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  1. Chavez: Colombian rebels free 2 hostages
  2. Oscar Peterson was one of the world’s greatest pianists
  3. Philip Agee, 72, Former CIA Officer, Exposed Atrocities of the Agency
  4. Chinese Foreign Minister in DRC to Finalize Deals
  5. RUF rebels called Taylor 'boss'
  6. Sao Tome's Defence Minister Blames Opposition for Coup Attempt
  7. Hague Court to Hear Case Against Former Liberian President
  8. Liberia's Truth and Reconciliation Panel to Start Public Hearings
  9. Private Security Contractors Look to Africa For Recruits
  10. New round of W Sahara talks begins
  11. Official Death Toll From Chaos Put At 486
  12. How will Zuma deal with tensions in the ANC?
  13. Looking For a Pan-African Way in Kenya
  14. Zimbabwe must not fall into same trap as Kenya
  15. Kenya Political Reports: Darkest Week; Economic Forecast Bleak; Country Profile, etc.
  16. Jacob Zuma Marries Fourth Wife in Azania
  17. Kenyan athlete stoned to death
  18. Conspiracy Charges Dropped Against 5 of the San Francisco 8
  19. Palestinians killed in Gaza raids
  20. Kibaki's peace plan
  21. Democracy in Palestine: An Existential Threat?
  22. Venezuelan, Chinese $4 Billion Oil Agreement
  23. Haiti keeps alive the truth of past evils
  24. Kenya Update: Church Raid Leaves Scores Dead; ODM Calls For Halt in Violence
  25. The father of internet in Africa
  26. Liberian anti-crime tool: cell phones
  27. Libya becomes U.N. council president
  28. Kenya church torched, 50 reported killed
  29. American diplomat killed in Sudan
  30. Chavez pardons accused coup backers
  31. Hostage rescue in Colombia collapses
  32. Venezuela introduces new currency
  33. Castro's New Year's message read on TV
  34. U.S. sailors found dead in Ghanaian hotel room
  35. News From Kenya: Raila Calls for Million Man Protest; Kibera Battleground
  36. Occupied Somalia: Reflections After One Year of US-backed Occupation
  37. Mbeki not behind Zuma charges
  38. Kenya rioting death toll at 125
  39. Anglo-American Ambitions behind the Assassination of Benazir Bhutto
  40. Detroit Considers Sale of City’s Small Parks
  41. Fidel's Message to the National Assembly
  42. Pfizer Appeals Arrest Order for Company Officials in Nigeria
  43. Egypt to copyright pyramids
  44. 15 yr old Black Girl Genius Makes History!
  45. Benazir Bhutto killed in attack
  46. French aid workers get hard labour
  47. Africa's new satellite
  48. Kenyan opposition leader confident despite vote-rigging fears
  49. Merowe Dam: Pearl of the Nile in Sudan
  50. LRA Second-in-Command Executed by Ugandan Rebel Leader
  51. Eritrea president mourns independence hero Abdalla
  52. Raul Castro says Fidel ready for new bid
  53. Africa must help Zimbabwe stave off neo-colonialists
  54. Canadian jazz great Oscar Peterson dies
  55. Zimbabwe Update: Zuma Backs Talks; Unity Accord Revisited
  56. Arrow in the wind
  57. J. Edgar Hoover had plan for mass arrests
  58. Cynthia McKinney announces presidential bid
  59. Zimbabwe Government to Treat Mining Firms Fairly, President Mugabe Says
  60. Africans united in rejecting European arrogance
  61. Descendants of Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse break away from US
  62. Piss on Africom
  63. The Africa Command Prospect and the Partition of Somalia
  64. Reverend Pinkney Arrested For Exercising Free Speech
  65. 600 families left homeless
  66. ANC Gets Down to Brass Tacks; New Leadership, Demographic Shifts
  67. Assata Shakur Still a Target of US Imperialism
  68. Miami: Collapse of Liberty City 7 case exposes fraud of “war on terror”
  69. Mandela saddened by rifts in S.Africa's ANC
