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  1. George Zimmerman Arrested for Threatening Woman With Shotgun
  2. Counter-Revolutionary Militias Massacre 31 in Libyan Capital
  3. Second Degree Murder Charges Filed In Shooting Death of Renisha McBride
  4. Detroit: Largest Bankruptcy Trial in U.S. History Ends
  5. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on Leid Stories: 'Post-Election Detroit Resume
  6. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on Press TV World News: 'NATO Responsible for
  7. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on Black Agenda Report Radio: 'US Rulers Have
  8. 'Lifting of Sanctions Was Long Overdue' Against Zimbabwe in the DiamondTrade
  9. Zimbabwe 'Diamond Sanctions Removal to Spur Development'
  10. South African President Zuma Sends Condolences to Somalia Amid CycloneDeaths
  11. AFRICOM Being Restructured In Light of 'Sequester'
  12. Detroit Bankruptcy Judge Rules Barclays Swap Deal Must Be Made Public
  13. More Changes to Obamacare Amid Crisis
  14. Famine-Stricken Niger Feeds French Development and Wealth
  15. ICC Seeks to Whitewash Its Role in the Destruction of Libya
  16. France Studies Giving More Military Aid to Occupied Libya
  17. To Brother Cyril Ramaphosa, With Love
  18. Commonwealth: A Wealth of Irrelevance
  19. Zimbabwe Vice-President Launches New Health Project
  20. Promote Nation Building, Media Urged
  21. Zimbabwe President Mugabe Leaves for African-Arab Summit
  22. Zimbabwe Welcomed Into Diamonds 'Family'
  23. Egyptian Army Yet to Receive Official Orders to End Curfew
  24. Egypt Ends State of Emergency Upon Court Ruling
  25. ASUU Strike: Any Light at the End of the Tunnel in Nigeria?
  26. 'Lack of Political Will Is Stalling Resettlement of Bakassi'
  27. Nigerian Universities Remain Closed
  28. Is Satan Really Black?
  29. Are Things Falling Apart in The African American Community?
  30. Fact Sheet: The State of African American Women in the United States
  31. 'Tamil Still Being Raped and Tortured' In Sri Lanka
  32. Africa Can Learn From China's Experience
  33. United States Company Seeking to Import Ethanol From Sudan
  34. Sudan Rebels Seek French Intervention
  35. Kenya Should Consider Pulling Its Soldiers Out Of Somalia
  36. Oil and Gas Exploration in Somalia: Hope and Challenge
  37. Somalia Prison Attacked, Three Guards Killed
  38. Zimbabwe Herald Enhances Staff
  39. Contracting Case Implicates Two US Admirals
  40. More Rebel Violence Strikes Tripoli
  41. CBS Recants Libya Story
  42. 'Privacy Essential to Democracy': Germany, Brazil Introduce Anti-Spying United Nation
  43. Germans Lose Trust in US; See Snowden As Hero
  44. United States May Split Cyber Command and National Security Agency
  45. Post-Colonial African Education System Failing African EconomicRenaissance
  46. Ethiopia Accuses Eritrea, Al-Shabaab of Plotting Attack
  47. Sudan President May Run for Another Term
  48. Syrian Military Thwarts Terrorists' Ammunition Transfer
  49. HPV Vaccines Not As Effective For African American Women
  50. Former Employee Approached Generic Drug Maker With Fraud Suspicions
  51. Obama Administration Rejects Delays to Get Time to Repair Problems atHealth Site
  52. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on Press TV's The Debate: 'US Favors Military
  53. South Sudan Government Warns Media After False Kiir Report
  54. Al-Shabaab Still Strong in Somalia
  55. Somalia Central Bank Governor Resigns
  56. Imperialist War, Privatization Hampers Occupied Libyan Food Imports
  57. Berbers 'Halt Flow' of Occupied Libyan Gas to Italy
  58. Saif Al-Islam and the Regime in Libya's Shameful Propaganda Effort
  59. Heavy Shooting Lasting Hours in Libyan Capital of Tripoli
  60. Liberation Delayed: Nigerian Labor Congress Co-hosts Solidarity Conference With the S
  61. South African Miners Demand More Wages
