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  1. Assault Accused ANC, EFF Members In Court
  2. Heavy Fighting Takes Place in Kinshasa, DRC
  3. At Least Four Soldiers Killed in Mogadishu Teashop Explosion
  4. Two Local Journalists Abducted in Kismayo, Somalia
  5. Djibouti to Send More Troops to Somalia
  6. Somalia President Not Received at Jomo Kenyatta Airport
  7. NSA Intercepts Computer Deliveries
  8. Blast at Egyptian Army Building in Nile Delta Wounds Four Soldiers
  9. Tens of Thousands Protest Against Niger Government
  10. Violence on First Day of Exams at Egypt's Al-Azhar Leaves One StudentDead
  11. United States and United Nations Broadening Intervention in South Sudan
  12. Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom Further Popularizes Legacy of SouthAfrican Leader
  13. French President Hollande Requests Additional United NationsIntervention in the CAR
  14. Egypt's Nasr City Bomb Was Targeting Police, Says Interior Ministry
  15. Police to Enforce Protest Ban at Egyptian Universities During Exams
  16. Three Killed, 265 Arrested at Pro-Brotherhood Protests Across Egypt
  17. One Million Americans to Lose Jobless Benefits
  18. Federal Judge Says NSA Spying Is Legal
  19. Untangling the Mess at the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation
  20. United States Beaming Hostile Broadcasts Into Zimbabwe
  21. New Kingdom Royal Statue Found in Luxor, Egypt
  22. Egyptian Army Will Never Harm Gazans, Says Hamas Leader
  23. Palestine Fatah Says Hamas Should Disengage From Muslim Brotherhood inEgypt
  24. Egyptian Bus Explodes in Cairo's Nasr City, Leaving Five Injured
  25. Egyptians Unsure About Mansoura Attack Perpetrators
  26. Ousted Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Qandil Sent to Torah Prison
  27. Mansoura Residents Attack Muslim Brotherhood Property Following BombAttack in Egypt
  28. Egypt's Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis Claims Responsibility for Mansoura Blast
  29. Egyptian Military Government Declares Muslim Brotherhood a 'TerroristGroup'
  30. Petroleum Ministry Signs Contract With Russian Company for Offshore OilProduction
  31. Syrian Grand Mufti and Patriarch Yazigi Say Dialogue and PeacefulSolution Only Path t
  32. Looted Islamic Wooden Beams Returned to Egypt
  33. Egyptian Police Arrest Morsi-Era Prime Minister Hisham Qandil
  34. Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas Condemns Blast in Nile Delta
  35. Egyptian Army Vows to Continue Security Crackdown
  36. Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Denies Involvement in Mansoura Bombing
  37. Somalia Federal Government Losses Credibility
  38. UNSOM Steers Somalia Into Political Abyss
  39. Militant Group in Egypt's Sinai Warns Military
  40. Al-Azhar University Student Protests Rage On
  41. April 6 Rejects Treason Claims in 'Intelligence-Directed' Media in Egypt
  42. Egyptians Rally In Solidarity With Douma, Adel and Maher
  43. EU Urges Egypt to Review Sentences for Political Activists
  44. Sudan President Bashir Expresses Concern Over Unrest in NeighboringStates
  45. Severe Gasoline Shortage Hits Sudanese Capital
  46. Former SSLA Rebels Issues Three-Day Ultimatum to Dissident Unity StateCommander
  47. Defected Unity State Army Commander Forms New Interim Administration inSouth Sudan
  48. 13 Killed in Eastern Libya Bombing
  49. Debating the NSA's Data Collection
  50. Toronto And The Cultural Boycott Of South Africa
  51. Mozambique Airline Captain 'Intentionally' Crashed Plane, According toProbe
  52. Sudan Army Denies Accusations of Involvement in South Sudan Clashes
  53. Three US Military Aircraft Hit in South Sudan, Four Wounded
  54. Libyan Rebel Base Is Hit by a Deadly Bomb Attack
  55. Protesters Force Libya Internet Shutdown
  56. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on Press TV's Top Five: 'South Sudan Needs Ser
  57. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on Press TV World News: 'US, Israel Pushed for
  58. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on Leid Stories; 'Detroit Trial on Interest Sw
  59. Profiles of Candidates in the Madagascar Presidential Runoff
  60. 'We Must Cherish, Defend Unity'
  61. Zimbabwe 'Unity Accord Pays National Dividends'
