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  1. Four Nigerian Peacekeepers Killed in Sudan's Darfur Region
  2. South Sudan Army Commits Shocking Abuses In East
  3. South Sudan: No Further Talks on Abyei and Heglig
  4. Axing ANC Youth League Leader Was Wrong, Says South African DeputyPresident Motlanthe
  5. ANC Youth League to Announce Party Leadership Choice
  6. Shortage Fears Grow As Petrol Pumps Run Dry in South Africa
  7. Amplats Says Security Worsens At Its South Africa Mines
  8. White House Widening Pentagon, CIA Involvement in North Africa
  9. The War In Afghanistan
  10. President Evo Morales: The Real Terrorist Is the United States
  11. United Nations Condemnation of Cuban Blockade Growing
  12. J.P. Morgan Sued on Mortgage Bonds
  13. West Sanctions on Iran, Sudan Politically-Motivated
  14. Wastewater Plant Workers Defy Judge's Order; Strike Continues
  15. China Ain't Colonizing Zimbabwe
  16. Rhetoric, Reality of AFRICOM
  17. 'Indigenization Vital for Security' in Zimbabwe
  18. 'Advance Research in Agricultural Sector' in Zimbabwe
  19. America's Futile Response to Zimbabwe
  20. IMF Must Take Off Its Mask In Zimbabwe
  21. A view from an African American human rights defender- Ajamu Baraka
  22. South Sudan to Re-start Oil Production As Soon As Possible
  23. Sudan Tells United Nations Its Debts Must Be Canceled
  24. In Libya, Security Was Lax Before Attack That Killed U.S. Ambassador,Officials Say
  25. Plan Underway to Infiltrate Western-backed Forces in Somalia
  26. Imperialist-led Kenya Troops Launch Beach Assault, Air Strikes onSomalia Port of Kism
  27. US-backed Kenyan Defense Forces Attack Southern Somalia Port City ofKismayo
  28. Nigeria Deploys 140 Police Officers to Somalia
  29. Suspect Names Security Personnel in Nigerian Terror Attacks
  30. US-led Military Forces in East Africa Vows More Bombings of Kismayo
  31. Sudan, South Sudan Reach Partial Deal
  32. Palestinian Authority Pursuing United Nations Recognition As Nonmember State
  33. Human Rights and Humanitarian Imperialism In Syria
  34. World Must Condemn Killing of Press TV Reporter in Syria
  35. Herald Most Complete, Balanced Newspaper in Zimbabwe
  36. President Mugabe Apprises Zuma of Constitution
  37. Zimbabwe Platinum Firms Comply With Indigenization Law
  38. Malema Says President Zuma Is Trying to Torture Him
  39. Malema Claims Innocence in Light of Charges
  40. Greek Police Fire Teargas At Youth In Anti-Austerity Demonstrations
  41. IMF, EU Clash Over Greece's Bailout Prospects
  42. Rebellions Erupt in Spain Over Imposition of Austerity
  43. Militias Targeted in Benghazi by Pro-U.S. Demonstrations
  44. Marikana Workers Return to the Mines With 22 Percent Pay Hike
  45. Public Act 4 and the Attacks on Collective Bargaining: Implications forAfrican Americ
  46. Detroit Marxism Class on "How Europe Underdeveloped Africa"--Sat.,September 29, 5:00-
  47. Great News for Jennifer Britt in Detroit
  48. The Struggle for Western Hegemony in the Muslim World
  49. Six Libyan Security Forces Executed in Benghazi
  50. Benghazi Attack and Ambassador Stevens: Why the Sound of Silence?
  51. More Assassinations Threatened Against US-backed Regime in Somalia
  52. Sudan, South Sudan Holds Summit in Ethiopian Capital
  53. US Jobless Rates Rise in 26 States
  54. 23 Killed in Anti-US Demonstrations Across Pakistan
  55. Edwin Wilson, Former CIA Operative Convicted of Selling Arms to Libya,Dies at 84
  56. Frailty of Neo-Colonial Libya Revealed As Factional Fighting Continuesin the East
  57. United Nations Condemn Killing of Somalian MP
