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  1. Al-Jazeera cameraman still at Guantanamo
  2. Cuba won't renew reporters' credentials
  3. Chavez: Bush trip doomed to failure
  4. Cuba opens experimental wind farm
  5. Keeping up with the Jones, even in death, Nigerian-style
  6. Nigerian armed group vows to keep its Italian hostages incommunicado
  7. U.S. navy eyes hijacked Somalia aid ship
  8. Embattled Mugabe to sign deals in Namibia
  9. Starbuck vs. the Ethiopian Farmer
  10. U.S. Fugitive Starts Over in Namibia
  11. Canadian Court Limits Detention in Terror Cases
  12. Armed and dangerous
  13. March 3 Total Lunar Eclipse
  14. Japan launches its 4th spy satellite
  15. US-backed Ethiopian Forces Attacked at Somalia Airport
  16. Americans Used Base in Ethiopia to Launch Targeted Assassination Teams
  17. St. Lucia celebrates independence
  18. Cubans on Medical Aid Mission Flee Venezuela, but Find Limbo
  19. Chavez: U.S. trying to sabotage economy
  20. Gleaner Article: The White Minority
  21. Human rights activist is accused of spying by Angola
  22. Mass exodus as forgotten tragedy explodes in Central African Republic
  23. US condemns breakup of opposition rally in Zimbabwe
  24. Haitian carnival anthems take aim at U.N
  25. U.S. urged to reconsider Venezuela ban
  26. Peacekeepers seize Haitian leader's home
  27. Court: Detainees can't challenge cases
  28. Venezuela to chop 3 zeros off currency bills
  29. Information on Gullah Sapelo Island, GA
  30. Somali Puppet Regime Limits Liberty of the Press
  31. US to stage world's largest anti-terrorism exercise on Guam
  32. Magnitude-5.7 quake shakes eastern Congo
  33. No fast forward for Nigeria's poor despite oil boom
  34. Rwanda releases 8,000 genocide prisoners
  35. Aboriginals sue U.K. museum over bones
  36. Liberation roots strengthened in Kenya
  37. France in bid to salvage waning ties to Africa
  38. world social forum in kenya just another ngo fair?
