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  1. Pan-African Journal: Special Worldwide Radio Broadcast for Sunday Feb. 9, 2014--Hoste
  2. UPDF to Give Aid to Ugandans in South Sudan
  3. South Sudan President Orders Resignation of Warrap Information Minister
  4. Uganda to Incur Costs of Military Intervention in South Sudan
  5. 'Pitch Black' Traces African American Baseball History
  6. Child Poverty Escalates in the United States
  7. Syrian Delegation Arrives at Geneva Airport to Participate in Second Round of Talks
  8. Mass Marches in Lattakia, Idleb in Support of Syrian Army
  9. United States Government Issues Statement of South Sudan
  10. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on Emanations on CPRMetro.org: 'The Fight Agai
  11. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured in Documentary "Imperialism: Facts, Perspectiv
  12. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Special Guest on Voices of the 99 Percent's "Bullet Poi
  13. US Wages Remain Low Alongside High Unemployment
  14. US Unemployment Rates Are Misleading
  15. Hardships Persist for Long-Term Unemployed in the US
  16. US Senate Turns Back on Unemployed
  17. Workers Rebellion Spreads Across Bosnia in the Former SocialistYugoslavia
  18. South Sudan Dissidents Report More Defections
  19. South Sudan Rebel Commander in Upper Nile Rejects Ceasefire Accord
  20. South Sudan Defends Ugandan Military Intervention
  21. President Bashir Refuses to Grant US Special Envoy a Visa to Sudan
  22. Somalia Prime Minister Demand Answers From Security Officials
  23. Somalians Balk at Plans for Ethiopian Troops
  24. Threat to Remittances Lifeline in Somalia
  25. South Sudan Blasts IGAD As Talks Set to Resume
  26. Released South Sudan Political Leaders to Participate in Peace Talks
  27. United Nations Authorizes European Union to Use Force in the CAR
  28. UN, Partners Appeal for $1.27 Billion As Humanitarian Crisis Deepens inSouth Sudan
  29. ICC Could Interfere in South Sudan With UN Security Council Approval
  30. South African Opposition Parties Committed to a Coalition, Says DA
  31. Gender Bill Fails to Offer Women Anything New
  32. Counting the Cost of Lagos State University Rebellion
  33. Morsi Trial Resumes Amid Heavy Security
  34. Campaign Grows to Free Detained Journalist In Egypt
  35. Egyptian Military-backed Regime Sends Delegation to Saudi Arabia,Rebukes Qatar
  36. Zimbabwe MPs Hail President Mugabe's Stance on Corruption
  37. EU Naval Force Kidnaps Somalians and Takes Them to Seychelles
  38. Kenyan Soldiers to Relocate and Pacify New Areas in Southern Somalia
  39. Somaliland Detains Federal Government Officials Amid Bilateral Talks
  40. National Union of Somalia Journalists Condemns the Somaliland' BanAgainst Universal T
  41. Puntland Armed Forces Fight Al-Shabab in Gal-gala Mountains
  42. Bomb Blasts, Gunfire Heard in Mogadishu
  43. Update on US Covert Actions in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia
  44. Three Egyptian Soldiers Injured in Rafah Explosion
  45. French-led Forces Take Town in Central African Republic
  46. South Africa Pledges $US1 Million for Central African Republic
  47. South Sudan President Kiir Welcomes Deal With Yau Yau Rebels
  48. 54 Prisoners Liberated in Occupied Libya
  49. Egyptian Writer Accuses AL-Shorouk Newspaper of Censorship
  50. Photojournalist and 61 Protesters Against Military Rule Acquitted in Egypt
  51. Egyptian News Network Condemns Police Raid, Arrests
  52. 16 Government Opponents Sentenced for Protesting Egyptian Military
  53. Dr. Carter G. Woodson & African American History Month
  54. China Says Japan's 'Hype' On Air Defense Zone Spreads Tension
  55. One, Two, How Many "Somalias': Beward of Balkanization
  56. Ex-Somalia Prime Minister Was Leader of Youth League
  57. Why South Sudan Should Establish Good Relations With Sudan?
  58. UN Peacekeeping Envoy to Visit South Sudan for Discussion on Ceasefire
  59. 'Keep Dirty Hands Off Africa' President Mugabe Tells Europe at AfricanUnion Summit
  60. U.S. State Department Envoy Attends African Union Summit in Ethiopia
  61. Questions Swirl About African Union Peacekeeping
  62. Kenya to Reduce Troops in Somalia's Kismayo
  63. Central African Republic Clashes Kill 43 in Bangui
  64. MI CATS 3 Found Guilty in Jury Trial
  65. California State Academic Senate Declares War on Chicana/o, Pan-African and Asian Stu
  66. Somalia Government Releases Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys From Detention
