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  1. Passport Office acquires printing press
  2. Chingwizi camp dwellers turn violent
  3. Kereke in out of court maintenance settlement
  4. Suicide case spills into court
  5. Govt supports ConCourt ruling on criminal defamation
  6. Shamu’s ‘coup’ sparks outrage
  7. HOMICIDE: Medical Examiner Rules NYPD Chokehold Killed Eric Garner
  8. Why You Should Start Your Own Business
  9. Will Obama Talk Business Or Just Lecture African Leaders
  10. ‘Fab Lab’ Igniting A Revolution In Kenya
  11. A Sad Day: Ugandan Court Overturns Law Restricting Homosexuality
  12. 20 Years After Apartheid Whites Still Own South Africa’s Land
  13. Military Moves In Africa By U.S. Resembles Iraq, Afghan Wars
  14. Kenya: Govt Revokes Deeds of 500,000 Acres of Land in Lamu
  15. South Africa: Controversial Policy to Regulate Doctors On Hold
  16. North Africa: Eritrean Authoritarianism, Human Trafficking in Sinai
  17. Africa: Libya Is Fast Following Somalia's Road to Ruin
  18. North Africa: Moroccan Women Reject Image in Arab Media
  19. Algeria: Crashed Plane Turned Back, Radar Shows
  20. Egypt: Egyptian Woman Killed in Tripoli Clashes
  21. West Africa: WHO & West African Govts Launch Intensified Ebola Response
  22. Liberia: Govt Plan Attacks Ebola
  23. Liberia: Ebola Survivor Repays American Doctor's Compassion
  24. Nigeria: Pastors Claiming to Cure Ebola Warned
  25. Cameroon: Muslim Clerics Turn to Education to Shun Boko Haram
  26. South Sudan: Violence, Photography and the Iconography of Cattle Camps
  27. Uganda: We'll Have Anti-Gay Law Struck Down At the Constitutional Court, Lawyer
  28. South Africa: Firebrand Malema's Book Causes Stir
  29. Swaziland: Jailed Journalist Calls On U.S. to Sanction King
  30. Mozambique: With Rio Tinto's Humiliating Exit, a Degree of Sanity Returns to Mining
  31. South Africa: Database to Help Unemployed Teachers
  32. South Africa: Defence Force Cancels Contracts of HIV-Positive Recruits
  33. South Africa: Tune Me What - a Kwik Word About Kwaito
  34. South Africa: Health MEC Demands Contraceptive Implant for Female Students
  35. Makanaka regrets early marriage
  36. Eighth Parliament, 12 months removed
  37. Sculptor honours Amai Mugabe
  38. Israel vows to destroy tunnels before truce
  39. Frelimo, Renamo seal deal
  40. Mourinho blasts Lukaku
  41. Ebola ‘a major public health emrgency’
  42. ‘Ebola unlikely to trigger a world epidemic’: Scientist
  43. National Tourism Policy, the great stride
  44. Creating value in the tourism industry
  45. 6 Philadelphia Officers Charged With Kidnapping, Robbing Suspects
