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  1. Utah Lawmaker Proposes Bringing Back Firing Squads For Executions
  3. Kenya: Police Hunt Bombers After Nairobi Explosions Leave 10 Dead
  4. Mozambique: Guebuza Inaugurates New Head Office of Largest Bank
  5. Libya: General Vows to Fight Islamist Militants
  6. Egypt: Carter Center Expresses Concern About Egypt's Political Transition
  7. Egypt: Sisi's Campaign Begins Distributing 300,000 Energy-Saving Lamps
  8. Egypt: Youths Mock Presidential Candidates Via Hashtags
  9. Egypt: Interior Ministry Says Ready to Secure Presidential Elections
  10. Nigeria: Global Strategy Against Boko Haram Adopted
  11. Nigeria: Paris Summit Discusses Boko Haram Security Threat
  12. West Africa: Leaders Meet to Tackle Boko Haram
  13. Nigeria: Security Fears Force Jonathan to Abort Chibok Visit
  14. Nigeria: France Convenes Summit on Boko Haram
  15. Kenya: New Terror Attacks Hit As Tourists Leave
  16. Kenya: Kenya to Open Diplomatic Office in Somaliland
  17. Somalia: Two Injured in Wajir Gun Attack
  18. Kenya: Machakos On High Alert for Terror
  19. Zimbabwe: Mugabe's Health Troubles - Zim On Auto-Pilot?
  20. Mozambique: Renamo Gunmen Kill Govt Soldiers
  21. Africa: Africa Fights for Immunity for Government Leaders
  22. Mozambique: Presidential Pay Increase Spark Protest
  23. Mozambique: Death Toll in Mine Collapse Rises
  24. Mozambique: Judges' Strike Paralyses Maputo Courts
  25. Mozambique: Raul Domingos Launches Presidential Bid
  26. Malawi: MEC Deploys First Consignment of Ballot Papers
  27. Will Malema’s Revolution Be Co-Opted By The System?
  28. The Modern Day Bully
  29. 10 Things Everyone Should Know About White Supremacy
  30. Doing Business While Black: Many Firms Wonder If Race Really Matters
  31. From Winery To Factories, Chinese Firms Investing Billions In South Africa
  32. Africa’s Greatest Threat Today Is Terrorism
  33. 43 Killed In Libya Clashes, Authorities Close Benghazi Airport
  34. Kenya: Security Concerns Rise After Deadly Nairobi Blast
  35. Egypt: Electoral Body Reports Big Expat Turnout
  36. Tunisia: Civil Society Prepares to Help Women Speak Their Truth
  37. Morocco: AI Asks Morocco to End Impunity for Torture in Western Sahara
  38. Algeria: Algeria Calls On EU to Support UN Efforts in Western Sahara
  39. Nigeria: U.S. State Department Daily Press Briefing: Nigeria, Egypt
  40. Mali: Most Malians Want a United Country - Survey
  41. Nigeria: Jonathan to Negotiate Over Girls?
  42. Sierra Leone: Genital Cutting Is Bad, but It's Not Child Abuse, Says London-Born Surv
  43. Africa: When Falling in Love is Considered 'Wrong'
  44. Senegal: Warring Groups Unite Over Forest Losses
  45. Rwanda: Police, Soldiers Implicated in Disappearances
  46. Kenya: Twin Blasts Hit Nairobi
  47. Somalia: Kenya Fumes As Western Security Warnings Drive Tourists Out
  48. South Sudan: Kith, Kin and Peace Agreements
  49. Malawi: Banda's Vice-President Defects
  50. Swaziland: Mswati Costs Nation U.S. $61 Million
  51. Zimbabwe: Mugabe 'No Longer Fit to Govern'
  52. Zimbabwe: Flood Victims Face Loss of Food Aid Unless They Grow Sugar Cane
  53. South Africa: SA Astronomers Discover Stars On Edge of Milky Way
  54. South Africa: Malik Bendjelloul - Death of a Filmmaker Who Told an Extraordinary Sout
  55. South Africa: The Return of Government's Iron Fist and Numsa's Mission to Crush It
  56. South Africa: Objectivity of Media Is Not About Which Side It Is On
  57. Goromonzi woman in fatal sex romp
  58. Sodomy councillor at it again
  59. Kasukuwere appoints new board for Zinwa
  60. Chickens come home to roost for Tsvangirai
  61. Govt to tighten screws on contractors
  62. Baba Jukwa saga sucks in Gutu
  63. Let’s speak with one voice: Prof Moyo
