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  1. Part 6: The Divine Essence Of Solitude: Captured Solitude
  2. Satan's Global Liaison
  3. The Complete Works of Nostradamus
  4. The 12 steps for Recovering people
  5. 'spirit,' and our divine 'jonah' mission as moors-asiatic people!
  6. REKHIT HENA SPERET: Etymology and Cosmology of 'Religion' and 'Spirit'
  7. History of Islam
  8. 'soul:' more than blackness, more than yisrael, more than you see!
  9. 139 Years Ago Today - The Birth of our Divine Saviour Allah (God)
  10. The Message of Thaqalayn: A Quarterly Journal of Islamic Studies
  11. 8 Centuries of Muslims in America - Documentary Film
  12. Black Man, Let's STOP Marching, Begging & Hunger Striking for Caucasian Devil Love
  13. NTORO: The Origin & Meaning of the Term 'NTR' (Deity) Defined in Kamit & Akan Culture
  14. Akwamu, Gyaman and the Origin and Meaning of the Name 'Kamit'
  15. NHOMA ANUM: 5 Foundational Works for Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit (African) Restoration
  16. The spiritual guide in late antiquity and the middle ages: A comparative study
  17. In a hebrew israelite state of mind and spirit
  18. Sandra Bland & the Weakness of Black Organizations
  19. The Lost Found Nation Of Islam
  20. Reborn - I converted from Nation of Islam to Shia - Marquel Mohammed
  21. Caucasian Devil Terrorism & Social Darwinism
  22. The High Sciences of Allah IN PERSON; the Death of Mystery Spook Science
  23. New: HOODOO PEOPLE - Afurakanu/Afuraitkaitnut in America - Akan Hoodoo from Nubia
  24. The God Maa and his Relationship to the Goddess Maat
  25. LECTURE: Khepera in Nigeria
  26. happy to be apart of something that is natural
  27. 3 New Books: ANIDAHO, KOKOBO and MOOR MEANS 'DEAD' - Soft-cover and Ebook
  28. UR, EL and JEZREEL - Israel Does Not Exist Upon the Mer en Ptah Stele
  29. Is the Black Man God? Part 1 - Asar Imhotep
  30. Jewels of the NEW Islam
  31. KAM UR - KAMIT URT - Ausar, Auset and the Enslavement and Restoration...
  32. Video: ADEBISA - Divination and Afurakanu/Afuraitkaitnut (Africans) in America
  33. New Book: AFURAKA/AFURAITKAIT - The Origin of the term 'Africa'
  34. An Historical Compendium
  35. New: Awowbere (Winter) Elevation
  36. Video: GUAMU KASA - Origin of 'God', 'Nigger'
  37. ABOA NKWA - Ritual Movement - Health
  38. Abosom (Orisha, Vodou - Deities) Do Not Ask For Money
  39. New Video: GUAMU KASA - Nyansa: Revolution-Resolution
  40. The Origin of the Term 'God' - Ngg Ur is Not 'nigga' - Part 2
  41. Black afrikan woman is god expanded edition
  42. How does afrikan spirituality empower afrikan people?
  43. Ancestral Religion, Cosmology and the Nature of the Ka/Kait - Soul
  44. NEHESU - NEGUS - NKOSO - Negus is NOT 'nigga'
  45. Set and Anat: The Dating of Contendings of Heru & Set - homosexuality not in Kamit
  46. The Rise of Nationalism in The Ummah
  47. Ptah Hetep - Proper Translation of Sexual Taboo Instruction
  48. Why are afrikan people here on earth (our purpose-destiny-mission)?
  49. 'soul' power: Space/time traveler versus mere 'consciousness'