  39. Urgent support needed for freedom struggle in Guinea-Conakry! Touch One, Touch All!
  40. U.S. to build military base in Australia
  41. E. Guinea coup plot mastermind fights extradition from Harare
  42. Rwandan leader's widow denied asylum in France
  43. In rebuke to France, Kagame says Rwanda aiming to join Commonwealth
  44. Chirac's Africa finale, Darfur dominate Africa-France summit
  45. Egyptian woman dies of bird flu, 13th death
  46. Venezuela moves to buy Verizon stake
  47. Panama officials exhume 12 bodies
  48. Cuban official defends internet controls
  49. Venezuela beefs security on al Qaeda oil threat
  50. Chavez threatens more nationalizations
  51. 31 to stand trial in CIA kidnapping case
  52. Feminist Critique of President Mbeki
  53. Ethiopia: Persecution of political opponents dressed in judicial robes
  54. Ethiopian & African American Relations: The Case of Melaku E. Bayen and John Robinson
  55. Conakry, Guinea: The People are getting restless
  56. Government Official Happy With Pace of China-Funded Projects
  57. Mortar attacks convulse Somali capital
  58. Did Anybody Catch The "State Of Black America" Panel on C-SPAN Today?
  59. Sudan child soldiers struggle to give up guns, UN says
  60. Cuba warns satellite TV pirates
  61. Venezuela to nationalize power company
  62. US consults African countries on planned military center
  63. 12 arrested in South Africa for abalone smuggling
  64. Gonzales tours Argentine Jewish center
  65. Child porn ring uncovered in Austria
  66. French EU diplomat shot dead in Ivory Coast: officials
  67. Ancient skeleton focus of modern debate
  68. Peru asks Security Council to prolong UN Haiti force
  69. FBI agents go to Haiti in kidnapping
  70. One of Africa's greatest natural resources needs saving
  71. Ideology trumps profits in Venezuela's revolution
  72. 3 Americans killed in Honduras crash
  73. Venezuela: Nation doesn't need U.S. aid
  74. Grenadian police band leader reassigned
  75. Church names 1st female bishop in Cuba
  76. U.S. to Create a Single Command for Military Operations in Africa
  77. Sudan-based radicals threaten Western interests: UN
  78. U.S. wants Nicaragua missiles destroyed
  79. Cuba blasts anti-Castro TV programming
  80. Troubled U.S. presence on Ecuador coast
  81. Thanks China, now go home: buy-up of Zambia revives old colonial fears
  82. Chinese president offers aid to Namibia
  83. Zimbabwe threatens white farmers
  84. Building a Memorial to a Son, One Child at a Time
  85. Bullying Iran
  86. Iran said to assemble two uranium units
  87. Letter bomb explodes at London office
  88. Conference aims to help child soldiers
  89. Deadly Bird Flu Confirmed in British Turkeys
  90. Chavez takes up energy conservation
  91. Strong quake jolts western Caribbean
  92. Geologists Watch as African Continent is Torn Apart
  93. How climate change hits India's poor
  94. France Tells U.S. to Sign Climate Pacts or Face Tax
  95. Africa seen missing out on clean energy investment
  96. Next AU summit to focus on 'United States of Africa' project
  97. Zimbabwe bank chief cuts money supply to fight inflation
  98. Activists report on Nigeria corruption
  99. Nigeria reports first human bird flu death: official
  100. More peacekeepers heading to Somalia
  101. Wife of anti-apartheid hero Tambo dies
  102. Mali relics recovered in France
  103. Chávez limits private media while bolstering public media
  104. Chavez to get powers to remake Venezuela
  105. Hu Jintao starts Africa tour with loans promise
  106. Europeans fear US attack on Iran as nuclear row intensifies
  107. Bush 'spoiling for a fight' with Iran
  108. Senators warn against war with Iran
  109. Venezuela to buy anti-aircraft missiles
  110. Cuba TV shows Castro meeting with Chavez
  111. In Connecticut, World’s Oldest Woman Dies at 114
  113. Monsanto Buys ‘Terminator’ Seeds Company
  114. Apartheid-era minister in act of contrition
  115. U.S. Immigration law favors Cubans over Haitians
  116. An African in Moscow
  117. Apartheid Killer finds religion put not remorse
  118. Obama's speech in Nairobi
  119. Egypt moves 83-ton statue of Ramses II to new home
  120. Son Accepts Marcus Garvey’s Award
  121. UN urges Namibian government to investigate founding father
  122. The Pentagon Plans for an African Command
  123. In Praise of the Global African Women this Wednesday
  124. Obama vows to help "worlds worst slum"
  125. New York: Harlem celebrates Castro’s birthday
  126. Congo: Violence breaks out in response to Elections
  127. Namibia: Park to Go Garvey?
  128. India's African Past
  129. Chad orders foreign oil firms out
  130. Katrina Victims Getting Fvcked Again!
  131. Spike's Katrina
  132. Sudan: To Halt the Atrocities, Follow the Money
  133. congo and batwa
  134. Obama to tour Africa
  135. Battle for Mexico's democratic soul
  136. President Chavez Says Venezuela Has Captured 4 US Spies
  137. Fidel Castro's condition is improving, his son says
  138. Hezbollah 'foils Israeli raid'
  139. The Subtle Racism of Latin America
  140. Harlem Legend, Preston Wilcox, Passes
  141. Police evict Africans in raid on France's biggest squat
  142. BERMUDA: Premier under fire for slavery remarks
  143. Lumumba 'killers' revealed?
  144. South Africa: Aristide welcome to stay 'as long as necessary'
  145. Namibia: We Want Our Land Back - Hereros