  64. Zim’s TV capacity to increase: Mandiwanzira
  65. City bosses divert loan cash to cars…• 25 luxury vehicles bought • Funds meant for wa
  66. Dube wants Warriors to evoke CHAN spirit
  67. Egypt: One Killed, 20 Stores Smashed in Cario Clashes
  68. Egypt: Expats Vote in Presidential Election
  69. Egypt: Egypt's Legal System Needs Reform, UN and African Experts Say After Mass Death
  70. Egypt: Egypt Applies Daylight Saving Time Starting Friday
  71. Libya: Libya Faces Haraga Epidemic
  72. Nigeria: How Twitter Built Global Outrage On Girl's Abduction
  73. Nigeria: Nigeria Won't Swap Boko Haram Prisoners for Girls
  74. Nigeria: Nigeria Government Seeks 'No Opposition Help' Over Boko Haram
  75. Cameroon: Illegal Ivory Trade Funds African Rebel Groups
  76. Nigeria: Nigeria Wants Help to Find Girls, Contain Boko Haram
  77. Africa: African Awakening Will Avert Future Food Crises
  78. Uganda: Report - Anti-Gay Abuse Surges in Uganda After Bill Passage
  79. Kenya: ICC Prosecution Withdraws 'Unreliable' Witness
  80. Uganda: Anti-Homosexuality Act's Heavy Toll
  81. Sudan: 'Abhorrent' Death Sentence for Woman On Grounds of Her Religion
  82. Mozambique: Dozens Buried in Illegal Mine Collapse
  83. South Africa: Cities Generate Jobs, Says South African Study
  84. South Africa: Pistorius Murder Trial Takes Turn With Psychiatric Order
  85. Mozambique: Mozambican Judges Go On Strike
  86. Zimbabwe: Did 300,000 Families Benefit From Post-1999 Land Reforms?
  87. South Africa: Ministers Want Judicial Review of Nkandla Report
  88. Zimbabwe: Govt Spends U.S.11 Million on MPs' Cars
  89. South Africa: Campaign to Open School Doors to Disabled Children
  90. Macheso to pay US$1 030
  91. Malaria kills 37
  92. President hails Zuma, ANC on election win
  93. Bereaved family cries foul as killer kombi driver jailed
  94. US$270m for sewer upgrade
  95. Baba Jukwa used rogue police contacts
  96. Embassies preach Zim-Asset
  97. Western diplomats snub Tsvangirai
  98. Govt stops sale of Matonga’s property
  99. ANZ editor’s trial fails to start
  100. Egypt: Alarm About Al-Jazeera Journalist On Hunger Strike Since January
  101. Egypt: Egypt - Free Illegally Jailed Journalist - Al Jazeera Correspondent Held 9 Mon
  102. Egypt: Survey Shows Al Sissi May Win, But Egyptians Vow Action if Aspirations Not Met
  103. Western Sahara: Canadian Appointed Head Of UN Mission for Referendum in Western Sahar
  104. Egypt: "El-Badil" Journalists Continue Their Sit-in for the Second Day Against the Re
  105. Nigeria: Govt Invites Boko Haram for Talks
  106. Nigeria: Nigeria Kidnappings - What a Difference a Hashtag Makes
  107. Cameroon: Boko Haram Threatens Cameroon
  108. Sierra Leone: Peacebuilding - Where to From Here?
  109. Nigeria: Parents Identify Abducted Chibok Schoolgirls
  110. South Sudan: The Root of the Crisis Is Constitutional Not Ethnic
  111. Kenya: Country Should Tread Carefully As Oil Production Approaches
  112. Kenya: Deputy President's Hague Case - Witness to Testify in Private
  113. Uganda: MPs Criminalise 'Willful' HIV Transmission
  114. Sudan: Sudanese Woman Facing Death Sentence On Grounds of Her Religion Must Be Releas
  115. Malawi: Elections 'Too Close to Call', Says Opinion Poll
  116. South Africa: Court Orders Tests for Pistorius
  117. Zimbabwe: Job Figures Distorted
  118. South Africa: Why Inequality Should Still Be On the Political Agenda
  119. South Africa: What Does Increasing Political Violence Mean for the Future of Nation's
  120. South Africa: Hyping Up the EFF's Performance At the Polls
  121. South Africa: Pistorius Referred for Observation
  122. Swaziland: Minister Misleads Over IMF Support
  123. President off to Singapore
  124. Zanu-PF congratulates ANC
  125. Govt hasn’t given up on PSMAS — Chinamasa
