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  1. Venezuela Seizes, Sells Fraud Suspect's Bank
  2. 30,000 Haitians being deported
  3. Sudan in turning point deal with Darfur rebels
  4. Zimbabwe News Update: Hectic Day For New Cabinet
  5. An Open Letter to the People of Zimbabwe: Lift Sanctions Now!
  6. Support the Guadeloupe Strike: Appeal to the International Worker's
  7. General Strike Against the Economic Crisis Hits Guadeloupe and Martinique
  8. Sudan War Crimes Indictment Threatens to Split International Community
  9. Jacksons in Nigeria: an Ancestral Theme Park?
  10. Campaign Against Venezuela Continues in the Washington Post and the Washington Times
  11. Madiba Hits the Campaign Trail in South Africa
  12. Venezuela's Chavez wins vote to allow re-election
  13. Baby Doc's' Millions Set to Return to Haiti From Switzerland
  14. Africa Will Insist On Veto Power At United Nations Security Council Talks, Says Ogwu
  15. Chinese President Hu Jintao Arrives in Tanzania
  16. Power Sharing in Zimbabwe Threatened
  17. Zimbabwe, SADC and Defiance of the Imperialist Agenda
  18. US, France, UK Oppose Suspending ICC Case Against President al-Bashir of Sudan
  19. Hampshire College Becomes First College in US to Divest From israel
  20. Namibian Pres Pohamba Visits Country, Nyerere Castro Honored, Chile Renews Relations
  21. Reflections From Fidel Castro on Barack Obama and Rahm Emmanuel
  22. Malawi ruler blasts Britain on Mugabe
  23. Zimbabwe News Update: Iran Backs Inclusive Government
  24. Chavez reports attempted coup
  25. Unrest in Guadeloupe continues, spreads to Martinique
  26. The Tunnels of Gaza: An Underground Economy and Resistance Symbol
  27. Will the New Somalia Government Bring Peace and Stability to the Country?
  28. Why South African Trade Unions Favor Sanctions and Boycotts Of Apartheid Israel
  29. Mauritania Junta Says African Union Sanctions Ignore Progress
  30. Zimbabwe News Bulletin: Crisis NGOs to Go Bust Amid Formation of Unity Government
  31. Madagascar protests go on despite deaths-opposition
  32. Ethiopian woman confronts "Red Terror" ghosts
  33. Seven Questions: Gen. William "Kip" Ward (aka The Worlds biggest Uncle Tom sellout)
  34. U.S. Aided a Failed Plan to Rout Ugandan Rebels
  35. Madagascar Police Kill 23 Protesters
  36. China to maintain aid, investment in Africa regardless of financial crisis
  37. Bill Sails Through on Inclusive Government in Zimbabwe
  38. Six Miami workers face third terrorism trial
  39. ANC Policy Debates: M NKomonde in Defence of Affirmative Action in South Africa
  40. Nigerian Finds Cure for Diabetes
  41. Md. college removes professor accused of genocide
  42. US Imperialism Outlines Africa Policy Under New Administration
  43. United Nations Mission Scrambles to Halt Sudan Offensive Against JEM Rebels
  44. Mujuru Mourns Former Indian President, RBZ Adjusts Currency
  45. Palestine News Update: Hamas Urges Iranian Students to Support Resistance Movement
  46. Al-Shabab Urges Somalis to Fight African Union Troops
  47. Libya's Gadhafi Takes AU Reins, Promises Union Government
  48. Africa Says: Lift Sanctions Against Zimbabwe Now!
  49. Death toll from Kenya oil blaze rises
  50. Fidel Deciphers the Thoughts of Obama
  51. African Union summit opens
  52. ANC By-Elections Victories In Free State No Surprise
  53. Zimbabwe News Update: MDC-T Backs Inclusive Government
  54. Pan-Africanism and Palestine Solidarity: A History of Anti-Imperialist Struggle
  55. Cynthia McKinney on Torture in the United Snakes
  56. Sudan Launches Attacks Against Darfur Rebel Group JEM
  57. Scores killed in Madagascar unrest, president blames rival
  58. What About Closing Angola, Mr. Obama?: Torture at a Louisiana Prison
  59. Cynthia McKinney on US Political Prisoners,Pakistan Strikes and Afghan War Escalation
