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  1. Scores Killed in Iraq Car Bombing in Baghdad
  2. Zimbabwe News Update Freedom Didn't Come Cheap
  3. A Popular Referendum for a New Honduras Constitution?
  4. African Children Denounced As “Witches” By Christian Pastors
  5. Ethiopia says annual inflation slows to 14.2%
  6. Zimbabwe News Update GPA Principals to Meet, ZANU-PF Walks Out of Parliament
  7. Ghana Foreign Ministry Razed Down
  8. While LA Police sleep: Margaret Prescod, in search of, Serial Murderer of Black Women
  9. This Day in African History - Jomo Kenyatta Arrested
  10. Timeline: Mau Mau Rebellion
  11. Independence for Africans in New Caledonia!
  12. Western-backed Party Threatens to Split Inclusive Government in Zimbabwe
  13. On the Tragic Death of Derrion Albert:
  14. Mexico - Chronicle of a Tormenta Electrica
  15. Zimbabwe News Update: US Admits Funding PM's Office
  16. Senate pulls Gitmo closure funding
  17. West Africa's Ecowas imposes arms embargo on Guinea
  18. United Snakes Calls For Continuing Destabilization Efforts Against Zimbabwe
  19. Embassy Statement From the Republic of Sudan on Failed US Policy
  20. US Military Says 4 Soldiers Killed in Southern Afghanistan
  21. Nyerere the Father of Southern African Liberation
  22. Zimbabwe Southern Sudan to Strengthen Ties
  23. More Power to Sisters in Zimbabwe
  24. Ground offensive begins in Pakistan al-Qaida haven
  25. Organizations demand freedom for Cuban Five
  26. Botswana’s ruling party claims election victory
  27. Oscar Grant killer cop’s trial to be moved out of Oakland
  28. SA: Lion of Africa Insurance 100% black-owned
  29. Indigenous Peoples Southern Border Rights Campaign
  30. Agent Orange in Vietnam
  31. Help Haiti's children -demand that accused US pedophile, Doug Perlitz, not be set fre
  32. Rebirth of an African Genius: Four Centuries of Zimbabwe Europe Interaction
  33. Defeat of fear well underway in Puerto Rican general strike ...
  34. There Is Much to Do: An Interview With Hugo Chavez
  35. History should tell us what it means to be Zimbabwean
  36. Botswana AU Observers Okay Vote Preparations
  37. It Will Be War Till Zuma Comes
  38. Nigerian president says amnesty has led to peace
  39. United Nations Human Rights Council Debates Gaza Report
  40. Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize is a farce
  41. Honduran Accords Hung Up on Zelaya's Reinstatement
  42. Venezuela Grants Land to Indigenous Communities On Indigenous Resistance Day
  43. Police fire on S African protests
  44. The Nobel Peace Prize: Rewarding Peace Among the Great Powers
  45. War on Mexican Women
  46. Cached Copy of article Trafigura had removed
  47. Guineans in post-massacre protest
  48. North Korea Fires Missiles Over No Sail Zone
  49. Guinea facing new dictatorship
  50. Nkrumah and Ghana’s Independence struggle
  51. 500 Years of Indigenous Resistance
  52. South Africa: Democracy’s everyday death -- the ANC's coup in Kennedy Road;
  53. Barack Obama Wins 2009 Nobel Peace Prize
  54. Poll: Wide Majority of Hondurans Oppose Coup
  55. Anger Builds Over Gaza Report Delay
  56. President Mugabe Slams Violence in Zimbabwe
  57. Nestle bows to Western pressure
  58. August Deal Only Way to Solve Madagascar Crisis
  59. Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Lesotho on Official Visit to Cuba
  60. Africa-South America Summit in Venezuela Strengthen Ties Between Two Continents
  61. Uncovering Indoctrinated Racism
  62. Posada Carriles Built Bombs CIA Records Reveal
  63. Wave of Anarchist Bombings Strikes Mexico
  64. Honduras - Behind the Coup Regime Curtain
  65. Filthy White Nationalist wants his own White section of South Africa
  66. Introduction to Abahlali baseMjondolo
  67. EAC Ministers Endorse Common Market Protocol
  68. African Countries to Lift South-South Cooperation
  69. South Africa, Namibia stand by Zimbabwe
  70. Gadafi & Chavez Builds Africa - South America Relationlship
  71. Honduran police evict Zelaya supporters in crackdown
  72. ] Miami Herald makes up story on Zelaya, Washington Post and NYT spread it
  73. President Mugabe Says Support Us or Leave Us Alone, Former Canadian PM Meets Leader
  74. Zimbabwe Making Significant Progress, Says President Zuma at SADC Summit
  75. Madagascar Prime Minister Names Government, Opposition Rejects Proposal
  76. Cuban Central Committee Member Jorge Risquet Valdes Remembers President Agostino Neto
  77. Protect Land, Youth Urged by President Robert Mugabe, EU Told to Drop Sanctions
  78. An Open Letter to Mr. Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa
  79. Somali rebels call for reinforcements
  80. African Union Chair and Libyan Leader Gaddafi Slams United Nations Security Council
  81. President Robert Mugabe Says Inclusive Government is Genuine in Zimbabwe
  82. Zimbabwe News Update Friendship Hailed With China
  83. Iran discloses new enrichment plant
  84. US Troop Deaths Rise in Afghanistan Five Soldiers Killed on Friday
  85. Juan Almedia 1927-2009 Cuba Honors a Commander of the Revolution
  86. President Robert Mugabe Addresses United Nations Transcript of CNN Interview
  87. United Nations Deplores Honduras Military Siege on Brazilian Embassy
  88. Fidel: A Revolution in the Making - Honduras
  89. The ICC Facilitates US Covert War in Sudan
  90. Ghana Marks Kwame Nkrumah's Centenary
  91. Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos Celebrates 30 Years in Office