  62. Media Inquiry Panel Launched in Zimbabwe
  63. Economic Impact of Land Reform in Zimbabwe
  65. South African Communist Party on the Passing of Madiba
  66. Six Killed in Attack on Medical Convoy in Somalia
  67. South Sudan's Kiir Says Ready for Dialogue With Machar
  68. Bashir, Kiir to Join Talks on Regional Border Security, Trade
  69. South Sudan Army Defectors Seize Control of Bor, Jonglei State
  70. Zimbabwe Gems Body Seeks US$50 Million For Value Addition
  71. ANCOP Holds Film Forum In Lagos
  72. Women Are Imperative To National Development In Nigeria
  73. The Sour Taste of Obasanjo's Letter
  74. Egyptian Salafist 'Hazemoon' Member Sentenced to 25 Years for WeaponsPossession
  75. Mourners Condemn Killing of Taxi Driver in Egypt
  76. Clashes Break Out During Pro-Morsi Student Protests in Egypt
  77. Egypt's External Debt on the Rise, But Still Under Control Says BankGovernor
  78. Somalia President Hassan Deplores Clan Clashes in Southern Regions
  79. The Failed Puntland Presidential Meeting
  80. Another AMISOM Commander Takes Office in Somalia
  81. Six U.S. Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan
  82. Up to 500 Killed in South Sudan Clashes
  83. U.S. Imperialism to Raise Up Another Neo-Colonial Army In Libya
  84. Africa in Review 2013: Imperialism Continues to Interfere in Continental Affairs
  85. Pan-African Journal: Worldwide Radio Broadcast Honoring Nelson Mandela,Part III--Host
  86. Treat Men, Women As Equals
  87. Tribal Nomenclature An Affront to National Unity
  88. Manipulation: Bane of the West
  89. African Union Envoy Welcomes the Appointment of the New Prime Ministerin Somalia
  90. Somaliland's Inevitable Conclusion to the Talks With Somalia
  91. South Sudan Army on Streets Amid Heavy Gunfire
  92. South Sudan Former Minister Arrested Over Alleged Coup Attempt
  93. South Sudan President Kiir Says Former Vice President Behind AttemptedCoup
  94. ZANU-PF 14th Annual Conference Resolutions
  95. ZANU-PF Emerges From Conference United
  96. Zimbabwe President Mugabe Says 'I Won't Let You Down, We Are Together'
  97. Unity of Purpose at Celebratory Indaba in Zimbabwe
  98. Israeli Soldier Killed by Shots From Lebanon
  99. Nelson Mandela: Symbol of Freedom and Human Digntiy
  100. China's Change'e-3 Lunar Probe Amazes World
  101. Shells Hit Sudan's South Kordofan Capital
  102. Sudan Accuses ICC of Playing "Proxy Political Foe"
  103. Sudan's Presidential Assistant Starts Post On Positive Note
  104. Sudan's Relations With the West Witnessing Major Shift
  105. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on the African History Network: 'The Legacy of
  106. Pan-African Journal: Special Worldwide Broadcast Tribute to Nelson Mandela, Part II
  107. Mandela to Be Buried in Private Family Ceremony
  108. Zambian Government Defends President Sata
  109. Iran Quits Nuclear Talks After US Threatens More Sanctions
  110. More Than 600 Reportedly Killed in Central African Republic
  111. Car Bomb at Police Camp in Egypt's Ismailia Leaves One Dead
  112. Disputes Fracture Emerging Egyptian Parties
  113. No Letup in Lines for a Final Glimpse of Mandela
  114. ILPS Statement In Honor of Nelson Mandela
  115. Pages From History: "Soviet Russia and the Negro" By Claude McKay
  116. Cuba Pays Official Tribute to Nelson Mandela
  117. Speech by the President of the Republic of Cuba Raul Castro at MandelaMemorial
  118. Madiba: The Zimbabwe Connection
  119. I Had No Feud With Mandela, Says Zimbabwe President Mugabe
  120. Corporate Media Attempts to Hide Cuba's Role in the Liberation ofSouthern Africa
  121. South Africans Forgotten at Mandela's Memorial, Says Mail & Guardian
  122. Rousing Welcome for President Mugabe at Mandela Memorial
  123. Zimbabwe Diamond Mining Firm Lays-off 950 Workers
  124. Sudan President Bashir Appoints New Deputy
  125. Occupied Libya Militia to Open Oil Terminals in December
  126. Gunmen Kill Eight Kenyans Near Somalia Border
  127. Group Seeks Independent Statehood For African Americans
  128. In Cape Town, Leaders Pay Tribute to Mandela
  129. Mandela's Unbreakable Link With Black America
  130. The Man Who Taught Mandela to Be a Soldier
  131. 'Keep Mandela's Dream Alive'