  46. The Lynching Of Eric Garner
  47. Republicans Vote To Sue President Obama
  48. Julius Malema And ‘The Coming Revolution’
  49. No U.S. Intent To Engage In Africa Militarily – Susan Rice
  50. Facebook Expands Africa Push
  51. Chris Brown’s New Neighbor: ‘I’ll Shoot Him’ If He Trespasses
  52. Cameroon: Cameroon Deploys Troops Against Boko Haram
  53. Liberia: Sirleaf Shuts Schools Over Ebola
  54. Sudan: Call for Global Action on Nuba Conflict
  55. Mozambique: Maputo Peace Deal Delayed
  56. Libya: Libya Says Italy to Help Fight Depot Blaze
  57. Algeria: Algeria Rules Out Terrorism in Mali Plane Crash
  58. Tunisia: 'Dangerous Terrorist' Arrested By Army in Kasserine
  59. Tunisia: Libyan Militants Seize Benghazi Special Forces Base
  60. Morocco: Morocco Launches Housing Survey
  61. Liberia: Sirleaf Doubling Down on Ebola - Sending VP to U.S.-Africa Summit
  62. Guinea: 24 Killed in Stampede at Concert Marking End of Ramadan
  63. Liberia: Slight Improvement for Doctor with Ebola
  64. West Africa: No Need for Ebola Panic in South Africa, Health Minister Says
  65. Liberia: EU Scales up Funding in Response to Ebola Outbreak in West Africa
  66. Tanzania: Analysts, MP Raise Questions Over Leaked Gas Contract
  67. Somalia: Food Shortages Worsened By NGO Policy, Anti-Terror Laws
  68. Kenya: West African Tourists to Be Screened Before Entering the Country.
  69. Africa: Secure Land Rights: Food Security Depends On It
  70. South Sudan: Famine Looming
  71. Africa: What Africa Needs to Boost Trade With the U.S.
  72. South Africa: Excessive Force Used at Marikana, Advocate Says
  73. South Africa: New Small Business Ministry Gets Off On Wrong Foot
  74. South Africa: Evicted Residents Still Without Services Two Years Later
  75. Zambia: Guy Scott Volunteers Some Details On Sata's Health in Mangango
  76. South Africa: SA to Attend Inauguration of Mauritania's Abdel Aziz
  77. ‘Gono’s Senatorial seat not guaranteed’
  78. Zesa boss’ contract renewed
  79. Be self-sustainable, ZPCS challenged
  80. Shona teachers harassed in Matabeleland
  81. Willowvale cars for parastatal bosses
  82. Zanu-PF bigwigs in midnight meets
  83. President hosts election party
  84. EDITORIAL COMMENT: Zanu-PF: Time for introspection
  85. Mpofu misled President, court told
  86. Wife blames hubby’s bed-wetting on mistress
  87. Eritrean Authoritarianism And Human Trafficking In Sinai
  88. Top Ten Countries At Risk Of Water Shortages
  89. New Cold War For Africa: China’s Economic Interest vs. US Military Activity
  90. ‘Africa Should Stop Blaming History For Its Economic Problems’ – Is Obama Right?
