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  1. Closed Session of 33rd Southern African Development Community SummitUnderway In Malaw
  2. Grand Welcome for President Mugabe In Malawi
  3. SACP Statement on the Commemoration of August 16
  4. Egypt Seeks South Sudan Support to Regain African Union Membership
  5. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on Press TV World News: 'Egypt Facing Civil Wa
  6. Zimbabwe President Mugabe Blasts West's Stance on Election Results
  7. Class And Elections In Zimbabwe
  8. ZANU-PF to Fulfill Election Promises
  9. Objective Truths And Dreams
  10. Hands off Assata London Protests
  11. Hands off assata rally 5/10/2013 ......pittsburgh
  12. Hands Off Assata Rally in Newark 5/10/13
  13. Assata Shakur: Re-Imaging "Terrorism" Into the Face Of a Black Woman
  14. ‘Hands Off Assata Shakur Day’ in Harlem!
  15. NNOC Statement on Assata Shakur
  16. The Real Horror of Benghazi Was Ethnic Cleansing-Let’s Talk About That
  17. 2 nabbed over Malcolm X grandson killing
  18. Nigerian Air Force Jet Crashes In Niger
  19. Uncertainities Over PIB May Affect OPEC Quota In Nigeria
  20. Nigerian President Jonathan Urges African Economies to Close Ranks
  21. U.S. Team to Probe Baga Killings in Nigeria
  22. ANC Welcomes Visit by President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria
  23. Obscure Notes on Africa: Recognizing the Work of PANW Editor Abayomi Azikiwe
  24. South Africa Can Learn From Zimbabwe Flourishing Farms
  25. More Delegates Arrive for CISSA In Zimbabwe
  26. 'Containing Iran': Israel 'In Talks' to Join Alliance With SaudiArabia, Jordan and Tu
  27. United Nations Notes 'Concrete Suspicions' That US-backed Rebels UsedChemical Weapons
  28. Car Bomber Kills Seven In Somalian Capital Targeting a Qatari Delegation
  29. 'Solutions to Zimbabwe Challenges Lie In Us', Says President Mugabe toZANU-PF Central
