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  1. Weekly Jobless Claims Rise More Than Expected in the U.S.
  2. ZANU-PF Headed For Victory
  3. UK Communique on Zimbabwe Slammed
  4. Palestine Commends Zimbabwe
  5. Chicago Mobilizes Against Massive School Closings
  6. Eritrean Community Centers Firebombed In Sweden
  7. Al-Shabab Renews Offensive In Southern Somalia
  8. Twin Explosions Rock Presidential Palace In Kismayo, Somalia
  9. Rising Profile of Nigeria's E-Payment System
  10. South African Court Sentences Henry Okah to 24 Years
  11. Michel Djotodia Takes Control of the Capital of the CAR
  12. Two Indians Killed In Central African Republic by French Forces
  13. Libyan Rebels Say Four Christians Will Be Freed From Jail
  14. BRICS Is Critical For Developing Nations
  15. African Union Suspends CAR After Seleka Oust President Bozize
  16. ANC Says South African Soldiers Died for Peace in CAR
  17. President Zuma Confirms 13 Dead Soldiers in Central African RepublicClashes
  18. Central African Republic Rebel Chief to Name Power-Sharing Government
  19. Seleka Leader Michel Djotodia Suspends Constitution in the CentralAfrican Republic
  20. Gaddafi Family Granted Asylum in Oman
  21. Continuing the Legacy of the Great Walk to Freedom of 1963
  22. Africa Has a Lot to Gain From BRICS
  23. British, US Press Reignites Hysteria Around Zimbabwe
  24. Syrian Army Units Continue Operations Against Terrorists In Several Areas
  25. Ten Citizens Injured by Mortar Shells in Damascus
  26. Syria Opposition in Dissaray
  27. Occupied Libya Transferring $2 Billion to Egypt's Bank
  28. Libyan Rebels Besiege Ali Zidan's Offices
  29. Self-Serving Leaders Are a Liability to the ANC
  30. South African Police Are Covering Up Marikana Shooting, Says SAHRC
  31. PRC First Lady Is a Star In Her Own Right
  32. Belgian Member of Parliament Involved in Assassination Plot Against DRCPresident Kabi
  33. French Troops Dispatched to Central African Republic
  34. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on Press TV's U.S. Desk: 'Hunger Strike Is Git
  35. ICC Will Not Drop Charges Against Kenya's President-Elect
  36. Xi Trip Highlights China's African Influence
  37. AFRICOM Prompts Suspicion In Southern Africa
  38. African Union Welcomes Progress In Sudan-South Sudan
  39. FBI Targets Former National Security Adviser Over Sudan
  40. Desperate Cyprus Pleads for Help After Bailout Collapse
  41. Syrian President al-Assad Meets Parents of Martyred Students
  42. Lavrov, Brahimi Discuss Situation In Syria
  43. Syrian Communist Party (Unified) Condemns Terrorists' Chemical Attack In Aleppo
  44. Political Program Implementation Committee Meets Socialist Unionists Party In Syria
  45. Stop Tax Foreclosures In Detroit and Wayne County: Demonstrations on March 20 & 21
  46. Iraq Blasts Kill 65 on 10 Anniversary of U.S. Imperialist Invasion
  47. Zimbabwe Vice President Mujuru Orders Ethanol Plant Opened
  48. Zimbabwe Demonstrates Highest Level of Political Maturity
  49. Draft Constitution Wins In Zimbabwe
  50. Michigan Gov. Snyder Imposes Corporate Rule In Detroit
  51. U.S. Stages Military Exercises In North and West Africa
  52. Pan-African Journal: Special Worldwide Radio Broadcast, March 16, 2013
  53. Zimbabwe Says 'Remove Sanctions On Our Gems'
  54. SADC Executive Secretary Hails Zimbabwe Elections
  55. BBC Journalists Stage-Managed Political Violence During Zimbabwe Elections
  56. Sudan and Chad Distinguished Relations Continue
  57. ANC Leaders Disbands Youth League Executive
  58. COSATU Sets Auditors on Vavi
  59. Human Trafficking and the Human Rights Agenda Against Eritrea
  60. 'South Sudan Won't Rely Solely On Oil', Says Ambassador Osman
  61. Hajia Sodangi: A Quiet Northern Activist in Nigeria
  62. Addressing Funding Gaps In Nigeria's Broadband Deployment
  63. Getting Emerging African Economies Ready
  64. Death Toll in Egypt's Port Said Reaches 48
  65. Chad Urged to Execute Arrest Warrant Against Sudanese Leader
