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  1. Somali Resistance Weakens U.S.-backed Occupation: Puppet Government Near Collapse
  2. ANC: Focus on Development in South Africa
  3. Reporter for U.N. radio shot dead in eastern Congo
  4. Burundi abolishes death penalty
  5. Carter, Annan denied entry to Zimbabwe
  6. Zimbabwe main police station hit by blast
  7. Zimbabwean Govt distributes 5 000 tonnes maize seed
  8. MDC-T received draft Constitutional Amendment Bill
  9. Another bomb blast rocks Harare Central
  10. Chevron Suspends Nigeria Contracts After Pipeline Attack
  11. Venezuela and Russia Will Build a Nuclear Reactor
  12. Warrick Dunn helps buy three Atlanta homes
  13. Protesters rally near Texas court in dragging case
  14. Somali Puppet Government 'Near Collapse'!
  15. Brazil reevaluates its racist struggles
  16. Repudiation of Henning Melber in "Pambazuka News"
  17. 26 malnourished children die in Haiti
  18. Congo: One Hundred Years of Colonialism, Dictatorship and War (1908 - 2008)
  19. Al-Zawahiri lashes out at Obama
  20. DRC Update: Rebels Report Withdraw From Some Positions
  21. Cheney, Gonzales indicted in South Texas county
  22. Mama Africa: Tribute to excellence By Tendai Hildegarde Manzvanzvike Zimbabwe Herald
  23. A Letter From the Robert Seth Hayes Support Committee
  24. Somali pirates strike again
  25. Rwandan president's aide extradited
  26. Somali pirates transform villages into boomtowns
  27. Invisible people: Blacks in Egypt
  28. Al-Qaeda message condemns Obama
  29. Congo conflict from cia nwo controlled ny times
  30. lebanon iran egypt competing to influence sudan
  31. Sudan Approves Key Electoral Commission
  32. DRC Update: Rebels Say They Will 'Withdraw Forces'; Army in Disarray
  33. Citigroup to slash 50,000 jobs
  34. Oil Supertanker Seized Off East Africa
  35. Afghan Resistance Leader Rejects Offer ofTalks Until US/NATO Troops Withdraw
  36. ANC Statement in Tribute to Miriam Makeba;Classic 1950s Recordings Re-issued
  37. The Spoils: Congo’s Riches, Looted by Renegade Troops
  38. Clashes shatter Congo ceasefire
  39. Coup - Mauritania 'I am still the legitimate president,' says Abdallahi
  40. At least 67 people dead in bus collision
  41. Zimbabwe: Process to form new Govt begins
  42. SA leads the way in new solar technology
  43. New Pyramid Found in Egypt
  44. Western-backed MDC-T Declines Offer; ZANU-PF Urged to Form Inclusive Government
  45. Diplomatic Crisis Erupts Between Germany and Rwanda; Kagame Aide Arrested
  46. Mass Protests Erupt in Guinea and Mali Over Fuel Costs and Water Privatization
  47. Somalis seize Italian nuns
  48. Nigeria militants threaten new "oil war" if attacked
  49. In Latin America, Leftist Leaders Evict US Drug Agents
  50. Mama Miriam Makeba Joins The Ancestors at 76
  51. Haiti school disaster sparks anger, wider concerns
  52. Germany arrests Rwandan presidential aide
  53. Lack of Pan-African link between Zimbabwe, DRC talks
  54. Obama quashes Iran's hopes for change
  55. Brace For Tough Times As Growth Slows, Warns South African President Motlanthe
  56. African Leaders Slam DRC Peacekeepers Amid Fresh Fighting
  57. Sudan-Chad to exchange ambassadors: Libya
  58. The Meanings of Victory
  59. A Socialist Perspective on the Obama Presidential Victory
  60. Al-Qaeda's 'mild' message to Obama
