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  1. Egypt: Human Rights Watch Report 'Deliberately Misleading' - National Council for Hum
  2. Liberia: Give a Glove - Pass It On
  3. West Africa: Ebola Exposes Shocking Gaps
  4. Senegal: Dakar Closes Border Over Ebola
  5. Nigeria: New Cases of Ebola Recorded
  6. Nigeria: Ebola Survivors Warned to Abstain From Sex
  7. South Sudan: Go Back to Peace Talks, Demand South Sudanese
  8. Uganda: Oil Sector Faces Criticism Over Transparency
  9. East Africa: Ten Nations Commit to Standby Force
  10. Sudan: Calm After New Darfur Clashes
  11. Botswana: Court Orders Free HIV Meds for Foreign Prisoners
  12. Mozambique: Parliament Approves Amnesty Over Violence
  13. South Africa: S. African President Walks Out of Parliament Amid Chaos
  14. South Africa/Nigeria: South Africa Names Squad for Nigeria Clash
  15. Swaziland: Airlink Forced to Use King's Airport
  16. Zimbabwe: Mugabe Firmly Holds Levers of Power
  17. South Africa: 'An Act of Rebels Masked as Parliamentarians'
  18. South Africa: Drug-Resistant TB Patients Lost in the System
  19. Zim attains food self-sufficiency
  20. Moza allocate funds for Ebola prevention
  21. Agriculture scores for Zim-Asset
  22. President assents to Electoral Bill
  23. Russia to act decisively on Ukraine aid
  24. Sell a friend
  25. Musona stays in Europe
  26. The most expensive dogs
  27. Caps United skipper respects Chapungu
  28. Of vanishing Madzibaba and flat jokes
  29. 16 Most Powerful Militaries In Africa
  30. The Two Sudans
  31. America: When Being Black Is A Crime
  32. Teacher Instructs Kids To Reenact Michael Brown’s Killing—Tells White Kids To ‘Shoot’
  33. Black Americans Not Satisfied With Obama’s Response To Ferguson
  34. New Graphic Video Shows US Police Shoot And Kill Black Man In Missouri
  35. New Study: Modern Humans Lived Alongside Neanderthals In Europe For Centuries
  36. Egypt: Clarification Regarding Witness Account
  37. South Africa: Solar Wi-Fi Lamps to Connect Rural Areas
  38. South Africa: The Behavior of EFF in Parliament
  39. South Africa: Cabinet Bans Travellers From High-Risk Ebola Countries
  40. Nigerian Soldiers Demand ‘Better Weapons’
  41. American Doctor Recovers From Ebola, Vaccine Still Denied To Africans
  42. Why Isn’t The Tea Party Sending A Militia To Ferguson?
  43. ANC Youth League Vindicates Julius Malema – EFF
  44. CHP Officer Could Face Serious Charges For Savagely Beating Woman
  45. Keeping Our Money Within Our Community
  46. A Year Ago The DOJ Agreed To Review The Police Murder Of This Teen—His Family Is Stil
  47. Libya: Libyan Authorities Shut Down Two State-Owned Channels That Taken Over By Islam
  48. Tunisia: All Flights From Libyan Airports of Mitiga, Misrata and Sirte Cancelled
  49. Morocco: HM King Mohammed Vi - Morocco Stands Out As Model in Taking Advantage of Pos
  50. Libya: US, Nato and the Destruction of Libya - the Western Front of a Widening War
  51. Western Sahara: No State Recognizes Morocco's Sovereignty On Western Sahara, Says Sah
  52. West Africa: Govt Issues Travel Bans Over Ebola Fears
  53. Liberia: American Doctor Recovers from Ebola
  54. West Africa: Ebola - What West Africa Could Learn From Uganda
  55. Guinea/Sierra Leone: CAF Speaks on Match Bans Over Ebola
  56. Mali: Children Still Paying a High Price in Ongoing Conflict
  57. South Sudan: Does South Sudan's Peace Process Face Collapse?
  58. Uganda: Controversial HIV Bill Signed Into Law
  59. Somalia: Former Warlord Escapes Mogadishu Crackdown
  60. South Africa: 'Pay Back the Money,' MPs Tell Zuma
  61. Zambia: Former President Back in Court
