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  1. Eyes on the environment
  2. The wealthiest Blacks in the world
  3. The Purpose of Education for Black People
  4. Decolonizing the African Mind: Further Analysis and Strategy
  5. The Third World
  6. The Revolutionary Armed Forces Of Colombia - Farc-ep
  7. African Centered Perspective in Education
  8. Review of World Conference Against Racism
  10. Why Learn Black History?
  11. Alternative Financing for Development
  12. One Man's Passion: Renewable Energy Projects
  13. Uniform sign language planned for Africa
  14. Who is Ultimately responsible for our struggle?
  15. IF you've been organizing...HOW LONG have you been organizing?
  16. Elaine Brown Withdraws From Presidential Race
  17. Powernomics Economic Development Plan for Detroit
  18. Kefentse's Blog...
  19. "REAL TIME" nation building!
  20. Analyzing Zimbabwe’s Crises
  21. Organization of African Unity Charter
  22. Using African languages as contact primary language on K-12 enrollment form
  23. New Imperialism, Old Justifications
  24. While We Are Calling For Reparations
  25. Omali Yeshitela on tour - BOOK NOW for Spring 2008
  26. Ending the theory of race: a liberation mistake for All Afrikan people.
  27. Black Nationalism: Critiques and Suggestions
  28. The African Women’s Rights Protocol
  29. Promoting the Contribution of Economics Knowledge to African Development
  30. And u thought what about Gandhi
  31. Liberation strategy or what
  32. Redefining What It Means to Be Black in America
  33. Organizing Our People and Your People!
  34. African Women And Power
  35. Abiyamo: Theorizing African Motherhood
  36. Science and Technology in Contemporary African Philosophy
  37. We Are African Period!
  38. The FBI's War on Black Liberation
  39. Technology Widens Rich-Poor Gap
  40. Study: Parents play big role in academic success
  41. Enough is Enough Campaign Against B.E.T
  42. Mentoring to aid black youth
  43. Meeting calls black community to action
  44. Learning to Educate Ourselves
  45. MXGM Acquires Land in Alabama
  46. Roots of socialist realism
  47. Black Panthers Set to Defend Jena Residents from KKK
  48. Where are all the Black men Elders?
  49. Part Of The Disease Thats Been Spreading.
  50. Ruminations of a Racial Realist
  51. Detroit 40 Years After: Reflections on the Rebellions of 1967
  52. Say Nothing, Sign Nothing, See Nothing, Hear Nothing.
  53. African American Currency - Our own private money
  54. Prelude To Revolution- A Thought Of Mine, Inspired By Huey P. Newton
  55. Slandering Zimbabwe's Fight for Independence
  56. Transforming Traditional Institutions for Sustainable Natural Resource Management:
  57. An African Perspective On Globalisation
  58. Annual National Congress of Azanian Student Convention
  59. A Brother Beats The System
  60. What Is The Revolution?
  61. To Get Free We Must All Understand This One Thing...
  62. Cde Mafa visits Pan Africanist Congress of Azania
  63. Africa: A united Africa cannot happen without the youth
  64. Are we ready for a revolution?
  65. Is it my fault, I am not angry
  66. Gathering 5,000 Souls for Empowerment
  67. Black particularity reconsidered - Adolph L. Reed Jr.
  68. The importance of resistance by Coyote Sheff
  69. Venezuela's Co-op Boom, "Partners, Not Wage Slaves"
  70. Kwame Ture On Revolutionary Culture and the Role of the Artist
  71. [AfricanWarriorTradition] Reminder: Survival Training Encampment June 29-July 1