  58. Gold Strikes Spread in South Africa
  59. Pro-US Mob in Benghazi Attacks Militia Group Targeted by Washington
  60. Benghazi Attack: Libya's Green Resistance Did It...And NATO Powers AreCovering Up
  61. Pakistan Police Open Fire on Anti-US Demonstrations, At Least Five Reported Killed
  62. Zimbabwe Economy Has Potential, Says Chinese Envoy
  63. President Mugabe of Zimbabwe Arrives in New York for United NationsGeneral Assembly
  64. Obama Stalking Africa's Resources
  65. US War Resister Deported From Canada
  66. Bomb Blasts Kill 15 In Somalia Capital
  67. Malema: My Life Is In Danger
  68. COSATU Survey Reveals Ageing Federation
  69. The Way Home From Marikana in South Africa
  70. Battle for Namibian Presidency Heats Up
  71. Sudan Wants Africa to Reach for the Stars
  72. 8 South Africans Killed in Afghanistan
  73. Chicago Teachers Vote to Return to Work; Classes to Resume Wednesday
  74. QE3 May Have Little Impact on Mortgage Borrowers
  75. White House Sending More Marines, Drones and Spies to Libya
  76. Detroit City Council: Belle Isle Proposal Dead in the Water
  77. Statement From the National Executive Committee of the ANC in SouthAfrica
  78. Defend the Gains of the Working Class: Take Responsibility for theNational Democratic
  79. Bomb Explodes Near Afghan Airport, Nine Killed
  80. Somalia Resistance Forces Battle U.S.-backed Soldiers
  81. Hundreds Rally in San Francisco to Mark Anniversary of Occupy Movement
  82. U.S.-backed Offensive Against Somalia Resistance Forces Stalled
  83. ANC Slams British Media and Mavericks for Current Crisis
  84. Somalia President Mahamud Sworn In Four Days After Assassination Attempt
  85. Video Shows US Envoy's Body Being Retrieved in Benghazi
  86. ANC Welcomes Government Move to Restore Order and Safety
  87. Social Dialogue Constitutes the Foundations of Our Democracy in South Africa
  88. Service Delivery and a Developmental State in South Africa
  89. Afghanistan Police Kill Four NATO Soldiers
  90. Happy Birthday Barry White!
  91. Portugal, Spain Hold Anti-Austerity
  92. US Issues Warning on Sudan, Tunisia
  93. More Reports Detailing the Attack on the US Consulate in Libya
  94. China Struggles to Channel Anger As Anti-Japan Protests Resume
  95. US Sends CIA, Marines to Rebel-held Libya
  96. South Africa Police Raid Miners' Hostels in Marikana
  97. Destroying a Country's Standard of Living: What Libya Has Achieved, What Has Been Des
  98. Anti-US Demonstrations Spark Debate on Washington's Foreign Policy
  99. JPMorgan Faces Money Laundering Probe
  100. In Libya, Chaos Was Followed by Organized Ambush
  101. Anti-American Fury Sweeps Africa, Middle East and Asia
  102. Washington Under Fire Across the World
  103. Cuba Denounces Obstacles to Peaceful Use of Nuclear Energy
  104. The Venezuelan People Merit the October 7 Victory
  105. Cuban Commandante Juan Almeida Bosque Honored
  106. Physicians Strike in Kenya
  107. The Cuban Five: A Challenge to Journalism
  108. U.S.-trained Engineer Picked As Libya's Next Premier
  109. US Believes Benghazi Attack on Embassy Was Pre-Planned
  110. US Officials Say Two Warships Moving Toward Libya
  111. Michigan Dictator Law: Ingham Judge Strikes Down Parts of Detroit FSA
  112. Libya Attack Represents Challenge for Obama
  113. Malema Calls for All South African Miners to Strike
  114. State Department Officer Killed in Attack on US Consulate in Occupied Libya
  115. US State Department Official Killed in Occupied Libyan Protest Over Film
  116. China Accuses Japan of Stealing Disputed Islands
  117. Sudan Says Darfur Rebels Have Killed 11 Civilians