  61. Antigua wants to rename highest peak 'Mount Obama'
  62. School collapses in Haiti with students inside
  63. Gang angry at Barack Obama win beat me, says Staten Island teen
  64. A Parasitical and Rapacious Empire
  65. Obama victory signals new push for unity
  66. Millions in streets seal Obama victory
  67. Fidel Castro Speaks!: Economic Illiteracy
  68. Reflections of Fidel - The November 4 elections
  69. The first military aid to African governments
  70. A Message to all KKK, Skinheads, Neo-Nazis, etc.
  71. Barack Obama Wins
  72. Record number of voters expected to deluge polls
  73. US manufacturing crashes to 26-year low
  74. Aid sent to DR Congo refugees
  75. Congo's riches fuel its war
  76. New Terrain for Panel on Bailout By MARK LANDLER New York Times WASHINGTON — There
  77. Bob Johnson, Liberian President, Delta Air create new airline
  78. Major hydro power station for Africa
  79. Milwaukee Community Organizing Gets Rewarded
  80. Zimbabwe auctions four tonnes of ivory to China and Japan
  81. Kenyans pray for Obama win, plan election parties
  82. World hopes for a 'less arrogant America'
  83. Congo rebel says to restart war unless government talks
  84. Cuba will never be defeated
  85. Que viva Puerto Rico libre!' Commemorating the 1950 Jayuya Uprising
  86. Zambia Swears in New President
  87. Britain says EU could send troops to Congo By MICHELLE FAUL, Associated Press Write
  88. African free trade zone is agreed
  89. DRC crisis summit agreed as fear grows for civilians ALBERT KAMBALE GOMA, DEMOCRATI
  90. SADC declares Zambia's election free and fair
  91. Rebels Tighten Their Grip in Eastern Congo
  92. Help the amsterdam news
  93. Puerto Rico: Surveillance, violence and rebelliousness
  94. African Students Demand an End to Imperialist-driven War in the Congo
  95. Sata Keeps Lead in Zambia's Presidential Election
  96. Overwhelming UN Rejection of US Cuba Blockade
  97. Anti-government protests rock Peru
  98. Italy: Mass movement against Berlusconi
  99. Discord in South Africa's Top Party Sows Seeds of a Rival
  100. Cameroon militia threaten to kill oil workers
  101. U.S. & Syria: which is rogue state?
  102. The United States Government War on Black Men
  103. US jury convicts son of ex-Liberian president
  104. Bombings in Somali breakaway states kill at least 25
  105. At Service, Activists Decry Texas Dragging Death
  106. DRC News: MONUC, CNDP Standoff;UN Condemns Rebels; Border Clashes With Rwanda
  107. [Ppnews] Norberto Cintron harassed by FBI
  108. DRC Rebels close in as UN mulls response
  109. Nigerian cabinet shake-up drops 20 ministers
  110. At least 56 dead as explosions tear through Somali cities
  111. Modern day slavery, our people are far from living and being free!!!
  112. Niger fined over sale of girl into slavery
  113. UN to supervise ivory auction
  114. DRC Update: CNDP Rebels Reported to Have Seized Town
  115. Syria Warns US of Retaliation
  116. Resistance Forces Reject UN-backed Deal for Somalia
  117. Kidnappers kill five Chinese hostages in Sudan
  118. US Giant Pfizer Drug Case Set For November Out-of-Court Deal, Says Lawyers
  119. DRC President Kabila Names New Cabinet
  120. Sierra Leone Rename Streets to Freedom Fighters
  121. 6 Afrikans 1 italian killed in Italian copy cat of st valentines day massacre
