockout punch!
  19. Judge denies TRO against Measure L renter protections in Richmond
  20. Prison strike organizers to protest food giant Aramark
  21. Washington Post attacks Burundi
  22. Why our schools need community volunteers
  23. Disgraced former HUD secretary vouches for Trump pick Ben Carson to run HUD
  24. Estella Washington: 108 years of loving service to family and community
  25. The politics of oppression
  26. One-bedroom Below Market Rate rental apartments at 660 King St., San Francisco – appl
  27. BOBSA creates direct link to China to cut costs for Black hair-care store owners
  28. Decarcerate Louisiana for sustainable economies
  29. Uppity Edutainment presents ‘Out of Darkness’ Jan. 14
  30. Attorney General Loretta Lynch: Grant compassionate release to Richard ‘Mafundi’ Lake
  31. Wanda’s Picks for January 2017
  32. Bayview community celebrates newly renovated Hilltop Park
  33. Candlelight vigil marks year since Mario Woods was killed by police
  34. California blames incarcerated workers for unsafe conditions and amputations
  35. Loving farewell to James Curtis Ratcliff
  36. We are all connected, from Standing Rock to Oakland
  37. President Obama: Support Dr. Mutulu Shakur’s clemency petition
  38. Freedom
  39. Killing time: Lawsuit reveals officials killed prisoner, framed cellmate and lied to
  40. President Obama: Issue a medical parole for Imam Jamil Al-Amin, formerly known as H.
  41. Honduras: Government-supported tourism pushes Garifuna maroons off their land of 200
  42. Resisting the lynching of Haitian liberty!
  43. Sitawa: Exiting solitary confinement – and the games CDCr plays
  44. The Auset Movement: Loving humanity into wholeness on Christmas
  45. If Black lives really matter, we need the courage to police the police and stop killi
  46. Second annual Christmas tree lighting brings joy and love to Double Rock – activities
  47. Temporary victory at Standing Rock
  48. Driver’s license snatched by too many tickets? Bayview Legal can help
  49. Introducing Uncle Du, SF Bay View’s new comic strip!
  50. When we don’t fight hate, we are preparing for others to die
  51. Alabama prisoner commits suicide just weeks after testifying in federal mental health
  52. 17 affordable studios, 1-, 2-, 3-bedroom apartments in San Francisco; apply by Jan. 2
