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  1. Be techno-savvy, security forces urged
  2. Man loses arm in croc fight
  3. Illegal settlement sprouts in Hatfield
  4. Mliswa thumbs nose at Zanu-PF
  5. Mliswa fights Zhuwawo’s wife …meeting called off prematurely …Politburo’s guidance so
  6. Cops nabbed over blood scam
  7. Chief Whips speak on Parly Session
  8. Nigeria: Egypt Air Saga - It's Time Our Govt Stood Up for Us, Joshua's Mother Cries t
  9. Egypt: 26 "Terrorists" Killed During Past Week - Armed Forces
  10. Egypt: 12 University Students Sentenced to Prison for Protesting Without Notice
  11. Egypt: Court Acquits 112 Defendants Arrested On Uprising's Third Anniversary
  12. Egypt: Detained Activist Ahmed Douma's Wife Denies Ending His Hunger Strike
  13. Liberia: Chief Medical Officer Places Herself in Ebola Quarantine
  14. Nigeria: U.N Urged to Help Fight Boko Haram
  15. West Africa: Focus On Private Sector - Mining Firms in the Ebola Crisis
  16. West Africa: Hagel - Defense Dept. to Begin Testing for Ebola Vaccine Candidate
  17. Mali: Keita Calls for Global UN Approach to Sahel's Regional Challenges
  18. Sudan: U.S. Special Envoy On U.S. Priorities in Sudan, South Sudan
  19. South Sudan: Conflict 'Quickly Turned Ethnic,' Obasanjo Tells UN Council
  20. South Sudan: Committed to Peace in Wake of Foiled Rebel Coup, Kiir Tells UN
  21. Somalia: Woman Stoned to Death
  22. Tanzania: Dependency On Online Medical Cure Worrying
  23. Africa: Africa's Concerns Must Figure High in New Development Agenda, African Leaders
  24. Angola: EU Releases Funds for Landmine Clearing
  25. Zambia: 4,000 UNZA Bed Spaces Coming
  26. Zambia: Work Hard, Sata Tells Ministers
  27. Angola: Angola Announces Participation in Peacekeeping Mission in CAR
  28. Malawi: Chakuamba Nursing a Heart Problem in RSA
  29. Angola: Passengers At Airports Learn About Ebola Danger
  30. Mozambique: MDM Accuses Police of Illegal Night Arrests
  31. Economy on the rebound, asserts Minister Moyo
  32. Call to respect armed forces
  33. Mzembi backs ‘dirty dozen’
  34. Magaya backs Makandiwa prophecy
  35. US$3m needed to feed Nuanetsi Ranch settlers
  36. Harare water supply improves
  37. Green Fuel unveils 85pc ethanol flex kits
  38. Be self-realiant: Dinha
  39. Govt to revive SMM
  40. Parly hails radio
  41. Egypt/South Africa: SA Ambassador to Egypt Gives Amajimbos a Lift
  42. West Africa: Ebola Deaths Pass 3,000
  43. Nigeria: Over 4,000 Killed in Kaduna Attacks
  44. West Africa: IMF Approves Funds for Ebola Fight
  45. Nigeria: Herdsmen Kill 4, Scores Missing
  46. Nigeria: Big Brother Unveils Nigerian Housemate
  47. Kenya: Community Radio Fosters Cohesiveness in Kenya's Most Populous Settlement
  48. Somalia: Sources Describe Final Days of Al-Shabab's Godane
  49. Tanzania: Shein Honoured for Health Contribution
  50. Tanzania: Azam, Simba Back in Action
  51. Tanzania: Cultural Tourism Stars Gaining Roots in Tanzania
  52. Zimbabwe: South Africa Ready to Renew Special Zimbabwe Permits
  53. South Africa: Govt Advances Financial Aid to Cuba
  54. Zambia: 'Sata Is Well'
  55. Zambia: VP Denies President Sata Treated in New York
  56. Zimbabwe: Chitungwiza Demolitions Leave Many Homeless
  57. Zimbabwe: Chinamasa Robbing the Poor - MDC Renewal
  58. Zambia: 1,500 South Males Circumcised
  59. Eritrea: Europe, North America, Parts of Asia-Pacific Seeing Rising Refugee Claims Fr
  60. Libya: UN Chief Calls On Parties to Forge Consensus
  61. Egypt: Govt Launches Agency to Support African Development
  62. Algeria: No Proof of Métro Bomb Plot but France Steps Up Security After Is Threat
  63. Morocco: Morocco's Mojo Moving Financial Markets!
  64. Egypt: Pro-Mursi Alliance Says Sisi's Speech a "Failure"
  65. Africa: U.S. Should Back Real Economic Transformation