  70. Zimbabwe Update: ZANU-PF Congress Endorses President; SA Criticises US Sanctions
  71. Germany: Racist, Hypocritical Past Reflected in Merkel's Attack on Zimbabwe
  72. Mistrial Declared in Fake 'Terrorism' Case Against 7 African Youth in Miami
  73. Nationality a Big Issue in Kenyan Elections
  74. Zanu-PF, MDC close to deal
  75. Venezuela-Brazil strategic alliance
  76. Scorpions Reveal New Evidence Against Jacob Zuma
  77. African Tribunal Rules in Favor of White Zimbabwe Farmer
  78. African-Led Development Projects in Zimbabwe & Sierra Leone
  79. Armed Conflict Costs Africa $18 Billion Each Year
  80. Some Chavez allies slow to shed luxuries
  81. At least 17 dead in Somali unrest
  82. UN official: Sudan hampering new force
  83. Mbeki warns divisions could destroy S.Africa's ANC
  84. Uganda and Congo meet for talks on border, oil
  85. Poor nations demand green technology
  86. Argentine leader riled by US cash charge
  87. White Liberals Cannot See Truth in Africa
  88. "Africa and the West" Conference on UhuruRadio.com Sunday
  89. Darfur Rebels in Sudan Attack Chinese Run Oil Facilities
  90. Cuba! Africa! Revolution!: New Documentary on Cuba and the African Revolution
  91. Nigerian State's Exit From Drug Trial Talks 'unfortunate': Pfizer
  92. Jacob Zuma's Shady Friends
  93. UN representative held hostage in Brazil
  94. Mexico: Cuban-Americans fund smugglers
  95. Outrage at rape sentence in Australia
  96. Children targets of Xian witch hunts
  97. Zimbabwe Update: Africa Rejects EU Trade Deal; Mugabe Dwarfs Europeans in Lisbon
  98. Bolivian lawmakers approve reforms
  99. Malawi feeds itself by NOT being an IMF Whore
  100. EU, Africa open new chapter after no-hold-barred summit
  101. Venezuela's Chavez promises Belarus oil
  102. African leaders reject Europe trade deal
  103. Something in Nigeria is actually clean
  104. EU-African leaders to seal pact
  105. CIA, Justice Department Open Investigation Into Videotape Destruction
  106. Jacob Zuma Makes Private Visit to the United Snakes
  107. Segment on Mumia Abu-Jamal Aired on December 6 on NBC Today Show
  108. Jena Six Teen Pleads Guilty to Juvenile Battery
  109. Zimbabwe Update: President Mugabe Leaves for EU-Africa Summit
  110. Democratic Republic Of Congo Clashes Left 13 Troops Dead: Army
  111. Cape Verde Set To Become Wto's 152nd Member
  112. pig’s widow speaks out on Mumia case
  113. Azainan miners strike over safety
  114. pick your news
  115. Mandela shines brightly at all-star AIDS concert
  116. African Woman Sets Herself On Fire To Protest Racism
  117. African Women's And Youth Conference In Accra, Ghana On 3-8-07
  118. Niger, Mali secure Islamic funding for new dams
  119. Venezuela Hands Narrow Defeat to Chávez Plan
  120. Amandla Magazine!!!!
  121. Chad Rebels Declare War on French Military
  122. Zimbabwe President Talks With Senegalese Counterpart Over Continuing Row With Uk
  123. Zimbabwe Finance Minister Predicts Growth in 2008
  124. Nigeria Rejects United States 'Africa Command'(AFRICOM)
  125. Chadian army clashes with rebels
  126. US-backed Occupation of Somalia Described as Worst Humanitarian Crisis in Africa
  127. When Will It Stop?: Support Mukasa Dada (WillieRicks) Under Attack In Atlanta
  128. Zimbabwe looks set to seize control of mines
  129. African Youth Rebel in France Over Pig Killings
  130. Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007
  131. Help Elombe Brath & Nomsa Brath Health Problems
  132. The first of the "10,000 Men" step out for some "field training."
  133. Mozambique needs 100 000 teachers by 2015
  134. 15 tr. old girl was left to share a cell in a police station with around 20 men
