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  1. A Movement, a Plan, a Canal
  2. US first lady arrives in Haiti
  3. Cuba wives call for prisoners' release
  4. Condoleezza Rice takes time out to visit Brazilian church
  5. Muslims nations: Defame Islam, get sued?
  6. Tearful parents greet returning Zoe's Ark children
  7. Chavez says US can 'shove' terror list
  8. Black Pastor Fights the kkk
  9. Oil-Rich Plant Offers African Farmers New Source of Income
  10. Egypt thwarts smugglers seeking mummy millions
  11. Dalits:Untouchability Unlimited
  12. Chavez visits Castros in Cuba
  13. Venezuela: Drug suspect to be tried here
  14. UN seeks access to US prisons in Iraq
  15. The Revolt Of The Blacks
  16. SOUTH AFRICA: Man "Too Dark" to be South African
  17. We Are Family
  18. Why Kenya is critical to Africa's future
  19. A Code of Conduct for Blacks
  20. Revenge attacks continue in Kenya
  21. Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe Makes Call For Upholding Unity Amid March 29 Electio
  22. Somali activist and ex-model Waris Dirie reported MISSING
  23. Zuma asserts ANC power over Mbeki
  24. Chavez call for cooling of tensions
  25. Western monitors barred from Zimbabwe poll: government
  26. FARC Not a Terrorist Group
  27. Report questions Clinton NAFTA position
  28. Tons of food aid rotting in Haiti ports
  29. Malian president orders review of his country’s democracy Story
  30. Nicaragua breaks diplomatic relations with Colombia
  31. President Raúl Castro Ruz receives president of Mozambique
  32. Chavez calls Colombia raid a 'war crime'
  33. U.S. economic crisis dangerous to the world economy
  34. One million Ethiopians face water shortage: UN
  35. NJ Pigs Claim to Track Sis. ASSATA
  36. Over 100 Palestinians Killed in Five-Day Israeli Attack
  37. President Kufuor of Ghana to name Road after George W. Bush
  38. Blood Money for Kenyan Valentine Roses
  39. Libya says Tamoil deal off
  40. Texas Univ. honors Blair with thousands of pounds and an honor reserved for heroes
  41. Chavez sends tanks to Colombia border in dispute
  42. Rwanda economy thriving as country moves past genocide
  43. Clinton faces Kenya cattle fine over Obama photo
  44. Senior Colombian rebel commander killed
  45. UN says alarmed by prolonged drought in southern Ethiopia
  46. UN: Child abuse worsening in Zimbabwe
  47. France to renegotiate all military accords with Africa: Sarkozy
  48. Anti-terrorist judge jails 35 suspects in Morocco
  49. Zimbabwe leader vows victory in election
  50. Body of top model Katoucha found
  51. Fidel Castro says Raul in charge of Cuba
  52. ANC Statement on Racial Abuse at Free State University in South Africa
  53. Cuba to sign international human rights pacts today
  54. Deadly violence rages in Cameroon
  55. Kenya News Bulletin: Peace Deal at Last; Text of Agreement
  56. Black Clergy Launch Movement For Families in Los Angeles, CA
  57. Kenyan Government, Opposition Agree on Power Sharing
  58. Black History Month: Honoring a First in African American History
  59. Haiti is speaking - are you listening?
  60. Outside Interference The Only 'Dictator' in Zimbabwe, Says SA Ambassador Moyo
  61. Ethiopia narrows school enrollment gap between boys, girls
  62. Gambian university graduates 176 bachelors degree holders
  63. South African university programme ranked second best in the world
  64. Charvez cordinated with Colombian rebels to help free 4 hostages
  65. Racist Video Spurs South Africa Riots
  66. Helicopters to pick up Colombia hostages
  67. Pollution turns Chinese river system red
  68. Minister says plight of Aboriginal children 'horrific'
  69. Report: Israeli occupation causes terror
  70. Judge wants to resolve Indian lands case
  71. They Don’t Call Him ‘Angler’ for Nothing
  72. Venezuela bombing: 'anarchists' blamed
  73. Key address by Comrade Raul Castro, President of the Councils of State and Ministers
  74. Cuba's communist system unshaken
  75. Colombian FARC: 60 years for US hostages
  76. White journalists fume over forum's Zuma meet
  77. Fact Sheet: Arbitration between ExxonMobil and Venezuela
  78. Bush and ExxonMobil v. Chavez
  79. Venezuela : National Citizen Security Council created
  80. Zimbabwe leader celebrates 84th birthday
  81. Ijaw group demands two more states in Nigeria
  82. 'Raulistas' loyal to Raul Castro
  83. Italy Follows Trail of Secret South American Abductions
  84. Luring Doctors and Nurses ‘A Crime’
  85. Canada pledges $555 million in fresh aid to Haiti