  67. African Union to Mobilize $500 Million for Military Efforts in CAR
  68. Chadian President Deby's Misstep in the CAR
  69. 'Our Views Are Far Apart: German Chancellor Slams US, UK Over Spying
  70. Occupied Libya Official Survives Assassination Attempt
  71. France Pulls Back on Ground Intervention in Libya
  72. Neo-Colonial Regimes Request US Weapons
  73. French Troops Kill Ten Africans in the CAR
  74. Zimbabwe President Mugabe in Ethiopia for 22nd African Union Summit
  75. Can South Sudan Rebuild Embattled Economy?
  76. Over 200 Dissidents Surrender to SPLA in Unity State
  77. South Sudan Opposition Parties Consider United Front Ahead of 2015Elections
  78. South Sudan's Former Vice President, Six Others to Face Treason Charges
  79. President Mugabe Leaves for African Union Summit
  80. IMF Adopts New Quota System Amid Uncertainty
  81. Nexus Between Illicit Financial Flows and Poverty in Africa
  82. Top Nollywood Acts Walk Against Domestic Violence
  83. Sanctions Lawsuit: European Union Lacks Evidence Against Zimbabwe
  84. Farm Bill Deal Reached; Food Stamps Cut by $800 Million Per Year in U.S.
  85. Details Emerging From U.S. Drone Attack in Southern Somalia
  86. U.S. Imperialism Continues Deadly Attacks in the Horn of Africa
  87. Puntland Forces Seize Al-Shabaab Weapons
  88. Gunmen Kill 76 in Borno, Adamawa Attacks
  89. Chinese Energy Firm to Invest US$160m in Zimbabwe
  90. Sudan Ready for Negotiations on Blue Nile and South Kordofan
  91. Republic of Sudan Awaits President Bashir's Speech on Political Reform
  92. European Union Attacked Over Zimbabwe
  93. A Page From President Mugabe's Memoirs
  94. Zimbabwe and the Development Dilemma
  95. Nine Dead in Egyptian Demonstrations and Clashes Marking ThirdAnniversary of Uprising
  96. South Sudan President Kiir Holds Meeting With UNMISS to SettleDifferences
  97. South Sudan Army Denies Breaking Ceasefire Amid UN Reports of Clashes
  98. African Union Urges South Sudan Rivals to Implement Peace Pact
  99. Egyptian Police Disperse Way of Revolution Front and Muslim BrotherhoodDemonstrations
  100. Landmark News Program Continues to Draw Interest
  101. France Escalates Militarism in Africa While the Corporate Media UrgesGreater U.S. Sup
  102. 14 Killed As Clashes Erupt Outside Cairo
  103. Bomb Damages Egypt's National Library and Archives
  104. Egypt to Return $3 Billion to Qatar By End of 2014
  105. Egyptian Oil and Gas Production Dips in November
  106. Detroit MLK Rally & March Says: 'Bail Out the People, Not the Banks!'
  107. MLK's Legacy: The Impact on Arab Americans and the City of Detroit
  108. Central African Republic Swears In New Leader
  109. Persistent Violence in the CAR Causes Great Concern
  110. Sudan Parliament Questions Government on Fuel and Bread Shortages
  111. AMCU Strike Is Within Peace Agreement
  112. South Africa Should Not Be Left Behind, Says President Zuma
  113. Over a Billion Spent on South African Schools, Says President Zuma
  114. AMCU Strike Delayed After South African Court Postponement
  115. AMCU Strike Playing Into ANC's Hands
  116. Tunisia Seeks to Form New Government
  117. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad Grants Interview to AFP
  118. Islamist Party Quits Neo-Colonial Regime in Libya
  119. Qaddafi Loyalists Seize Air Base and Other Areas in Southern Libya
  120. Neo-Colonial Regime in Libya Sends Counter-revolutionary Bandits toAttack Pro-Qaddafi
  121. South Sudan Jonglei State Displaced Agree to be Relocated in EastEquatoria
  122. South Sudan's Kiir Criticizes United Nations Over Camp Access Dispute
  123. Sudan President Bashir Heading to Juba for IGAD Summit Amid UgandanIntervention Row
  124. Pan-African Journal: Worldwide Radio Broadcast for Saturday January 18, 2014--Hosted
  125. Pan-African Journal: Special Worldwide Radio Broadcast Honoring MLK's Legacy and the
  126. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on Press TV's Top Five: 'French Troops Escalat
  127. South African Platinum Strike Settled at Northam While Other ActionsLoom
  128. Dr. King's Struggle Legacy and the Current Crises of the Cities
  129. Sudan, Eritrea Announce Support for Juba
  130. South Sudan Army Controls Bor As Rebels Speak About Tactical Withdrawal
  131. South Sudan President Kiir Accepts Cessation of Hostilities
  132. African Union Deplores "Senseless" Killings, Urges Inquiry Into South Sudan Conflict
  133. 11th Annual Detroit MLK Day Rally & March, Monday Jan. 20, Noon at Central United Met