  92. Pigs Disperse Pro Zelaya Protest
  93. Multi-Purpose Smart Card For Higher Education Institutions in Africa
  94. The Road to Zelaya’s Return: Money, Guns and Social Movements in Honduras
  95. Hugo Chávez pledges economic support to Iran
  96. UK oil company exposed for waste dumping.
  97. African Condom shortage to "worsen climate impact"
  98. Insurgents Bomb African Base in Somalia
  99. Africans 'under siege' in Moscow
  100. Rwanda pastor on trial for Genocide
  101. International support needed for South African worker's struggle
  102. Kenedy clan kill help to kill luther?
  103. Putting our money together
  104. American Hypocracy
  105. Nigeria News Update Mohammed Yusuf Killed While in Custody
  106. Nigerian Army Attacks Mosques, Schools, Homes 600 People Reported Dead
  107. Slain Nigerian Sect Members Buried in Mass Graves
  108. Burundi Sends Troop Reinforcements to Somalia
  109. President Zuma of South Africa to Hold Discussions With President Mugabe of Zimbabwe
  110. Haiti Protesters Clash With Police Over Demands for Minimum Wage Hike
  111. US Pledges More Military Interference in Somalia
  112. Zimbabwe News Update Vice-President Mskika Dies
  113. Nigeria's Economic Crisis Underlines Unrest in the Northern Region
  114. Is It Now a Crime to Be Poor?
  115. Gabon Police, Demonstrators Clash
  116. Madagascar Rivals Strike Deal
  117. US Biggest Threat Say Pakistanis
  118. Clinton Threatens Eritrea Over US Failure in Somalia
  119. South African Women's Month, A Message From the ANC Women's League
  120. Hundreds Hurt in 11-Hour California Prison Rebellion
  121. US Continues to Threaten Eritrea Over Imperialist Failures in Somalia
  122. Bomb Attacks Kill Dozens in Iraq, Commander Admits Resistance is Winning in Afghanist
  123. Spiegel Interview With Ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya
  124. China Puts People Before Banks, Zimbabwe Assisted Through Investment
  125. Angry Brazil sends Britain back its rubbish
  126. Russia gives heed to substantial cooperation with Africa
  127. Symposium on United States of Africa Opens
  128. Africa-China: A relationship of hope?
  129. Dubai state firm to build two luxury hotels in Ethiopia
  130. Cuban leader visits Namibia
  131. Texas town prepares for protests in murder dragging case
  132. General Wins Mauritania Election
  133. 4 US Troops Killed in Afghanistan, July Becomes Deadliest Month for Occupation Forces
  134. Al-Jazeera journalist imprisoned in Guantánamo Bay to sue George Bush
  135. People's Republic of China to increase cooperation with the DRC
  136. Ecuador President Rafael Correa Denies Receiving Funds From FARC
  137. Afghanistan Helicopter Shot Down Killing 16
  138. Aziz Looks Poised for Victory in Presidential Election in Mauritania
  139. President Kabila of the DRC Cleans Out Judiciary in Graft Swoop
  140. We Are the World? A Commentary by Mumia Abu-Jamal
  141. Non-Aligned Movement Summit Opens in Egypt, President Mugabe Delivers Address
  142. Bury the Never Ending Myth of Jackson as Child Molester
  143. Cynthia McKinney Arrives in Gaza With the Viva Palestina Convoy
  144. Liberia Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Final Report 7/2009