  146. Prominent Aristide backer freed from Haitian jail
  147. This Is Fascism
  148. Cuban Militant to Make Bid for Freedom
  149. Mexico challenger senses history
  150. Somalia's refugees stream into Kenya
  151. Cuba, Castro & Afrika
  152. The Untold Story of the Civil Rights Movement
  153. Cape Town News
  154. South Africa takes on Zimbabwe's approach of seizing land from whites farmers
  155. New found Artefacts support theory man came from Africa
  156. New bill would expand government's power to search & spy on 'Americans'
  157. Ethiopia: Researchers Find New Human, Animal Fossils
  158. Uganda: Ancient rituals may help end brutal war
  159. South Afrika: Women repeat anti-apartheid march
  160. Why there are no protests in Cuba
  161. Become a Doctor for Free in Cuba
  162. Castro has Stamped His Mark on Africa's History
  163. Africa mulls 24-hour TV news channel
  164. ETHIOPIA: 10,000 homeless in flood-hit eastern town
  165. Ghana to Host Media Summit to Re-Brand Africa for a Brighter Future
  166. Radar surveys suggest another tomb in the Valley of Kings
  167. The Best phentermine and Tramdol Directory on Web
  168. Current approaches to food crises are failing Africa’s poor.
  169. Violence threatens Darfur relief
  170. What's Behind the Crisis in Liberia?
  171. Green light for new SA road names
  172. LRA leaders declare ceasefire
  173. Nigeria:Economy Czar Resigns
  174. The laughter of children carries Rwanda's hope
  175. Congo ballots go up in flames
  176. Sierra Leone sets elections after brutal war years
  177. N.Y. Police Arrest Malcolm X's Grandson
  178. South Afrika: Yt who massacred over 100 Afrikans during Apartheid is released
  179. Venezuela to Give $100 mil annually to Mali
  180. UK: Why won't they teach our children black history?
  181. Sub-Saharan Africans Forced to Leave France
  182. Ethiopian obelisk to be re-erected soon
  183. Ailing Castro gives power to brother
  184. Poll protests block Mexico City
  185. Leading scientists urge authorities to bury radioactive waste
  186. UN braced to take Iran nuclear dispute closer to confrontation
  187. US audit finds State Dept. hid cost of Iraqi projects
  188. In Australia, a U-turn on uranium
  189. Gambian journalists being arrested
  190. Thousands gather as ex-deputy Zuma's trial starts in South Africa
  191. Former PM of Haiti Released from Jail
  192. South Africa: Whites protest at African name changes
  193. Orissa Dalits break age-old taboo
  194. Ghana can reunite the African family
  195. Cultural icon Louise Bennett-Coverly dies at 86
  196. Chavez brushes aside U.S. on arms deals
  197. South Africa to stop land ownership by foreigners
  198. July 30 Election in Congo Could Be Watershed Moment
  199. US delegation in Ghana to learn more about culture
  200. Exodus From Drying Sahara Gave Rise to Pharaohs, Study Says
  201. Aids
  202. U.S decreases monetary aid to Afrika.
  203. US slave descendants could get citizenship
  204. Nigeria: Diaspora Involvement Will Define Africa's Future
  205. International conference salutes Tobagonian scholar
  206. Al-Qaeda is a U.S.-sponsored Intelligence Asset to Justify War in the Middle Eas
  207. 33 Politicans Try to Stop Voting Rights for Blacks
  208. Nearly a third of ancient Egypt still uncovered
  209. Probe: Black Chicago suspects tortured
  210. Thousands of Haitians rally for Aristide's return
  211. Gullah People struggle to keep property
  212. Chinese president calls for more efforts to help African countries
  213. Gordon: No more 'victim-like thinking'
  214. Cops Hunt Lady "shotta"
  215. Death Still Stalks Mom
  216. Presidents Of Iran, Venezuela Attend African Union Summit
  217. Infant Mortality- Memphis Tennesee
  218. 2Billion Africans by 2050
  219. Africans will 'flood the world'
  220. Evil Racist Children and the Media Who Love Them
  221. Chris Crowder: D.C. Activist Fatally Shot and Killed
  222. Anticipation of Fidels' Death+Going after Assata
  223. The way to reparations
  224. Advocates quietly push for slavery repayment
  225. France Writes Off Uganda's Shs19 Billion Debt
  226. We Call Qeybdiid On Surrender to Spare Young Militias - Islamists
  227. U.N. troops find 16 bodies in Haiti
  228. Cuba still holding out a friendly hand to Africa
  229. Gaza! Cuban Statement and other Calls for Justice.
  230. Chairman Fred Hampton Jr was arrested yesterday - press statement
  231. Their Heaven was our Hell
  232. U.N. says it will close mission in Sudan
  233. Japan draft threatens N. Korea sanctions
  234. West Afrikan Traditional Rulers Dedicated to atoning for their role in slavery
  235. The Disturbing Health Status of the Black Male
  236. Indigenous Status and African American Reparations
  237. An Approach To Reparations
  238. NATO uses Cape Verde as Mock Battle ground
  239. How the West killed African culture
  240. The Other IMF: The Paris Club
  241. Cameroon girls battle 'breast ironing'
  242. Chavez urges Africa to unite against U.S.
  243. African Disneyland? Proposed African History Theme Park Is Nearing Reality.
  244. taking away the internet?
  245. African summit fosters anti-U.S. sentiment
  246. International African Arts Festival
  247. Zimbabwe: UN Keeps Annan, Mugabe Meeting Under Tight Lid
  248. New tomb in Egypt reveals flowers, not mummies
  249. Evidence of Namibian Masacre deliberately destroyed
  250. PanAfrica: China And Africa - for Better Or for Worse?