  72. Lado , The Spear Head Yet For The Liberation Of Africa .
  73. Politics Of The Black Working Class
  74. Venezuela Dumps The IMF And World Bank!
  75. Some Notes On Black History
  76. ALD 2007 - call for Black Power in the 21st century!
  77. UhuruRadio, youth in Revolution
  78. The Perfect Standard and why it's bad
  79. UNIFY OR DIE. MAJOR Tips for activists
  80. To All Black Women, From All Black Men
  81. To All.
  82. UHURU Radio- Africa, Nepal & NYC
  83. Report on Azania
  84. Are you serious about cooperatives?
  85. Southern Africa Pan African Youth Summit in Zimbabwe
  86. Modern Black generation should overcome ancestoral phobias
  87. Some Background on the Islamic Republic of Sudan Efforts towards Peace
  88. This is how Peace Came About in Southern Sudan. Why not the Same in the West?
  89. The Truth
  90. Determining "movement events" (attendance)
  91. The Failure Of Haile Selassie As Emperor
  92. How to get out of Handcuffs
  93. Ancestral Culture and Modern Survival: The Example of Meiji Japan
  94. newsflash: black people ain't perfect!
  95. Interesting Assata Interview Excerpt
  96. Black power
  97. Call to Action
  98. Psychological Strategy Against Reverse Racism
  99. Imagining an Afrikan Village
  100. Should we be militant for our People?
  101. Questioning knowledge...
  102. Become a Doctor for Free in Cuba
  103. ABA: Women of color leaving big firms
  104. expounding on the BLACK PANTHER PARTY
  105. Enemy or Friend?
  106. Effective Liberation Energy
  107. Oppressor/Dominater vs. Oppressed/Dominated
  108. The reality of the lives of many of our people.
  109. Liberating ourselves from the "Dream"
  110. Children in the Struggle
  111. which form of liberation is most necessary?
  112. Revolution in the 21st century
  113. How Do We Get Free?
  114. What happened to Cooperative Economics?
  115. Will Africans accept our help?
  116. The Beauty of our People
  117. The Future of the Motherland
  118. How much time do Afrikans have left?
  119. unity in the diaspora and at home.