  145. Even in death, no rest for Emmett Till
  146. Republic of Congo-Brazzaville Poll to Open Amid Veto Call
  147. Fighting kills at least 43 in Somali capital
  148. President Mugabe Attends AU Summit in Libya, Hails China For Assistance
  149. US backed Puppet Government in Iraq Bans Visits to Saddam Hussein Grave
  150. Namibia, Herero and Nama Leaders Want Ancestral Skulls Back
  151. United Nations Cover-up in Haiti
  152. African Union Summit in Libya Discusses Greater Unity
  153. President Mugabe of Zimbabwe Lauds Traditional Leaders During Visit to Zambia
  154. Deadly protests hit Yemen
  155. Chinese president back home after Italy visit
  156. Nigerian rebels attack oil pipelines, cut output
  157. Honduras crisis talks faltering
  158. President Mugabe Interview after AU meeting
  159. Cynthia McKinney calls WBAIX from Israeli prison
  160. General Strike Resists Honduras Coup
  161. Honduras Crisis Zelaya Expresses Thanks in General Assembly, Curfew Extended
  162. Uphold Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Legacy, Zimbabwe Told
  163. Cynthia McKinney Update, Spirit of Humanity Ship Seized With Crew Aboard
  164. Jet crashes in Indian Ocean with 153 aboard
  165. Nigerian militants attack Shell despite amnesty
  166. Honduras Tense After Military Coup
  167. Ousted Mauritania President Resigns Paving Way For Elections
  168. African Union Should Investigate Peacekeepers Actions in Somalia
  169. ANC Celebrates 54th Anniversary of the Freedom Charter
  170. Guinea-Bissau in Disarray Holds Few Hopes For Vote
  171. Somali rebels release Belgian ships crew
  172. Honduran Coup Update Pres. Zelaya Kidnapped by Military, Leftist Leader Assassinated
  173. Bomb Attack in Central Baghdad, 15 Reported Killed, 50 Wounded
  174. Nigeria to release key militant
  175. Cynthia McKinney Reports From Cyprus on Delay of Palestine Mission
  176. Kenya Army Ready For War Against Somali Resistance Forces
  177. Open Letter from Mrs Evelyn Rasco Mother of the Scott Sisters
  178. UN shoots at mourners during funeral for Father Gerard Jean Juste in Haiti
  179. Palestine, There Was No Single Year We Didn't Face Racism
  180. Madagascar Leader Says Ex-President Planning Coup
  181. MEND Denies Leaders Accepted Nigerian Government Amnesty
  182. Hostile Farmers Stealing Azania's Water
  183. North Korea Threatens US, World Anticipates Missile
  184. US Drone Hits Pakistan Funeral
  185. Kenyan Land and Freedom Army Members Seeks Compensation for British Torture
  186. Iraq War Reports Daily Violence Round-up, Senate Approves More Funding for Occupation
  187. Iran minister says CIA funding rioters report
  188. Zimbabwe News Update Troika Formed For EU Talks, CIO Head Shot Dead
  189. Russia back in Africa with Medvedev visit
  190. Cynthia McKinney Plans to Return to Palestine
  191. Kenya to intervene in Somalia crisis
  192. Inga III Dam research funding - Power progress for the DRC
  193. Nigeria holds Ukraine arms plane destined for Equatorial Guinea
  194. Nuclear Energy and Science assisted by United States
  195. Neocolonial Western NGOs pressuring South African President Zuma over Zimbabwe