  62. African Americans Still Not Fully Recovered From Great Recession
  63. Pan-African Journal: Special Worldwide Radio Broadcast for Sunday November 3, 2013--H
  64. DRC Army Pounds Rebel Hilltop Positions
  65. Kenya Criticizes United States Position on ICC
  66. A Manifesto for the Truth
  67. Anti-Diamonds Lobby of Shame
  68. Zimbabwe GDP Projected to Grow by Six Percent
  69. Iran to Support Zimbabwe Technologically
  70. Zimbabwe President Mugabe in South Africa for Joint Conference
  71. Morsi Resists Military Court Hearing
  72. Tunisia Extends State of Emergency to June 2014
  73. 50 Years of Displacement of the Nubians in Egypt
  74. Two Egyptian Policemen Killed in Another Drive-by Shooting
  75. Egypt Will Not Probe Killings of Anti-Coup Protesters by Security Forces
  76. Frequently Asked Questions About Egypt's Morsi Trial
  77. Egypt Army Destroys 'Largest' Fuel Smuggling Network in Sinai
  78. Sudan, South Sudan Joint Security Committee Meets Tuesday
  79. Sudanese Rebels to Observe Cessation of Hostilities in South Kordofan,Blye Nile
  80. UN-AU Mission Visits South Sudan in Fight Against LRA Rebels
  81. JPMorgan Facing Dozen Legal Probes
  82. Kenyan Warplanes Bomb Somalia
  83. Egyptian Military Destroys Tunnels for Palestinians in Gaza
  84. Thirty Years After the U.S. Invasion of Grenada
  85. How Food Stamp Cuts Will Affect Your State
  86. Israel Bombs Gaza Tunnel; At Least Four Reported Killed
  87. Opponents of Military Rule to Stage Protests in Egypt
  88. Salfist Nour Party Condemns Egypt Constitution Ban on Religious Parties
  89. Israeli Jets Reportedly Have Struck a Syrian Military Base at Latakia
  90. Detroit's Historic Bankruptcy: Four Questions That Still Beg For AnAnswer
  91. Fannie Mae Sues Banks Over Alleged Libor Manipulation
  92. Food Stamp Cuts Hit Home in Michigan
  93. Anti-War Activists File Motion to Unseal Secret Documents
  94. United States Attorney Opens Probe Into Death of Georgia Teen
  95. Obama's Approval Rating Sinks to New Low
  96. Court Blocks Ruling on New York Police Stop-Frisk Policy
  97. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on RT Spanish Service: 'Africa, Detroit and th
  98. Human Rights Working Group Makes Statement on Death of SomalianJournalist
  99. Somalia Intelligence Involved in United States Drone Attack
  100. Keeping Remittances to Somalia Flowing
  101. Kenya Expects to Resolve Somalia Maritime Border Dispute
  102. Weak US Jobs Data for October
  103. National Security Agency Infiltrates Internet Search Data
  104. United States Denies Arresting Former South African Government Official
  105. ANC Official Tokyo Sexwale Arrested at JFK Airport in New York
  106. Why South Africa's Land Reform Is Stuck
  107. Egypt Court Recommends Citizenship Against ElBaradei
  108. Ousted Egyptian President Morsi Refuses to Recognize Military Court
  109. Suppressing Dissent Is Main Priority of Military-backed Egyptian Regime
  110. Sudan Welcomes African Union Involvement on Abyei Question
  111. Al-Shabaab Rebuilds Forces in Somalia
  112. African Economic Growth Without Development
  113. United States Expands Focus on Gulf of Guinea
  114. Tunisia Facing Political Crisis Nearly Three Years After NationalUprising
  115. Africa Must Reject Regime Change
  116. A Tragedy of Lives and the Nature of Imprisonment
  117. Zimbabwe to Resume Gold Refining
  118. Zimbabwe Minerals Earn $1.4 Billion
  119. Why They Dread Mugabeism
  120. Zimbabwe Information Minister Tells Filmmakers to Produce African Story
  121. Somalia Journalist Killed Amid Government Crackdown on Media Outlets
  122. COSATU President Addresses SADTU General Council
  123. ANC Clarifies Remarks by South African President Jacob Zuma atManifesto Forum
  124. Small Faction Splits From Sudanese National Congress Party
  125. Bangladesh Opposition Begins Three-Day General Strike
  126. Another Afghan Soldier Killed After Attacking NATO Forces
