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  1. Lull in Gaza Rocket Fire, Israel Keeps Up Strikes
  2. Hamas Tells Sudan It Will Avenge Israeli Bombing of Arms Plant
  3. Heavy Fighting Renews In Southern Somalia
  4. Political Struggle Erupts Over Newly Occupied Somalia Regions
  5. Thousands Rally in Egypt Against Israeli Violence in Gaza
  6. Death Toll Hits 30 In Israel's Onslaught on Gaza
  7. US Appoints New Ambassador to Zimbabwe
  8. Zimbabwe Diamond Exports to Belgium Hit Record High
  9. Egyptians Rally in Cairo to Condemn Israeli Attacks on Gaza
  10. Israeli Attacks on Gaza Strip Shows West's True Face, Says HezbollahLeader
  11. Egypt Prime Minister to Visit Gaza
  12. Gaza Crisis: Israel's Defense Minister Calls Up Army Reservists
  13. Hamas Leader Meshaal in Sudan for Islamic Meeting
  14. Xi Jinping Elected General Secretary of the Communist Party of ChinaCentral Committee
  15. Palestinian Commander of the al-Qassam Brigades Killed in IsraeliAirstrike
  16. Palestinian Commander Assassinated as Israel Plans More Attacks AgainstGaza
  17. Obama May Appoint Rice as Top Foreign Envoy for US Imperialism
  18. Another US-backed Puppet Regime Installed in Libya
  19. Full Text of Resolution From the Communist Party of China CentralCommittee Report
  20. Chaos Will Resurrect If Uganda Leaves Somalia
  21. Al-Shabab Continues Resitance in Somalia
  22. Pentagon Runs Counterinsurgency Website Targeting Somalia
  23. Shares Decline on Fiscal Concerns In the US and Europe
  24. Pentagon Alerted Within 50 Minutes of Benghazi Attack in Libya
  25. France Controls Billions in Libyan National Assets Stolen DuringImperialist War
  26. Another Arrest to be Made in Detroit Pension Fund Deal
  27. Flagship of Latin American Resistance Sails Ahead
  28. Salifist Spokesman Calls for Destruction of Pyramids in Egypt
  29. Egyptians Sign Letter and March in Cairo Against IMF Loan Talks
  30. Universities Discuss Higher Education Amendment Bill
  31. South African Mine Unrest Comes Home to Roost
  32. Know Your Author: Ama Ata Aidoo
  33. Obama Just Another American President
  34. West Threatens Africa's Food Security
  35. Prove That Diamonds Are Funding Zimbabwe Army
  36. Let's Have Faith In Our Prophets, Says Zimbabwe First Lady
  37. Somalia Appoints Woman Foreign Minister
  38. We Will Never Normalize Relations With Israel, Says Sudan PresidentAl-Bashir
  39. UN Official Urges South Sudan to Reverse Expulsion of Human RightsOfficer
  40. FBI Probe of Petraeus Began With "Suspicious E-mails"
  41. International Criminal Court Probes New Cases in Libya
  42. Former South African President Mbeki Choosen as "African of the Year"
  43. Sudan Denounces Israel Following Attacks
  44. European Union Gives $200 Million to Somalia
  45. Southern Somalians Protest Against President Hassan
  46. 39 Die in Clashes Between US-backed Forces and Somalian Resistance
  47. Somalia Resistance Fighters Move Into Puntland
  48. 'Gutted' Uganda Reiterates Somalia Withdrawal Threat
  49. Abayomi Azikiwe Interview With Russia Today Focus of Complaint to British Office of C
  50. Young Communist League of South Africa on the Dictatorship of theProletariat
  51. COSATU Secretary General Speech at Nedlac Retirement Funds Conference
  52. Colonial Regimes Varied Greatly, Even Within the Same Colonial System
  53. Road to Mangaung: ANC Branches Battle With Numbers
  54. Greek Workers Hold General Strike Amid New Austerity Measures