  60. Eritrea: Political Culture Characterized By Practicality
  61. Eritrea: Over 5,000 Persons Languishing in TPLF Regime's Secret Prisons, Defecting So
  62. Breakthrough in Zimbabwe Talks
  63. DRC News Update: Rwanda Puts Down Nkunda Dissent
  64. Palestine News Bulletin: zionist Strike Hits Southern Gaza
  65. Can Joint Military Operations Between Congo and Rwanda Stave Off Imperialists?
  66. Bolivia Says Yes to a New Constitution
  67. Sudan to send popular delegation from Darfur to The Hague court
  68. Car bomb attack in Somali capital kills at least 14
  69. Bolivia launches state paper before crucial vote
  70. President Obama Must Free Leonard Peltier
  71. Oscar Grant And You--An Essay by Mumia Abu-Jamal
  72. Al-Shabab Overruns Somali Town of Baidoa
  73. South Africa Hosts Zimbabwe Talks
  74. Final Declaration of the Beirut Resistance Forum
  75. Cynthia McKinney's Statement on Obama's Actions Thus Far in Regard to Gaza
  76. Iran Prioritizes Ties with Africa
  77. The Wrongful Conviction Of Jamie and Gladys Scott
  78. Allied Democratic Forces Frustrated With Ugandan Government Delays
  79. Angola: Angomedica Wants Import of Medicines Regulated
  80. Global financial crisis: Africa bears the brunt
  81. A Decisive Loss for Israel
  82. Rebel Leader Nkunda Arrested in Rwanda, Kigali 'The Israel of Africa'
  83. As aggressors withdraw: Gaza lives on despite U.S.-Israeli terror war
  84. Bolivia's New Constitution
  85. Castro says he probably won't be around in 4 years
  86. DRC News Bulletin: Rapid Political And Military Shifts in Joint Monitoring Operations
  87. zionists War Munitions Used Against Palestinians in Gaza Investigated
  88. Kenya Rejects Striking Teachers' Demands
  89. US Investigates Afghan Deaths by Military Attacks
  90. President Barack Obama's Inaugural Address -Full Text
  91. 125 Foods Recalled Due to Salmonella Outbreak
  92. NSPD-51: Update forum for the Continuity of Operations on Martial Law Procedures
  93. Record US Stock Fall Greets Obama
  94. Israel Accused of War Crimes; UN Demands Probe Into Gaza Attacks
  95. Iraq Rocked by Bomb Blasts
  96. Zimbabwe News Update: Talks Inconclusive; SADC Position Paper
  97. Robert Tolan, 23, was shot by police New Year's Eve
  98. "The DRC is not to trade, or sell or provide freely" RDC MP in response to Sarkozy
  99. African-Americans and the Palestine Solidarity Struggle
  100. Hamas and allies declare ceasefire
  101. Cointelpro, Martin Luther King and the Omaha Two
  102. Zimbabwe: SADC Trio Due in Harare Monday; Regional Aid Pours In; Mugabe Meets UNICEF
  103. DRC Villagers Take Up Arms Against LRA Rebels; Nkunda Rebels Split
  104. Qatar and Mauritania Suspends Links With Israel Over Gaza Siege
  105. DRC rebel fighters declare truce
  106. zionists Shell Hospitals and United Nations Headquarters in Gaza
  107. Leonard Peltier Committee Defense Offense Committee Newsletter
  108. Somalia: Al-Shabab warns US
  109. Venezuela, Bolivia cut ties with Israel over Gaza
  110. Bolivia Cuts Diplomatic Ties With israel, Criticizes UN Inaction on Gaza
  111. Non-Aligned Movement Statement on Israeli Non-Compliance With Security Council
  112. BART pig arrested on murder warrant in New Year Day murder
  113. Iran uncovers US-backed coup plot
  114. ANC President Jacob Zuma Recharged in Corruption Case;Mbeki Vindicated in SCA Ruling
  115. US-backed Troops Leave Somalia Capital of Mogadishu
  116. Call from the A-APRP to oppose zionism
  117. Palestine News Update: United Nations Human Rights Council Condemns Israeli Offensive
  118. Malcolm X on Zionism--Taken From the Egyptian Gazette, Sept. 17, 1964
  119. Amid Economic Boom, Private Media Grows in Angola
  120. South African President Says UN Security Council Partly to Blame for Gaza
  121. Ocampo Should Clean Himself from the Filth