  66. Nigeria: What Boko Haram Wants in Exchange for Chibok Girls
  67. Cote d'Ivoire: Choking on Plastic Shopping Bags
  68. Mali: As Rains Worsen, 'Hunger Season' Fuels Deforestation
  69. Sierra Leone: 'We Must Put a Closure to This Fight' - Says President Koroma
  70. Kenya: Al-Shabaab - Closer to Home
  71. Kenya: India High Commissioner Meets DP Ruto After Claims of Being Snubbed By Governm
  72. Kenya: Gikomba Fire Injures Seven, Razes Building
  73. Rwanda: For Rwanda, MDG Deadline Is Not the Finish Line
  74. Zambia: Sata's Health is 'Normal', Says VP
  75. Zimbabwe: Cast Aside Hostility, Mugabe Says
  76. South Africa: The Grey Areas of Blackface
  77. South Africa: Rural Health Workers Honoured
  78. South Africa: Opposition Walk Out of Nkandla Committee
  79. South Africa: After the End of Our Innocence
  80. South Africa: Why I Am Going to Sierra Leone to Fight Ebola
  81. South Africa: How Nedbank Took the Radebes' House - and How They Won It Back Again
  82. Govt rolls out housing deals
  83. Midnight demolitions in Chitungwiza
  84. EDITORIAL COMMENT: Retrenchment: Harare has case to answer
  85. Zanu-PF to welcome President
  86. CAPS need a new lease of life
  87. ‘Samson had his hair, I have my teeth’: Zim’s own strong man
  88. No Ebola aid, vaccine trial yet
  89. Drain triggers $300 000 lawsuit for city
  90. S. Africa to process special permits for Zimbabweans
  91. URBAN RELOADED: Blooming Jacarandas mean exam time
  92. President Mugabe Exposes Western Hypocrisy
  93. Clashes in Ferguson on Heels of Chief’s Apology
  94. The Best Business Opportunities 2014
  95. Dashcam Captures South Carolina State Trooper Shooting Unarmed Man
  96. Obama’s Immigration Policies Are Biased Against Immigrants From Africa
  97. The Only Black Presidential Candidate, Suffers Resistance Among Afro-Brazilians
  98. Kenya: Kenyan Nurse Sentenced to Death Over Abortion Procurement
  99. Algeria: Algeria's Shock At Beheading of Frenchman
  100. Egypt: Govt Calls Turkish President's UN Speech 'Stirring Chaos'
  101. Algeria: Algeria Tracks French Hostage's Killers, Africans Condemn Jihadist Murder
  102. Algeria: Search for Kindnapped Frenchman 'Continues'
  103. Algeria: Assassination of French National to Not Divert Algeria From Counterterrorism
  104. Sierra Leone: Govt Quarantines One Million to Stop Ebola
  105. Central African Republic: Anti-Balaka Fighters Kidnap Cameroonians to Press for Leade
  106. Guinea: How Anthropologists Help Medics Fight Ebola in Guinea
  107. Nigeria: Kidnapped Chibok Girl Found
  108. Ghana: Skipper Gyan Addresses 'Wild Rumours'
  109. South Sudan: Aid, Rain Save Nation From Famine, 2015 Outlook Grim - WFP
  110. Africa: Winners of Power Africa Off-Grid Energy Challenge Announced
  111. Sudan: One Year On September Protests and Inequality Remains the Inconvenient Truth
  112. Kenya: Uhuru Gives UN Maiden Address, Says Kenya Will Continue Playing Its Global Rol
  113. Kenya: Governors Want Makueni County Govt Dissolved If Wrangles Persist
  114. South Africa: British Diplomats Must Apply for Visas - Minister
  115. South Africa: Coalition Calls for Better Response to Mental Health, Addiction
  116. South Africa: Home Affairs Ready to Process Zimbabwe Applications
  117. Mozambique: Adopted Penal Code in Mozambique Still Contains Human Rights Violations
  118. Mozambique: Forewarning of "Potential for Electoral Violence'
  119. Angola: Angola/Zambia Defence, Security Joint Commission Session Closed
  120. Malawi: Malawi Govt Justifies Postponement of Tabling of Access to Information Bill
  121. South Africa: Zuma Used Chartered Flight to U.S.
  122. Sanctions must go — President
  123. Summer time in the village
  124. Prof Moyo dismisses Gono claims
  125. Villagers stage demo against US