  55. Internecine Conflicts Continue Within Libyan Rebel Forces
  56. Libya Car Blast Hurts Former Official
  57. Greece Faces General Strikes As Parliament Votes on Austerity
  58. Global Stocks Sink on Fiscal Angst After US Elections, Euro Slips
  59. Clashes After Car Blast in Benghazi, Libya
  60. Three Explosions Hit Damascus Suburb of Qudsaya, Killing 10
  61. Syria Could Turn Into a New Somalia, Says Lakhdar Brahimi
  62. Sandy Disrupts Voting; Northeast Braces for New Storm
  63. US Re-organizing Counter-revolutionary Force in Libya
  64. Job Opening in US Decreased by 100,000 in September
  65. U.S. Expects Ugandan Peacekeepers to Stay in Somalia
  66. Al-Shabab Fighters Attack US-backed Forces in Somalia
  67. Egypt Asserts Military Role in Africa
  68. Western-backed War Against Syria is Funded Through Occupied Libya
  69. Five Reported Wounded As Rival Rebel Groups Battle in Libya
  70. Zimbabwe Vice President Mujuru Calls for Total Empowerment
  71. 'Let's Safeguard Our Sovereignty,' Says Zimbabwe President Mugabe
  72. Canada Is Threat to World Peace Today, Not Iran
  73. Concluding Communist Party of China Central Committee Plenum IssuesCommunique
  74. New York Not Able to Address Tens of Thousands Homeless From Sandy
  75. China's Non-Manufacturing Industries Signal Rebound Ahead
  76. Family of Tasered 10-Year-Old Boy Sues in New Mexico
  77. South African President Zuma Responds to Critics
  78. ANC Responds to Racist Party's Attacks
  79. South African Communist Party Condemns Planned DA Inspection ofPresident Zuma's Home
  80. Three Policemen Shot Dead in Egypt's Sinai
  81. Egyptian Princess's Tomb Found Near Cairo
  82. Egyptian Copts Await New Pope to Succeed Shenouda III
  83. Storm is Forcing NYC's Board of Elections to Relocate Polling Places
  84. Long Gas Lines Test Patience of Storm-Struck Residents
  85. "Kill the Boer"
  86. Sudan Military in Major Battle in South Kordofan With Rebels
  87. US Renews Sanctions, Sudan Criticizes Decision
  88. The Kismayo Conundrum in Somalia
  89. Uganda Says It Will Pull Out Troops From Somalia Over Congo Charges
  90. Iranians Commemorate 33rd Anniversary of US Embassy Takeover
  91. Essential to Record Zimbabwe's Military History
  92. Liberian President John-Sirleaf Dismisses Corruption Allegations
  93. PENGASSAN Raises Doubts Over Nigerian Oil Probe
  94. Prisoners Rot on Death Row in South Sudan
  95. Boko Haram Gives Terms for Talks With Nigerian Government
  96. 'Thrilla' in Africa!: Williams Sisters Visit Nigeria
  97. Nigerian Finance Minister Okonjo-Iweala Worried Over Oil Price Fall
  98. Sudan Government Says US Reneged on Promise to Lift Sanctions
  99. Rise of the Libyan Resistance
  100. Kenyan Navy's Newest Warship Intensifies Imperialist War on Somalia
  101. The CIA In Africa and Somalia: A Strategic Analysis
  102. Iran Warships Leave Sudan After Four-Day Visit
  103. 2,700 Ugandan Troops Have Been Killed in Somalia
  104. Global Warming Systemically Caused Hurricane Sandy
  105. Sudan Greets Iran Ships
  106. Sudan Government Denies Foreign Links to Bombed Arms Factory
  107. Sudan's Arms Factory on Fire Again, Army Says
  108. Syrian Air Force General Assassinated in Damascus
  109. Supporters of Ex-Ivorian President Gbagbo Hold Demonstration at Hague
  110. South African President Zuma Rebukes Deputy Motlanthe
  111. Protesters Storm US-backed Libyan Parliament Building, PuppetGovernment Stalled Again
  112. US-backed Militias Destroyed Bani Walid