  196. Haiti Student Protests Rock State University
  197. What Walter Rodney Did For Guyana
  198. S.A.'s new agriculture minister, Tina Joemat-Pettersson=neocolonial stooge
  199. The Fergusons Return to the Land June 27th Gathering in New York
  200. Iran Leader Emerges With Stronger Hand
  201. Gitmo's Youngest Prisoner Sent to Chad
  202. Kenya Anger As US Cancels Flights
  203. Nigerian Government Launches Deadly Siege Against People of Oil Producing Region
  204. Former President Luis Cabral of Guinea Bissau Dies at 78 in Portugal
  205. Dr. Ivan Van Sertima joins the Ancestors at 74
  206. Solar restitution and the end of an era
  207. Complicit then complicit now
  208. Deadly clashes in Somali capital
  209. African Liberation Day in DC Focuses on 50th Anniversary of Cuban Revolution
  210. African crises displace 11 million
  211. African Union Makes Unprecedented Call for Sanctions Against Member State Eritrea
  212. Fighting Escalates in Mogadishu, Thousands Flee
  213. The shameful history of the OAS
  214. Swine flu exposes West hypocrisy
  215. Former leader of Apartheid says Affirmative Action is racist
  216. Humanity Under Siege
  217. Facts Behind Sham Hearing on Zimbabwe
  218. Sudan threatens to destroy Chad troops
  219. Chokwe Lumumba, Wins City Council Seat in Jackson, Mississippi
  220. Congo Sexual Violence
  221. 2009 national black power conference agenda released
  222. Call for International Solidarity with Workers in Venezuela
  223. Cuban Collaboration in Zimbabawe
  224. SACP Secretary General Appointed as Minister of Higher Education
  225. DPRK Ready to Invest, President Mugabe Addresses Parliament
  226. Venezuela expropriates 39 oil service firms
  227. Somalis Flee Mogadishu Violence
  228. Imperialist Interests at Root of Conflict Between Chad and Sudan
  229. DPRK Hails Zimbabwe's Success, High Level Delegation Visits Southern African Nation
  230. Phosphorus claim after fatal air strikes in Afghanistan
  231. united snakes Terrorist Suspected of Killing Fellow Terrorists in Iraq
  232. US War Update Four NATO Troops Killed, Pakistan Attacks Its People
  233. North Korea Calls U.S. Policy Unchanged Under Obama
  234. Afghans Protest Massacre by US Military
  235. Somali Rebels Receive 2 Million for British-owned Ship
  236. 10 Killed in Somalia Fighting, Dozens Wounded
  237. White Racist Media Forced to Swallow Words on Zuma Election
  238. African Union Condemns Rebel Attacks in Chad
  239. Soldiers Quell Nigeria Opposition, History of Oil Exploitation Recounted
  240. Sudan Accused by Chad of Launching Attack
  241. Investigation Ordered Into Virginia Fusion Center Document
  242. Cholera Outbreak in Zimbabwe Continues to Decline
  243. Zimbabwe Earns IMF Reprieve
  244. General Giap Wages New Battle Around Environment
  245. DRC News Update Amnesty Passed for Illegal Armed Groups Goma Threatened With Volcano
  246. Attention, MOVE This is America
  247. Nigerian PDP Appeals to US Over Economic Blockade Against Cuba
  248. Evo Morales I Want to Declare Myself as a Marxist and Communist
  249. Should South Africa nationalise its gold supply?
  250. A Call for Reparations on the World Stage