  134. Washington's Terrorism or Counter-terrorism in Somalia
  135. Somalian Parliamentarians Oppose Prime Minister's New Cabinet
  136. EU Naval Force Has a New Deputy Operation Commander
  137. Violence Takes Toll on CAR People
  138. EU Set to Agree on Military Intervention in the CAR
  139. Assange Says Obama Surveillance Pledge Will Change Little
  140. Zimbabwe Finance Minister Defends Land Reform
  141. Zimbabwe Cautious on WTO Pact
  142. South Africa: Liberating Mandela's Memory
  143. National Union of Mineworkers in South Africa Accepts Northam PlatinumWage Offer
  144. Detroit Bankruptcy Judge Denies Proposal to Pay Off Disastrous Debt Deal
  145. South Sudan Nile Ferry Sinks Leaving More Than 200 Dead
  146. Israel Bombs Gaza Again, Five Hurt
  147. CPRK Warns U.S., South Korean Authorities to Stop Projected JointMilitary Exercises
  148. Court Rules Against Giveaway to Banks in Detroit
  149. City Bankruptcy One of Many Attacks on Detroiters
  150. Newly Elected Puntland President Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gas Takes Office
  151. SPLA Forces, Dissidents Clash in Upper Nile
  152. Its Time the Zimbabwe Diaspora Re-framed Their Thinking
  153. Let's Eat What We Grow, Wear What We Spin
  154. United Nations Stresses Central African Republic Disaster Warning
  155. Somalia, Somaliland Holds Third Round of Talks in Turkey
  156. Clashes Continue Between Al-Shabab and US-backed Regime in Somalia
  157. Disasters and Their Causes--WW Editorial Cites Abayomi Azikiwe
  158. Tens of Thousands of African Migrants Hold General Strike, MassDemonstrations in Isra
  159. South Sudan, Central African Republic Targeted for Deeper ImperialistIntervention
  160. Detroit MLK Day Rally & March on January 20 at Central United Methodist Church, Noon
  161. Academics Consider Legal Action to Force the British Foreign Office toRelease Public
  162. Central African Republic's New Leader Orders Security Crackdown
  163. New Central African Republic Leader Says Chaos is Over
  164. Regime Change: France's Objective in CAR
  165. Former FRELIMO Leader Urges Rebels to Resolve Differences WithMozambique Government
  166. China Now Powerhouse in Global Trade
  167. Somalia Needs a War on Poverty
  168. Strong Egypt Party to Boycott Referendum
  169. Jailed Activists Denied Lawyer Access in Egypt
  170. Egypt's New Constitution: Reshuffling Old Cards
  171. Egypt's Constitution: Who's Backing It and Why?
  172. Rival Militias Hug In Central African Republic, Offer Peace Hopes
  173. US Envoy Meets Former Sudan Vice President
  174. Kenyan Warplanes Bomb Somalia
  175. Iran, World Powers Agree to Enforce Nuclear Agreement January 20
  176. Eritrean Infant Suffers Brain Damage in Israel Bus Station Stabbing
  177. Libyan Neo-Colonial Industry Minister Shot Dead
  178. 13 Killed in South Libya Clashes
  179. Nkenge Abi, 61, Was An Advocate For African Literature and Culture
  180. South Sudan Women Urge Global Intervention to End Crisis
  181. South Sudan Army Says It Recaptured Oil-Rich Town
  182. Zimbabwe Delegation Off to China
  183. Keep Our Liberation History, Says Zimbabwe Vice-President Mujuru
  184. Zimbabwe Assets Must Be Elastic
  185. Colonial Ghosts Continue to Haunt France
  186. Medical Facilities Looted in Bentiu As Rebels Withdraws
  187. South Sudan Unity State Dissidents Admit Loosing Mayom, Thousands FleeBentiu
  188. The Army of Colombia, A Pawn of the CIA
  189. Amiri Baraka, Former N.J. Poet Laureate and Prolific Author, Played aPivotal Role in
  190. Wall Street Jittery Over Coming Jobless Data
  191. Pentagon to Start Training Occupied Libyan Soldiers at Midyear
  192. South Sudan's Foreign Minister to Visit Khartoum on Thursday
