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  1. A fatal police shooting in California sparks outrage in Uganda
  2. Repatriation
  3. 14 African Countries Forced by France to Pay Colonial Tax For the Benefits of Slavery
  4. L.A. serial killer, Lonnie David Franklin Jr. aka the Grimm Sleeper found guilty
  5. world's 5 biggest slumsin Black Brown world!Allah U Akbar!Jah Give Thanks!
  6. Black Sailing Club can teach us how to run our own shipping /cruise line corporations
  7. gold uranium islam under control in heart of Afrika by whitey damn devil!!!!!!Arise
  8. Americans Find Oil by Senegal WE wont get a say in this fleecing of Alkebu Lan!!
  9. US strikes heart of Afrika look where there 'forces' are said to be in Alkebu Lan!!!!
  10. Bill Gates unsurprisingly says its wonderful Afrikans are many of the poorest!!!
  11. BlackPowerNation Asks Afrikans to Join BlackPowerNation to receive reparations make s
  12. Why You Need All Black Nations Now
  13. Black Power Nation Reparations Separations Black Naiton Freedom Justice Equality
  14. Black Power Nation flyer Reparations Separations Black Nation
  15. $13 Billion Diamond Revenue Missing says Mugabe, Kicks Out Chinese Firms
  16. US Drone Strikes In Somalia: The Expansion Of The Racist ‘War On Terror’ Into Africa
  17. Kenya: Tetanus vaccines found spiked with sterilization chemical
  18. 'The Black Calhouns': five generations of life in an African American family"
  19. Uganda Manufactures First Solar-powered Bus in Africa
  20. caricom on reparations
  21. "Jeremy Corbyn 'showed off' naked Diane Abbott to impress Left-wing friends"
  22. The United States should consider reparations to Afro-American descendants of slavery
  23. Detroiters struggle to survive without city water
  24. China launches global yuan payment system
  25. the white supremacy of genocide keith harmon snow white guy
  26. Afrika wars whose behihnd them company names and individuals!!! allthingspass.com
  27. Military-backed Regime in Egypt Sentences 529 to Death
  28. Egypt Considering Importing Weapons From Russia
  29. Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak Says Airlines Plane Went Down inIndian Ocean