  113. France, US Push Algeria to Back Military Intervention in Mali
  114. Blackouts Affect 1.5 Million As Sandy Approaches East Coast
  115. African National Congress Ruling Party Endorses Anti-Israel Boycott
  116. Anti-Black Sentiments Rise in the United States
  117. United States CIA Denies Involvement in Sudan Bombing
  118. Ramaphosa Offers to Testify at Marikana Commission
  119. ANC Youth League and Friends Call for Ramaphosa's Arrest
  120. Cape Town Mayor Says Criminals Will Be Evicted From Rental Units
  121. South African Mine Strikes Wind Down With Amplats Deal
  122. South Africa Reaches 'Tipping Point'
  123. Striking Harmony Gold Workers in South Africa Heed Call to Return tothe Job
  124. Libyan City Open to Islamists
  125. Situation Remains Difficult for Population of Bani Walid
  126. Libyan Witnesses Recount Organized Attack on US Interests in Libya
  127. Why Lucky Dube Is Turning In His Grave
  128. AMISOM Troops Arrest 72 Somalians
  129. Eight Killed in Somalia Attacks
  130. WWP Leader: 'It Doesn't Matter Who Wins'
  131. Chinese Government Lashes Out at US Newspaper Allegations SurroundingWin Jiabao
  132. Chinese Government Starts Formal Criminal Probe Into Bo Xilai
  133. Europe Says No to Austerity
  134. 'Veronica and the Case of Mumia Abu-Jamal'
  135. US-led Rebels Attempt to Prevent Libyans From Returning to Bani Walid
  136. Libyan Loyalists Resist US-led Genocidal Attacks on Bani Walid
  137. US-backed Rebels Use Nerve Gas, Phosphorus Bombs Against Libyan Civilians in Bani Wal
  138. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on Press TV News Analysis: 'Washington Has Mil
  139. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on Heart of Africa Radio Broadcast: 'Africa an
  140. Sudan Blames Israel for Military Factory Bombing
  141. US-backed Military Forces Escalate Tensions in East Africa
  142. US-backed Military Forces Attacked in Southern Somalia Port City of Kismayo
  143. Somalia Resistance Forces Attack US-Backed AMISOM Units Outside Capital
  144. Suspect in US Consulate Attack in Benghazi Killed in Cairo
  145. The Real Truth of The Haitian Revoultion
  146. Malema Warmly Welcomed in Zimbabwe
  147. Zuma's Land Reform Proposals 'Lack Detail'
  148. South African Cop Admits Some Evidence From Marikana Shooting May BeLost
  149. COSATU to Protest Mass Dismissals of Mineworkers in South Africa
  150. President Zuma Proposed Pay Freeze Applies to Public and Private Sectors
  151. Chemical Gas Reportedly Used in Siege of Bani Walid
  152. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on RT Satellite Television Discussing the Sieg
  153. France Deploys Drones and Prepares for Imperialist Intervention in Mali
  154. Zimbabwe 'Principals Have the Final Say' On New Constitution
  155. Zimbabwe Vice President Mujuru Launches Tonga Program
  156. ZANU-PF's Stance on Land Rights
  157. In Accordance With the Will of the Cuban Nation
  158. African Union Mediator on Sudan to Make Proposals on Abyei This Week
  159. Suspected Al-Shabab Members Arrested in Kismayo
  160. Violence Continues in Syria, Special Envoy Calls for Cease-fire
  161. 'Reports of Former Libyan Spokesman Moussa Ibrahim's Arrest Are 100 Percent False', S
  162. The Siege of Bani Walid Sparks Further Resistance to Imperialist Ruleof Libya
  163. Mahalia Jackson Internationalized Black Music
  164. Libya Likely to Dominate Final Presidential Debate
  165. 'Military Intervention Possible to End Mali Crisis'
