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  1. United States Announces Deployment of Additional Forces to 35 African States
  2. Mai Mai Militia Wants to Join DRC Peace Talks
  3. Detroit Economic Crisis: More Layoffs Mean Fewer City Services, UnionsSay
  4. DPRK Celebrates New Year, Scientific Accomplishments
  5. Iraq Attacks Death Toll Reaches 22 In One Day
  6. Egypt Readies for Backlash Over Austerity
  7. Venezuelan President Chavez Suffers From 'New Complications' AfterSurgery
  8. Bomb at Egyptian Coptic Church in Libya Kills Two
  9. African Union Head Visits Central African Republic
  10. France Sends 150 More Troops to Central African Republic Capital
  11. Egypt Allows Tons of Building Materials Into Gaza
  12. West Not Interested In Resolving Syria Crisis
  13. The West 'Prays' Russia and China Will Continue Blocking Syria Action
  14. Syria Chemical Attack Claims Aim to Justify Foreign Interference
  15. Russia Hopes 'Reasonable' Syrian Opposition Will Seek Dialogue
  16. United Nations Envoy to Syria Holds Discussions With Russian ForeignMinister in Mosco
  17. Venezuela Deports Alleged French Agent Accused in Plot to AssassinatePresident Chavez
  18. Africa 2012 In Review: Imperialism Advances While Resistance Spreads
  19. People's Struggle Against Home Foreclosures Advances in New Jersey
  20. Protest at Headquarters of Boeing, Maker of Spy Drones Used Against Iran
  21. U.S. 'Terror' and Gun Laws Extended to Somalia
  22. Kenyan Oil Expectations Rise for 2013
  23. On the Cusp of Change: The Future of Africa's Working Women
  24. Zimbabwe Liberation War Commander Honored
  25. Somalia Oil and Gas Potential
  26. Conservative Bloc of Detroit City Council Offers Greater Concessions tothe Banks
  27. US Shuts Embassy in Central African Republic
  28. Libya Under Gaddafi Sought to Supply Arms to Argentina in 1982 War With Britain
  29. Invest In Irrigation, Says Zimbabwe Vice President Mujuru
  30. Africa: Don't Lose History to Ignorance
  31. Thousands of Turkish People Protest Planned Deployment of NATO Missiles
  32. Central African Republic Rebels Advance While Protests Take Place atFrench Embassy
  33. CIA's Role Response Staff Emerging From Shadows After Attacks in Libyaand Pakistan
  34. World's Longest High-Speed Rail Line Makes Debut
  35. Multi-Millionaire Michigan Gov. Snyder to Sign More Right-WingLegislation December 26
  36. 150 Years Later, Lincoln's Emancipation Still Sparks Debate
  37. Venezuela and the Struggle for Socialism: 'The Agenda Is to Deepen theRevolution'
  38. US Drone Strategy in Yemen is Fraught With Peril
  39. Somaliland Editor Arrested Over Human Rights Reporting
  40. Plans Revealed for Further Balkanization of East Africa
  41. Somalia and Kenya: Outposts of Western Influence in East Africa
  42. Somalians Killed in US-led Security Operations
  43. Archie Shepp Still Making Fire Music
  44. FBI Investigated Occupy Movement as 'Domestic Terrorists, Criminals'
  45. Sudan President Bashir to Deliver Address
  46. United Nations Says South Sudan Threatens Its Peacekeeping Mission
  47. Puntland Frees 22 Pirates Hostages, Arrests 8 Soldiers for Hijacking
  48. Syria Government Says Its Forces Still Strong
  49. Egypt Votes in Second Phase of National Referendum on Draft Constitution
  50. Egyptian Vice President Mekki Resigns
  51. Egyptian Economy on the Brink
  52. Red Flowers for Stalin's Birthday
  53. Continue Safeguarding Unity, Says Zimbabwe Nationalists
  54. Fidel Castro Letter to ALBA's 8th Anniversary in Caracas
  55. Firms Steps Taken in the Updating of Cuba's Economic Model
  56. ANC Gets Decisive on Economy, Integrity and Governance
  57. ANC Takes Firm Position in Solidarity With Palestine; Stand Decried byPro-Israeli Pub
  58. Mali's Executions Caused by Extremists, Not Foreigners, Says PresidentTraore
  59. Nigeria: Plateau Workers Suspend Strike Over Minimum Wage
  60. Gender Balance Lacking in the ANC
  61. Africa and the New World Order
  62. Lessons From Malawi's Food Crisis