  30. Tunisian Embassy Staffer Kidnapped In Libya
  31. Yau Yau Rebels Demand New State In Jonglei
  32. Zimbabwe Labor Act Review Sparks Debate
  33. Colonization, Ideology and Aesthetics In African Drama
  34. Invasion of Qoryooley by Pro-US Forces in Somalia
  35. Puntland Fishermen Quit Job Due to Threats From Foreign Vessels
  36. Al-Shabaab Attacks Bases of AMISOM Forces
  37. Somalia Workers Most Severely Affected by Crisis
  38. Rhodesia: The Case For Action
  39. Massive Conflict and Misuse of Resources in South Sudan
  40. South Sudan Government Officially Delivers Protest Letter to IGAD
  41. South Sudan Rebel Delegation in Nairobi For Talks With Kenyan President
  42. South Sudan Denies Rebels Took Malakal; Juba Sets Terms for Peace
  43. Venezuelan Arrest of Opposition Mayors Sparks Clashes in Caracas
  44. South African Platinum Strike: R13bn Lost, And Counting
  45. Soldiers Fire on Central African Republic Crowd
  46. Political Scientist Forecasted the CAR Genocide
  47. Marking a Turning Point In South African Liberation History
  48. Transdniestria May Become Part of Russia
  49. Russia Without Dollar: What Are the Risks?
  50. Zimbabwe Diamond Bosses Face Perjury Charges
  51. Zimbabwe Tender Board Admits to Flouting Regulations
  52. How Africa Can Own Its Resources: The Zimbabwe Example
  53. South African Communist Party Criticizes Mandonsela Over Nkandla Report
  54. US-EU Expands Sanctions Against Russia
  55. Russian President Putin to Attend Interior Ministry Board Meeting Today
  56. Excerpts From the Address by the President of the Russian Federation,March 18, 2014
  57. Will US-EU Sanctions Against Russia Backfire?
  58. Nearly Half of Americans Subscribe to Medical Conspiracy Theories
  59. Israeli Warplanes Bomb Syria
  60. Syrian Foreign Ministry Says Israeli Aggression Is Flagrant Violationof Disengagement
  61. Africa's Declining Capacity to Manage Conflicts
  62. EU Wants to Deploy Troops to the CAR by Late April
  63. Russian Senators Undaunted By US, EU Sanctions
  64. Mahmood Mamdani to Help Probe South Sudan Conflict
  65. South Sudan Army Says It Repulsed Opposition Attack Outside Upper NileState Capital
  66. South Sudanese Activists Meet In Addis Ababa Over Raging Conflict
  67. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on RT: 'US-NATO Responsible for Chaos in Libya
  68. US Navy Seals Take Over Oil Tanker Off Libya
  69. Uganda Ready to Withdraw Its Troops From South Sudan
  70. Lead Rebel Negotiator Questions IGAD's Intentions to Deploy Troops inSouth Sudan
  71. Seven People Killed, Five Injured in Warrap Attacks in South Sudan
  72. Kenya Lecturers Launch Nationwide Strike
  73. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on Inside Story: 'Holy War in the Central Afri
  74. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on Press TV 'The Debate': 'CAR Needs Political
  75. Libya Car Bomb Kills Eight Rebel Soldiers in Benghazi
  76. Israeli Apartheid: Expansionist Colonialism of a Special Type
  77. Hezbollah Condemns Israel's Assaults on Gaza Strip
  78. Syrian Army Moves to Further Isolate Western-backed Rebels
  79. Crimeans Vote to Join Russia After Fascist Ukrainian Coup
  80. 200 May Have Been Killed in Northern Nigerian Violence
  81. Arrested Protesters Languish In Egyptian Detention Cells
  82. Trial Date Set for Egyptian Activist Alaa Abdel-Fatah and 24 Others
  83. Egypt Sees 28% Drop In Tourism During Jan/Feb 2014
  84. Top South Sudan Military Officer Gunned Down In Juba
  85. Zimbabwe 'Mining Companies Must Play Ball'
  86. Where Women Rule Alongside Men
  87. Michelle Alexander: White Men Get Rich From Legal Marijuana, Black MenStay In Prison
  88. Israeli Apartheid Week Observed Across South Africa
  89. FDIC Sues 16 Banks for Rigging Libor Rate
  90. Detroit City Council Votes 6-3 to Approve Barclays, BOfA, UBS $120Million Giveaway to
  91. South Sudan Government Asks For Maximum Sentences Against Alleged CoupPlotters
  92. South Africa Expels Rwandan Envoys After Attacks on Dissident
  93. Southern African Development Community (SADC) Marks InternationalWomen's Day
  94. African Union Commission of Inquiry on South Sudan Sworn In
  95. 'Stokely: A Life' Starts Strong, Crashes Hard
  96. SADC Elections 2014: The Case For Gender Parity
  97. Somalia to Host African Parliament Conference in Near Future
  98. Zimbabwe Fidelity Owes Gold Producers US$50 Million
  99. US Launches a Fascist Government in Ukraine Threatening World War III
  100. Crimea, Democracy and Responsibility
  101. Lavrov Urges United States to Respect Crimea's Right toSelf-Determination
  102. Pay Up, Diamond Mining Firms Told In Zimbabwe
  103. Zimbabwe Electoral Commission to Hold Post-Election Conference
  104. Zimbabwe Farmers Call for Recapitalization of the Grain Marketing Board
  105. 'Walk the Talk on Gender Equality'
  106. Angola Seeks to Boost Agricultural Productivity
  107. DPRK Parliamentary Elections Kicks Off
  108. Detroit Demonstration Planned Against Bankers' "Plan of Adjustment" on April 1
  109. Mwalimu Nyerere's Enduring Legacy
  110. Occupied Libyan Rebels Warn of 'War' If Neo-Colonial Navy Attacks Oil Tanker
  111. U.S.-backed Neo-Colonial Libyan Regime Threatens to Attack Oil Tanker
  112. Jackson Mourns Mayor Chokwe Lumumba
  113. NAPO-MXGM and NCBL Statements on the Transition of Comrade Chokwe Lumumba to the Ance
  114. Russian Parliament Speaker Says Crimean People Have Right toSelf-Determination
  115. Ukraine Fascists Seize Russian Embassy In Kiev
  116. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Quoted in Voice of Russia: 'EvidenceObama Needs to Shut
  117. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on Leid Stories: 'Detroit Emergency Manager Se