  132. Zimbabwe Diamond Miners Hit Hard Rock
  133. Egypt Court Postpones Douma, Adel, Maher Trial to December 22
  134. Warning Signs for Egypt Economy: Underemployment, Weak Private SectorGrowth
  135. Ukraine Opposition Forces Expose Their Reactionary Nature in DestroyingLenin Monument
  136. Nelson Mandela Shared Final Moments With Wife and Former Wife, SaysFriend
  137. PFLP Mourns the Loss of Mandela, a Symbol of Struggle for Liberation
  138. Radio One Founder Cathy Hughes Issues Statement on the Passing ofNelson Mandela
  139. South Africa Begins Farwell to Nelson Mandela
  140. Who's Competent to Lead Puntland?
  141. Somalia MP Killed In Bomb Explosion Near Presidential Palace
  142. Sudan President Bashir Denies Differences Over Ministerial Reshuffle
  143. Sudan Makes Major Cabinet Changes
  144. President Bashir Announces Vice President Taha Has Resigned
  145. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on RT World News: 'FranceEscalates Interventio
  146. South African Communist Party Confirms Nelson Mandela Was a Member
  147. Mandela Was a Courageous Soldier, Says SACP
  148. Mandela: The Next Logical Stage
  149. Mandela Champion of the Oppressed, Says President Mugabe
  150. ANC on Mandela: 'The Large Baobab Tree Has Fallen'
  151. We Will Always Need Madiba
  152. How Do We Say Goodbye to Tata Mandela?
  153. Celebrate Mandela's Life
  154. South Africa, World Mourns 'Giant for Justice' Mandela
  155. South African President Jacob Zuma's Announcement of the Passing ofNelson Mandela
  156. A Great Giant Has Fallen: South African Labor Pays Tribute to NelsonMandela
  157. Mandela Maintained His Support and Defense of the Cuban Revolution
  158. JPMorgan Warns 465,000 Card User on Data Loss After Cyber Attack
  159. Microsoft to Encrypt Data In Its Services to Prevent Snoopings
  160. NSA Gathers Data on Cellphone Locations
  161. 80 Percent of US Population Near Poverty
  162. Detroit Decision: Federal Judge Rules in Favor of Banks and Political Dictatorship
  163. Former Namibian President Sam Nujoma Speaks Out About British Invasion Plot Against Z
  164. Lyricist Lucie E. Campbell-Williams (1885-1963): Someone to Know and Remember
  165. Challenging Our Past: Book Focuses on Race Relations Between Native Americans, Africa
  166. Minneapolis Black College Instructor Claims She Was Punished For Discussing Racism
  167. Los Angeles African American Superior Court Judge Files Complaint Against UCLA Police
  168. Fact Sheet: The State of African American Women in the United States
  169. A New Case for African American Reparations
  170. Call to Include Sexual Abuse Issues in Schools Curriculm
  171. Why Is Zimbabwe Condoning Gender-Based Violence?
  172. Diamond Polishing Firms Get Green Light in Zimbabwe
  173. Zimbabwe Herald Sold Out As Readers Rush to Grab Copy of New-Look Paper
  174. Detroit Marxism Class on Walter Rodney's "How Europe Underdeveloped Africa", Sat. Dec
  175. Somalia Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon Ousted After No-ConfidenceVote
  176. Sudan Makes Progress Towards Economic and Development Issues
  177. Of Dreams and Wars
  178. Mbeki Spills the British Beans on Zimbabwe
  179. Zimbabwe Commemorates World AIDS Day
  180. Zimbabwe Government Targets Two Million Hectares of Maize, Small Grains
  181. Egyptian Social Democratic Party Criticizes Pro-Morsi Students
  182. Legendary Congolese Musician, Composer and Band Leader, Tabu LeyRochereau (1940-2013)
  183. Cairo Declaration: Historic Stand Against Fascist Axis
  184. Senior Communist Party of China Official Meets Zimbabwean Guests
  185. China Scrambles Fighter Jets Towards US and Japan Planes in South Sea
  186. China Manufacturing Index Beats Estimates As Output Rises
  187. Zimbabwe Diamond Shops in Key Countries Urged