  63. ANC Manguang Conference: 'Forces of Change' Delegates Claim PoliceBrutality
  64. Motlanthe: Exit of a Gentle Giant in South African Politics
  65. No Chance: ANC Won't Review Malema's Expulsion
  66. Free State ANC PEC Members to Challenge Legality of Manguang
  67. ANC to Maintain Neo-Liberal Economic Policy
  68. Nigeria Labor's 100 Years of Gains and Pains
  69. Derivation Fund: Nigerian Oil Communities Allege N7tn Misappropriation
  70. China Puts Forward "Practical" Proposals to Resolve Sudans' OutstandingIssues
  71. Normalizing Ties With US "Not a Priority," Sudan Says
  72. Addis-Ababa Agreement is Bony Fish Worth Chewing
  73. African Union Plans to Open Office in Occupied Somalia
  74. Private Military and Security Firms in Somalia
  75. Former Congolese Rebel Leader Acquitted in the Netherlands
  76. Loan Firm Owner Acquires Buildings in Downtown Detroit
  77. Congo's Agony: The Role of Rwanda, Uganda at the Aegis of the US
  78. China Launches African Agriculture, Forestry Research Center
  79. White Right-Wing Party in South Africa Arrested for High TreasonAgainst the ANC
  80. Vavi Defends 'Attacks' on ANC
  81. Malema, Shivambu Want Back Into ANC Youth League
  82. Zuma Confident at ANC Elective Conference
  83. Wave of Bomb Attacks in Iraq Kill 32, Injures Over 100
  84. Zimbabwe Vice President Says 'No Going Back on Indigenization'
  85. Zimbabwe First Lady Sees Women Contributing to GDP
  86. Zimbabwe's Cordial Relations With Equatorial Guinea Grows
  87. Sudan Set to Resume Security Talks With South
  88. Venezuela Slams Obama's 'Outrageous Remarks'
  89. Detroit MLK Day Rally & March to Be Held on Mon., Jan. 21, Noon-5:00pm--'Renewing the
  90. Fear and Tension Are High in Ufurow District In Southwest Somalia
  91. Democratic Republic of Congo President Kabila Plans to Unite Country
  92. Zimbabwe Diamonds Rake In US$1 Billion
  93. Nigeria: How Okonjo-Iweala's Mother Was Rescued
  94. Profile of Federal Republic of Nigeria Petroleum Minister DiezaniAlison-Madueke
  95. No Ransom Paid for Prof. Okonjo's Release in Nigeria
  96. Statement From Venezuelan Vice President Nicolas Maduro
  97. 'How Are My People?' Chavez Asks During Post-Surgery
  98. 200 Yau Yau Militia Surrender to South Sudan Army
  99. NATO Escalates Threats Against Syria
  100. Rice Scapegoated for US Failures in Libya
  101. US-backed Rebel Regime In Libya Still Persecuting People
  102. Eight US-led Troops Killed in Southern Afghanistan
  103. Nearly One Million People Displaced by Fighting in Eastern DRC
  104. Iran and Sudan Deepen Cooperation Against Israeli Military Efforts inAfrica
  105. New Round of Attacks Against Republic of Sudan Over Darfur Issue
  106. Sending Abyei Dispute to United Nations May Reignite Conflict in Sudan
  107. Zuma Follows President Mugabe's Footsteps
  108. 'Zimplats Committed to Indigenization'
  109. Zimbabwe to Deploy Troops in DRC
  110. South African Presidency Says Mandela Is Getting Better in Hospital
  111. Nigeria's Folorunsho Alakija, the Richest Black Woman in the World, Displaces Oprah W
  112. Nigeria: How Kidnappers Got Okonjo-Iweala's Mother
  113. Somalia News Update: Puntland After Four Years Under President Farole
  114. France Urges Foreign Military Intervention In Mali
  115. Tunisian Borders Close Briefly Following Protests
  116. Libya Rebel Leader Accused of Power Abuse
  117. DPRK Declares Its Long-Range Rocket Launch A Success
  118. Mali Prime Minister Resigns After Arrest by Soldiers
  119. Zimbabwe Vice President Mujuru Decries Low Prices for Country's Diamonds
  120. Mozambique President Guebuza Lashes Out At Foreign Critics
  121. South African President Zuma Warns Against Foreign Interference
  122. SADC Pledges Troops for Eastern DRC
  123. Society Must Kick Out Gender-Based Violence
  124. Zimbabwe: Resolutions of the 13th National People's Conference
  125. Nigerian President Jonathan Orders Rescue of Finance Minister's Mother
  126. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on Press TV World News: 'Morsi Needs to Initia