  118. Neo-Colonial Stooges in Occupied Libya Threaten to Bomb North KoreanTanker
  119. Zimbabwe Ministers Fingered In Diamonds Scam
  120. Zimpapers Vendor Jailed 18 Months
  121. Zimbabwe Graft: Deep Surgery Needed
  122. Muslims In Central African Republic Under Attack
  123. Can President Catherine Samba-Panza Save the Central African Republic?
  124. AMCU Marches on Union Buildings in South Africa
  125. South Africa Needs to Invest Aggressively In New Plant, Technologiesand Skills
  126. South African Mine Strike Not Good For the Workers
  127. Egypt, Qatar and Mounting Disquiet in the Gulf
  128. Dozens of Detainees Complain of Torture in Egypt
  129. Jail Terms, Hefty Fines for Egypt Uprising Anniversary Protesters
  130. Gaza-Bound Activists Protest Entry Ban at Cairo Airport
  131. Former Irrigation Minister Says Egypt Not Proactive Enough on EthiopianDam
  132. Niger Extradites Saadi Gaddafi to Occupied Libya
  133. Israel Intercepts Iranian Ship Over Alleged Weapons Heading for Gaza
  134. Sudan Has Nothing to Do With Vessel Carrying Alleged Weapons Seized byIsrael
  135. South Africa: Confront Liberal Opportunism and a Politics of Oppositionin Media
  136. Moses Mabhida Lecture on the Unity of the South African Communist Partyand the ANC
  137. SACP Central Committee Press Statement: The Working Class Must CloseRanks in South Af
  138. South African Platinum Strike Violence Worries President Zuma
  139. Venezuela Marks One Year Without Chavez
  140. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on Press TV World News: 'Western Powers After
  141. 12,000 More UN Troops May Be Deployed to the Central African Republic
  142. Emergency Town Hall Endorses Program of Action to Fight DetroitBankruptcy Restructuri
  143. Somalia Al-Shabab Fighters Seen in Raage Ceelle Village Near Jowhar
  144. Bomb Explosion Targets Somalia Federal Government
  145. Tunisia Prime Minister Replaces 18 Regional Governors
  146. Syrian Military Operations Carried Out Against Rebels in Several Areas
  147. Ugandan Troops to Form United Nations Guard Force in Somalia
  148. Statement by the UN Special Representative for Somalia on theState-Building Conferenc
  149. Imperialist Partition of Sudan Creates Disaster for Regional Stability
  150. Libyans Storm Neo-Colonial Parliament Building
  151. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on CPRMetro.org With Bernard White of Emanatio