  53. Congolese youth look to chart a new path in the heart of Africa
  54. Scholarship program will close without more Black applicants; apply today
  55. Mutope: Because the Bay View was there for us, the world came to our defense
  56. From media cutoffs to lockdown, tracing the fallout from the U.S. prison strike
  57. Sista’s Place: How KHSU’s radio station helped bridge the gap between Arcata and Peli
  58. Acquittal, hung jury for Michael Smith, beaten by BART cops on video
  59. Covered California extends enrollment deadline to midnight Saturday as consumer inter
  60. White fear and the unbearable reality of Black perfection
  61. Apply by Jan. 12 for 5 studios, 32 1-bedrooms, 25 2-bedrooms at 1222 Harrison, San Fr
  62. Supervisor Jane Kim leads Board of Supervisors to 9 to 1 veto-proof vote to fully fun
  63. Open letter to Daily Kos: No name calling; we may need your ‘morons’
  64. South Africans, Congolese to picket Kabila at DRC Embassy in Pretoria
  65. Women in Texas prison decry abuse, banning of Bay View: ‘There’s no exaggerating the
  66. Free Alabama Movement: Kinetik Justice under attack; protect him now!
  67. The Lower Bottom Playaz proudly presents ‘Mama at Twilight: Death by Love’ by Ayodele
  68. Telling lies about Fidel
  69. Reflections on the Oakland firetrap inferno
  70. Veterans at Standing Rock offer long overdue apology to Native elders
  71. Oakland attacks the poor on behalf of the affluent
  72. Hundreds of Black Jews refuse army service, charge Israel with institutional racism
  73. O’Farrell Towers Apartments offers 16 subsidized one-bedrooms for seniors; apply by D
  74. Ward vs. Kovalev: Was this the great white hope re-mix?
  75. Black lives don’t matter – and neither does video!
  76. Help prisoners break the ban on Bay View
  77. Thoughts on bi-racial parenting and adoption
  78. I tried my best to encourage the brothers to stand up
  79. Colin Kaepernick just started a Black Panther-inspired youth camp to teach kids to fi
  80. Wanda’s Picks for December 2016
  81. An innocent man, DeWayne Ewing wins order to show cause
  82. Citizens help stop SFMTA’s proposed service cuts to 19 Polk bus
  83. Big Oil-based corruption and fear of Boko Haram incite conflict among Niger Delta fig
  84. The people of Haiti are under attack as they fight for their liberation!
  85. The need for a united front against fascism
  86. Richard Washington brings luxury to Bayview
  87. Embracing discomfort, Bayview’s ‘Blackness in America’ dinner series forges dialogue
  88. Open letter to Colin Kaepernick about Mumia Abu-Jamal
  89. African American Breast Cancer Conference 2016
  90. To all the brothers on the yard: Help us help ourselves
  91. Baridi X Williamson: I went inside my heart to survive the torture in the Pelican Bay
  92. Long live the spirit of Comrade W.L. Nolen
  93. Will Trump be willing to drain the student loan swamp?
  94. Twelve ideas post-election from front line organizers
  95. Salute to a great freedom fighter: The indomitable spirit of Fidel Castro will live f
  96. Standing Rock: We are here to protect the water – because we all live downstream – bu
  97. Fidel Castro: Africa has lost a friend
  98. Apply for new 198-unit affordable apartment building in Mission Bay until Dec. 21, 20
  99. Poor people don’t have presidents
  100. Standing Rock: Water cannons fired at water protectors in freezing temperatures injur
  101. Organizer ‘Malik’ Washington transferred to toughest prison in Texas
  102. Ten ways to fight Trump
  103. The jig is up!
  104. Nate Parker’s ‘Birth of a Nation’ inspires and empowers Black people
  105. Standing Rock, Flint and the color of water
  106. Black buttons tell Black history
  107. President Obama, remember Leonard Peltier
  108. Ode to Terence Crutcher: Who really killed him?
  109. Trump, Syria and oil in the Golan Heights
  110. Top Black, Brown and woman-owned bond firm welcomes equity partner Gary Hall to Oakla
  111. Can Oakland fix the homeless crisis it created?
  112. SF city attorney calls state bail schedule unconstitutional, announces he won’t defen
  113. ‘When Yolanda Jones succeeds, we all succeed!’ say state leaders
  114. Activists to San Francisco DA: Prosecute, Gascón!
  115. Trump was already here – but so is interdependence, change and self-determination
  116. Trump victory
  117. Dash cam footage reveals police targeting, intimidation of Black Lives Matter protest
  118. Bay Area police underage sex scandal: Cities slapped with multi-million dollar claims
  119. ‘Clinton is the most dangerous person alive,’ an interview with Edward S. Herman