  188. Trial on Detroit Barclays' Swap Deal Delayed As Opposition Grows
  189. Greece Says It Will Work Toward Lifting EU Sanctions Against Zimbabwe
  190. Zimbabwe Elected to ACP-EU Co-Presidency
  191. Egyptian Women Demand Cultural Revolution Against Domestic Violence
  192. Egyptian Women Activists Accuse Police of Abduction, Harassment
  193. Severe Sentences For Egyptian Women Draws Protest
  194. African Union Holds Workshop on Security Sector Reform
  195. Thabo Mbeki Deserves Honor
  196. If the World Had More Mugabes
  197. A New Jazz Artist Is Born
  198. African Union Holds High Level Meeting on Agriculture
  199. South African Mining Strike Coast Northam R200 Million
  200. COSATU Under Attack Says Labor Federation President
  201. Marikana Commission Continues in South Africa
  202. Militants to Benin Republic Government: Release Adai-Dokubo From Nigeria
  203. Rivers State Governor Tells Why He Left Nigeria's Ruling Party
  204. Communique of the 3rd Plenum of the 18th Party Congress of theCommunist Party of Chin
  205. China's Air Defense Zone Doesn't Target Specific Country
  206. US Provokes China With Bombers Flying Over East Sea
  207. Fresh Clashes in Benghazi Among Rebel Forces
  208. New York Protest Against Deportation of Haitians From Dominican Republic
  209. Tunisia, Birthplace of the North African Rebellion, Struggles to ResetIts Political S
  210. Food Stamp Program Cuts Lead to 'Staggering' Increase in Need
  211. Honduras Leftist Disputes Results As Vote Count Drags On
  212. Counter-Revolutionaries Battle Each Other in Eastern Libya
  213. 'No' to Gender-Based Violence
  214. Taking Lessons From Latin America
  215. China Emerges Consistent Top Investor In Zimbabwe
  216. Mauritania Holds Elections Despite Opposition Boycott
  217. Mali Parliamentary Elections Are Held Amid Ongoing Conflict
  218. African Union Commends Zimbabwe Asset
  219. Zimbabwe Asset Gets Namibia Nod
  220. The Cuban Five Were Fighting Terrorism: Why Did the US Put Them inPrison?
  221. Ugandan President Accused of Subverting East African Community
  222. Reports of Piracy Continue Off Coast of West Africa
  223. ACLU Asks Court to End NSA Surveillance Program That Collects Phone Call Data
  224. More Libyan Demonstrations Against Counter-Revolutionary Militias
  225. Somalian Journalist Accuse Colleagues of Assault
  226. Justice at Scottsboro, 82 Years Later
  227. Britain Suspends Aid to Malawi
  228. Mozambique Votes Amid Unrest
  229. Zimbabwe Information Minister Visits Media Outlets; ZBC Insolvent
  230. Occupied Libya Ruled by the Gun
  231. Socialist Ideology, Mass Organization and the Intensifying ClassStruggle
  232. Detroit Bankruptcy Judge Orders Disclosure of Barclays Fees
  233. New Film Illustrates the Horrors of the United States Slave System
  234. White Man Charged With Second-Degree Murder in Death of AfricanAmerican Woman Outside
  235. Blueprint For Africa's Future
  236. Zimbabwe Sovereign Wealth Fund
  237. Zimbabwe Youths to Continue Demonstrations Until US Sanctions AreScrapped
  238. Zimbabwe Gem Auction In Belgium Next Month
  239. Zimbabwe Minister Kasukuwere Detained In Germany
  240. Don't Give Us Aid, Invest in Africa, AU Tells World Leaders
  241. Nigerian Teachers Demonstrate to Press Home Their Demand
  242. Socio-Economic Cost of Kidnapping in Nigeria
  243. Nigerian ASUU As a Political Party
  244. U.S. Seeks to Justify Aggressive Military Actions In Somalia
  245. Imperialists to Continue Occupying Gulf of Aden Off Somalia Coast
  246. Briton and Frenchman Arrested In Somalia's Puntland
  247. More U.S.-backed Troops May Become More Aggressive In Somalia
  248. JPMorgan, Justice Department Near $13 Billion Settlement
  249. Indonesia Warns Spy Claims Hurt Australian Ties
  250. Libya Rebel Spy Chief Freed by Zintan Militia