  66. Sudan Coup Attempt Trial Shrouded In Secrecy
  67. African Union On Rare Mission to Sudan's Darfur
  68. South Sudan Forms High-Level Committees to Implement Agreement
  69. Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Chairperson Sworn In
  70. SADC Observers Satisfied With Preparations for Zimbabwe Elections
  71. U.S. Drone Strikes Violate Pakistan's Sovereignty
  72. Post-Gaddafi Libyan Rebels Spread Chaos
  73. Christians Tortured in US-Backed Libya
  74. Conditions Are Horrible for Prisoners In Somalia
  75. More Dead Bodies Found on Somalian Streets
  76. One Arrest In Bombing and Assassination of CIA Officials In Libya
  77. Christian Church Burned Down in Eastern Libya
  78. Wall Street Bankers Are the Big Winners in Detroit's Fiscal Crisis
  79. Abayomi Azikiwe & George Shire Featured on "Heart of Africa"Radio: 'Hugo Chavez and t
  80. US Public Schools Continue to Lose Jobs
  81. Tunisian Man Dies of Self-Immolation
  82. Zimbabwe President Mugabe Decries Emergence of Violence
  83. UNESCO Visits Cairo to Discuss Threats to Archaeological Sites
  84. ElBaradei: 'I Don't Hope the Military Takes Over' in Egypt
  85. Russia and U.S. Disagree Over Sudans at the United Nations
  86. Sudanese Pound Strengthens In Wake of Khartoum-Juba Agreement
  87. United Nations Fears South Sudan Rebel Offensive
  88. South Sudan Will Resume Oil Output Within Three Weeks
  89. Somalian Woman Says Her Rapists Were Rewarded
  90. Somalia Prime Minister Shirdon Signs Historic Agreement With Puntland
  91. Somalia Gripped by Inflation, High Prices
  92. Syrian Crisis Resembles Somalia Civil War, Says UN Envoy Brahimi
  93. Women and the Political Economy of Care
  94. 11 Ex-Malawian Minister Arrested
  95. Libyan Mufti Criticizes United Nations Document on Women
  96. Tunisian-Libyan Southern Border Crossing Closed Following Clashes
  97. Egyptians Protest Death of Christians In Libya
  98. Comments on "Thomas Sankara: The Upright Man" By Abayomi Azikiwe
  99. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on Press TV World News: 'Venezuelans Support M
  100. National Hospital Workers Commence Indefinite Strike In Nigeria
  101. Nigerian Senator Seeks Assistance in U.S. for Dealing With InternalProblems
  102. UK, Italy to Join Nigeria In 'Anti-Terrorism' Campaign
  103. Nigerian Police Probe Alleged Killing of Kidnapped Foreigners
  104. Somalia Pirates Release 28 Indian Sailors
  105. Help Needed After Tribal Factional Clashes in Libya's Nafusa Mountains
  106. 50 Christians Seized by Militias in Libya
  107. Sudan, South Sudan to Create Demilitarized Border Zone
  108. Towards Abadoning Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting In Somalia
  109. Puntland Demonstration Takes Place Against President Faroole
  110. Remember Libya: How US-NATO Destroyed an Entire Country Under aHumanitarian Mandate
  111. Outlaws and Disorder in Neo-Colonial Libya
  112. NUMSA Leader Defends COSATU Secretary General
  113. South African Minister of Public Service Meets Resistance fromTeacher's Union
  114. Israeli Forces Clash With Palestinians Near Al-Aqsa Mosque
  115. Israeli Troops Open Fire at Palestinians In Gaza, One Injured
  116. Kenyatta Wins Presidency in Kenya
  117. President Mugabe In South Africa For Former Liberation Movements Meeting
  118. It's Time New Zimbabwe Farmers Become Self-Reliant
  119. It's Beneficial to Invest In Zimbabwe Women
  120. 'Enough Is Enough'....Women Unite Against Gender Violence In Zimbabwe
  121. Libyan Women Pushed Backward Under U.S.-SupportedCounter-Revolutionaries
  122. Rebels Storm Private Television Station in Libya
  123. Tunisian Government Line-up Decided, Say Prime Minister-designate
  124. Egyptologists Uncover Prehistoric Burial Site In Sudan
  125. "No Oil Discovered" Says Ethiopia and UK Firms
  126. UN Condemns Seizure of Peacekeepers by Syrian Rebels in Golan Heights
  127. Kenya Election: Kenyatta Team Criticizes Britain Over Role in Poll
  128. Tense Wait In Kenya As Electronic Vote Tally Fails