  118. South Sudan's Inflation Drops to 43%
  119. Sudan's Army Clashes With Rebels in Border State
  120. U.S. Kills Yemeni in Airstrike
  121. Chicago Teachers Strike Likely to Continue for Second Day
  122. Chicago Teachers Strike: Local Issues, With National Impact
  123. Parents, Students Demonstrate Against Racism in Wyandotte Schools
  124. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on Press TV WorldNews: 'Egyptian Government Ri
  125. South African Prosecutors Suspend Murder Charges Against Platinum Miners
  126. Bheki Cele Rallies to Unseat Zuma at Mangaung
  127. ANC Alliance Statement on the Situation at the Lonmin Marikana PlatinumMines
  128. US Ambassador Says South Sudan Faces Challenges, Opportunities
  129. Rebels in Occupied-Libya Delay Show Trial for Saif al-Islam
  130. Three Killed in Libya Clashes Over Destruction of Religious Sites
  131. Clashes Continue in Syria's Two Main Cities
  132. US-backed AMISOM Troops Deploy in Captured Port Elma'an in Somalia
  133. 'Dozens Killed' In Sudan Army, Rebels Clashes
  134. The Cuban Five and the Garbus Memo
  135. COSATU Leader Says "Marikana Is Time Bomb"
  136. Quakes Kill At Least 80 in Mountainous Southwest China
  137. AMCO Says "We Are Not Party to the Lonmin Violence"
  138. US August Jobs Report Remains Disappointing
  139. Black Father Killed by Off-duty Cop Who Ran Over His Daughter
  140. White House Plots More Targeted Assassinations in Central Asia
  141. Chinese President Hu Arrives in Russia for APEC Meeting
  142. Price of E10 Fuel Too High, Says Zimbabwe President Mugabe
  143. South Africa's National Union of Mineworkers Steps in to Stem Violence
  144. South African Economic Outlook Dims After Mining Unrest
  145. Contentious Part of Immigration Law in Arizona Upheld by Judge
  146. US Drone Attack Kills 21, Injures 72 in Somalia
  147. Sudan Proposes to Deliver Humanitarian Aid From Blue Nile and NorthKordofan
  148. Sudan, South Sudan Delegations Resume Talks In Addis Ababa
  149. Neil Heywood Murder: Bo Xilai Police Chief Charged With Defection
  150. European Naval Force Somalia Warns Ship Owners
  151. NAM to Build Framework for World
  152. Ex-CIA Chief Says U.S. Can Strike Iran Nuclear Sites
  153. China Paper Warns Clinton Ahead of Talks
  154. Iran Could Strike U.S. Bases If Israel Attacks
  155. Occupied Libya Rebel Officer Killed in Car Bombing in Benghazi
  156. Rebels in Libya Should 'Stop Attacks on Sufi Sites,' Says HRW
  157. Bishop Desmond Tutu Says Bush, Blair Should Face Trial at the Hague
  158. Occupied Libyan Rebel Interior Minister: "I Will Not Stop IslamistViolence"
  159. Iran, DPRK Agree to Cooperate in Science, Technology
  160. Guinea Opposition Says 120 Arrested in Protest Crackdown
  161. Angola's Dos Santos Secures Big Election Win
  162. Sudan Says Repulses Rebel Attack in Border Area
  163. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on Press TV News Analysis: 'NAM Can Play Globa
  164. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on RT SatelliteTelevision: 'Post-Gaddafi Libya
  165. PANW Interviews Editor Abayomi Azikiwe: 'Africa Must Unite to Develop Politically and
  166. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on "Heart of Africa" Radio Program: 'The Histo
  167. PANW Interview With Editor Abayomi Azikiwe: 'Egyptian Revolution Still Unfolding'
  168. Malema Fires Up Aurora Workers in South Africa
  169. Marikana Is the Latest Chapter In a Long Saga
  170. Deep Read: A World Upside Down
  171. Suspicion Circles Israeli Diamond Maven Who 'Understands Negroes'
  172. 1962-2012: Two Trips to Monroe, N.C.