  122. Evangelists on the rise in Uganda
  123. Syria Accuses US of Deadly Raid, Eight Reported Killed in Massacre
  124. Cuban vice president: The Revolution is alive and well
  125. Somali Government, Islamists Agree on US-backed Ethiopian Pullout
  126. Chevron faces suit over Nigerian violence
  127. AREVA SHALL NOT MAKE THE LAW IN NIGER : A region pillaged, a people sacrificed !
  128. Macheteros indentified fbi hit man on filiberto rios
  129. JOHN MAXWELL: Racism and Poverty
  130. African Socialist International Builds in West Africa and Wins International Support
  131. US military aid troubles Africa
  132. Federal Appeals Court Issues Stay of Execution for Troy Davis
  133. Zimbabwe Ambassador Hails South African Agricultural Inputs Pledge
  134. Albino girl murdered in Tanzania
  135. Evictions and foreclosures result in US tent cities
  136. Bolivia's Morales Leads March for Constitution
  137. USDA Faulted Over Black Farmers
  138. IVORY COAST 20-year jail term handed in toxic pollution case
  139. Ethio-Africa Diaspora Union Millennium Council Report
  140. Imperialists air strike kills nine Afghan soldiers
  141. Former Chicago Pig Linked to Brutality Is Arrested
  142. ANC President Jacob Zuma Visits the United Snakkkes
  143. Bolivia's Morales wins referendum on new constitution
  144. Congolese Student Takes The Lead
  145. Albertina Sisulu Celebrates 90th Birthday in Style
  146. President Robert Mugabe arrives in Kampala, Uganda for joint summit
  147. Zimbabweans Outraged Over Opposition Boycott of Regional Meeting in Southern Africa
  148. Bolivia constitution deal reached
  150. Venezuela and South American Allies Advance Integration
  151. Half Of Venezuela’s Budget Goes To Social Spending
  152. Arts Festival in Zimbabwe Hailed as Feast of Entertainment
  153. HBCU Hampton U: Nation's Largest Proton Cancer Treatment Center
  154. China decries US 'moral authority'
  155. Latin America Conference against Militarization Says No to U.S.
  156. Vice President Mujuru opens tourism showcase in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
  157. Al-Sadr Condemns Iraq Security Plan
  158. Afghan Officials Say Airstrike Killed Civilians
  159. United Nations Worker Shot Dead in Somalia
  160. Cuba Libre: Cuba Says It Has More Oil Than the U.S.
  161. AllAfrica.com
  162. Africa Action: Activism for Africa Since 1953
  163. Niger Fistula
  164. Army to Probe 5 Slayings Linked to Colo.Brigade
  165. Farrakhan says new beginning for Nation of Islam
  166. First West Africa Regional Conference of the African Socialist International (ASI)
  167. Levi Stubbs of The Four Tops Joins The Ancestors
  168. Zimbabwe Cabinet Talks Hit Brick Wall
  169. NSA Monitored Personal Conversations of Innocent People
  170. Ethiopian troops to stay in Somalia, wait for AU
  171. Colombian Military and Police Confronting Indigenous Protesters in Cauca
  172. Troy Davis' Execution Date Has Been Set For Oct. 27!
  173. Grenada To Build Monument For Cubans Killed During 1983 US Invasion
  174. Cuban Statement From the National Assembly of People's Power
  175. US Economic Crisis Bulletin: Stocks Slide on Recession Fears
  176. Fighting on two fronts in eastern DR Congo uproots over 150,000 – UN
  177. ANC unlikely to lose sleep over new party
  178. Who Died in Govt. Custody?
  179. Rebellion and Massacre at La Mesa Penitentiary
  180. Supreme Court Refusal to Hear Troy Davis Case "Truly Shocking"
  181. Angola government to embrace bold spending agenda
  182. 'Toxic waste' behind Somali piracy
  183. Indigenous Mobilization Underway in Colombia Amidst State of Internal Commotion
  184. Mbeki heads for Zimbabwe
  186. The Potter's House: Africa Outreach
  187. Charity Water
  188. Take Up Arms Against Nkunda's Rebels: Says DRC President Kabila