  30. Genesis of ZAPU's Armed Struggle
  31. Women's Movement in Nigeria Lacks Solidarity, Says Dr. Abiola Akiyode
  32. Kidnap of Shettima Ali Monguno: Boko Haram Amnesty Committee in CrucialTalks
  33. Admission Shortage in Nigeria: Regional Integration to the Rescue
  34. The Internet Surveillance Controversy
  35. Nigeria: Celebrating Ezekwesili At 50
  36. Logging Industry stealing from Africa
  37. Rival South African Miners' Union Rally for May Day at Marikana
  38. Massive Problems In South African Economy, Says COSATU Leader
  39. South Africa Demands Explanation From Zambia Over Scott's Remarks
  40. Cuban President Heads May Day Central Event
  41. Cuba Remains Committed to Socialist Development
  42. Argentine President Cristina Fernandez Visits Montana Garrison
  43. Kenya President Invited to London for Talks on Somalia
  44. Portugal to Lay Off 30,000 Public Sector Workers
  45. Corporate-Controlled Detroit Rulers Spending Millions on Consultants While in Financi
  46. Gaddafi's Son Appears in Libyan Rebel Court
  47. Assata Shakur, Black Freedom Fighter, Is Now On FBI Most Wanted Terrorist List
  48. Zimbabwe Vice-President Mujuru Back Home From UAE
  49. Criticism of Opposition Dominates May Day in South Africa
  50. ANC Youth League: Purge or Clean Slate?
  51. Thousands Protest Against Austerity In Europe
  52. South African President Zuma to Attend CAR Meeting to Discuss Security
  53. Thousands March Demanding Jobs in Morocco
  54. Cuba Says United States Must Shut Guantanamo
  55. South Africa Angry Over Britain's Aid Cut
  56. Home Ownership Down in the United States
  57. Urgent Appeal On Behalf Of Mohammed Abu Alqasim Azwai
  58. Col. Muammar Gaddafi Speech on July 23, 2011
  59. Enemy Fomented Crisis to Breakup Syria
  60. Bolivian Court Allows President Morales to Run for Reelection
  61. Sudan Rebels Attack City, Push Closer to Capital
  62. Somalia Famine Killed 260,000, Report Estimates
  63. Rebel-held Libya on Edge as Fears of Additional Bombings Loom
  64. Armed Protest of Libyan Rebels Prompts US-led Congress to PostponeProceedings
  65. Car Bombs in Four Iraqi Cities Kill At Least 22
  66. U.S. Woman War Resister Court-martialed for Refusal to Continue Servicein Iraq
  67. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Makes Statement to Press TV US Desk: 'US Incapable of A
  68. Plight of Black Farmers: Response to the Coverage of the PigfordSettlement by the New
  69. Zimbabwe Vice-President Travels to Dubai
  70. 'Women Make Better Administrators'
  71. Nigerian Military Denies Existence of Mass Grave, Detention of Soldiers Over Baga
  72. Nigerian Labor Unions Urge Passage of Petroleum Industry Bill
  73. Nine Oil Workers Kidnapped in Nigeria
  74. Former Nigerian Leader Obasanjo Dares President Jonathan on Probe of Corruption
  75. Egyptian Pope Says Islamist Rulers Neglect Copts
  76. Al-Shabaab Focus of Legislation in US-backed Somalia Parliament
  77. Somalia President Hassan Travels to Mombasa
  78. Special Meeting Held in Mogadishu on the Future of Somalia
  79. South Afghanistan Plane Crash Kills Four US-led Personnel
  80. 'Sanctions Against Zimbabwe Must Go,' Says Malawi President Banda
  81. Darfur War Crimes Suspect Jerbo Killed in Sudan
  82. Thousands of South Sudanese Rebels Surrender After Thaw With Sudan
  83. Most French Believe President Hollande Will Miss Job Target
  84. Israeli Forces Attack Palestinian Protesters In West Bank
  85. Eleven Israeli Military Aircraft Violate Lebanese Airspace
  86. Corporate Media Says Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Goes Silent as Parents SeekTruth in the United