  127. Tensions Escalate in Mozambique: RENAMO Rejects Peace Accord
  128. Surge in Value of Zimbabwe Diamonds Forecast
  129. Canada's Africa Oil Corp. Sees Promise in Kenya
  130. African Union May Assist Again in Resolving Sudan, South Sudan Conflict
  131. Ghana Denies Deploying Personnel to Somalia
  132. German Chancellor Merkel Says US Spying Has Shattered Europe's Trust
  133. Chinese Court Rejects Bo Xilai Appeal
  134. ILPS-US Stands in Solidarity With Rasmea Odeh
  135. Drop the Charges Against Palestinian Rights Activist Rasmea Odeh
  136. America's Addiction to Imperialism
  137. Egypt Political Currents Seek to United January 25 and June 30
  138. South Sudan, Sudan Talks Held on Abyei
  139. Somalians Denigrated in Hollywood Film on US Occupation
  140. Zimbabwe: Indigenization Gives African Leverage
  141. France Warns United States Government Against Spying
  142. Former Rebels in Mozambique Abandons Peace Accord
  143. Federal Employees Lock Out Will Hinder True Gauge of U.S. Economy
  144. NATO to Send Security Advisers to Occupied Libya
  145. Counter-Revolutionaries in Occupied Libya Calling for Renewed NATO AirStrikes
  146. Egyptian Christian Youth to Demand Dismissal of Interior Minister
  147. Egyptian Christians Mourn Wedding Massacre
  148. US Allies France and Mexico Angered Over Spying by NSA
  149. Racist Michigan Governor Seeks to Avoid Court Scrutiny in Bankruptcy,Over Secret Fund
  150. Detroit Residents Denounce the Banks; City Council Rejects Barclays'Scheme
  151. ANC Women's League Is Steadfast In Advancing Empowerment
  152. South African Universities and Development Priorities
  153. Labor and Democratic Solidarity With the National Liberation Strugglein Canada
  154. Zimbabwe Women Business Indaba on Cards
  155. Sanctions Must Be Removed From Zimbabwe
  156. United States Intercepts Industrial Development Corporation Funds FromZimbabwe
  157. Bombing in Beledweyne, Somalia Leaving More Than a Dozen Dead
  158. Guinea's Ruling Party Wins Parliamentary Vote
  159. Tullow Continues Oil and Gas Explorations in West Africa
  160. East Africa States Focus on Counter-terrorism Strategy
  161. NUM Loses Another Organizer in Marikana Shooting
  162. Zimbabwe Murowa Diamond Production Up
  163. Scramble for Zimbabwe Ethanol
  164. Scores Eye ZANU-PF Provincial Posts
  165. Sudan President Bashir to Visit Juba for Talks on Abyei
  166. Fears of Clashes Loom in Gedo Region of Somalia
  167. 'Somaliland Will Rejoin the Union Soon'
  168. Hundreds Attend Funeral to Honor Black Panther, Political PrisonerHerman Wallace
  169. Boston School Bus Drivers: "Enough Is Enough!'
  170. There Were Alternatives to Detroit's Bankruptcy
  171. African American Philanthropy and Museums
  172. Delivery Costs, Declining Readership Buffet African American Newspapers
  173. African American Newspapers to Be Preserved, Made Public in Virginia
  174. Morgan State University Establishes New School of Communications
  175. Chisumbanje's Green Revolution
  176. Vigorous Legislative Debate on Illegal Sanctions In Zimbabwe
  177. Zimpapers Chief Executive Nominated for Agricultural Award
  178. Desmond Tutu Is Wrong: The AU Should Quit the ICC
  179. South Africa Confident In Zimbabwe Under President Mugabe
  180. Africa Is Too Rich to Be Poor
  181. United States Hypocrisy Is Sickening
  182. Nigeria Seeks Seat on United Nations Security Council
  183. Nigerian Police Threaten Strike Over Transfer, Others
  184. Nigerian Labour Petitions Government Over Handover of PHCN Assets
  185. Richmond African American Community Opposes Ballpark in Slave Mart,Burial Grounds
  186. Tanzania Defense Forces General Pays Call on Zimbabwe President
  187. Algerian Group to Invest $6 Billion in Sudan
  188. Sudan Finance Minister Meets IMF Head Over External Debt
  189. UK Plans Corridor for Somalia Fund Transfers