  122. Demonstration against Israel in Mogadishu
  123. West Seeks to Intimidate Mugabe Supporters
  124. West African bloc suspends Guinea after coup
  125. Westwood, California Marchers Back Gaza's Palestinians
  126. Paris On the Murder of Oscar Grant The Bullet or the Bullet:
  127. International Crisis Group dead wrong on Zimbabwe
  128. Palestine News Bulletin: Hamas Says It Win War in Gaza; Israel Shells Civilians
  129. Oakland Rebellion Update: Joint IAC-FIST Statement;
  130. Hamas Statement: This Brutality Will Never Break Our Will To Be Free
  131. Rockets from Lebanon hit Israel
  132. Morris Brown Buys More Time to Avoid Building's Foreclosure
  133. Riot over BART Shooting
  134. 2 1/2 Minutes of Courage
  135. "Hamas Speaks" by Mousa Abu Marzook
  136. zionists warned over land offensive
  137. Zimbabwe News Bulletin: Opposition Leader Turns Down Invitation to Join GNU
  138. Ethiopia begins Somalia pullout
  139. 10,000 People Rally in Toronto to Demonstrate Against the Israeli Assault on Gaza
  140. Sudan: Anniversary of the African Union- United Nations Hybrid Operation in Dafar
  141. DRC News Update: President Kabila Makes Promise of Peace For 2009
  142. Palestine News Update: School Hit Piles Pressure on Israel; Hezbollah Ready to Fight
  143. Blacks Against Genocide Coalition (Palestine)
  144. Cynthia McKinney Responds to Being Attacked by Israeli Gunships
  145. Jena Six' teen shoots self
  146. One Horrible Situation (Must Read)
  147. China commemorates Mao’s birthday
  148. Israel Resumes Gaza Bombardment; Arab Leaders to Meet on Gaza
  149. Liberians mourn 7 killed in Philadelphia fire
  150. Nearly 200 Reported Killed by Israeli Aerial Bombardment in Gaza; Unity Demonstration
  151. Mugabe says Zimbabwe ready to defend herself against foreign aggression
  152. Guinea Prime Minister Surrenders to Military Coup Leaders
  153. Guinea News Update: Military Names New President, Regime Warns Mercenaries, etc.
  154. Somalia's President and PM decide to resign
  155. Renewed effort to execute Mumia Abu-Jamal?
  156. Botswana: Put house in order first
  157. South Africa Sends R300m in Aid to Zimbabwe
  158. China navy set for Somalia mission
  159. Military Stages Coup After Conte's Death, Full Text of Statement
  160. Ghana run-off: Voting begins
  161. Ethiopia Set For Pullout, Nigeria Reported Ready to Deploy in Country
  162. U.N. 'peacekeepers' rape children
  163. Somali Puppet Leaders Fear Al-Shabab Rule
  164. Join Us Or We Go It Alone says President Robert Mugabe
  165. Zimbabwe: The cholera coup plot
  166. Ousted Mauritania president freed: security source
  167. Talks on Somali begin in Ethiopia
  168. Nine Mali soldiers, 11 assailants killed in attack
  169. President Morales of Bolivia Urges Action Over Embargo Against Cuba
  170. West Papua Annexed and Pillaged by Indonesia
  171. World economic gloom deepens
  172. Ethiopian ex-PM freed from prison
  173. Rev. Pinkney Bond Restrictions Excessive:Must Pay $10,000 Cash With 17 Conditions
  174. Somali fighters warn Western powers
  175. President Mugabe Addresses the Central Committee; PAC Condemns Invasion Threats
  176. Sudan Maintains Defiance Amid Continuing Attacks From Imperialist Countries
  177. No Nigerian Was Killed in Gambia, Says Envoy
  178. ZANU-PF Conference Roars Into Life SADC Launches International Campaign to Aid Nation
  179. African ministers say share water to combat hunger
  180. SA, PRC and Others Continue Solidarity With Zimbabwe at UN
  181. Somalia: Al Shabaab Insurgents Attack African Union, Ethiopia Bases
  182. Army's Killing of CRIC Member Tragically Marks 17th Anniversary of Nilo Massacre
  183. Double Blow For West at UN; ZANU-PF Adopts Agenda; Why UK Wants War
  184. Odetta: A powerful voice of the civil rights movement
  185. 35 Iraq Officials Held in Raids on Key Ministry