  126. Taxation stifles SMEs growth
  127. President calls for financial reforms
  128. KPMG secures $160m for ZPC
  129. Shoko Festival roars to life
  130. Telecel appeals High Court order
  131. Legislators castigate EMA
  132. Ethiopian Airlines Order 20 Boeing 737s Worth $2.1bn
  133. ‘Human Zoo’ Show Gets Cancelled Following Protest
  134. Ethiopian Billionaire Al-Amoudi To Invest $500 Million In Ethiopia Coffee, Oranges
  135. No Charges For Cop Who Gunned Down John Crawford Despite Damning Video
  136. What Can September 11th Teach Us About Michael Brown And The Extrajudicial Killings O
  137. WATCH: NYPD Officers Slam Pregnant Woman On Street—Belly First
  138. Uganda To Seek US$8 Billion China Loan To Fund Railway
  139. Mozambique: Malawian Airlines to Fly to Nampula and Tete
  140. Morocco: Murder of Senegalese Migrant Overshadows 'New' Migration Politics
  141. Algeria: Algeria Committed to Nuclear Safety - Minister
  142. Algeria: No Shortage of Medicines in Algeria's Hospitals, Says PCH Manager
  143. Egypt: Cabinet Approves Presidential Decree Endorsing Renewable Energy Production
  144. Senegal: A Pivotal Moment for Women and Girls
  145. Nigeria: Over 50 Boko Haram Suspects Arrested in Borno State
  146. Nigeria: 2015 - Atiku Declares for Presidency Today
  147. Sierra Leone: Life After the Lockdown
  148. Nigeria: Senate Probes Synagogue's Building Collapse
  149. Nigeria: Military Refutes Report on Chibok Girls' Release
  150. Somalia: Prolonged Droughts Threaten Renewed Famine
  151. Tanzania: As Hydropower Struggles, Tanzania Turns to Natural Gas
  152. Rwanda: Two Rwandan Genocide Suspects Arrested in Sweden
  153. Uganda: Urgent Need to End Discrimination in Health Care
  154. Uganda: Joint CSO Letter to World Bank On Discrimination in Uganda's Health Sector
  155. South Africa: The Call for a Referendum On Nuclear Power
  156. Botswana: President Khama, Two Others Approved to Contest Presidency
  157. Zimbabwe: Corruption - Chinamasa Says Govt Clueless
  158. Zimbabwe: You're Not Special, IMF Man Tells Zimbabwe
  159. Nigeria: Planes, Blame and Autocracies - How T.B. Joshua Will Get Away With Murder
  160. Angola: Governor Denies Ebola Rumour in Cabinda
  161. Zim takes interest in clean energy initiative
  162. Factionalism to scupper economic revival, warns Gono
  163. UN General Assembly debate starts
  164. Break-in at Mnangagwa’s offices, investigations on
  165. Govt condemns ‘dirty dozen’ •conduct dismissed as disgraceful •‘Aid must come through
  166. Makandiwa prophecy on mass action
  167. Karanda: The ‘miracle’ hospital
  168. Private Lounge hosts ‘Legends Tour’
  169. Mission Accomplished . . . ’As artistes we are one big family’
  170. Visual artists defy odds
  171. 25 Things You Didn’t Know About Africa
  172. Israel Court Condemns Policy Of Detaining Africans In Desert Camp
  173. Why All Police Officers Must Wear Body Cameras
  174. 11-Year-Old Boy Educates St. Louis City Council About Race Relations
  175. Dr Dre Overtakes Diddy To Top List Of Highest Earners In Rap
  176. 10 Year-Old Cory Nieves Builds Delicious Cookie Empire
  177. Mega Deals: An Opportunity For Economic Emancipation In Zimbabwe
  178. Zimbabwe: 'Harare Ready for Ebola'
  179. Zimbabwe: Violence Rocks MDC-T
  180. Libya: Nations Call for End to 'Outside Interference'
  181. Algeria: French National Kidnapped by 'IS' Offshoot
  182. Egypt: Sisi Calls for Investment in Renewable Energy Projects At UN Summit
  183. Egypt: Journalists' Syndicate Bans Activist Alaa Abdel Fattah From Entry
  184. Tunisia: Marzouki Invites U.S. Business Leaders to Invest in Tunisia
  185. Nigeria: Boko Haram Leader Shekau 'Alive and Well'
  186. West Africa: Ebola: Lessons Unlearned
  187. Cameroon: Saving Mothers and Babies With an SMS