  62. South Africa: MPs Disrupt Parliament in Zuma Protest
  63. Zambia: Cash Transfer Schemes Cushion Against Climate Shocks
  64. Zimbabwe: Tourism Policy Inconsistent
  65. Zimbabwe: NSSA Decision Right
  66. Zimbabwe: Govt Sets Up Ebola Monitoring At Borders
  67. US missionaries beat Ebola
  68. South African lawmakers heckle Zuma
  69. Dozens die in Ukraine street battles
  70. Prophet seeks exception
  71. Matonga exonerates self
  72. Agric show opening
  73. Appeal for help
  74. Condom use up
  75. Kombi operators, vendors ready to register
  76. Ebola: Govt warns over Nigeria visits
  77. Nigeria: Breaking - Lagos Records Five New Suspected Ebola Cases
  78. Egypt: U.S. Respects Freedom to 'Weigh On' Ferguson Protests
  79. Africa: Spain Should Investigate Beatings of Migrants at Enclave's Border
  80. Egypt: Two 'Terrorists' Killed in North Sinai - Spokesman
  81. Egypt: Trial of Ousted President "Mohamed Morsi" Over "El-Itihadia Incidents" Case Ad
  82. Morocco: UN Urged to Intervene to End Blockade On Occupied Sahrawi Territories
  83. West Africa: Outrage Over Global Ebola Response - Calls for Action
  84. Nigeria: Soldiers Rebel over Lack of Weapons to Fight Boko Haram
  85. Liberia: MSF Begins Admitting Patients to Ebola Center in Monrovia, Liberia
  86. Nigeria: Boko Haram Forces Victims to Fight, Kill
  87. Mauritius: 'Are You the Minister of Health or the Minister of Sickness?'
  88. Kenya: Drone Journalism Takes Off
  89. Kenya: The Role of Land Issues in Rising Insecurity
  90. Uganda: Museveni Wants 'Old Style' Circumcision Shunned
  91. Africa: Calculating What the Future Holds for Africa
  92. South Africa: How Unsecured Loans and Low Wages Create a Hollow Economy
  93. South Africa: Charges Dropped Against Marikana Miners
  94. South Africa: Parliament to Set Up New Nkandla Committee
  95. South Africa: Nope, Nkandla's 'Mermaids' Are Actually From Hollywood
  96. South Africa: Nat Nakasa - an Inquisitive and Tortured Mind
  97. Africa: Fibre-to-the-Home - South Africa's Big Gorillas "Wait-and-See" While Consumer
  98. South Africa: Tune Me What - South Africa's Most Wanted
  99. South Africa: Sign Language Approved As First Language
  100. Riots break out in Monrovia
  101. Nigerian soldiers demand ‘better weapons’
  102. Obama vows ‘justice’ after execution of US journalist
  103. Afghanistan expels NY Times correspondent
  104. Doctor arrested for raping patients
  105. Pakistani army calls for dialogue
  106. CMED saga takes new twist
  107. City twins Chinese Province
  108. Harare’s US$3 billion Singaporean deal questioned
  109. Zim sets up Ebola monitoring at borders
  110. With Jacob Zuma, The Buck Stops Nowhere
  111. Israeli Gang Attack And Almost Kill Black Man In Tel Aviv
  112. Africa’s First Indigenous Aircraft Will Compete With Surveillance UAVs
  113. Africa’s Middle-Class Boom Is Real – And It’s Gaining Speed
  114. Cape Town: Two Tales In One City
  115. Black Pete Is Just A Bit Of Fun For The Netherlands, Right? Wrong
  116. Why Are White People Scared Of Black People’s Rage At Mike Brown’s Murder?
  117. Tunisia: Tunisian Wins Gold Medal at World Military Taekwondo Champs
  118. West Africa: Operation Barkhane - Force and Political Games in Sahel-Sahara
  119. Kenya: 1.5 Million Kenyans Facing Starvation Threat
  120. Tunisia: Prime Ministry's Crisis Response Unit Decides to Freeze Activity of 157 Orga
  121. Egypt: Sisi Discusses Governorates' Border Demarcation
  122. Burkina Faso/Egypt: Abdoulaye Cissé Joined Zamalek
  123. Egypt: Egypt "Closely Following Up With" Ferguson Protests - Foreign Ministry
  124. Tunisia: Mod Denies Allegations About Tunisian-Algerian Joint Military Operations