  87. Boston Bombing Suspect Had No Gun When Captured
  88. Malawi President Banda Lauds Zimbabwe Land Reform
  89. Zimbabwe Vice President Mujuru Addresses International Trade Fair inBulawayo
  90. What North Koreans Think
  91. Cecil Rhodes desire to steal Afrika in his book Confession of Faith 1877
  92. China Government's Report on Human Rights Violations in the UnitedStates
  93. Malawian President Joyce Banda on State Visit to Zimbabwe
  94. Take Education Seriously, Zimbabwe Vice President Mujuru Urges Youth
  95. Who Is Persecuting Gbagbo?
  96. Important Messages From Kenya
  97. Venezuela Survives Another Attempt at Regime Change
  98. Colombia, FARC Begin New Round of Talks In Cuba
  99. Boko Haram: Jonathan At Crossroads
  100. Richie Havens (72), Soulful Folk Singer, Riveted Woodstock
  101. Influence of the Yuan in Africa Set to Grow
  102. 'Zimbabwe Economy Defies Odds,' Says President Mugabe
  103. Re-Engagement With Zimbabwe: West Must Walk the Talk
  104. Western Nations In Stampede to Normalize Relations With Zimbabwe
  105. Zimbabwe Look East Policy Panacea to Sanctions
  106. Chinese Vice President Vows Friendly Ties With South Sudan
  107. Peacekeeper Shot Dead in Sudan's Darfur Region
  108. Test of Credibility Over SPLM-N Link to South Sudan Government
  109. More Than 20 Killed In South Sudan Violence
  110. South Sudan Military Accused of Attacking Lorema Hospital
  111. Somalia Al Shabab Fights Back Against 'War Crimes' Allegations
  112. Somalia Government Will Not Recognize the Outcome of Kismayo Conference
  113. Assistant District Commissioner Killed Near Somalia Town
  114. Is the Somalia Federal Government Showing Regional Preferences?
  115. Saving Detroit: Community Service and Activism In (Glocal) Perspective
  116. Africans Remittances Outweigh Western Aid
  117. Why Does the ICC Only Prosecute African Leaders?
  118. Have African-Americans Left Baseball?
  119. Few South African Tears for Departed 'Iron Lady'
  120. South African Farmers Form Partnerships With White Settlers
  121. Let's Vote In Peace Says President Mugabe of Zimbabwe
  122. Saluting Zimbabwe's Revolutionary Women
  123. Teens Stunned At Portrayal As Boston Bombing Suspects
  124. Egypt Opposition Condemns Brotherhood's Planned Demonstration AgainstJudiciary
  125. Egypt-IMF Loan Negotiations Still In Progress
  126. 200 Injured After Explosion at West, Texas Fertilizer Plant
  127. Malawi President to Visit Zimbabwe to Open International Trade Fair
  128. Rebels Agree to Hold Talks With Sudan Government
  129. Sudan Army Retakes Two Darfur Towns From Rebels
  130. Symbolic Targets Have Been Hit in Somalia
  131. Thatcher's Hand Was In Attempted Equatorial Guinea Coup
  132. Zimbabwe Government Cancels Poll Funding Request
  133. U.S. State Department Envoy Dispatched to Zimbabwe
  134. United States Envoy Visits Zimbabwe
  135. Sudan Justice Minister Asks President Bashir for Forces to CaptureDarfur Suspects
  136. Boston Terror Attacks, Bomb Squad, Terror Drill, Bomb Sniffing Dogs,Law Enforcement S
  137. Boston Bombs Were Loaded to Maim
  138. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on African Perspectives Radio Broadcast at CHR
  139. US-Backed Opposition Forces In Venezuela Accused of Plotting Coup
  140. A License to Lie Is Western World's Gift
  141. World Bank Statements on Land Reform Vindicates Zimbabwe Policy
  142. Zimpapers Poised to Reclaim Blue Chip Status
  143. US-Backed Somalia Regime Seeks to Blame 'Foreigners' for SecurityFailures
  144. Canada Focus of Investigation Into Attacks in Somalia
  145. 2500 Displaced In South Somalia As Security Forces Pullout
  146. Wall Street Posts Worst Day Since November 7
  147. Maduro Wins Venezuela Presidency
  148. 3,069-Strong United Nations Brigade to Intervene In DRC
  149. South Africans Feeling Safer Now Than During Apartheid, Says ANC Cabinet
  150. Marikana Lawyer Mpofu Released From Hospital After Stabbing in SouthAfrica
  151. Northern State Governments May Not Support President Jonathan for Re-election in Nige
  152. Presidents of Somalia, Breakaway Somaliland Holds Talks In Turkey
  153. Florida Cops Accused of Having Trayvon Martin Targets
  154. Libyan Loyalists Base Reportedly Attacked in Sebha
  155. Zimbabwe Vice-President Mujuru Commissions Victoria Falls AirportExpansion
  156. ZANU-PF Dispatches Investigative Team to Manicaland
  157. 2.7 Billion Users Active on Internet: Information and CommunicationsTechnology (ICT)
  158. Ethiopian Military Kills Civilians In Central Somalia Region
  159. IMF Recognizes Somalia Government After 22-Year Break
  160. South Sudan's Unity State Denies Hosting Rebels
  161. President Bashir Announces Normalization With South Sudan
  162. AU Chair Says Sudan, South Sudan Should Consolidate Ties
  163. African Union Welcomes Resumption of South Sudan Oil Production, Export
  164. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on Press TV Money Trail: 'History of the Counc