  186. Tuareg rebel group claims responsibility for UN envoy abduction
  187. The U.S. Role in the Wars in Congo and Somalia
  188. Iraqi man throws his shoes at Pres. Bush video
  189. US-backed Somali Prime Minister Says President Can't Fire Him
  190. US Masterminded Cholera Outbreak in Zimbabwe
  191. African Union Chief Wants Peacekeepers to Remain in Somalia
  192. UK blocking European Congo force
  193. Free Efren Paredes, Jr.: Justice Makes Case For Commutations in Michigan
  194. U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates pledges more troops to Afghanistan
  195. Zimbabwe News Update: SA Rallies Behind President Mugabe
  196. Assault Inquiry Brings Charges for 3 Pigs in NYC
  197. Africa Says No to Military Intervention in Zimbabwe
  198. Imperialism's Pawn Ethiopia Redeploys Troops In Somalia
  199. US Making Somalia Crisis Worse, Says Human Rights Watch
  200. Imperialists Launch New Efforts to Topple Zimbabwe Government
  201. European navy mission readies to target pirates
  202. Sarkozy says Mugabe 'must go'
  203. Zimbabwe Humanitarian Situation Linked to Sanctions
  204. Security Council refuses to condemn Israeli 'piracy' against Gaza-bound Libyan ship
  205. Workers occupy Chicago factory! Give your support!
  206. US Lawmakers Urge Nigeria To Accept AFRICOM
  207. Zimbabwe News Bulletin: President Mugabe Returns From Doha Conference;
  208. Angola 3 Political Prisoners Update: Albert Woodfox's Bail Order Placed on Hold
  209. Africa Acknowledges Cuban Solidarity
  210. Sis. Odetta Transitions at 77
  211. Birmingham Mayor Accused of Trading County Deals for Cash and Clothes
  212. Anti-Apartheid Activist Dr. Nthato Motlana Joins the Ancestors
  213. Three African leaders under graft spotlight
  214. Imperialism, garbage and Ghana
  215. Zimbabwe News Update: Mujuru on Health Delivery; Water Shortage Continues;
  216. Imperialist piracy off the Somali coast
  217. Somalis: They the new "boogie man"
  218. US War Update: Blasts Target Iraqi Police Recruits in Baghdad and Mosul
  219. India: Who are the militants who attacked Mumbai?
  220. State of the Black World: Accepting our responsibility
  221. Nigerian Riot Victims Get Mass Burial in Jos
  222. AFRICOM expands role of bloodsucking US imperialism
  223. Warlords make deal with Somali patrols
  224. Malcolm X, Obama, Powell, Rice and ‘House Negroes’
  225. Congo Rebels Threaten War if Government Fails to Negotiate
  226. Hundreds dead in Nigerian clashes
  227. Leonard Peltier: No Thanks Giving Day Statement
  228. Briefing on the ANC Manifesto Policy Conference for 2008
  229. Another Defeat for US Imperialism: Ethiopian Troops to Leave Somalia Soon
  230. Medvedev, Chavez visit Russian warships at Venezuela port
  231. Palestinians Still Under Blockade in Gaza: UN Blasts Israel
  232. Thanksgiving: A National Day of Mourning for Indians
  233. Indian Troops Storm 'Last Hold-out'
  234. South Sudan's women warriors struggle in peace
  235. Cobalt fall reflects slowdown in China
  236. Boston Black City Councilor Targeted: Defend Chuck Turner! Defend Roxbury!
  237. U.S. jury retires in case over Chevron Nigeria clash
  238. How Gary Player benefitted from apartheid
  239. 2nd Monthly Bay View Hits Streets Friday!
  240. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Allies Sweep State Elections
  241. Fred Hampton Tribute From Proletarian
  242. Zimbabwe Update: 'Elders' Plot Exposed
  243. amerikkka's quiet war in somalia
  244. Afrikan Indonesian AIDS patients may face microchip monitoring
  245. Coup attempted in Guinea-Bissau
  246. Guinea-Bissau president survives post-poll attack
  247. Miriam Makeba used her voice against apartheid
  248. Taliban to target Afghan convoys
  249. Mama Africa: singing the truth
  250. Somali Resistance Weakens U.S.-backed Occupation: Puppet Government Near Collapse