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  1. Westgate Aftermath: Is KDF Presence in Somalia a Misadventure?
  2. Ethiopian Troops to Remain in Somalia
  3. Canada Increases Aid to Occupation of Kenya
  4. Gamal Abdel-Nasser, the Man Who Never Died
  5. European Union Urges Egypt Military Government to Hold InclusiveNegotiations
  6. Four Egyptians Killed In Anti-Military Demonstrations
  7. Kenyan Soldiers Face Prison Terms Over Looting After Westgate MallStandoff
  8. Driver Shot Dead In Car Chase Near US Capitol
  9. Mass Pressure Wins New Trial for Marissa Alexander
  10. Stockton Parent Describes Cop Killing of 16-Year-Old
  11. Black Panther Party Veteran Herman Wallace Released From Angola Prisonin Louisiana
  12. E-Mail Service Shut Down Rather Than Turn Over Control to the FederalGovernment
  13. Kenyan President Kenyatta Tells Somalia to "Put House In Order" AfterMall Attack
  14. AMISOM Requests More Assistance In Somalia
  15. Canada Reinforces US-backed AMISOM Troops In Somalia
  16. South Sudan In Talks With David Yau Yau Group
  17. Oil Refinery Project In South Sudan Suspended
  18. Sudan Foreign Minister Had Vehicle Searched In New York
  19. Sudan President Bashir Denies Involvement In Protest Deaths
  20. Sapelo Island, Hog Hammock Community: Historic Slave Community Faces Tax Woes + Video
  21. Signs to Direct Visitors in Gullah Corridor to see the culture of Slave descendants
  22. Slave descendants fighting tax hikes on Georgia coast
  23. South African Coal Miners Reach Agreement Avoiding Work Stoppage
  24. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on RT Satellite Television: 'Nigerian Massacre
  25. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on African History Network: 'Discussion of the
  26. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on Bullet Points Hosted by Navid Nasr
  27. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on Press TV World News: 'Kenya's Somalia Polic