  152. Ukrainian Troops Dispatched in Crimea Switch Sides
  153. Five Top Ukrainian Military, Security Commanders Take Oath to Crimea
  154. Afghanistan War Was 'Not In Our Interests', Says Karzai
  155. French National Killed in Benghazi, Libya
  156. Thousands Rally Against 'Illegitimate Government', Raise Russian Flagsin Eastern Ukra
  157. Russian Citizens, Troops Threatened in Ukraine, Need Armed ForcesProtection
  158. Russian Senators Vote to Use Stabilizing Military Forces on UkrainianTerritory
  159. Questions Raised in Arrest of Ousted Egyptian President Morsi's Son onDrug Charges
  160. Egyptian Ousted President Morsi Espionage Case Adjourned Again
  161. Political Stability Remains Elusive for Egypt
  162. Ethiopia's Renaissance Dam 32 Percent Completed, Efforts Intensifying
  163. Ukraine Rightist Leader Calls on Terrorist to Act Against Russia
  164. Mediation Still Possible in CAR, Says UN Official
  165. Upper Nile State Claims Government Troops Fighting Rebels Inside Malakal
  166. Rebels Threaten Mass Armed Actions in South Sudan Unless President KiirResigns
  167. South Sudan Vice President Urges Youth to Reject Tribal Politics
  168. South Sudan Rivals Agree in Principle to Forming Interim Government
  169. Syrian Army Continues to Fight Western-backed Rebels
  170. Rebels Launch Rocket Attacks in Syrian Cities of Homs, Damascus
  171. Syrian President Affirms Importance of Regional Cooperation
  172. Republicans Derailed Veteran Benefits Bill Over Iran Sanctions
  173. Nearly 60% of Americans Disappointed With Obama Administration
  174. Putin Orders 'Combat Readiness' Tests For Western, Central RussianTroops
  175. Ukraine News Updates: Instability Continues Amid Fascist Coup
  176. It's Time For Africa To Salute Liberator Julius Nyerere
  177. 'Human Rights' Attacks on DPRK Will Not Bring Peace
  178. What the Hell is Barack Obama's Presidency For?
  179. Western Spy Agencies Build 'Cyber Magicians' to Manipulate OnlineDiscourse
  180. Ukrainian Fascists Demolish Monument to Russian General Who DefeatedNapoleon
  181. Updates on Ukrainian Fascist Uprising and Coup
  182. Central African Republic Militia Says It Will Only Disarm After Muslim Rebels
  183. Taliban Condemns Violence Against Muslims in the Central African Republic
  184. South Sudan Government Order Embattled Oil State to Keep Crude Flowing
  185. South Sudan Evacuates Oil Workers
  186. South Sudan Peace Talks 'Stalled', More Fighting Expected
  187. 11 Killed as Occupied Libyan Military Plane Crashes in Tunisia
  188. Dissillusionment in Libya Over Vote on Charter Assembly
  189. Somalia Presidential Palace Targeted in Bomb Attack
  190. Puntland President Condemns the Terrorist Attack at Villa Somalia
  191. Permanent Secretary of Somalia Prime Minister's Office is Killed in Attack on Preside
  192. Zimbabwe Vice-President Mujuru Comforts Flood-hit Families
  193. Cairo University Expels Students, Professors Before Semester Begins
  194. Love and Liberation for Lynne Stewart
  195. Mass Workers' Actions Shake Bosnia
  196. A Salute to Yuri Kochiyama
  197. Zimbabwe Tobacco Farmers Must Reap Their Rewards
  198. Sudan's Ruling NCP to Distribute Invitations for National Dialogue
  199. Zimbabwe Tobacco Selling Season Opens Tomorrow
  200. Remove Sanctions Entirely, Says Zimbabwe Govt.
  201. Who Is the European Union Trying to Fool?
  202. South Sudan Dissidents Claim to Have Taken Partial Control of Malakal
  203. South Sudan President Kiir Admits Forming Private Army
  204. South Sudan Admits Mass Defection of Its Army to Machar's Forces
  205. South Sudan Army Accuses Unnamed Foreign Force of Aiding Dissidents
  206. South Sudan, Uganda Urged to Probe Cluster Bomb Use in Conflict
  207. Zimbabwe Asset to Create Self-Sufficient Economy
  208. European Union Partially Lifts Sanctions Against Zimbabwe
  209. Venezuela Expels Three US Diplomats
  210. Eastern Cape SACP Will Stick With the ANC
  211. Egypt's Unemployment Remains High in Fourth Quarter 2013
  212. Delays in Preparations for Egypt's Upcoming Presidential Polls
  213. Former US Congressman Arrested in Zimbabwe
  214. Boycotts and Sanctions Do Not Work in Zimbabwe
  215. Zimbabwe Vice-President Backs Jefferies
  216. White Man Convicted of Attempted Murder In Killing of Florida AfricanAmerican Youth J
  217. Egyptian April 6 Movement Decries Alleged Fresh Torture of Detainees
  218. Blast Hits Sinai Tourist Bus in Egypt's Taba, At Least Four Dead
  219. Ousted Egyptian President Morsi's Defense Team Withdraws From Trial toProtest Glass C
  220. Tourist Attack in Egypt May Be a Turning Point
  221. Act Decisively on Graft, Says Zimbabwe President
  222. Use Profits to Uplift Nation, Says Zimbabwe Vice-President Mujuru
  223. Abayomi Azikiwe, PANW Editor, Featured on Press TV: 'US, Israel Responsible for Sudan
  224. Detroit African American History Month Forum Pays Tribute to Nelson Mandela, Saturday
  225. Pro and Anti-Maduro Marches Gather Thousands in Venezuela
  226. Mbeki Calls for Nonstop Talks Until Peace Deal Is Struck on Two Areasin Sudan
  227. Zimbabwe, European Union Relations "Progressive'
  228. Egyptian Security Clashes With Anti-Coup Forces Leave More Dead
  229. Egyptian Detainees Detail Stories of Torture
  230. Egypt, Russia Pledge Close Bilateral Elections
  231. Egyptian Presidential Elections Results Anything But Settled, SaysSabbahi
  232. Ugandan Army Says Withdrawal From South Sudan a Process, Not on Order
  233. Central African Republic Sectarianism Continues
  234. European Union Troops to Occupy Section of CAR Capital
  235. Chad's Role in the CAR; German State Media Calls for Greater Role
  236. ANC Challenges Opposition DA on Jobs Claims, March on Luthuli House
  237. ANC Says DA March Had No Point; SACP Condemns Opposition
  238. Somalia Bomb Blast Kills Six Near Mogadishu Airport
  239. Ethiopian Forces Pour Into Guriel Town, Central Somalia
  240. Mortar Fire Rains Down on Somalia Capital
  241. Rumors of a Military Coup in Occupied Libya
  242. A Look at Local Early African American Attorneys in Southwest Tennessee
  243. Pages From History: Atty. John W. Boyd Served in Local and State Politics During Reco
  244. Private TV Station in Libya Attacked
  245. Former New Orleans Mayor C. Ray Nagin Found Guilty of 20 Counts of Bribery and Fraud
  246. Libyan Rebel Arrested in UAE
  247. Zimbabwe President Mugabe Attends Disabilities Rights Conference inMalawi
  248. Climate Change Will Hit Agriculture Hardest
  249. Malawians Push for Speedy 'Cashgate' Trials
  250. Pan-African Journal: Worldwide Radio Broadcast for Saturday Feb. 8, 2014--Hosted by A