  86. Reflections of Fidel
  87. Cuba condemns Washington-Exxon Mobil campaign against Venezuela
  88. In Yeadon, nation’s first black-owned swim club has big plans
  89. Officers Agree: The Military is in Trouble
  90. Shrub Says No New US Military Bases in Africa
  91. SACP statement on the resignation of Cde Fidel Castro
  92. ANC Statement on the retirement of Fidel Castro as Cuban President
  93. Africom headquarters to stay in Germany
  94. Adopted Argentine sues dirty war parents
  95. World's longest-serving leaders
  96. Haiti's efforts to save trees falters
  97. 12 die in Guyana shooting
  98. Belize elects first black leader, ousts incumbent
  99. Mauritius to transform its science centre into a planetarium
  100. Fidel Castro Resigns as Cuba’s President
  101. In Africa, Bush Touts Record AIDS Relief under his Administration, but
  102. Analyst: On Africa Visit, Bush Pushes Agenda of Continent-Wide U.S.
  103. Bush wants limits on access to evidence
  104. CIA set up 12 bogus companies mostly in Europe after 9/11: report
  105. Kenya Resegregating (pics, map, article)
  106. The Nubians in Egypt and Sudan are facing extermination...
  107. UN Condemns Peace Obstacles in Eritrea
  108. Zimbabwe Update: Four Vie for Presidency;Campaign Peacefully; Second Detente
  109. Zimbabwe-Iran Relationship Remains Rich
  110. Mbeki on tightrope as left's influence rises
  111. Gambia Closes Down Australian Mining Firm
  112. Removing the ‘Stain’ on Australia’s Soul
  113. U.S. Officials Say Broken Satellite Will Be Shot Down
  114. Bush on terrorist surveillance
  115. Virtual fence on border to get approval
  116. US court backs ExxonMobil in spat with Venezuela's oil firm
  117. Twenty-four missing after immigrant boat sinks off Morocco
  118. France, Brazil forge military pact
  119. Rape is weapon in Kenyan violence
  120. WTO rules against China for first time
  121. Executions may be carried out at Gitmo
  122. Castro denies Cubans tortured prisoners
  123. UNICEF slams 'licence to rape' in African crises
  124. Far from militant attacks, giant platform keeps Nigerian oil afloat
  125. Kenya violence threatens flower exports
  126. Reflections of President Fidel Castro
  127. Economic War Will Take Oil to $200, President Chavez Warns
  128. Aborigines Plan to Sue Australia
  129. Nigeria wants oil companies to pay compensation for degradation
  130. Morales accuses US official of spying
  131. Haiti mobs dole out vigilante justice
  132. Nafta Is a Sweet Deal, So Why Are They So Sour?
  133. Peace Corps, Fulbright Scholar Asked to 'Spy' on Cubans, Venezuelans
  134. Democracy Now: Interview with Ecuador's President Rafael Correa
  135. Zambia: Country Backs AU Government
  136. Venezuela denies oil assets frozen
  137. UN: 12,000 flee Darfur for Chad
  138. Chavez threatens to halt oil sales to US
  139. Haiti: The Black Jacobins 70 years later
  140. G.I. Tells of Ordering Execution of Unarmed Iraqi
  141. British Mercenary Photographed in Prison After Extradition From Zimbabwe
  142. Dozens hurt in Georgia sugar refinery explosion
  143. Kenya: Disputed Poll Sparks Call for Int'l Probe
  144. Chavez Presents His Government’s Achievements for 9th Anniversary in Office
  145. Kenyan crisis: West's hand visible
  146. Africans united in rejecting European arrogance
  147. Kenya Crisis Talks Achieve Breakthrough: Media
  148. fbi arrests man in 1983 militant robbery
  149. Dominican merchants close border market
  150. Cubans speak out on Castro's invitation
  151. US threatens to bar Kenyans over unrest
  152. N'Djamena Siege Aftermath: pics+article
  153. Carter G. Woodson (1875 - 1950)
  154. Zimbabwe Struggle For Empowerment Vital
  155. Chad News Update: Thousands Flee Capital; Nigeria Puts Army on Alert
  156. Raul Castro Gets More Votes Than Brother Fidel in Cuban Parliamentary Elections
  157. U.S. Says It Accidentally Killed 9 Iraqi Civilians
  158. African quakes kill at least 30
  159. African Union Sets Up Team to Steer Union Government Formation
  160. Statements from the Baath Socialist Party
  161. Super Bowl Slavery
  162. Africa's Horn bordering on war
  163. Not ethnic cleansing, but class war
  164. Mexico's Prison-Born Children
  165. Zimbabwe localises foreign firms
  166. Kwame Nkrumah's Only Daughter Joins Race
  167. Liberia investigates child adoptions by U.S. agency
  168. House panel chair probing Bush proviso on Sudan
  169. Power politics confound US of Africa
  170. Chad rebels seize capital after heavy fighting: military source