  125. Cote d'Ivoire: Warning Over Rampaging Youth Gangs in Abidjan
  126. Liberia: Sirleaf Imposes Curfew Following Attack on Ebola Center
  127. Burkina Faso: A Thousand Sankaras Come of Age
  128. Liberia: Alarm Raised Over Uncollected Ebola Dead
  129. Nigeria: More Ebola Survivors Discharged
  130. Africa: Leaders Urge UN to Help Relocate Rwandan Hutu Rebels
  131. Kenya: 'Over One Million Children On Drugs'
  132. Sudan: AU Mediator Mbeki Meets Opposition Forces in Khartoum
  133. East Africa: Averting Resource Curse in East Africa
  134. Uganda: Helping HIV Positive Women Avoid Unplanned Pregnancies
  135. Southern Africa: SADC Ministers Call for Emergency Fund
  136. South Africa: Marikana, Gaza, Ferguson - 'You Should Think of Them Always As Armed'
  137. South Africa: Nkandla Now Up to Parliament - Public Protector
  138. South Africa: SABC Chief 'Dishonest', Democratic Alliance Says
  139. South Africa: Johannesburg's Appalling Air Quality
  140. South Africa: Gay and Not Free in South Africa
  141. Africa: South Africa and the G-20
  142. South Africa: Land Bank to Drive Commercial Agriculture
  143. Zimbabwe hails President Mugabe
  144. SK Moyo patron of John Nkomo Trust
  145. Dell’Ariccia completes Zim mission
  146. Broke councils write off debts •Industries, corporates set to benefit •Move tailored
  147. Scheme to downplay President rapped
  148. Mutuma fights again…Chaos at DeMbare worries club’s principal sponsors
  149. Mangwiro rallies CAPS United
  150. Editorial Comment: More help needed at Nuanetsi
  151. Motocross junior sensation Muzinda gets her bike
  152. White farmer gets offer letter
  153. BREAKING NEWS: Another Black Man Gunned Down In St. Louis, Missouri
  154. France Consolidates Military Might Forces Africa
  155. Burkina Faso: A Thousand Sankaras Come Of Age
  156. Does An Undying Business Drive Validate A School Drop-out?
  157. Two Years After Marikana Massacre, A Challenge To South Africa’s ANC
  158. Right-Wing Media Push “Black-On-Black” Crime Canard To Deflect From Police Shooting
  159. KIG Set To Produce Ethiopia’s First Construction Cranes Soon
  160. Libya: Edging Towards the Precipice
  161. Libya: Cross-Border Aid Reaches Civilians Displaced By Ongoing Violence in Libya - UN
  162. Libya: Cross-Border Aid Reaches 12,000 Displaced Civilians in Western Libya
  163. Egypt: 138 Protests Commemorating Pro-Mursi Camps' Dispersal - Democracy Index
  164. Tunisia: Tunisia's Third Aid Cargo to People of Gaza Reaches Destination
  165. Liberia: Ebola Hits the Family â
  166. Ghana: Is Ghana Becoming a Piracy Hot Spot?
  167. Nigeria: Ebola Not Yet an Epidemic in Lagos, Says Fashola
  168. Cameroon: Villagers Flee Boko Haram Cross-Border Attacks
  169. Nigeria: Ebola - Govt Commences Pre-Clinical Studies of Claims On Drugs
  170. South Sudan: Who's Keeping the War Going?
  171. South Sudan: Ex-VP Rejects President Kiir's Offer to End Conflict
  172. Rwanda/Congo-Brazzaville: CAF Kicks Rwanda Out of Afcon 2015
  173. East Africa: Breaking the Silence on Menstruation to Keep Girls in School
  174. Uganda: What Next for Anti-Gay Law?
  175. South Africa: Home Collapses, Killing Several
  176. Africa: Region Must Reduce Reliance on Foreign Aid - Mugabe
  177. Southern Africa: SA to Lead SADC Organ On Politics, Defence
  178. Africa: Two Tales, or One? - On Ethiopia's Federalism and South Africa's Apartheid
  179. South Africa: Dti Gears Up for SA-Nigeria Forum
  180. Mozambique: Tuna Fishing Vessels Arrive
  181. Mozambique: Vale-Mozambique Announces More Heavy Losses
  182. Southern Africa: SADC Launches Liberation History Publication as Zimbabwe Honours Has