  120. _freedom_rider_mckinney_jackson_lee
  121. Know Thyself -- Liberation 101
  122. What do Revolutionaries look like?
  123. Religion-SIMPLE-Subtle Influence Makes problems Less Entangling-
  124. Africa should not be the graveyard of lost dreams
  125. Be Proud of Who You Are.
  126. No Revolutionist should complain...
  127. How Can Anyone Support Venezuela And At The Same Time Demonise Zimbabwe
  128. How to heal Mother Africa
  129. What do you think?
  130. What every revolutionary needs...
  131. Repatriation is the key element of Reparations
  132. Kalashnikov inventor laments proliferation
  133. Information on Repatriation
  134. Petition Gave Us Back A Life For A LIFE
  135. A better society...
  136. Economic Violence
  137. Basic Tenets of the centered school
  138. Africa without African Americans
  139. Africans and Caribbeans still divided
  140. Its your duty...
  141. Happy Afrikan Liberation Day!!!
  142. The "Lawful" Path
  143. A new holiday?
  144. Nine Ways to Help Others Awaken To Consciousness
  145. Freedom
  146. Pan-Afrikan Cultural Theory
  147. Bringin back the old days...
  148. How to Handle the Racist Verbal Attack
  149. Solar Power...Solution For Enegry Crisis
  150. Operation Multiply: A Covert Strategy Against Black Male Genocide
  151. Ghana beckons U.S. with plan for dual citizenship
  152. Are You Prepared For A Crisis/disaster?
  153. Letter To The President
  154. The Leaders of the People Cause Them to Err
  155. EXPLAINING the situation
  156. Things you can do to support MOVE
  157. Report: my sankofa -a reality of life in africa
  158. PTAH Sasetem Adesua DVD-package
  159. Black & Brown Principled Unity Month
  160. 29 Cents a Day For Liberation
  161. Africa Action: Campaign to Stop Genocide in Darfur
  162. Baby steps...
  163. How we are being opressed
  164. Afrikan Liberation Itself as Religion
  165. Flam: African Liberation Forces of Mauritania
  166. Attempting to look and act "white" is a survival strategy
  167. Should Afrikan-Americans wear Afrikan clothes?
  168. Ideology and Aspirations for Self-Government
  169. The Issue Of Repatriation
  171. Making Our Message Easy To Understand?
  172. Breaking The Miseducation Cycle
  173. What Happened To Black Unity And Solidarity?
  174. Defining/Destroying our Enemies
  175. How do you spot false reports in the news?
  176. Is Genetic Warfare A Viable Option For Us As A Race?
  177. Statement of Principled African and Latino Solidarity
  178. Awareness: The Key to Black Mental Health
  179. All Races Should Be Smarter Than To Agree On The Current Definition Of Racism
  180. Bartering Network
  181. Secrets and a Code Language Should we even be discussing this?
  182. If black people....
  183. how to dismantle the welfare state
  184. A Poverty of the Mind
  185. What we need is a step by step
  186. Decolonizing the African Mind: Further Analysis and Strategy
  187. The Role of Afrikan Languages in ReAfrikanization for Liberation
  188. What do we want for our people and children?
  189. NAACP Stop Oppressing Black People
  190. The New Afrikan Creed (1969)
  191. Mocking Trina's Grave
  192. Farrakhan: Education Is Failing Black Children:
  193. New PG RNA Website
  194. BDs, GDs, Bloods, Crips, Vice Lords and other "Rebellious" groups?
  195. The History of the Nation of Gods & Earths feat. Um Allah 3.25, VA
  196. Revolutionary Message of Truth; Free at Last
  197. Black Power, Black Panthers, and White Allies
  198. Which city is most conducive to Afrikan Liberation?
  199. What Reparations Is- What Reparations Is Not
  200. ---the Elders Share Their Stories And Hope For The Future---
  201. How do you become sovereign?
  202. Cuba's Organic Fruits & Vegetable National Policy In Action
  203. Ghana 's day of shame -24th February 1966
  204. What is the role of "modern" technology in a renewed African culture?
  205. How Feminism Has Destroyed Black Women...
  206. Can a person be revolutionary while keeping ties with white family?
  207. Pan Africanism or Perish
  208. Documents Expose U.S. Role in Nkrumah Overthrow
  209. Genocide?
  210. uhuru
  211. Somebody, Anybody Please Do Something About This!!!!
  212. Reparations / Awareness
  213. best evidence to cite when speaking with a black person who says we are not africans?
  214. Ethnic Cleansing necessary for progress?
  215. Would You Allow Your Child To Fight For Liberation?
  216. Cultivating Black Sovereign Awareness
  217. Lets go back to Africa
  218. Obstacle to Freedom Boule
  219. Malik Rahim on Black Panthers and Black resistance in New Orleans
  220. African Union, the Superpower in Waiting
  221. Knowledge of Health -Impending War: How to prepare
  222. We will not sell our people or principles for foreign aid
  223. We dont need Black history month
  224. Sacrifice 4 The Struggle
  225. Black Power Gary, Indiana 2006
  226. Black Unity: Moving Beyond The RHETORIC
  227. Revolution & Change For Black People.
  228. Statement On The Anc National Executive Committee Lekgotla
  229. Dr.Cheikh Anta Diop & African orgin by Rashidi
  230. Nubian Genius/ new government
  231. Unstoppable Evolution Beyond Integration
  232. Death Of The Willie Lynch Speech
  233. Black Women's Manifesto: Part 1
  234. Manhood Resocialization
  235. Manhood and Womanhood for Africans
  236. African-Americans returning to Ghana
  237. Interview with Huey P. Newton (1968)
  238. More Black Families Attracted to Home Schooling
  239. Maxims of Marcus Garvey
  240. (I To L) Knowledge And Wisdom
  241. Back to Africa
  242. We are at the Crossroads of the Revolution
  243. I need feedback from EVERYONE on this!
  244. (A To D) Knowledge And Wisdom
  245. Ghana Wants You Part 2: Special Visa for Africans in Diaspora
  246. Decolonizing the African Mind
  247. Would blacks in the U.S be better off had we...
  248. How do we stop giving our energy to yt?
  249. The Invisible Black Man
  250. Dwt: A Tool for Breaking the Chains of Psychological