  28. Wave of Car Bombs Across Baghdad Killing 51
  29. IMF Further Exposes Destruction of the Occupied Libyan Economy UnderNeo-Colonialism
  30. More Political Assassinations in Occupied Libya
  31. The Struggle Continues in Nigerian Higher Education
  32. Nigerian Southeast, South-South Governments Urge End to UniversityStrikes
  33. Zimbabwe Tobacco Farming Critical In Promoting Food Security
  34. Kenya Raps US Over 'Unfriendly' Travel Warning After Mall Attack
  35. Kenyan Authorities Had Been Warned About Threat to Buildings 'DayBefore Attacks'
  36. In Kenya, Questions Arise Over Reported Warning Of Attack
  37. Zimbabwe President Mugabe Opens Intellectual Expo
  38. ZANU-PF Policies Are for Zimbabwe
  39. The Army Confronts Rebels In Many Syrian Cities
  40. Syria Official Says Peace Plan Must Include Controversy
  41. Islamists, Some Ruling Party Members Criticize Sudan President Bashir
  42. U.S. Spy Agency Used Some Americans' Data to Map Their Behavior
  43. Zimbabwe Vice-President Reads Riot Act
  44. The Omaha Two: How Long Is Life?
  45. African Americans and the Gypsies: A Cultural Relationship FormedThrough Hardships
  46. China's Tianjin Minerals Buys $990 Million Stake in African Iron Mine
  47. Rare, Moving Photos of African American Life During the New Deal
  48. Can Democracy Deliver for Africa?
  49. For African Generals, Drones Are The Latest Thing
  50. Russia Says Syria's Chemical Weapons Must be Destroyed Inside Country
  51. 'Substantial' Iran Nuclear Talks Set Ground for 'Tangible Results' atNext P5+1 Meetin
  52. Effectiveness of Obama's Drone Program Questioned As Terrorist AttacksSurge
  53. No 'Chapter 7 Measures' in Syria Draft Resolution, Says Russian ForeignMinister Lavro
  54. Bank Agents Will Try to Freeze Detroit Pension Fund
  55. Marissa Alexander Wins New Trial in Florida
  56. Don't Call Retreat in the War on Hunger
  57. Washington Hit With Whiplash Amidst Possible Shutdown
  58. Sudan Deploys Troops Around Key Installations Amid Calls for RegimeChange
  59. Al-Shabaab Reported to Have Attacked Two Kenyan Border Towns
  60. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured by KBOO Radio in Portland: 'International Peop
  61. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured by Press TV's US Desk: 'Kenya Attack Result of
  62. President Mugabe Embodies Pro-African Policies
  63. Women Urged to Claim Stake In Mainstream Zimbabwe Economy
  64. Preparations for ZANU-PF Annual Conference
  65. NUMSA, Fuel Association Reach Wage Agreement in South Africa
  66. Lawyer Insists on Equal Opportunities for Marikana Families
  67. Southern African Development Community Engaging West Over SanctionsAgainst Zimbabwe
  68. One Person Killed in Fuel Price Protests in Sudan
  69. Pages From History--Anniversary of the United Nations Speech by Col.Muammar Gaddafi,
  70. Germany's First Two African MPs Enter Bundestag
  71. Kenyan President Kenyatta Says Nearly 70 Known Dead in Westgate Standoff
  72. Unity State Women Now Brew Alcohol for Survival in South Sudan
  73. President Kiir Admits 2015 South Sudan Elections May Be Delayed
  74. Visa Request Remains Unmet for Sudan President Bashir
  75. Njoli Residents Protect Somalis in South Africa
  76. ANC Distances Itself From Malema Statement
  77. Military-appointed Committee to Draft New Egyptian Constitution
  78. Anti-Military, Anti-Brotherhood Front to be Launched Tuesday
  79. Egyptian Court Bans Muslim Brotherhood
  80. Iran Seeks Constructive Engagement
  81. 2,000 Antiques Stolen In Egypt Since 2011
  82. US Military to Hit Targets in Kenya and Other African States
  83. Syria Army Uncovers Tunnels, Kills Many Rebels
  84. Kenyan Woman Accuses Police of Shooting Husband in Mishap at WestgateMall
  85. Death Toll Increases in Kenya Mall Standoff
  86. AFRICOM Conducts Joint Exercises With SANDF
  87. Guinea's Legislative Election Postponed to September 28
  88. Former Navy Official to Stand Trial in US for Drug Trafficking
  89. Africans Doing Business in China
  90. Former Nigerian Vice President Calls for Investigation Into StateSecurity Services Ki
  91. Africa Falling Behind In Broadband Access
  92. 'Zimbabwe Defense Forces Will Defend Its Operations'
  93. Duduza Shops Attacked in South African Xenophobic Rampage
  94. Questions Raised As Hawks Probe Neil Aggett's Apartheid-era Death in1982
  95. ANC Youth League Holds Summit at Polokwane
  96. Visual Comparison Between Sudanese and Egyptian Pyramids
  97. Detroit is the Nexus of New American Apartheid
  98. No Federal Bailout for Detroit: Obama Administration Meets WithCorporate Interests En
  99. Dozens Plead Their Objections to Illegal Detroit Bankruptcy
  100. Detroit Residents Oppose Bank-Imposed Bankruptcy In Court
  101. US Denied Airspace Permission to Venezuelan Presidential Plane