  126. 290 MPs get vehicles
  127. Baba Jukwa confesses
  128. Kereke prosecution gets nod
  129. Africa supports our cause, claims MDC Renewal Team
  130. Govt gets tough on water polluters
  131. Macheso offers $150 maintenance
  132. How not to bring back our girls Oga
  133. Nigeria: A ‘Soft Approach’ To Dealing With Religious Zealots And Savage Terrorists
  134. Sowing The Seeds Of Economic Freedom In South Africa
  135. Battle Of Adwa — When Ethiopia Crushed Italy
  136. U.S. Drones Join Search For Kidnapped Nigerian Schoolgirls
  137. Gay Rights Don’t Compare To Civil Rights
  138. Donald Sterling Says V. Stiviano ‘Hates Being Part-Black’ In Latest Rant
  139. Father And Son Graduate From College Together
  140. Libya: UN Condemns Series of Attacks on Civilians, Personnel
  141. Africa: Dozens of Migrants Drown Off Libyan Coast
  142. Libya: Bringing Perpetrators of Serious Crimes to Justice Vital for Libya's Transitio
  143. Nigeria: U.S. State Department Daily Press Briefing: Nigeria, Libya, South Sudan
  144. Egypt: Sisi's Campaign Spent 12 Million Egp Until Now - Interview
  145. Guinea Bissau: Environmentalists Decry Guinea-Bissau's Dwindling Forests
  146. Cote d'Ivoire: Ivoirian Refugees Return to Homelessness
  147. Liberia: Inside Kilby's GAC - Auditor General Turns Author, Dark Side
  148. Nigeria: Gold Mining - Farmers Choose Death By Lead Poisoning Over Poverty
  149. Nigeria: #bringbackourgirls - Safe Schools Initiative Launched
  150. South Sudan: Where Livestock Outnumbers People
  151. Kenya: Babies Left Behind As Parents Sent to Camps in Mass Arrests
  152. Somalia: Blast at Hotel Kills More Than a Dozen
  153. Uganda: Farmers Seek Juicy Profits From Hardy Organic Pineapples
  154. South Sudan: Elections Postponed Amid Shaky Ceasefire
  155. South Africa: State Applies for Pistorius Mental Observation
  156. South Africa: New Training Centre to Empower Black Farmers
  157. South Africa: SA Para-Cyclists Shine in World Cup
  158. South Africa: Election Results Promise Interesting Five Years
  159. Africa: Africa Unites in Cultural Festival
  160. South Africa: Helen Joseph Hospital Honours Nurses
  161. South Africa: Pistorius Trial - Week Eight, Day Two
  162. South Africa: JP Duminy - From Strength to Strength
  163. MPs condemn Boko Haram
  164. Biti expects more MDC-T defections
  165. Govt committed to aviation growth
  166. How farmers get ripped off at tobacco floors
  167. Finance Bill sails through Senate
  168. Civil servants pay dates changed
  169. War vet Wilson Chitoro dies
  170. Batoka project feasibility study nears completion
  171. More men apply for maintenance variation
  172. BAZ shortlists 18 applicants
  173. Stay Of Execution Denied For Texas Inmate
  174. Afro Descendants, Without Opportunities In Latin America
  175. Donald Sterling In New Tirade Against Magic Johnson And Black Americans
  176. Last Boer General Fear For South Africa’s Future
  177. Africa Loses $50bn A Year In Plundered Resources
  178. Egypt: Sisi May Amend Peace Treaty With Israel When President
  179. Sudan: Sudan Slams Egyptian Media's Provocation Over Ethiopian Dam
  180. Egypt: Egypt Parliament Expands, to Include 630 MPs
  181. Egypt: Trial of Egyptian Activist Douma and 268 Others Adjourned
  182. Egypt: Seven Brotherhood Supporters Sentenced to Life for Cutting Road
  183. Nigeria: Boko Haram Demand Prisoner Release in Exchange for Girls
  184. Nigeria: New Boko Haram Video Allegedly Shows Abducted Girls
  185. Nigeria: Teachers Accused of Locking Up Schoolgirls Before Abduction
  186. Nigeria: Rights Group - Nigerian Authorities Were Warned of Raid On Girls' School
  187. Nigeria: Girls Abduction, Crimes Against Humanity, Says Nigeria Official
  188. Uganda: Terror Threats Trigger Security Alert