  165. Obama Proposes Plan to Cut Social Security
  166. Cost of Cyprus Bailout Swells to $30 Billion, Leaked Documents Reveal
  167. Top FARC Leader in Cuba for Colombia Peace Talks
  168. Venezuelan President Maduro to Fight Corruption
  169. Venezuela Closes Border With Colombia Ahead of Presidential Elections
  170. Plot Revealed to Assassinate Interim Venezuelan President Maduro
  171. ANC Appoints 22-Member Youth League Task Team
  172. South Africa Owes Chris Hani a Debt of Gratitude
  173. Chris Hani Memorial Marked by Sharp Debate Over Legacy
  174. FBI Sued Over Secretive Mass Surveillance Program
  175. ICC A Regime Change Tool
  176. South Sudan Urged to Stop Use of Death Penalty
  177. Kenyatta Pledges to Unite Kenyans
  178. President Uhuru Kenyatta's Inauguration Speech--April 9, 2013
  179. Madonna Has VIP Status Revoked After Insulting Malawian President Banda
  180. Pact Between Sudan Government, JEM 'A Big Step Forward'
  181. Sudan President Bashir Visits Chad
  182. Sudan Imports Push Commodity Prices Down In Unity State
  183. South Sudan Oil Flows Again
  184. Black Mass Incarceration, the Prison-Industrial Complex and the PrisonState
  185. Syrian Political Parties, Unions and Organizations Denounce TerroristBombing In Damas
  186. Syrian Army Eliminates Terrorists In Several Areas, Foils InfiltrationAttempt From Le
  187. Obama Approves Sending More U.S. Military Aid to Somalia
  188. Pan-African Journal: Worldwide Radio Broadcast for April 6, 2013--Tribute to Dr. Mart
  189. US Navy Deploying Laser Weapon Prototype Near Iran
  190. European Union Naval Force In Somalia
  191. U.S. Abruptly Extends Sanctions On Somalia
  192. Puntland President Meets With South Africa Delegation
  193. Zimbabwe Government to Import 150,000 Metric Tonnes of Maize From Zambia
  194. Dubious Friends Eye Zimbabwe Gems
  195. Not Another War! Pentagon Out of Korea!
  196. Activist Dick Gregory on Hunger Strike to Demand Freedom for Lynne Stewart
  197. Libya's Future Looks Bleak As Corporate Media Focus Turns Elsewhere
  198. Madiba Discharged After Nine Day Hospital Stay
  199. CAR Rebel Leader Djotodia Accepts Regional Summit Outcome
  200. Five Killed In Mozambique Clashes
  201. Zimbabwe Government Scoffs At US Position On Elections
  202. Egyptian Women's Group Proposes New Sexual Harassment Law
  203. Cairo Court Fires Were Deliberate: Senior Judge
  204. Suit Over Criminal Defense System In Michigan Proceeds
  205. Tennessee Denies Protest Permits to Confront White SupremacistConference
  206. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on Press TV Top Five: 'Western Imperialism Plo
  207. British Intelligence Said to Have Had Role in Lumumba Assassination
  208. United States Makes Frantic Efforts to Take Over Africa
  209. South Sudan Raids Rebel Base in Jonglei
  210. Somalia Is Yet to Deliver the Right Messiah
  211. AMISOM Welcomes Deployment of Sierra Leone Troops
  212. AMISOM Troops Claim Advance Linking Mogadishu and Baidoa in Somalia
  213. Al-Shabaab Continues to Grow in Somalia
  214. Bomb Strikes Headquarters of Somalia's Largest Bank
  215. U.S. Stocks Fall After Disappointing Data
  216. Egyptian Court Rules Against Extradition of Former Libyan Official
  217. DPRK Mobilizes In Response to U.S. Threats
  218. Republic of Sudan Releases Six Political Prisoners
  219. 11 Killed In Clashes Between Rebel Group, Congo Army
  220. Israel Launches Fresh Airstrike on Gaza Strip
  221. Libyan Rebel TV Suspends Work Over Security Breakdown
  222. What Is Khama's Game Plan?
  223. M23 Congo Rebels Slam United Nations
  224. The Constitution Is Sacred In Zimbabwe
  225. Tobacco Exports Gross US$86 Million In Zimbabwe
  226. Adviser to Rebel Libyan Prime Minister Kidnapped
  227. CAR News Update: Religious Tensions Rise; Interim Government Formed;Child Soldiers Ki
  228. BRICS Summit Promotes Unity Among Major Emerging Economies
  229. Fighting Erupts In Timbuktu Involving French and Malian Forces
  230. Pan-African Journal: Special Worldwide Radio Broadcast for March 30, 2013
  231. 'China Is Africa's All-Weather Friend'
  232. Chiadzwa Diamond Production to Double in Zimbabwe
  233. Nigeria And The Drone In The Sahel
  234. Nigerian President Consoles Mother of Tribune Publisher
  235. Lagos Deputy Governor Urges Nigerian Students to Seek Greatness
  236. Disquiet In Nigerian Presidency Over Northern Amnesty Proposal for BokoHaram
  237. Nigerian Plateau Killing Toll Hits 50
  238. Award-Winning Plant Scientist Inspired By Grandmother
  239. Nigeria Gets Significant Amount of FDI In Africa
  240. Kenyatta Won Kenya's Presidency Fairly, Says Supreme Court
  241. Argentina Offers to Pay off $1.4 Billion in Debt
  242. Why is the International Criminal Court Picking Only on Africa?
  243. Libyan Rebels Destroy More Religious Sites
  244. Women Brutally Raped by Libyan Rebels
  245. Libyan Christians Brace for More Attacks From Counter-revolutionaries
  246. UAE Monarchy Digs Deeper Into Occupied Libyan Security Crisis
  247. No One Will Survive DPRK's Retaliatory Strike
  248. Federal Suit Filed to Halt Emergency Management In Michigan
  249. Detroit Demonstration Shuts Down City Hall for Two Hours in ProtestOver Racist-Dictat
  250. Detroit Demonstration Against Dictatorial Corporate Rule Shuts DownCity Hall