  127. Egyptian Reactions Vary to President Morsi's New Constitutional Decree
  128. Know Your Author: Joyce Jenje-Makwenda
  129. Where Is Literature on Land Reform?
  130. ZANU-PF Conference Confirms President Mugabe's Candidacy for ZimbabweElections
  131. 'Certain Level of Risk' For Mandela In Hospital
  132. ANC Purges Won't Bring Stability
  133. Nigerian Retired Prof. Okonjo Kidnapped
  134. Egypt's Army Threatens Intervention in Political Crisis
  135. Statement From Cuban Foreign Ministry by Josefina Vial Ferreiro
  136. US Jobless Figures Show 350,000 Give Up Looking for Work in November
  137. Fighting Continues in Somalia Capital
  138. Al-Shabab Maintains Presence in Southern Somalia
  139. Somalia's al-Shabab Targets Puntland Military
  140. Somaliland Election Results Lead to Violent Protests in Hargeisa
  141. Exiled Hamas Leader Khaled Meshaal Visits Gaza
  142. Ghana Extends Voting to Saturday After Technical Hitch
  143. President Morsi and the Opposition: Two Different Egypts
  144. US Supplied Arms to Libyan Rebels
  145. 200 Prisoners Escape Neo-Colonial Libya Jails; Puppet Lawmakers StageGNC Walkout