  102. Detroit Residents Object to Illegal Bankruptcy Filing
  103. US Congress Debates Taking Food Assistance From Nearly 4 MillionImpoverished People
  104. Oil Crisis May Persist in Occupied Libya
  105. Rebel Government in Occupied Libya Appeals for Greater ImperialistIntervention
  106. Liquidity Squeeze Hits Nigerian Banks
  107. Nigerian Governors Challenge Finance Minister
  108. United Nations Security Council Resolution Will Not Authorize Force,Says Russia
  109. Nigeria Redoubling Efforts Against Cybercrimes, ICT Equipment Vandalism
  110. Russia Says No Proof Assad Was Behind Chemical Attack
  111. Military Background Checking System Comes Under Scrutiny After NavyYard Killings
  112. First Details Reported on Navy Yard Massacre
  113. Donors Pledge 1.8 Billion Euros for Somalia
  114. 13 Killed at Washington, D.C. Navy Yard Shooting
  115. Ethanol Production to Increase In Zimbabwe
  116. Zimbabwe Government Imports Grain to Avert Hunger in Deficit Areas
  117. Brazil, Nigeria Strengthens Economic Ties With Direct Flights
  118. Nigerian Labor Congress President to Campaign for Governorship
  119. Hope Brightens for Crisis Resolution in Nigerian Ruling Party
  120. Puzzles About Monetary Policy In Nigeria
  121. 18 Nigerian Soldiers Get Death Penalty, Prison Terms Over Boko Haram
  122. Nigerian Protest Against Senate Transfer of Minimum Wage Begins Tuesday
  123. US-Russia Reach Landmark Deal on Destruction of Syria Chemical Weapons
  124. US Imperialism and Africa Cross Swords Over Illegal Sanctions AgainstZimbabwe
  125. Double Ovation for President Mugabe
  126. Western-backed Opposition In Zimbabwe Says Tsvangirai Must Go
  127. NUM Scores Major Victories in the South African Construction and MiningSector
  128. SACP in Eastern Cape Distances Itself From the Rally to Undermine COSATU
  129. Raid on Mandela Charities Blocked
  130. NUMSA May Withhold R2m Poll Cash
  131. Vavi Camp to Reveal 'Worse' COSATU Affairs
  132. Suspended COSATU Leader Files Court Papers to Challenge Suspension
  133. Second African Women In Film Forum Takes Place in Ghana September 23-25
  134. President Mugabe Outlines Vision for Nation
  135. Zimbabwe Government to Prioritize Economic Growth
  136. Zimbabwe Ministers Ready for Challenge
  137. United Nations Secretary-General to Host Consultative Forum on SudanPeace
  138. Somalia Federal Government President Rides Through Bumpy Year
  139. UAE Seeking to Influence Somalia
  140. Barclay's Somalia Remittance Accounts Win Stay of Execution
  141. North Korea May Be Restarting Plutonium Reactor
  142. The Concept of a "Failed State" in the Central African Republic
  143. Survey Reveals Deeper Penetration of AFRICOM on the Continent
  144. South African Workers Settle Some Strikes and Embark Upon Others
  145. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on Press TV World News: 'Libya Instability Wil
  146. Pan-African Journal: Special Worldwide Radio Broadcast for September 8, 2013
  147. Toronto 2013: Andre Benjamin Plays Jimi Hendrix in a Very Novel Biopic
  148. No Federal Bailout for Detroit: White House Tells Capitalists and Their Agents
  149. Zimbabwe Workers Union Protests Against Barclay's Bank
  150. ANC Secretary General Blasts Suspended COSATU Leader
  151. US Spied on Brazil's Petrobras
  152. Namibian Official Applauds Zimbabwe Land Reform
  153. Stage Set For World War III
  154. Somalia Blasts Hit Mogadihu's Village Restaurant
  155. Inside Zimbabwe President Mugabe's Memory Bank
  156. Zimbabwe Diamonds to Rule Market
  157. 1,000 Protest Against War Threats on Syria in Times Square
  158. Syrian Christians Heed Pope's Call to Pray for Peace
  159. Dennis Rodman Arrives In China After North Korea Visit
  160. Destabilization Fears Over Somalia's First Oil Deal
  161. Barclay's Somalia Remittance Shutdown Will Hurt Millions
  162. Somalian Resistance Movement Has Twitter Account Suspended
  163. United States Economy Remains Depressed
  164. US Drone Kills More People in Afghanistan
  165. AU, ECCAS Discuss Transition of Central African Republic Mission
  166. African Union Commission Launches 2063 Website
  167. Zimbabwe Harmonized Elections Free, Fair, Peaceful and Credible
  168. Zimbabwe Elections a Closed Chapter, Says SADC
  169. Nigeria ASUU Strike: Education Doesn't Need Piecemeal Funding
  170. Russia Warns of Nuclear Disaster If Syria Is Hit
  171. Brazilian Officials Cancel Trip to US Over NSA Spying
  172. Russia Releases Key Findings on Chemical Attack Near Aleppo, Syria
  173. Russian President Putin Warns Against Illegal Military Action In Syria
  174. Russia Has Plans If US Launches War on Syria
  175. 'US War on Syria Not to be Limited'
  176. Chemical Weapons Used by Rebels in Syria Sent From Turkey
  177. Kenya to Vote on ICC Withdrawal
  178. Obama Did Not Deserve Peace Prize