  183. Brown shooting shows US hypocrisy
  184. Sadc pins growth on South Africa
  185. Govt unveils plan to combat ebola
  186. First Lady’s elevation to quell factionalism
  187. Zifa boss questions appointments
  188. Editorial Comment: President sets tone, hits the ground running
  189. SA investor might acquire entire Cairns stake
  190. To God be the Glory: Saba
  191. Knocked out by a CHEAT
  192. Fight insurance fraud, sector urged
  193. Africa’s Growth Potential – And Its ‘Next 10
  194. Marikana Dead Remembered At Two-Year Commemoration
  195. Libya: Edging Towards The Precipice
  196. Africa Aims To Catch Up With Asian Tigers
  197. Call For Africa To Beneficiate Its Minerals
  198. The Humble Tastes Of The Man Tipped To Be Britain’s First Black Prime Minister
  199. Hundreds Rally In L.A. To Protest LAPD Shooting Of Ezell Ford
  200. Botswana: Demonetisation of Old Coin
  201. Malawi: About 130 Pupils Drop Out At Namwina School Yearly Due to Distance
  202. Malawi: Govt Appeals to Immigration Officers to Desist From Corruption.
  203. Malawi: CSOS' Projects Should Be Audited - Nsanje DC
  204. Malawi: Family Planning Stakeholders Worrying Over Rapid Population Growth
  205. Malawi: Fire Fighters Rescue Karonga Market
  206. Egypt: Court Lifts Gag on Mursi Trial
  207. Libya: Fighting Grows in Tripoli
  208. Libya: Libyans Face Escalating Violence, Turmoil
  209. Egypt: Mursi Espionage Trial Resumes Today
  210. Ghana: Democracy Is Producing Prosperity - President Mahama
  211. Liberia: Armed Men Raid Ebola Clinic
  212. Nigeria: Chadian Troops Rescue Boko Haram Hostages
  213. Mali: Peacekeepers Die in Mali Suicide Attack
  214. Kenya: Kenya Bans West African Travellers
  215. Sudan: Eight Die in Darfur Clashes
  216. Tanzania: Public Gripped With Fear As Snipers Shoot Women Drivers
  217. Kenya: Hunger Kills Nine in Samburu County
  218. Uganda: Anti-Gay Group Fires All Staff
  219. Zimbabwe: Mugabe Takes Leadership of Region
  220. Southern Africa: Mugabe Urges Regional 'Reality Check'
  221. Malawi: Malawi to Tap Experiences From Veteran Mining Countries
  222. Malawi: Stakeholders Urged to Take Disability Issues Seriously
  223. Zambia: Sewelo Impresses
  224. Zambia: Plight of the Deaf
  225. Zambia: Chiefs Key to Growth - Kabimba
  226. Angola: Angola Music Awards 2014 Gala Set for September in Luanda
  227. Masvingo snubs Tsvangirai
  228. Land sub-leasing law on cards
  229. ‘Time to focus on economy’
  230. President takes reins of Sadc
  231. We’ll respect Sadc choice, says UK
  232. Govt relocates 2 700 Chingwizi families
  233. New mining districts gazetted
  234. Africa aims at catching up with Asian Tigers
  235. Sadc to come up with joint Ebola position
  236. Five year jail term for state land fraud
  237. President Mugabe Urges Southern Africa To Reduce Dependence On Aid
  238. China’s Million-Migrant March Into Africa
  239. Our Maps Are Lying. Here’s How Big Africa Really Is
  240. Law Enforcement’s Shameful Campaign Against Black America
  241. One Shot And Seven Arrested After Curfew Takes Effect In Ferguson
  242. Protests Break Out In Over 100 Cities Over The Murder Of Michael Brown
  243. The Impact Of Caribbean Culture On North America
  244. North Africa: Maghreb Al-Qaeda Torn Apart By ISIS
  245. West Africa: Ebola 'Vastly Underestimated,' Says UN Agency
  246. Nigeria: Ribadu Joins PDP, Leaves Opposition APC
  247. Nigeria: NMA Dares Jonathan, Asks Resident Doctors to Reject Sack Letters
  248. Nigeria: Suspected Boko Haram Kidnap 100 in Northern Nigeria
  249. Nigeria: Ebola Scare - Enugu Residents Wear Gloves to Work, Market
  250. Somalia: Heavy Clashes Break Out in Mogadishu