  146. Hundreds Escape Neo-Colonial Libyan Prison
  147. Counter-revolutionary Woman Minister Flees Neo-Colonial Libya
  148. Arms Shipments Traveled From Occupied Libya to Anti-Syrian Rebels
  149. 6 Dead, 450 Injured in Clashes at Egypt's Presidential Palace
  150. Bloody Confrontations at Egypt's Presidential Palace Continue
  151. ZANU-PF Sets Agenda for Indaba in Zimbabwe
  152. Iran Tells U.S. to 'Recount' Drones
  153. U.S. Imperialism to Speed Up Regime-Change Efforts in Syria
  154. Syria's War Spills Into Lebanon As Gunmen Battle in Tripoli
  155. Obama Administration Uses Same Iraq Fabrications of WMD as a Rationale for War With S
  156. Syria Faces Military Showdown Amid Chemical Weapon Fears
  157. Egyptians to Vote on Constitution December 15 Amid Growing Divisions
  158. ZANU-PF Conference to Strategize for Polls
  159. European Union Thaws on Zimbabwe Diamonds
  160. More Farmers Shun Cotton Production in Zimbabwe
  161. No Evidence Syria Mixing Chemical Agents As Imperialists Prepare forInvasion
  162. President Pohamba of Namibia Made State Visit to South Africa inNovember
  163. Let's Challenge Militarism and End Violence Against Women!
  164. ANC Women's League Demands Extradition of Dewani
  165. Rand Remains Steady As Zuma Closes In on Re-election
  166. Everything's Fine, ANC Is Not Under Siege, Says General Secretary
  167. Woman Flees Counter-revolution in Libya
  168. Obama Issues More Threats Against Syria Over Non-Existent WMDs
  169. Post-Gaddafi Libya Faces More Food Shortages Under Neo-Colonial Regime
  170. Egyptian President Calls for Dialogue With Opposition Forces
  171. Protesters Presence Outside Egyptian Courts Is Not 'Acceptable': HCCJudicial Source
  172. Egypt Court Postpones Ruling As Protesters Mass at Chambers
  173. Syrian Military Strikes at Imperialist-backed Rebels
  174. Libyan Students In Malaysia Left High and Dry
  175. North Korea Gears Up to Launch Long-Range Rocket
  176. Militia Joins Pro-US Government in Somalia
  177. Charcoal and the Somalia War
  178. Corporate-oriented Mayor of Detroit Calls for Layoffs in Memo
  179. Bradley Manning's Former Guards Testify About Controversial Incident
  180. Explosions, Shooting Heard At US Base in Afghanistan
  181. Just Awful: What's Really Going On In Syria Right Now! (*Warning! Very Graphic)
  182. Zimbabwe Empowerment: Lessons for South Africa
  183. Malema Claims He Is Victim of a Conspiracy in South Africa
  184. Lamola on E-Tolling: Where Are the White People?
  185. South African Farmworkers May Resume Strikes, Labor Group Warns
  186. Another Coup Plot in Sudan: The Politics of Temptation
  187. Egyptian Opposition Cries Foul As Constitution Finalized by MorsiGovernment
  188. UN Assembly, In Blow to US and Israel, Elevates Status of Palestine
  189. Che, the First Revolutionary President of the National Bank of Cuba
  190. UNAC Statement on US-Backed Israeli Bombardment of Gaza
  191. Palestinians Celebrate UN Statehood Vote
  192. Rebels Retreat From Towns in Eastern DRC
  193. Zimbabwe Women Urged to Be Resilent
  194. South Africa Drums Up Support for Zimbabwe Diamonds
  195. Somalia Mayor Attacks Somaliland Election Commission Office in Erigabo
  196. 6 Killed in Clashes Between Somalia and Somaliland
  197. Dakota Bright, four others murdered by Chicago police in one week
  198. One Dead, 100 Injured in Cairo Clashes
  199. Egyptians Rally Against President Morsi
  200. M23 Appears to be Leaving Goma
  201. Congo Rebels Agree to Pull Out of Goma
  202. Palestinians Moving Forward on Seeking 'Non-member' Statehood at United Nations
  203. Getting Somalia Wrong...Again?
  204. Leaders to Reject South Sudan, Somalia EAC Bids
  205. Puntland Accuses Somaliland of Destabilizing Regional Security
  206. Unrest Fears Spark Egyptian Share Sell-Off
  207. Garment Workers Stage Angry Protest After Bangladesh Fire
  208. Zimbabwe Government Launches National Gender Based Violence Strategy
  209. 12 Killed in US-backed Attacks on Somalia Resistance Forces
  210. Another Palestinian Shot by Israeli Police
  211. Thousands of Egypitans Remain Camped in Tahrir Square
  212. Clashes Continue Near Tahrir, Army Builds Wall in Egypt
  213. Late PLO Leader's Body to be Exhumed
  214. Wastefulness Costs Africa, Says President Mugabe of Zimbabwe
  215. EU Naval Forces Attack Somalians in Their Coastal Waters
  216. Al-Shabab Briefly Takes Over Key Border Town in Somalia
  217. We Also Fought Against Israel in Pillar of Defense, Says Fatah
  218. Xi Urges Wide Publicity of Communist Party of China National CongressSpirit
  219. Southern African Development Community In New Plan for Regional Peace,Security
  220. COSATU Secretary General Vavi Addresses Daily Maverick GatheringConference
  221. ANC Youth League Statement on Israeli Aggregation in Gaza
  222. African National Congress Statement on IDF Attacks on Gaza
  223. Reports of Unrest In Northern Nigerian City of Kano
  224. The Burden of Colonialism
  225. Attacks Against Iran Continue With Deflagging of Ships by Hong Kong
  226. US-Myanmar Detent Challenges China in the Region
  227. Gaza War Offers Boost to Hamas Leader Meshaal
  228. Morsi Declaration Hailed by Supporters, Deemed Coup by Egypt Opposition
  229. Symbol of the Revolution's Commitment to the People
  230. International Community Hails Israel-Gaza Truce
  231. M23 Rebels Threaten to March on DRC Capital
  232. Imperialists Meet in Libya in Vain Effort to Salvage Counter-Revolution
  233. US-backed Counter-Revolution in Libya Destroys Livestock With Disease
  234. More Misdirection on Libya
  235. Rebel Police Chief Killed in Benghazi, Libya
  236. Why DRC Volcano City of Goma Matters
  237. Will the United Nations Take Action Against M23's Backers?
  238. Rwanda-Conga Deja Vu?
  239. DRC Officials Vow to Defend Goma Against M23 Rebels
  240. United Nations Security Council Condemns Goma Takeover by M23 Rebels
  241. Political Science 101: The Relationship Between U.S. Domestic andForeign Policy
  242. The Future of Africa and the Struggle for Socialism
  243. South African Miners Strikes End While Farm Workers Begin Stoppages
  244. Pentagon Demotes Former AFRICOM Chief
  245. United Nations Security Council Debates Piracy for First First
  246. Kenyans, Somalians Clash In Wake of Nairobi Blast
  247. Europe Leaders Face Greek Aid Gap in Brinkmanship With IMF
  248. Israel Strikes Media Buildings in Gaza, Expanding Its Range of Targets
  249. White House Denies Allegations of Scrubbing Terror Threat From CIALibya Account
  250. A Monster Called Israel