  173. NATO Secretly Authorizes Syrian Attacks
  174. Afghanistan Resistance Torch NATO Tankers
  175. South Africa Miners Charged With The Murder Of 34 Colleagues Shot By Police
  176. Sudanese President Arrives In Tehran for Non-Aligned Summit
  177. South Sudan Criticizes Jonglei Human Rights Reports
  178. Non-Aligned Summit Signals Thaw in Iran-Egypt Relations
  179. With Millions Impacted by Bank Seizures of Homes, Feds Falsely Claim Progress in Mort
  180. Three Australians in US-led Occupation Force Killed in Afghanistan
  181. Syria President Bashar Assad Appears Confident of Victory
  182. US-installed Rebels in Libya Suspend Three Members of Assembly for Alleged Gaddafi Li
  183. Lonmin Mining Communities: A Powder Keg of Inequality
  184. Research Shows South Africa's Living Standards Improving
  185. South Africa's University of Witwatersrand Support Staff Demand 9% WageHike
  186. Tutu Withdraws From Leadership Summit in South Africa Due to TonyBlair's Presence
  187. Leadership Failure Behind Marikana Massacre
  188. Latin Americans Defy U.S., Back Ecuador on WikiLeaks Asylum
  189. ICC Defense Responds To The Libyan Authorities Demand To Hold Saif Gaddafi's Trial In
  190. Rebellion Hits Kenya After Muslim Cleric is Assassinated
  191. Chinese Weapons Used to Defend Sudanese Government
  192. French Imperialism Urges Syrian Rebels to Form Government to Replace President Assad
  193. Colombia's President Confirms Exploratory Talks With FARC
  194. Detroit School Board Votes to Subpoena Emergency Financial Manager
  195. ANCYL Declares 'Holiday' for March in Cape Town
  196. Zimbabwe President Mugabe Attends NAM Summit in Iran
  197. CIA's Freedom House: A House of Destruction
  198. The Other Side of the Coin: Draft Constitution Showdown in Zimbabwe
  199. Civilians Killed in US-backed War Against Somalia
  200. Sierra Leone Cholera Crisis
  201. Illegal Regime Set to Stage 'Show Trial' of Martyred Libyan Leader's Son
  202. Who Authorized the Use of Live Ammunition at Marikana?
  203. Only Malema Cares Lonmin Miners Spurn Zuma's Task Team Expelled African National
  204. Press Releases From COSATU, ANCYL on Marikana and Other Labor Issues
  205. The Marikana Massacre: Workers' Grievances Must Not Be Forgotten
  206. Protesters Take to the Streets in Togo
  207. Somalia's Islamists celebrate death of Ethiopia's Meles
  208. Wives Protest Against Killing of 34 Mineworkers in South Africa
  209. ANCYL Statement on the Situation in the Marikana Mines
  210. COSATU, NUM & ANC Statements on the Unrest at Lonmin Platinum Facilities
  211. South Africa Hill of Horror Self Defense or Massacre
  212. Let's hope all African nations follow Mozambique's example
  213. African Army Defense Leaders to Meet on DRC Force
  214. More Clashes in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula
  215. Western-backed Rebels in Libya Move on to Imperialist War Against Syria
  216. Black august honors legacy of resistance and struggle
  217. American Bombs Ready To Fall On Africa Via Botswana
  218. Egypt President Mursi Removes Military Aides in Gutsy Shake-Up
  219. Uganda military helicopters missing en route to Somalia
  220. Somalia Bomb Blast Kills Two Soldiers in Mogadishu 10 August 2012 Mogadishu ó Witn
  221. Somalia Puntland President Reshuffles National Security Agency
  222. Mbekiís toughest eight days
  223. South African Women's Day Reports
  224. Nigerian Security Agencies Probe Asari-Dokubo's Statements
  225. Solitary confinement: Torture chambers for black revolutionaries An estimated 80,000
  226. Chiefs Jostle for Great Wall Of Zimbabwe
  227. Cuban 4th Plenary of the Communist Party Central Committee
  228. Libya power transition: Who can stop the chaos?
  229. Thousands attend Atta Millsí funeral
  230. Zimbabwe Armed Forces Averted Coup, Says Shiri
  231. Call for Withdrawal of Minustah Forces From Haiti
  232. Venezuelan President Chavez Condemns West for Supporting Terrorists in Syria
  233. Our people have a peaceful mission, but have always been able to defend themselves
  234. Venezuela: A Threat to Washington?
  235. Hillary Clinton Begins Visit in Africa
  236. No Libya Solution in Cuba: Raul Castro Accuses US of Plot to Overthrow Government
  237. Ghana Vice President Sworn In Hours After President Atta Mills Death
  238. Somalia: Obama Bans Somalia Charcoal Import
  239. Coordinated Iraq attacks kill 103
  240. Motlanthe for president, says ANCYL
  241. Zimbabwe, China Urged to Strengthen Cultural Ties
  242. European Union Extends Sanctions Against Zimbabwe
  243. The Scramble for Africa: More Sophisticated Edition
  244. Britain Admits Atrocities In Kenya
  245. CIA Takes Over As Ethiopian Regime Crumbles
  246. Colombian Native People Evict Soldiers in Cauca
  247. Libya's Former Rebels Pose Challenge
  248. Protect African Territorial Integrity, Says President Mugabe of Zimbabwe
  249. Mau Mau Uprising: Hearing o Torture Begins
  250. African Union Summit Held Amid Increasing Imperialist Penetration