  193. South Sudan Vice President Calls for Mass Military Mobilization
  194. South Sudan Peace Talks Stall in Ethiopia
  195. China Seeks Diplomatic Solution to South Sudan Conflict
  196. An Integrated Response to Justice and Reconciliation in South Sudan
  197. Khartoum Says Oil Flows From South Sudan's Upper Nile State RemainsStable
  198. South Sudan Army Says Rebel Leader Yau Yau Agreed to Ceasefire
  199. Sudan, South Sudan Denies Deployment of Joint Force to Protect OilFields
  200. UNICAL Hosts Pan-African Universities Debate
  201. Ousted Egyptian President Morsi Faces Murder Charges
  202. Egypt-Ethiopia Dam Impasse Remains As Talks Reach Dead-End
  203. Tunisian Governmental Transition Aimed at Caretaker Cabinet
  204. President Raul Castro: This Is A Revolution Committed To Its People
  205. US$30 Million Gold Mine Gets Approval in Zimbabwe
  206. Sanctions Against Zimbabwe Must Go Completely
  207. 'Death Threat' Halts Tunisia Constitution Debate
  208. 'Only A Muslim Can Be President' of Tunisia
  209. Tunisia MPs Move Forward on New Constitution
  210. Tunisia National Assembly Votes for Gender Equality
  211. Zimbabwe Safe for Tourists, Says Official
  212. Egyptian Repression: Tamarod Leaders Says Home Was Attacked; Nile TVDirector Fired; B
  213. Pan-African Journal: Worldwide Radio Broadcast for Saturday January 4, 2014--Hosted b
  214. Pan-African Journal: Special Worldwide Radio Broadcast for Sunday January 5, 2014--Ho
  215. Africa Inches Closer to Continental Free Trade Area
  216. Egyptian Activists Receive One Year Suspended Jail Sentence
  217. In Wake of Arrests, Egyptian Activists Fear Witch Hunt
  218. Copts at the Crossroads: Mariz Tadros on Inclusive Democracy in Egypt
  219. Egyptian Screenwriter and Producer Mamdouh El-Leithy Dies at 76
  220. Briton, New Zealander Found Shot Dead on Libyan Beach
  221. South Sudan's Ousted Prime Minister Says Capital Will 'Fall Soon'
  222. SPLA Denies Machar's Claims of March Toward Juba
  223. South Sudan Rivals Set for Direct Peace Talks in Addis Ababa
  224. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on Press TV's Top Five: 'Ethiopia Talks Critic
  225. United States Biggest Threat to World Peace
  226. The other side of the History Coin to understand the Instability in South Sudan
  227. 'Zimbabwe-European Union Relations on the Mend'
  228. A Large Number of Ethiopian Troops Arrive in Baidoa Town in Somalia
  229. Anthrax Outbreak Affects 33 in Makoni, Zimabwe
  230. Zimbabwe Imports 150,000 Tons of Maize From South Africa
  231. Gold Rebounds From Worst Year
  232. The Revolution, Passive Endurance
  233. No Plan to Raise Price of Petrol in Nigeria, Says Government
  234. Nigerian President Jonathan Seeks to Avoid Health Sector Strike
  235. Practice of Federalism in Africa: Nigeria's Experience and Way Forward
  236. Nigerian Aviation Ministry to Spend N32.3 Billion This Year
  237. Madiba: Man Of The Year
  238. South Sudan Dissidents Refute United Nations Claims of "Mass Killing" in Unity State
  239. Lessons to Draw From the SPLM's Internal Wrangles
  240. The Finger Prints on Genocide in South Sudan
  241. South Sudanese Peace Talks Begin in Addis Ababa
  242. African Union Threatens Sanctions for Those Inciting Violence in South Sudan
  243. Ushering In a New Zimbabwe
  244. DRC Security Forces Repel Attacks
  245. Rebel Pastor on the Run From DRC
  246. South Sudan Ousted Vice President Ready for Talks
  247. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on Press TV World News: 'France In Above Its H
  248. Assault Accused ANC, EFF Members In Court
  249. AbaThembu Royals Tell Mandela Family to Keep Calm Over Estate
  250. Heavy Fighting Takes Place in Kinshasa, DRC