  50. ADEBISA - Akan Divination in Amaruka (america)
  51. Living, after rape and physical abuse.
  52. BLACK SUICIDE: When Prayer Is Not Enough
  53. Intimacy: Breaking the ice
  54. The rewards of Charity
  55. Reclaiming our afrikan personality and 'soul' to cure this "hell on earth!"
  56. The Bhagavad Gita
  57. Be Better Followers of Jesus (PBUH)
  58. Odwirafo - Ancestral Religion Self-Study Curriculum
  59. The Okra/Okraa Complex - The Soul of Akanfo
  60. Twereduampon - kherer ra
  61. Sankofa Krada Me Ba - Our Children's Story
  62. Note on Ni Ankh Khnum and Khnum Hotep
  63. Moor Means 'Dead'
  64. Akradinbosom - Abenaa (Sekhmet) Video
  65. Origin of the Name Aakhuamu (Akwamu) in Khanit and Kamit
  66. "When God Was A Black Woman, And Why She Isn't Now"
  67. Nanasom ne Amammere (Ancestral Religion and Culture)
  68. Nsamankom and the Seven Senses - Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit Ancestral Communication
  69. The Origin of the Term Nsamanfo in Kamit
  70. Akan Origin of the Term Hoodoo
  71. NKWAMUA - Whole Life
  72. Odwirafo and Aakhuamuman
  73. PTAH SASETEM - mfonikeka (video)
  75. A War For Your Soul
  77. The Emergence of Sekhmet
  78. KARA-KASA - The Origin and Nature of the 'Chakra'
  79. ANKH - The Origin of the Term 'Yoga'
  80. Now How's THIS for a Lesson in Religious Tolerance?
  81. How to Change Your Name
  82. Odomankoma - Atmu Khopa
  83. Teachings of Baba Hari Dass
  84. sumerian knowledge
  85. Letting go.
  86. Collected Affirmations (scribd)
  87. The Four Noble Truths - The Dalai Lama [1997].pdf
  88. Can you be a pan-africanist and yet not venerate the gods of your ancestors?
  89. Atheistism ????
  90. New - Part 4: AFURAKA/AFURAITKAIT - The origin of the term 'Africa'
  91. Promised land kingdom code
  92. Promised Land Kingdom Code
  93. Stay close to the truth
  94. The Egyptian Great Year And Christianity
  95. the Nazarite Turudbe Taruka
  96. The Best Mantra - Mooji
  97. The African Origins of the Word God
  98. The panama bible
  99. Whose affair is of great importance?
  100. Minister Farrakhan's Saviours' Day 2011 Keynote Address
  101. ebook-Passion of the Christ or Passion of Osiris
  102. Sum of Truth
  103. Reflecting on creation
  104. Classic Elijah Muhammad, PBUH
  105. A Twin Discourse by Dr. John Henry Clarke
  106. All's Eternal
  107. A Compendium re: Ra Un Nefer Amen - Dr. Leonard Jeffries
  108. The New Nation Of Islam Under The Leadership of The Son of Man
  109. To be
  110. Stanza: Heart Meditation
  111. The feather of Maat: Conforming to GODs' virtue('s)
  112. Establishment of Peace by Neely Fuller, Jr.
  113. Newbie trying to break into this
  114. Whispers from Eternity By Paramhansa Yogananda
  115. Islam and africa (brand new site)
  116. Fact equals Truth?
  117. Deciphering Kemitic Text
  118. Some Thoughts on Nondenominational Liberation Theology
  119. I would like to share an unknown enlightened mystic - Elijah Crow – The Silence
  120. The Path of Yoga
  121. The Teachings of the Buddha
  122. Bhagavad-gita
  123. PTAH Sasetem Free Book Download
  124. The Siblys of Mami (Wata): Timeline of Suppression, Persecution, and Resurrection
  125. Black Arabia and African Origin of Islam
  126. West African Spirituality and Church
  127. Any Brothers or Sisters on here study Buddhism
  128. How laughter can keep you on your spiritual path
  129. The Divine Essence in Your Name
  130. Simple prayer or offering
  131. The Paut Neteru
  132. Boukman Dutty: The prayer that sparked the Haitan Revolution
  133. Early Astronomy and the The Creation of the Calendar
  134. Ìká Òfún: 16 Laws Of Ifa
  135. God don't give a D@mn!
  136. Dr. Ossama Alsaadawi: The Sphinx is an AE symbolism of the Prophet Abraham
  137. The True meaning of "SPIRIT"!
  138. Rising Violence Against Native Women Has ‘Colonial Roots’
  139. Ifa reading.....how accurate is it?
  140. God "repented" soo...~ Who is God's savior in Gen.6:6?
  141. Are the NGE/Five Percenters Muslims?
  142. Diaphragmatic Breathing for Advanced Yoga Meditation
  143. The Emerald Tablets of Thoth
  144. The African Hindu Monastery Of Ghana
  145. The Shuddikriya (Cleansing Process) of Yoga
  146. I got a probem with Exodus 20:4 and the 2nd Commandment.
  147. The 365 & 248 Positive & Negative Mitzvot/Commandments; Find Out Their True Names
  148. Is there religious freedom in Cuba?
  149. ILE-IFE: Biblical Garden of Eden was situated here