  135. Senegal getting HOT
  136. Moammar Gaddafi Has a New Love Interest, Guess Who
  137. Something sounds real strange?
  138. RASCIST SCIENTIST to be condemned
  139. Zimbabwe will not fall
  140. Nigeria Rejects US African Military Command
  141. Nurses, teachers in Burundi strike over IMF-mandated constraints
  142. IMF cancels Liberia's debt
  143. Africa-EU Summit: The Zimbabwe Factor
  144. Reflections by Fidel Castro on Conversation With Hugo Chavez
  145. Plot to assassinate Chavez Again!
  146. Britian plans to invade Zimbabwe?
  147. Strange Space Weather Over Africa
  148. US-backed Occupation of Somalia Considered Worst Humanitarian Crisis in Africa
  149. Nigeria's Niger Delta Militants Issue New Threat
  150. Castros life in pictures
  151. Afro Brazilians being murdered
  152. Saudi women gang raped then beaten by judiciary
  153. Major find in Kenya yes!!
  154. Fisk University could run out of money
  155. Black Peruvians?
  156. U.S. Militarization of Africa and Africom
  157. Afrika
  158. Pigs Taser 82 year old woman?!!
  159. Zimbabwe Supreme Court backs farm equipment seizures
  160. Venezuela: Over 100,000 March in Support of Constitutional Reform
  161. FARC Representatives Arrive in Venezuela for Humanitarian Accords
  162. Mau Mau Law Suit against British Govt. and Kenya White Farmer Racism
  163. Huckleberry Finn N-word lesson draws controversy
  164. attempted Kkdnapping African children by the french
  165. Leaving Amerikka
  166. Castro: Bush could spark nuclear war
  167. Somali pirates hijack Japanese tanker
  168. Sarkozy calls Chad children case illegal
  169. Cuban prima ballerina criticizes embargo
  170. Major archaeological find in Puerto Rico
  171. Tropical Storm Noel lashes Haiti
  172. Cuba defiant in face of Bush speech
  173. Reggae Star Lucky Dube Killed
  174. our children
  175. US team probes Oprah's school
  176. UN adopts declaration on rights of indigenous peoples
  177. Botswana: increase in education funding
  178. Mozambique's sustained economic growth and rapid poverty reduction
  179. BURKINA FASO: School and books necessities not luxuries
  180. Iran Sanctions: What, Why, And Its Impact
  181. Kids told to line up by colour
  182. Controversial Monument?
  183. Home-made helicopters hit northern Nigeria
  184. CIA Maintains Torture Prison on African Island Seized Over 30 Ago by the U.S.
  185. Lucky Dube killed in carjacking attempt
  186. T.I. Asks for Bond While He Awaits Trial
  187. National Black Out Day (jena6)
  188. Castro, Chavez chat in live broadcast
  189. Haiti's Preval seeks to amend term limit
  190. Trafficking case exposes child servitude
  191. Burkina Faso salutes ‘Africa’s Che’ Thomas Sankar
  192. Former World Bank economist praises Chavez
  193. Ugandan asylum seekers in UK beaten, deported
  194. Southern Africa's 'Bushmen' face lifestyle threat
  195. Nooses appear across U.S. in wake of Jena incident
  196. Sudan Party Slams Ex-rebels Pullout From Government
  197. Namibian Govt shuts down US firm
  198. Swapo Youth Warned Against 'Many Enemies'
  199. The Cleveland Indians' mascot must go
  200. Polio in Nigeria Traced to Mutating Vaccine
  201. Mychal Bell Of 'Jena Six' Back In Jail
  202. Greenhouse gas emissions hit danger mark
  203. Pilgrims gather in village where Che Guevara met his end
  204. Venezuela's Chavez on moral crusade
  205. New York opens slave burial site
  206. Jimmy Carter says "No Genocide in Darfur
  207. Darfur town razed after peacekeeper raid
  208. Chavez accuses US of military rebellion
  209. Australian firebrand Hanson backs African refugee cut
  210. Food shortages remain in Sahel from floods: monitoring group
  211. Che remembered 40 years after death
  212. In Cuba, democracy a block at a time
  213. Cuban Foreign Minister expresses confidence in youth
  214. Solidarity For Survival: A Call to Stop Ethnic Cleansing and Imminent on Gaza
  215. President Robert Mugabe Returns From United Nations; Warns Avaricious Businessmen
  216. Black Pigs Upset Over Pig Pen[Police Station] Noose
  217. Humanitarian Situation in Ogaden Raises Concern
  218. Zambian President: Opposition Brought On Zimbabwe Land Seizures
  219. President of Guinea-Bissau Visiting Cuba
  220. The ANC's Poorer Cousin: On the Demise of South Africa's PAC
  221. Darfur attack kills AU troops
  222. The new military frontier: Africa
  223. Thousands in Africa wait for aid amid catastrophic floods
  224. In Little Havana, Cuba S*, Obama No
  225. Cuba detains at least 21 dissidents: activists
  226. Cuban official assails Bush
  227. Iran strengthens ties with South America
  228. Mychal Bell released on bail
  229. Beijing police round up and beat African expats
  230. Comrade Mugabe slams Bush hypocrisy on human rights
  231. Southern Africa says "No" to US military bases in region
  232. Some thoughts on Bell, Williams and Simpson
  233. Daniel Ortega Attacks Bush Regime During U.N. Speech.
  234. Neo-Nazi, Ku Klux Klan Groups Threaten Jena 6 Families and Communities
  235. Tuareg Rebels Capture 15 Soldiers in Mali
  236. Somali Islamic leader vows to fight to death
  237. Iran Fills Vacuum Created by the Defeat of US Imperialism in Iraq
  239. Iran leader says nuclear issue closed
  240. US can help in Colombia hostage crisis: Chavez
  241. Cubans walk out during Bush U.N. speech
  242. Darfur, U.n., Qaddafy & Coming Intriques
  243. Castro Looks Healthy in New Video
  244. Court rules 'Jena 6' defendant to stay behind bars
  245. Thousands rallying to support 'Jena 6'
  246. Castro: Cuba not cashing U.S. Guantanamo rent checks
  247. Cuba Embargo Issue Goes to the U.N.
  248. Severe floods hit 17 countries in Africa
  249. Bush, Chavez, Castro Wield Scalpels in Fight for Latin America
  250. Beyonce & Kelly Rowland Open Apartments