  171. Human Rights Watch Group Says U.S. Is Too Eager to Endorse Suspect Elections
  172. What can WE do for Haiti?
  173. Latest images from Kenya
  174. Policeman Shoots Dead MP And Woman
  175. Kenya crisis set to dominate AU summit
  176. Raul Castro tops Fidel in Cuba election
  177. Mexican farmers protest US trade pact
  178. Areva says it is ready to build 12 reactors in South Africa
  179. AU leader: Kenya a priority for Africa
  180. UN warns about child trafficking in Mozambique
  181. World is watching US presidential race
  182. Zimbabwe deports 'coup mastermind' to E Guinea: lawyer
  183. Bush's budget lean on domestic programs
  184. Egypt tightens Gaza border gaps
  185. Ugandans SOLD to the Dutch in 2006
  186. Gaddafi Warns Afrika Over Unity
  187. Tribe all but vanishes from Kenyan city
  188. Shell profits surge to record 31 billion dollars in 2007
  189. Absence of Nigerian Judge Stalls Pfizer Drug Case, Adjourned Until Feb. 4
  190. Kenya police get 'shoot to kill' order to stem clashes
  191. Poor Haitians resort to eating dirt
  192. Sudan Makes New Bid to Chair African Union
  193. Tributes Still Pour In For Pasquallie
  194. Theatre fights stigma and discrimination
  195. Artists Help to Heal Wounds in Kenya
  196. Zimbabwe News: State Upholds United Nations,African Union Charters
  197. Ethnic Cleansing Comes To Harlem (and The Rest Of Nyc)
  198. Palestinians mourn radical Habash
  199. Gunmen kill Kenyan opposition lawmaker
  200. Congo ceasefire broken, rebels and militia clash
  201. Australia readying apology to Aborigines: minister
  202. Marriages fall victim to Kenya violence
  203. “Claim No Easy Victories”: New Orleans and the Gulf Coast Reconstruction Movement
  204. Iraq Update: Five US Soldiers Killed in Mosul;Offensive Launched in North
  205. Somali Update: Bomb Blast Reported in Kismayo
  206. Nigerian Labour Opposes Jumbo Pay For President, Top Officials
  207. 11 Are Killed in a Guyanese Village
  208. Chavez: Pull reserves from US
  209. South Africa: Energy Crisis? What Energy Crisis?
  210. Kenya street battles leave at least 12 dead
  211. Chavez: Colombia plans 'aggression'
  212. MECAWI Conference on the Growing Threat of American Intervention in Africa
  213. Rampage Starts Race Row
  214. Kibaki and Raila in face to face meeting
  215. Investing in water for 3rd World contries! By making water out of AIR!
  216. US “enemy combatant” Jose Padilla sentenced to 17 years in prison
  217. Chavez warns banks on farm lending
  218. California Agriculture secretary visits Cuba
  219. Congolese await 'historic' deal
  220. Rev. Lucius Walker Subpoenaed in Investigation of Beacon High School Trip to Cuba
  221. Gaza Update: Palestinians Flood Into EgyptIn Response to Israeli Blockade
  222. Anc Statement On The Death Of John Gomomo
  223. Economic Crisis Deepens: Markets Respondto Fed Cut; SA Stocks Slide
  224. Israel may have to take military action against Iran: Bolton
  225. Kenya Unrest photo dump
  226. African Examples: Joaquim Chissano, A Democrat and Global Peace Envoy
  227. Castro 'ready to return' - Lula
  228. AP Interview: Cuba: No talks with Bush
  229. Cuba to hold parliamentary elections
  230. AFRICOM Threatens Sovereignty, Independence and Stability of the African Continent
  231. Zimbabwe Update: Mbeki Still Confident; ZANU-PF Primaries Next Week
  232. Presidents Mbeki and Mugabe Meet Over Zimbabwe Negotiations With Opposition
  233. Kenya Update: Second Day of Protests; US Firm Refuses to Release Exit Poll Data
  234. Kenya News Bulletin: Four Killed in Clashes;Thousands Dispersed in Eldoret
  235. Protesting Youths Shut Down Warri Refinery
  236. Mwai Kibaki Snubs Kofi Annan Mediation
  237. To honor Dr. King: Challenge the Ohio prison system on Jan. 19
  238. Six die in Namibia air crash
  239. Nigerian Court Grants Arrested Pfizer Staff Bail: Judge
  240. Land Mines Spread Fear In Niger Towns
  241. A People's Revolution Cannot Be Stolen
  242. Pro-independence Puerto Ricans subpoenaed by NYC grand jury
  243. Naomi Campbell interviews 'rebel angel' Hugo Chavez
  244. US Prison Expands in Afghanistan
  245. China Defends Economic Ties To Sudan, Says Development Is Key To Achieving Peace
  246. Eu Force To Deploy To Chad, Car Next Month: Diplomat
  247. Former Aide To Taylor Testifies About Concealed Embargo-breaking Arms Shipments
  248. Kenya News Update: ODM Calls Three Days of Mass Action; WorldBank Behind Kibaki Coup
  249. Black European Antiracist March
  250. Chavez: Colombian rebels free 2 hostages