  120. Waiting List Applications for Studios at Nihonmachi Terrace Available Nov. 14-18
  121. Wanda’s Picks for November 2016
  122. SF County Transportation Authority seeks Project Management and General Engineering S
  123. Below Market Rate rental units available at 280 Brighton Ave., San Francisco
  124. Five tips for shopping for the Covered California health plan that best fits you
  125. Put your money where your knee is!
  126. Texas locks down prison on Labor Day to avert work stoppage
  127. Capitalism killed everything, even our courage: Lessons from the first ‘How to NOT ca
  128. Prison strikes’ financial impact in California
  129. War on the Bronx
  130. Buffalo Soldiers made their mark in California
  131. My body and mind are the property of my Master
  132. To all those still locked inside
  133. Fight over skyrocketing Bay Area rents to hit the ballot box
  134. ‘Enter a Challenger, Exit a Champion’: an interview with Zimbabwe Davis
  135. Protest prison censorship of the Bay View: Use this sample letter
  136. How Solange and Michelle saved me from the beast of Trump
  137. Richmond election: When spiders unite, they can tie down a lion
  138. Revolutionary 50 years of the Black Panther Party
  139. ArtReach: Exhibition of artwork and poetry by 20 men on San Quentin’s death row
  140. Poor people help ‘rich’ people redistribute stolen inherited and hoarded wealth acros
  141. Props 62 and 66: Death penalty debate behind enemy lines
  142. Standing Rock: Militarized police from 5 states escalate violence, shoot horses to cl
  143. Habitat Greater San Francisco revitalizes a Bayview neighborhood in three days
  144. Welcome to ‘The Tech Boom’: an interview with producer Traxamillion
  145. In Pennsylvania, George Rahsaan Brooks fights for his censored Bay View – he won last
  146. CBS Radio seeks on-air talent for Live 105, account executive and assistant promotion
  147. The Greens are a movement party
  148. Blood flows in Alabama prisons as state leaders sacrifice more bodies in pursuit of $
  149. Countdown to Congo’s election: A tale of youth power and a regime decline
  150. Extreme vetting: Apply it to police
  151. Hell on earth in Alabama: Inside Holman Prison
  152. Alameda County, deliver on your promise of jobs for people returning from prison!
  153. The ‘woke tailgate’: The brave of Buffalo kneel in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick
  154. Censoring the Bay View shows how much master fears a revolt
  155. Bold, brave & bullied: Meet the Beaumont Bulls
  156. Six years since Ingabire arrest, 20 since DRC invasion
  157. SF Blue Ribbon Panel: Brutal cop culture gives itself impunity
  158. Bizarre SF Juvenile Hall dog and pony show
  159. Nationwide epidemic of suicide in solitary: Solitary confinement is murder!
  160. Michigan prisoners rise up!
  161. Haiti needs us now! Donating to the Haiti Emergency Relief Fund (HERF) puts every dim
  162. Troubled legacy: a review of Nate Parker’s ‘Birth of a Nation’
  163. ‘Already a Legend’: Soaking up game with young rap legend G-Val
  164. Alprentice ‘Bunchy’ Carter ‘would have rode with Nat Turner’
  165. We don’t heel, we kneel!
  166. Alice Griffith Phase 1 & 2 affordable housing applications due Nov. 3
  167. My body and mind are the property of my Master
  168. Wanda’s Picks for October 2016
  169. Bay View Voters Guide
  170. More guards quit Alabama’s Holman Prison as Justice Dept. prepares to investigate Ala
  171. Rwanda Day San Francisco: Bay View journalists get the boot
  172. First Tuesdays Spoken Word at Radio Africa Kitchen tonight: ‘Bringing Ideas to Life’
  173. Alfred Olango, from US-backed persecution in Uganda to police execution in US
  174. Free Alabama Movement Peace Summit turns chaos into community
  175. San Francisco County Jail’s incompetent medical care provider lets prisoners die
  176. Let’s re-ignite the movement to free Mumia Abu-Jamal!
  177. Alfred Olango, killed by California cop, dreamt of opening family restaurant
  178. Gov. Brown vetoes bill that prevents California jails from eliminating in-person visi
  179. Treasure Island residents choking on toxic dust released into high winds as Navy exca
  180. A salute to the Black Panthers – at home and abroad!
  181. London Breed: San Francisco victorious in the fight for landmark affordable housing p
  182. My life in solitary confinement
  183. First Oakland cop arraigned in underage sex scandal
  184. ‘Kicks,’ debut film by East Bay native Justin Tipping
  185. Un-ban the Bay View!
  186. Shanell Williams: Make City College free again! Vote YES on Prop W
  187. Why I am on the Women’s Boat to Gaza