  189. Uganda on High Security Alert Resulting From Somalia Interference
  190. President Mugabe Allocates Ministries in Zimbabwe
  191. HAITI: On Eve of UN Security Council Vote, Haitians Demand International Aid
  192. Worse May Come in South African Markets
  193. DPRK Television Shows Photos of Kim Jong-Il Inspecting Military
  194. From Behind Prison Bars: Rev. Pinkney of Benton Harbor Runs For U.S. Congress
  195. DRC Gives United Nations Security Council 'Proof' Of Rwanda Incursion
  196. President Signs Bill to Authorize Re-Examination of Murders from the Civil Rights Era
  197. Pallo Jordan Says 'Terror Lekota is a Sore Loser'
  198. Troops Deployed on U.S. Streets Ready TO Carry Out "Crowd Control"
  199. Zimbabwe's undemocratic democrats
  200. Forces loyal to rebel leader Laurent Nkunda have taken a major army base
  201. Remembering Ahmed Sekou Touré as Guinea turns 50
  202. Hiding America’s Crime: Mogadishu Empty and in Ruins
  203. Building Human Rights Solidarity in the Midst of Crisis
  204. Community, Indigenous and Worker Alternatives to Transnational Mining
  205. Akpabio Blames Govt Firms For Niger Delta Crisis
  206. Who runs your country?
  207. Rep. McKinney's Accusations of Katrina
  208. Kenya deporting US author of anti-Obama book
  209. Iranian Air Force forced a US Falcon to land after the jet violated Iran's airspace
  210. Luanda seeks to annul trial for illegal arms dealing
  211. New program helps african american youth “doanything”
  212. Propaganda, manufactured consent
  213. US Economic Crisis Bulletin: Despite Government Intervention
  214. 4 Weathermen declare support for Obama
  215. French elite on trial in 'Angolagate'
  216. US Africa Command Launched Amid Skepticism and Rejection
  217. British commander says war in Afghanistan cannot be won
  218. Zimbabwe should learn from Cuba
  219. A call of solidarity with the social movements of Colombia in this 516th anniversary
  220. South African Mineworkers March Against Racism
  221. US Command for Africa Established---AFRICOM
  222. Bailout Lesson: Capital Crisis Will Wreck Both Parties
  223. European leaders meet in Paris to curtail financial damage
  224. Latin America leftists slam U.S. on financial crisis
  225. Defendant in Ivorian toxic waste trial blames Trafigura affiliate
  226. Toxic waste trial underway in Abidjan
  227. Namibian President Pohamba Tells UN Secretary-General to Help Zimbabwe
  228. PETER HITCHENS: How China has created a new slave empire in Africa
  229. US crisis: IMF’s silence baffling
  230. Zanu-PF sets up conference co-ordinating committee
  231. Africans wary on new US command for continent
  232. Lumumbist Antoine Gizenga Officially Steps Down as Prime Minister 0f DRC
  233. Young Chinese Rethink U.S.-Style Capitalism
  234. Ethiopia rebels deny behind hotel blast
  235. Zuma Says New South African Government to Fight Crime and Poverty
  236. ICC to Charge Militiamen in the Democratic Republic of Congo
  237. Mbeki Breaks Silence
  238. Break through Reached in Negotiations on Largest Welfare Check in Imperialism History
  239. Chinese Astronaut Takes Nation’s First Spacewalk
  240. ZANU-PF Annual Conference Set for Bindura; China Against Foreign Meddling
  241. Statement by His Excellency the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe
  242. Zulus Eagerly Defy Ban on Virginity Test
  243. ANC Today: Kgalema Motlanthe acceptance speech as
  244. President Robert Mugabe calls for UN reform
  245. Motlanthe sworn in as SA president
  246. Remove ‘demonic’ illegal sanctions, President tells West
  247. NBPP In Court Friday 9/26 + More!!
  248. Black Farmers in the US
  249. Stocks fluctuate after Buffett-Goldman deal
  250. Somali insurgency escalates, 15 civilians die