  91. George Zimmerman’s New Job: Security Guard At Gun Store
  92. Cops At The Precinct Where Eric Garner Died May Have Killed Before
  93. 5 Facts About Missionary Rapist Matthew Durham
  94. Algeria: Air Algérie Crash Investigation to Take Time - French Minister
  95. Libya: France to Evacuate Nationals From Libya
  96. Algeria: Identification of Air Algérie Victims Begins
  97. Algeria: Germany Joins Probe Into Air Algerie Crash
  98. Algeria: France to Lead Air Algerie Black Box Analysis
  99. Cameroon: Cameroon Bolsters Troops Against Boko Haram
  100. Nigeria: Dead Ebola Victim's Contacts Placed Under Surveillance
  101. Liberia: Doctor Faces Ebola Stigma After Survival
  102. Nigeria: 20 Million Infected With Hepatitis - Expert
  103. Somalia: Mogadishu Mayor Survives Assassination Attempt
  104. South Sudan: Govt Rejects Call for Oil Contract Suspension
  105. Uganda: 'We Have to Fight the Anti-Gay Law'
  106. Kenya: Police Ill-Equipped to Investigate Crimes, Pursue Convictions
  107. Sudan: Govt 'Ready' to Resume Peace Talks
  108. South Africa: Long Walk to Education
  109. Angola: Impulso - How Presidential Family Struck It Lucky From the Mining Survey
  110. South Africa: Metalworkers' Strike Over
  111. South Africa: Conventional Education Fails to Deliver the Goods
  112. Zimbabwe: Editorial Comment - Ministers Must Take Parliament Seriously
  113. Swaziland: 'Black Friday for Journalism' in Swaziland
  114. Zambia: Zambia Makes Progress in the Prevention of HIV Transmission From Mother to Ch
  115. South Africa: The Ebola March - Should We Be Afraid?
  116. Mutodi’s trust barred from accessing funds
  117. Lawyer charged in sisters’ act
  118. JSC resuscitates Judicial College
  119. Court seeks Arabic interpreter
  120. Three cops on the run
  121. 785 killed in traffic accidents
  122. Govt to craft monitoring, evaluation national policy
  123. All Women’s League posts vacant
  124. Govt decentralises mining sector
  125. Legislator pledges to help build school
  126. Ancient Human Remains May Be From World’s First “Race War”
  127. Million-Year-Old Artifacts Found In South Africa
  128. “Blond Bombers” And The Ongoing Whitening Of Blackness In Brazil
  129. Really: ANC Politician Compares EFF To Nazis
  130. Wall St. Landlords Coming To A Cul-de-Sac Near You
  131. Emboldened: NYPD Now Strangling Pregnant Women In Front Of Their Children
  132. Carmelo Anthony Forms Fund To Invest In Tech Startups
  133. Algeria: France Mourns Algeria Crash Victims
  134. Libya: Foreigners Urged to Leave as Violence Spirals
  135. Algeria: Air Algérie Crash Bodies to Be Taken to France
  136. Tunisia: Spokesman for Ansar Al-Shariaa Set Free
  137. Tunisia: Sidi Bouzid - Eight Individuals Involved in Terrorism Cases Arrested
  138. Nigeria: Panic in Kano as Second Blast Hits
  139. Liberia: Ebola Claims Top Doctor at Leading Hospital
  140. Africa: What is Ebola?
  141. Liberia: Ebola Hits Second American
  142. Kenya: Court Halts Further Anglo Leasing Payments
  143. Kenya: New Plan for Land Reform in Kenya
  144. Sudan: Darfur Displaced 'Deprived' of Eid Celebration
  145. South Sudan: Is There Hope for a Durable Solution?
  146. Kenya: Problems Facing Kenya Will Soon End, Says Uhuru
  147. Zambia: Sata Sickness Opens Up Can of Worms
  148. South Africa: Ministry Defends Appointment of President's Daughter
  149. Swaziland: 'Grossly Unfair Trial' - Editor, Lawyer Sentenced
  150. Zimbabwe: Zanu-PF MP Abducted As Baba Jukwa Saga Takes Ugly Twist
  151. South Africa: EFF Condemns SABC's Withdrawal of Live Coverage of the First Year Anniv
  152. Africa: Gaza Is Everyone's Concern
  153. Angola: The Dos Santos Family's Private Property
  154. South Africa: South African Brandy Named World's Best
  155. Leagues throw weight behind Amai Mugabe
  156. Ministries delay realignment of laws
  157. Electoral Amendment Bill awaits Presidential assent
  158. SA invites Mohadi
  159. Attempt to steal Zim diamonds foiled
  160. Zanu-PF rolls out electronic cards
  161. President backs Frelimo
  162. Ministry quizzed
  163. AFZ Wing Commander dies
  164. Zanu-PF Youth League candidates approved
  165. Five Ways Success Will Look Different By 2020
  166. Urban Lending Solutions Recognized As Top Black-Owned Business
  167. Leadership: President Mugabe Has Shown Us They Way
  168. This Man Could Become Zambia’s Next President?
  169. 5 Things Your Mother Told You To Do — That You Should NOT Do!