  188. Cameroon: Cross-Border Attacks Force Movement of Nigerian Refugees in Cameroon - UN A
  189. West Africa: UN Warns of Ebola Spread
  190. Kenya: Think Again - Portrait of a Kenyan Radical
  191. Africa: Women's Freedom of Speech - Old Challenges, New Solutions
  192. Uganda: Lake Victoria's Water Levels Drop Further
  193. South Sudan: Scores Killed in Fighting As Peace Talks Resume
  194. South Sudan: Thousands of Children At Risk of Starvation in South Sudan, Unicef Warns
  195. South Africa: Has President Zuma Hurt Aids Fight More Than Thabo Mbeki?
  196. South Africa: Ramping Up Trade Relations, Govt Ignores Indonesia's Rights Violations
  197. Zambia: Fodep Urges Parley to Take Cabinet to Task On Sata's Medical Board
  198. South Africa: Opposition Party Wants Access to Additional 'Spy Tapes' Documents
  199. South Africa: Crucial Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity UN Resolution - What Wil
  200. South Africa: Controversy Over Inclusive Mosque
  201. Nigeria: House in a Rowdy Session Over U.S.$9.3million Arms Controversy
  202. Gono’s Senate bid in tatters •he’s no registered voter in Manicaland •ZEC boss Makara
  203. Another bumper agric season beckons
  204. $300m needed for inputs, silos’ refurbishment
  205. President reshuffles permanent secretaries
  206. Draft Central Committee poll rules ready, says Gumbo
  207. ‘Harare ready for Ebola’
  208. Access to credit key to development, says IMF
  209. Govt courting capital markets: Chinamasa
  210. Mpofu defends Airzim acting board chairman
  211. More people lose property
  212. West Africa’s Three Up-And-Coming Investment Cities
  213. Shameful: Ugandan President Denied Hotel Room Because Of Homosexuality Stance
  214. Ethiopia: Water To Djibouti And Discourse With Egypt
  215. Africa’s Population Will Quadruple By 2100. What Does That Mean For Its Cities?
  216. How Rich Old White Men Are Taking Lunch Money Away From Inner-City Black Kids
  217. High Court Rules Israel’s Detention Of Africans Illegal And Must Stop
  218. Good News From Africa
  219. Kenya: Al-Shabaab Suspects Extradited to Germany
  220. Egypt: Brotherhood Figures Face New Murder Charges
  221. North Africa: Sinking of Migrant Boat is 'Mass Murder'
  222. Tunisia: Arabs Join Race to the Red Planet
  223. Egypt: State Department Invited Sisi to Meet Obama - Source
  224. Tunisia: 24 Candidates Vie for Presidential Poll
  225. West Africa: Ebola His Women Hard
  226. Guinea: Three Journalists Murdered
  227. Africa: The AU's Ebola Mission - It's Not All About the Money
  228. West Africa: New Ebola Clinics 'Useless Without More Trained Staff'
  229. Somalia: Corruption Allegations Cast Doubt on Somali President
  230. Kenya: Ogiek Women Conquer Cultural Barriers to Support Their Families
  231. South Sudan: Rebels Delegation Heads to China
  232. Lesotho: Namibian Police Sent to Lesotho
  233. Zambia: Rare Tree Faces Exploitation Because of Legal Loophole
  234. Mozambique: Where Guebuza Failed
  235. South Africa: No Comment on Zuma SIU Response
  236. Nigeria: Calls for Probe Of Seized U.S. $9.3 Million
  237. South Africa: Strengthening South Africa's Peacebuilding Efforts At the UN
  238. South Africa: When Rights Clash With Tradition
  239. Zimbabwe: Govt to Scale Up Anti-Retroviral Therapy Services
  240. World leaders face tough task
  241. Council clarifies grain donation
  242. Promote education, health: Sekeramayi
  243. MPs deny US Embassy links
  244. Judiciary raises the bar in war against corruption
  245. Properties attached as . . .Businessmen drown in debt
  246. ‘Prophet’ on robbery spree
  247. Mutodi: 400 more to testify
  248. Chief’s children jailed in land row
  249. Man shares mbanje with son (4), court told
  250. Retrial Of Michael David Dunn, White Man Who Shot Jordan Davis, Begins Today