  190. United States Military Launch Raids in Libya and Somalia
  191. Pan-African Journal: Special Worldwide Radio Broadcast for Sunday October 13, 2013--H
  192. Pan-African Journal: Worldwide Radio Broadcast for Saturday October 12, 2013--Hosted
  193. National Security Agency Collects Millions of E-Mail Address BooksGlobally
  194. Zimbabwe Wants Debt Moratorium for Farmers
  195. South African Government Could Learn From Zimbabwe Land Reform
  196. Egypt Security Forces Disperse Ultras Demonstration With Teargas
  197. Stolen Ptolemaic Mummy Found in Egypt's Giza
  198. More Than $20 Billion Worth Of Gold Found In Haiti
  199. What Happened to the Indigenous Race?: The Rancid Myth of Columbus
  200. Dominican Court Ruling Renders Hundreds of Thousands Stateless
  201. 14 Caribbean Nations Sue Britain, Holland and France for SlaveryReparations
  202. 'We Will Achieve Housing for All,' Says Zimbabwe Official
  203. Zimbabwe Farming Comes Alive
  204. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on Press TV: 'Kidnapping in Libya Act of Terro
  205. Pan-African Journal: Special Worldwide Radio Broadcast for October 8, 2013--Hosted by
  206. Malawi President Joyce Banda Dissolves Cabinet
  207. 'Unfair' ICC Under Fire at African Union Summit in Ethiopia
  208. Swedish Ambassador Meets Zimbabwe Vice-President Mujuru
  209. Beyond 'Stand Your Ground': Florida's Other Racial Profiling Practices
  210. Quilt Exhibit Depicts African American History
  211. Why Are Numbers of African American Baseball Players Declining?
  212. Racist LA Police Dogs Only Bite Latinos and Africans
  213. Suspect in Westgate Attack Detained As Probe Goes Forward
  214. Kenya President Kenyatta Takes Legal Action to Stop ICC Case
  215. Kenya Deputy President Ruto Flys Home for Weekend From The Hague
  216. African Union to Decide on Continent's ICC Participation
  217. First United Nations Drone Heads to Democratic Republic of Congo
  218. Zimbabwe Will Abolish Death Penalty
  219. United Nations Congratulates Zimbabwe President Mugabe
  220. Zuma Criticizes Business for Not Investing in South Africa
  221. South African Minister of Mineral Resources Presents Regulations forFracking
  222. The Lynching of Mariam Carey
  223. China Raises Hurdles for Foreign Banks
  224. US Default Swaps Trade Soars on Debt Fear
  225. United States Monetary Policy May Wipe Out Trillions In Bond Markets
  226. United States Officials Say Rebel Libyan Regime Approved Kidnapping
  227. Eight Food Risks Not Being Addressed During Federal Workers Lockout
  228. Do Americans Finally Realize the American Dream Is Dead?
  229. Obama to Select Yellen as Leader of the Federal Reserve Bank
  230. Boston School Bus Drivers Hold Strike
  231. Detroit Gathering Internationalizes the Struggle Against the Banks andAusterity
  232. Zimbabwe President Mugabe Explains Psycho-motor Portfolio's Mandate
  233. Story Behind Britain, Allies Intransigence
  234. Zimbabwe: 'Commercial White Farmers Insincere'
  235. 'Vaccine Is Best Hope To End AIDS'
  236. 11 Gold Mining Firms Face Ban In Zimbabwe
  237. Rebels Occupy Offices of U.S.-installed Leader In Libya
  238. Women's Rights Must Be Protected in South Africa
  239. Kenyan Blood Drips From Western Hands
  240. Al-Shabaab Repels Raid by Navy Seals in Somalia
  241. Target Identified in United States Attacks on Somalia
  242. Anglican Church's Call Angers South African Democratic Teachers Union(Sadtu)
  243. Zimbabwe Commercial Farmers Union Courts Black Famers
  244. 423 Arrested in Cairo Clashes on Armed Forces Day
  245. Egypt Releases First-Ever October War Documents
  246. 51 Dead in Clashes on Egypt's War Anniversary
  247. Kenyan President Warns Public Servants
  248. Detroit Holds International Peoples Assembly Against Banks & Austerity, Oct. 5 & 6
  249. Elephants Poisoned in Zimbabwe by Criminal Elements
  250. Zimbabwe Shuts Door on West