  188. Former prisoners are leading the fight against mass incarceration
  189. The lesser threat: The White Panther Party, illegal FBI wiretaps and FISA
  190. Dr. Leopold Munyakazi deported to Rwanda
  191. Nathaniel Mason Jr., pillar of the community
  192. Haiti’s Fanmi Lavalas and the Black Panther Party*
  193. Your tax dollars make Ameri*ca a nation of 8 million slaves
  194. Richmond mayor took money from landlord PAC before he voted ‘no’ on eviction moratori
  195. Celebrating the 75th birthday of Soledad Brother George Lester Jackson, Sept. 23, 194
  196. Community welcomes agreement to reexamine radiation risk at Hunters Point Shipyard
  197. Dameion Brown is Othello in Marin Shakespeare Company production
  198. #7: Seventh Son
  199. God bless Charlotte: Clergy believe protester killed by police
  200. An arrest is made in the quadruple homicide of young African-American sons in the Fil
  201. Leonard Peltier: On solidarity with Standing Rock, executive clemency and the interna
  202. Is the U.S. government dumping guns in the hood?
  203. Declaration of genocide against Rwandan Hutu
  204. Green Party’s Stein and Baraka on ballot for 90% of US voters
  205. Uganda: ‘A Brilliant Genocide’
  206. Strike the punishment clause from the 13th Amendment
  207. Sept. 9 prison strike was HUGE and is continuing
  208. Is the serious humanitarian crisis developing at Holman Prison an ADOC ploy to build
  209. Regulators ask Navy to halt Shipyard land transfers amid investigations
  210. Further Hunters Point Shipyard land transfers halted while Tetra Tech’s radiation cle
  211. Iris Canada hospitalized: Sheriff’s notice to vacate sends 100-year-old to ICU; evict
  212. Support political prisoner Imam Jamil Al Amin (formerly H. Rap Brown) in Oakland on F
  213. A multi-nationed prayer from San Francisco to Dakota land protectors
  214. Lakota women call on President Obama to stop violence by Dakota Access Pipeline
  215. More than 500 activists lock down entrances to Urban Shield to stop the militarizatio
  216. Solidarity with Kaepernick ripples through the NFL on Sept. 11
  217. National Baptist Convention USA: Kneel with Colin Kaepernick this Sunday
  218. George Jackson University supports the historic Sept. 9 strike against prison slavery
  219. Champion of resistance: Albert Woodfox of the Angola 3, survivor of 43 years in solit
  220. Why we’re about the see the largest prison strike in history
  221. How Free Alabama Movement birthed the Sept. 9 nationwide protest, workstrike, boycott
  222. 200 school bus drivers being hired in Bay Area
  223. ‘Celeste Guap’ sent to ‘rehab,’ then jailed in Florida, as Oakland PD fires, suspends
  224. Praise for Colin Kaepernick at San Francisco’s historic Third Baptist Church
  225. Affordable ownership units available at 236-238 Shipley St., San Francisco
  226. Dear readers, let’s reach out to Colin Kaepernick about supporting the SF Bay View ne
  227. Haiti: Why is it important to remember Sept. 30, 1991?
  228. Dominican University partners with CPD to exclude Jill Stein from presidential debate
  229. New Afrikan Community Parole, Pardon and Clemency Review Board – Mission Statement
  230. Original Good in East Palo Alto
  231. From solitary confinement in ‘Miserable Murray,’ fighting for women in Texas prisons
  232. Prisoners call for a national strike on Sept. 9, the anniversary of Attica
  233. Censorship in Virginia
  234. Wanda’s Picks for September 2016
  235. Amend the 13th: Abolish Legal Slavery in Amerika Movement Mission Statement
  236. Colin Kaepernick, Rosa Parks, Muhammad Ali and Curt Flood
  237. Hard lessons in the struggle to end prison slavery
  238. Olume at 1401 Mission: Affordable rental units available — apply by Sept. 29
  239. Apply for Bill Sorro Community new affordable apartments Sept. 1-29
  240. Gloria’s life lurched to a halt when her identity was stolen
  241. Black Family Resource Network to convene annual Black Family Day on Sept. 17
  242. Breaking historical silence to heal from historical wounds: Remembering the 1966 Hunt
  243. Black Elders Fund
  244. Forcing out two women’s prison wardens is scapegoating, not accountability
  245. Black businesses survive on the new Ocean Ave.
  246. The Formerly Incarcerated and Convicted People and Families Movement 1st National Con
  247. The key or the peephole: A look inside the prison industrial complex and where moveme
  248. Black Breastfeeding Week helps moms share in the joys of breastfeeding
  249. Is it illegal to be Black in America?
  250. Reparationists take the power, and da funk, to Parliament in London!