  166. Somalia News Update: Landmine Hits AMISOM Convoy In Wanlaweyn District
  167. AMISOM to Take Over Kismayo Security
  168. Lebanese on Edge After Car Bomb Linked to Syria
  169. Zuma Launches National Infrastructure Plan
  170. Zuma's Fate Lies in Branches' Hands
  171. Road to Manguang: Gwede Warns COSATU Not to Meddle in ANC
  172. It's Time to Occupy the ANC
  173. Eight Killed, 78 Injured in Beirut Bomb Explosion
  174. Africans to Celebrate Samora Machel's Life
  175. COSATU Throws Weight Behind Zuma's Second Term
  176. South African Peacekeeper Killed in Sudan Identified
  177. South Sudan Resumes Oil Production
  178. Kenya, Although Occupying Somalia With US Backing, Will Be Allowed to Prosecute Somal
  179. Western Sanctions Scuttle US$600 Million Diamond Revenue Forecast forZimbabwe
  180. Joint Statement of the South African Communist Party and COSATU GuatengBranch
  181. Political Reflections of Thabo Mbeki: Tell No Lies, Claim No EasyVictories!
  182. Despite Western Claims of Victory, Fighting Still Continues in Somalia
  183. Imperialists Provide Money, Guns to Occupy Somalia
  184. It's Up to Everyone: Jay Naidoo Defends Mo Ibrahim Decision
  185. Caught In a Web of Violence and Political Inertia
  186. Seven Protesters Injured During Kumba Mine Raid in South Africa
  187. Senegal Kicked Out of Africa Cup of Nations
  188. Help Women Realize Their Potential
  189. Sudan Says It Will Not Reach 180,000bpd Oil Target for 2012
  190. White House Planning Military Strikes in Libya and Mali
  191. President Evo Morales Discusses Bolivia-US Relations
  192. U.S. Rushes to Help Create a Pro-Imperialist Commando Force in Libya
  193. US Banks Push Back As Financial Crisis Lawsuits Pile Up
  194. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on Press TV World News: 'Old Regime Still Haun
  195. Biden Rekindles Controversy Over Administration's Libya Statements
  196. Occupied Libya Police Chief Survives Assassination Attempt
  197. Egypt's President Drops Effort to Remove Prosecutor
  198. Two International Troops Killed In Afghanistan
  199. US Government Actions to Reduce Mortgage Rates May Be Helping BanksMore Than Borrower
  200. President Mugabe Speaks On Mau Mau Victory
  201. Eskom Calls for Swift End to Strikes
  202. Keep on Trucking: Transport Strike Comes to an End in South Africa
  203. South Africa Truckers Sign Wage Deal, Strike Off
  204. US Intelligence Hurt When Libya Base Was Abandoned
  205. United Nations Resolution on Northern Mali
  206. Nobel for EU Earns Derision From British Press
  207. Northern Muslims and the Nigerian Civil War: Between Achebe and OtherIgbo Intellectua
  208. Nigerian President Jonathan Visit Flood Victims, Pledges More Dams
  209. Nigerian Farmers Sue Shell Oil Giant Over Livelihood Damages
  210. Ethiopian Troops Mass on Border With Somalia
  211. Turkey Mandate for PKK Strikes Extended
  212. IMF Revises Outlook for Sudan
  213. US Government Show Trial Targets Somalian Community in Minnesota
  214. Troops Not Coming Home Yet, Says KDF
  215. Somalia News Update: Fighting Continues Despite KDF Claims of VictoryOver Al-Shabab
  216. Drop In Job Openings Signals Limited US Job Growth
  217. Kenyans Allowed to Pursue Torture Case in British Courts
  218. 12,000 Striking Platinum Workers Fired by Anglo American in South Africa
  219. Detroit Marxism Class on 'How Europe Underdeveloped Africa' by Walter Rodney, Saturda
  220. Braving Protests, Germany's Merkel on Lightning Visit to Eurozone FaultLine Greece
  221. NATO Makes Plans to Back Turkey In Imperialist War Against Syria
  222. Eritrea Calls for Lifting of Sanctions, Rejects UN Accusations
  223. No Winners In ICC-Libya Standoff
  224. North Korea Says Its Rockets Can Hit US Mainland
  225. IMF Downgrades Forecast for Global Economic Growth
  226. Egyptian President Morsi Issues General Pardon for Revolutionary Activists
  227. Libya's Bani Walid Is Shelled In Standoff Over Rebel's Death
  228. Think Outside the Box, Zimbabwe Vice President Tells Agricultural Industry
  229. Guard Jealously the Legacy Left by Mudenge, Say Zimbabwe PresidentMugabe
  230. The World Celebrates the Life and Times of Che Guevara
  231. Red Alert: SACP on the Marikana Massacre
  232. More Negotiations As Iron Ore Mine Workers Continue Strike
  233. SATAWU to Extend Strike to Port Workers In South Africa
  234. Valeria Alvarado Shot To Death By Border Patrol Agent (Government Continuity HSPD-20)
  235. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on Press TV World News: 'US Democrats, Republi
  236. ANC Viewpoint: The Clock is Ticking
  237. ANC Women's League President Angie Motshekga Speaks at GuatengProvincial Conference
  238. ANC Statement on the Developments in the Mining Industry
  239. 'This is the Beginning of the War', Warn Striking Amplats Miners
  240. Reviewing the Addis Ababa Peace Agreements on Sudan
  241. Zimbabwe Minister of Education Stanislaus Mudenge Dies at 71
  242. Tunisian Authorities Seek Death Penalty for Anti-US Demonstrations
  243. More Than 5,000 Cubans Working in Africa
  244. The United States Does Not Have the Slightest Moral or PoliticalAuthority to Judge Cu
  245. Cuban President Raul Castro Reiterates Call to Work With Rigor andDiscipline
  246. US-backed Regime in Libya Still Unable to Form Government
  247. Initial Jobless Claims in US Increase From Two-Month Low
  248. Nigerian Senate May Sanction Oil Firms Over Pollution
  249. Gunmen on Rampage, Kill 48 Students in Nigeria
  250. Four Nigerian Peacekeepers Killed in Sudan's Darfur Region