  179. Obama and Corporate Media Manufacture Pretext for Attack on Syria
  180. Zimpapers Sets the Trend
  181. Zimbabwe 'Land Reform a Success'
  182. US-Brazil Tensions Rise After New Intelligence Report
  183. Ousted President Morsi to be Tried for Inciting Violence in Egypt
  184. China's Economy Strengthens With Manufacturing Gauge at 16-Month High
  185. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Speaks on US War Threats On Syria
  186. Former President Nelson Mandela Discharged From South African Hospital
  187. SACP Central Committee Press Statement
  188. COSATU President Sdumo Dlamini Speaks at Alliance Summit In South Africa
  189. South African Government to Send More Artillery to DRC
  190. Zimbabwe Vice-President Urges Youth to Change Mindset About Agriculture
  191. We Are Not Scapegoats, Says ANC Secretary General
  192. Displaced Women, Children at High Risk of Rape In Somalia
  193. Kenyan Troops and Somalia Resistance Forces Battle In Gedo Region
  194. Sudan Works Around United States Sanctions
  195. Sudan President Bashir Meets With Former Prime Minister Al-Mahdi
  196. George Clooney Exposed As Spy: U.S. Actor Continues Interference InSudan Affairs
  197. Shadow of False Iraq Intelligence Hangs Over Syria Strike Threats
  198. Why Syria Is More Complicated Than Libya
  199. People of Britain and France Oppose Imperialist War Against Syria
  200. Gloria Richardson Discusses Gender Discrimination at the March onWashington in 1963
  201. Privatization Prompts More Detroit Medical Center Layoffs
  202. Russia, Iran Warn Against Syria Attack
  203. More Racial Abuse for Italy's African Minister of Integration
  204. Fidel Castro Speaks on Edward Snowden Affair
  205. Zimbabwe, Zambia Promise to Work Together
  206. Bid to Sabotage UNWTO Flops
  207. Thinking Outside the Box on Zimbabwe Sanctions
  208. The Secret Behind ZANU-PF's Victory
  209. U.S.-Backed Libya Rebels Seek Peaceful End to Oil Strikes
  210. Occupied Libya Oil Exports at 20 Percent of Pre-Imperialist War Level
  211. Abayomi Azikiwe and Larry Hamm Featured on CPRMetro.org Discussing the March on Washi
  212. Pan-African Journal: Special Broadcast on the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washin
  213. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on Bullet Points Discussing the Egyptian Crisi
  214. The African Renaissance
  215. A Continent of Vassals: Why Africa Must Acquire Nuclear Technologies
  216. Southern African Development Community to Expedite Introduction ofUNI-VISA
  217. Sanctions Against Zimbabwe Must Go, Says African Union
  218. South Africa Land Debate Heats Up
  219. Syria Will Never Become a Western Puppet State
  220. Syrian Army Continues Operations Against Rebels
  221. Rebels Open Fire on United Nations Investigators In Syria
  222. Palestinian Negotiators Suspend Talks With Israel After Deadly Raid
  223. SACP Address to the SACTWU 12th National Congress
  224. Lindiwe Zulu Applauds ZANU-PF
  225. Zimbabwe Lands Top UNWTO Post
  226. Zimbabwe to Head African Tourism Commission
  227. Abayomi Azikiwe, Editor of the Pan-African News Wire, Quoted inSouthern Times Newspap
  228. Egypt's Al-Gamaa Al-Islamiya Won't Return to Violence, Says Leader
  229. Ahmed Maher, Leader of the Egyptian April 6 Movement, Says RevolutionBack At Square O
  230. Egyptian Military Killed 78 in Recent Operations in Sinai
  231. Bombs Kill 42 Outside Mosques in Tripoli, Lebanon
  232. Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe Delivers Inauguration Speech
  233. Israeli Air Force Bombs Target Near Beirut
  234. Mubarak Released: Egyptians Wonder Where the Revolution Went
  235. Nour Party Leader Says Excluding Islamists In Egypt Could Lead To Violence
  236. Egyptian Workers At Suez Steel End Month-Long Strike
  237. Real Voices of the 1963 March on Washington
  238. One Year After Marikana Tragedy In South Africa
  239. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on Press TV's US Desk: 'Egyptian Military Prot
  240. South Africa 'Will Pay Heavy Price' For Strike
  241. United States Adamant Illegal Sanctions Regime Stays Against Zimbabwe
  242. Detroit Retirees Interviewed to Serve on Bankruptcy Case Committee
  243. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on Press TV's The Debate: 'Egypt Military Crac
  244. Pan-African Journal: Special Worldwide Radio Broadcast For August 18, 2013--Hosted by
  245. Pan-African Journal: Worldwide Radio Broadcast For Saturday August 17, 2013--Hosted b
  246. Militants Killed 25 Egyptian Police In Sinai Ambush
  247. 36 Egyptian Prisoners Massacred by Military-Backed Regime
  248. Bomb Blast Hits Egyptian Consulate In Occupied Libya
  249. Occupied Libya Rebel Interior Minister Resigns Amid Chaos
  250. Closed Session of 33rd Southern African Development Community SummitUnderway In Malaw