  129. UN Security Council Loosens Arms Embargo Against US-backed SomalianRegime
  130. Central Intelligence Agency's History Poses Hurdles for a Nominee
  131. Rebel Libyan Leader's Car Riddled With Bullets Amid Factional Unrest
  132. Chavez: Another CIA Assassination Victim
  133. Venezuela Expels Two US Embassy Officials Amid President Chavez'sPassing
  134. Venezuela Expels US Embassy Attache
  135. Venezuelan President Chavez Mourned by Millions
  136. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, 58, a Leader in the RevolutionaryMovement of Latin
  137. Egyptian President Morsi Receives Delegation From Nubia
  138. Gas Resumes Flowing From ENI's Libya Plant
  139. DPRK's Army and People Pledge to Take Revenge on U.S., South KoreanPuppet Forces
  140. President Chavez's Breathing Problems Worsen, Has Severe New Infection
  141. Somalia's Al-Shabaab Urges Kenyan Muslims to Boycott Vote
  142. AI Urges United Nations Not to Lift Somalia Arms Embargo
  143. Kenyatta Takes Early Lead As Kenya Counts Votes
  144. Over 500 Indigenization Applications Approved In Zimbabwe
  145. Zimbabwe Must Freely Trade Gems
  146. Syrian President Al-Assad Grants Interview to The Sunday Times
  147. Syrian Armed Forces Take Action Against Rebels In Several Areas
  148. Tehran, Damascus Stresses Political Solution to Crisis In Syria
  149. Iranian President Says National Dialogue Only Solution to Crisis inSyria
  150. Pan-African Journal: Worldwide Radio Broadcast for March 2, 2013
  151. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on Press TV World News: 'French Forces Dragged
  152. Tunisia's Revolution Annexed
  153. Tunisian Economic Recovery Hinges On Political Consensus
  154. Hundreds of Salafists Protest in Tunisia's Sidi Bouzid
  155. Tunisia Arrests Suspect In Killing That Sparked Unrest
  156. Tensions Escalate In Advance of Egypt's Parliamentary Elections
  157. Egypt's Army and Presidency: A Delicate Dance
  158. Sudan Complains to African Leaders About Uganda
  159. Somalia Prime Minister Declares Kismayo Convention Unconstitutional
  160. Intelligence Witchhunt to Begin In Libya Over 1988 Bombing
  161. Africa-South America Ties Need Boosting
  162. Southern African Development Community Gender Protocol a Welcome Step
  163. Zimbabwe Signs Memorandum of Understanding With Emirate of Ras AlKhaimar
  164. DPRK, U.S. Basketball Players Have Joint Players
  165. Bradley Manning Pleads Guilty to 10 Lesser Charges, Explains Motive
  166. Imperialists to Send Syrian Rebels More Aid
  167. Rebels in Libya Deny Former Prime Minister Is Being Tortured
  168. 'Increased Insecurity' After 10 Years of War In Darfur Region of Sudan
  169. Rosa Parks' Statue a Sign of Progress, Problems
  170. AMISOM Gender Units Conducts Training in Somalia
  171. Puntland Sentences 12 Al Shabaab Members to Death
  172. Voting Rights Law Draws Skepticism From Justices
  173. Nigerian National Judicial Council Conundrum
  174. Wealth Inequality Between Black and Whites Worsens in the United States
  175. South African Women's Affairs Minister Speaks on Pistorius Case
  176. South African Ministers Absent From Crucial Gender Debate
  177. King Zwelithini Speaks Out Against Rape In South Africa
  178. Gender Violence: Creating a New Normal for South Africa's Men
  179. Zimbabwe Women's Affairs Minister Clarifies COPAC Campaigns
  180. Libya Remains Lawless After Imperialist Overthrow of Gaddafi Government
  181. Calls For Balkanization Grows in Occupied Libya
  182. Western Observers Not Welcome In Zimbabwe Elections, Says VicePresident Mujuru
  183. Africa-South America Summit Adopts Declaration in Equatorial Guinea
  184. Zimbabwe, China Sign Three Agreements
  185. How Martin Luther King, Jr. Avoided Visiting Israel
  186. Federal Cuts Near As Battle Over Deficit Remains Unresolved
  187. A Revolutionary Perspective on the Emancipation Proclamation and the Civil War
  188. Pan-African Journal: Special African American History Month Program on Feb. 23, 2013