  150. The Third Eye and the Pineal Gland: The Body's Solarium
  151. When did God get to be a man?
  152. Spiritual Warfare
  153. Unforgotten pages in black history
  154. Some Meditation Audio cds to help you with.
  155. How to perform Salat
  156. The Smudging Ceremony
  157. What Does God Have To Do With Mathematics Education?
  158. Iruka No Kokyu: Dolphin breathing Meditation
  159. Laughing Yoga
  160. The Five Tibetan Rites: Exercises for Healing, Rejuvenation, and Longevity
  161. Solfeggio Ascension Frequencies
  162. Shamanism
  163. Speaking In Tongues.....
  164. Who yo' God "BE"...?
  166. Native American Poems And Prayers
  167. Relaxing, Soothing, Sounds of Nature
  168. "For They Killed Him Not": A Muslim portrayal of Jesus
  169. Hotep or Hetep?
  170. Zulu Nation book recommendation
  171. GOD said, LET THERE BE LIGHT Univeral Zulu Nation
  172. The Universal Prayer of the Universal Zulu Nation
  173. Spirituality in Practice
  174. Islam and Christianity: A Comparative analysis
  175. African Cosmology By Grisso
  176. Tibetan Sound Healing Part 1/5
  177. Young Haitian-Americans returning to Voodoo
  178. The TRUE Distinction (Righteousness vs Religion)
  179. Science of Breath, by Yogi Ramacharaka
  180. The Healing Strength of Inner Ecology
  181. Greydon Square
  182. Meditation healing mantras
  183. Winter Solstice Information.
  184. Obama from a spiritual perspective
  185. Sunday Night Live with Dr. Hagins & Jeremiah Camara - Topic: What's Up With The Dog!?
  186. Traditional beliefs, practices and taboos
  187. The Drum Is the Ear of God: Africa's Inner World of Music
  188. Taking back our ptahra gods and holy temples
  189. Three great religions merger left to right, right to left
  190. The God Genes Decoded (book review)
  191. African Holy Scriptures Translated by Ra Un Nefer Amen
  192. The life and afterlife of Yaa Asantewaa
  193. Priest/Priestess
  194. Culture means
  195. The Priestess in Their Midst
  196. KUKUU-TUNTUM: The Nhoma (Book)
  197. Ka-ology
  198. West African artifacts find a new home at Newark Museum
  199. Demons of Ghana
  200. AKRADIN ABOSOM - Soul-name Deities
  201. How to find a supportive spiritual network
  202. The Lost and Hidden History of the African Prophetess Sibyl
  203. Amen - Amun - Amen/Ra
  204. Queen Nyabingi: Shamanic priestesses of East Africa
  205. Priestesses, Power, and Politics
  206. Our duties as Africans in the diaspora...
  207. God and Man
  208. When GOD Was A Woman by Merlin Stone
  209. New Igbo Spirituallity Movement (chiism)
  210. Lucid dreaming...
  211. Spring equinox coincides with 4 holy celebrations
  212. How do I talk to my family about converting?
  213. Indians gather to save the planet
  214. Can a person initiate his or herself as a priest/ess?
  215. Warding Off Evil Spirits, but Not Toll of Affluence
  217. Please Pay Attention Family
  218. The Lost And Hidden History Of The African Sibyl Prophetess: A Pictorial History
  219. Old traditions live at Brazil's carnival
  220. Aims, Objectives And General Guidelines For Assata Shakur Speaks Forum
  221. Played Pastor Akridge & Ashra Kwesi's debate in a "christian" barbershop
  222. Health Products from Ancient Science Distributors
  223. Sidereal Calendar
  224. Regaining Our African Aesthetics and Essence Through Our African Traditional Religion
  225. Sunday Religion, Inspired by Saturday Nights
  226. Discovering your spiritual lineage
  227. Expansion of the Universe Theory in Quran confirmed
  228. Was it?
  229. Afrikan Religion: Spiritual Baths & Meditation
  230. Most Nigerians are closet traditionalists
  231. Day Lagos stood still for Olokun Festival
  232. The first and oldest
  233. African astronomer Thebe Medupe's journey into science
  234. Hard Truth For People of Afrikan Descent
  235. A Couse In Miricles
  236. Preist/Preistess........on board?
  237. My Neutrally-Shared Truth [because requested] We May Discuss
  238. Women of Spirit Online
  239. Family Reunions
  240. Denial & Self Hatred in Black Spirituality?
  241. Spiritual Baptists 12th Anniv. Celebrations
  242. Traditional Religion is Alive and Well Among Nigeria's Yoruba
  243. The 42 Divine Principles of the Goddess Maat
  244. Christianity vs. the old gods of Nigeria
  245. The Memoirs of an Old Swamp Priest
  246. Has anyone ever seen this?
  247. Wole Soyinka on Yoruba Religion
  248. An experience i had
  249. The Naked Truth
  250. God Didn't Say