  170. Junk Science: Controversial Research Claims Blacks Age Faster Than Whites
  171. The End Of Western Dominance Of The Global Financial And Economic Order
  172. Zimbabwe: Engage Zim On Democratic Values, Tsvangirai Tells EU
  173. Malawi: PSI Malawi Re-Launches Youth Alert Mix Programme
  174. Malawi: U.S. Army Trains MDF, Six SADC Armies in Peace-Keeping Deployment
  175. Malawi: Minimal Participation of Vulnerable Women in Decision Making At Local Level C
  176. Malawi: 'Weak By-Laws Manipulate Environmental Pollution in Lilongwe'
  177. Mali: UN Experts Find Second Air Algerie Black Box in Mali
  178. Egypt: Ships Transiting Suez Canal Make Cargo Record
  179. Western Sahara: President of Republic Congratulates His Algerian Counterpart On Eid A
  180. Uganda: Egypt Celebrates National Day
  181. Liberia: Sirleaf Announces Tough New Measures Against Ebola
  182. Africa: Beyond Africa Rising - What Future for the 'Last Frontier'?
  183. West Africa: Govt Decides to Close Embassies in West Africa
  184. Nigeria: Govt Orders Liberians to be Screened for Ebola
  185. Nigeria: Eid-El-Fitri - Military Bans Vehicular Movement in Maiduguri for 3 Days
  186. Uganda: Skipping School to Drive Taxis
  187. Ethiopia: How Much Noise is Too Much for Addis?
  188. Uganda: Teen Pregnancies' Plan Under Fire
  189. South Sudan: 140 Rebels, SPLA Killed in Latest South Sudan Fighting
  190. Zambia: Grading Zambia's Presidents - Frederick Chiluba
  191. Zimbabwe: Grace Mugabe Lays Into 'Arrogant' Biti
  192. Zimbabwe: MP in the Dock for Insulting Mugabe
  193. Angola: Bicuar National Park to Have Tourists Village
  194. Malawi: AMREF Calls On Journalists to Exclusively Cover Fistula Cases
  195. Malawi: Fruits of Unity in Supporting Girl Child Education
  196. Angola: Georges Chikoti Returns Home From Kinshasa
  197. Zimbabwe: Tax Evasion Allegations Baseless - ECONET
  198. It’s DeMbare yet again
  199. Bantu Rovers hold Bosso
  200. Shabanie Mine, FC Platinum draw
  201. Hwange bounce back
  202. Chiredzi beat Buffaloes
  203. We were unlucky — Alifandika
  204. Editorial Comment: President Mugabe outlined the template
  205. Tsvangirai’s Chatham House monologue
  206. Washington is complicit in Israel’s crimes
  207. Cde Ushewokunze was a rare breed of leader
  208. Nigerian Students Kidnapped In Ukraine
  209. Zimbabwe Bans The Export Of Rough Diamonds
  210. Florida Becomes Latest State To Ban Sagging Pants
  211. Chinese ‘Sleeping Giant’ Has Awakened In Africa
  212. EFF: We Will Liberate The World, Africa In Particular
  213. World War I And The African-American Experience
  214. U.S. Homeownership Riskier For Many African-Americans, Says Rice Study
  215. Tunisia: Poor Weather Given As Likely Cause of Air Algerie Crash
  216. Nigeria: Nigeria Steps Up Ebola Watch After Death
  217. West Africa: UN Says Support Urgently Needed to Tackle Food Insecurity in the Sahel
  218. Nigeria: Suspect Arrested in Connection With Kaduna Blasts
  219. Nigeria: Jonathan - We'll Shock World With 2015 Elections
  220. Somalia: Al-Shabab Commanders Killed Near Mogadishu
  221. Kenya: Australia Sends Home Volunteers After German Tourist's Death
  222. Kenya: ICC Victims Say They Can't Bury Their Dead
  223. Kenya: Ivory Worth Sh33 Million Nabbed At JKIA
  224. Uganda: Mobile Phone Alerts Help Uganda Nab Forest Criminals
  225. Zambia: The Trials and Tribulations of a Zambian Spin-Doctor
  226. Zimbabwe: New Permits Offer Few Gains for Resettled Farmers
  227. South Africa: Mashaba New Bafana Bafana Coach
  228. Zimbabwe: Gays Cry Foul Over Stigmatisation By Nurses
  229. Zimbabwe: 750 Families to Lose Homes in Mutare Demolitions
  230. Zimbabwe: Mugabe Permits No Help to New Farmers
  231. South Africa: South Africa Launches Campaign Against U.S. Cuba Sanctions
  232. South Africa/Mali: Mashaba Makes Four Changes for Mali Clash
  233. Scores Of African Migrants Murdered On Smuggler’s Boat
  234. Tanzania Aims To Build A Megacity That Works
  235. Coming Soon: $23b African Monetary Fund
  236. Bad Advice: Decriminalise Homosexuality And Drugs, WHO Tells Africans
  237. Bad Parenting: Michelle Obama & Daughters Attend Beyoncé & Jay Z Concert In Chicago
  238. Could This Chicago Teen Cure Colon Cancer Someday?
  239. All Black People MUST Read ‘The N*gger In The White House’
  240. Libya: Troubled By Escalating Violence, ICC Prosecutor Urges Halt to Fighting
  241. Mali: Three Possible Reasons for Air Algerie Plane Crash
  242. Egypt: World Bank Gives Egypt U.S.$500 Million Gas Loan
  243. Tunisia: World Bank Approves U.S.$300 Million for Governance Program
  244. Mali: French Military to Secure Mali Plane Crash Site
  245. Nigeria: Suspected Ebola Patient Dies in Lagos
  246. Nigeria: Sheikh's Son, 10 Others Killed as Troops Fire on Shiite Muslim Procession
  247. Mali: Touaregs Seek Secular and Democratic Multi-Ethnic State
  248. Mali: UN Chief Welcomes Roadmap Adopted By Parties At Inter-Malian Peace Talks
  249. Kenya: U.S. Peace Corps Volunteers Withdrawn
  250. Kenya: UK Court Praised for Jailing 'King Con'