  189. Pan-African Journal: Worldwide Radio Broadcast on February 23, 2013
  190. Egypt Orders $2.5 Million Worth of Teargas From the US Despite PlungingEconomy
  191. Washington Escalates Attacks Against Sudan
  192. At Least 11 Dead in Somalia Clashes
  193. Pro-Gaddafi Combatants Caught in Bani Walid Following Explosion
  194. Obama Administration to Provide Emails on CIA's Libya Talking Points
  195. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on RT World News: 'A VeryUnfortunate Decision,
  196. Malawi School Pupils Denounce President Joyce Banda
  197. Republic of Sudan's Voting Rights At The United Nations Reinstated
  198. US-backed Somalian Regime's Response to a Rape Report
  199. Malian Soldiers Accused of Abuse
  200. U.S. Military Personnel Arrive In Niger: Obama In Letter to Congress
  201. Libya's Displaced Can't Wait Anymore
  202. Mali: The Worst Is Yet To Come
  203. Tunisia's Ruling Islamist Party to Pick New Hardline Prime Minister
  204. French General Urges EU to Equip Mali Army
  205. Mali Islamists Fighting in Gao; Car Explodes In Kidal
  206. Syrian Army Units Eliminate Terrorists In Several Provinces
  207. Detroit Foreclosures, Fraud & the Big Fight
  208. Egypt's President Morsi Is The New American Stalwart In The Region
  209. African-South American Summit Set for Equatorial Guinea
  210. United Nations Urges Jonglei to End Cycle of Violence
  211. Somalia, AU Troops Enter Areas in Offensive Against Al-Shabaab in Somalia
  212. Zimbabweans Urged to Mark President Mugabe's Birthday Through SocialWork
  213. Zimbabwe President Mugabe Hands Over Outside-broadcast Van Donated by China
  214. Rita Makarau to Head the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission
  215. SPLM-N Denies Losing Ground to Sudanese Army
  216. Republic of Sudan Unhappy With U.S. Plans for a South Sudan DonorsConference
  217. South Sudan Vice President Summons Murle Community Leaders in Juba
  218. President Hugo Chavez Returns From Cuba
  219. Nigerian Ansaru Claims Responsibility for Kidnapping Seven Foreigners
  220. The Violence Against Persons Bill Debated in Nigeria
  221. Around And About Nollywood
  222. Nigerian Government Gives Terms for Talks With Boko Haram
  223. South African miners wounded in rival union clashes
  224. Zimbabwe Gold Deposits Discovered In Hwange
  225. US-backed Somalian Regime Denies Opposing Funds for Kenya Navy
  226. United Nations Security Council Discusses Revised Presence in Mogadishu
  227. Son of Somaliland Politician Arrested On Terrorism Charges
  228. Ansar al-Sharia Said to be Back on Libyan Streets of Benghazi
  229. United Nations Urges "Inclusive" National Reconciliation Approach inSouth Sudan
  230. Ecuador Votes for President, Correa Seen Winning New Term
  231. United Nations Chief to Attend Congo Peace Signing
  232. Mufti of Puntland Killed Inside Garowe Mosque
  233. Somalia Resistance Executes Kenyan, French Detainees
  234. Blast on Somalia Beachfront Restaurant Kills One Person
  235. Draft Call for Conference on Africa & U.S. Imperialism
  236. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on Press TV World News: 'Tougher Gun Laws Will
  237. Zimbabwe First Lady Speaks Against Environmental Crimes
  238. Vote Peacefully, Says Zimbabwe President Mugabe
  239. Zimbabwe Referendum Dates Gazetted
  240. Zimbabwe Diamond Sanctions Divide European Union
  241. Zimbabwe: Exploit Platinum Deposit Sensibly, Carefully
  242. South Africa's Land Policy to Shift on Foreign Ownership
  243. Era of US Hegemony Over, Says Iranian Speaker
  244. Action That Began the Angola People's Struggle
  245. British Labor Party Raises Concern Over London's Intervention in Mali
  246. Angolan Minister Attends Regional Gender Conference in Mozambique
  247. Malawi Civil Servants Hold Mass Protest Over Low Salaries
  248. West's Bid to Dominate Africa
  249. Peugeot Suffers Huge Losses Over Sanctions on Iran
  250. Egyptian Women Brandish Knives At Protest Against Sexual Assasult