  189. Kenya: Mombasa At Risk of Sinking Under Water
  190. South Sudan: With a Little Help, South Sudan Women Turn Trash Into Money
  191. South Sudan: South Sudan President, Rebel Chief Reach Cease-Fire Deal
  192. South Sudan: In South Sudan, Woman Who Fled Fighting Wants Peace to Grow Her Own Food
  193. South Africa: The Real Story of South Africa's National Elections
  194. Zimbabwe: Tsvangirai Vows to Push for Fresh Polls
  195. South Africa: Fifth Consecutive Electoral Victory for ANC
  196. South Africa: Expert Says Pistorius Has General Anxiety Disorder
  197. South Africa: Ebay-Owned Gumtree Gets 3-5 Million Uniques a Month in South Africa
  198. South Africa: South Africa's Ruling ANC On Verge of Another Victory
  199. South Africa: Premier Modise Calls for End to Mining Strike
  200. Zimbabwe: 'Biti MPs' Dismiss Tsvangirai
  201. Baba Jukwa saga: Zanu-PF probes officials
  202. Govt implements Zim-Asset projects
  203. Govt summons companies over water pollution
  204. $33m Baba Jukwa, Bennett terror link exposed
  205. Terrorism Act gazetted
  206. Zim-Asset will succeed: Vice President Mujuru
  207. State hospital services decline
  208. Immigration Department clears air over Freshlyground’s ban
  209. Zim future bright: Japan
  210. CMED loses US$3m in fuel scandal
  211. Boko Haram Release Video Of Kidnapped School Girls
  212. Election Outcome: South Africa Moving Away From One-Party State
  213. After 34 Years, Walter Rodney’s Assassination In Guyana Now Under Review
  214. Africa Must Save Its Own Daughters
  215. African States Taking Cue From Zimbabwe’s Policies
  216. In America White Deaths Now Outnumber White Births
  217. Putting Black America In Business
  218. South Africa: 2014 Elections - a Case for Feeling Warm and Fuzzy
  219. Libya: Authorities Search Waters for Survivors After Deadly Migrant Shipwreck
  220. Egypt: 200 Face Trial
  221. Egypt: Unknown Gunmen Kidnap Police Officer in Sharqia
  222. Egypt: Army Says War Against "Black Terrorism" to Continue
  223. Egypt: Court Sentences 37 Pro-Brotherhood Students to 4 Years
  224. Nigeria: Police Crack Down on BringBackOurGirls Protest
  225. Nigeria: France Offers to Host Boko Haram Summit
  226. Africa: Nigeria and Neighbors to Meet U.S., UK & France in Paris on Boko Haram
  227. Nigeria: Kidnapped Dutch Nationals Freed in Bayelsa
  228. Nigeria: Nigeria Police Move Against #bringbackourgirls Protesters in Abuja
  229. South Sudan: Factions Cite Ceasefire Violations
  230. Tanzania: Dar Businessman Appeals in Landmark Gas Case
  231. South Sudan: South Sudan Vows to Honour Peace Agreement
  232. South Sudan: International Community Calls On S. Sudan to Put Peace Deal Into Action
  233. South Sudan: South Sudan Army, Rebels Trade Accusations Over Ceasefire Violations
  234. Zimbabwe: The Country's Emerging Tobacco Queens
  235. South Africa/Ethiopia: SA U20 Downs Ethiopia in AYC Qualifier
  236. Mozambique: Mozambique Can Only Be Built "with Long Term Vision"
  237. South Africa: Jacob Zuma Dedicates His South African Election Win to Nelson Mandela
  238. Central Africa: Angolan and Tanzanian Presidents Discuss Situation in Great Lakes Reg
  239. Ghana/Zambia: Trio Secure First Leg Cushioning
  240. Angola: National Refereeing With New Time
  241. Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe's ABSA Premiership Flops
  242. Baba Jukwa in bid to cover footprints
  243. Duo admits to lying
  244. Govt gazettes diamond regulations
  245. Zuma’s 2nd term plans
  246. No going back on nuke programme: Iran
  247. Editorial Comment: Africa must save own daughters
  248. Allowances: Mbizvo speaks out
  249. 10 memorable quotes from the 2014 World Economic Forum on Africa
  250. Zim literature operating at zero profitability?