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  1. South Africa: State Closes Its Case in Pistorius Trial
  2. Zimbabwe: Crossing a Rugged Political Terrain
  3. Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe's Demining Neglected
  4. South Africa: Poor Treatment Boosts XDR-TB
  5. Zimbabwe: Victory for Sexual and Reproductive Rights
  6. South Africa: Pistorius Trial - Week Four, Day Two
  7. South Africa: Govt Takes Battle Against TB to Prisons, Mines
  8. South Africa: Cricket - SA Has Steyn Power, but Still Struggles
  9. 5-man team for PSMAS clean-up
  10. Sharp decline in HIV deaths
  11. EU’s duplicity further exposed
  12. ‘Tsvangirai’s united party talk cosmetic’
  13. Kariba Dam wall safe, says Mavhaire
  14. TN Harlequin sues ex-DPM Mutambara for US$87 500
  15. Masvingo blows US$40 000 a month on hired vehicles
  16. Belgian paper rapped for images denigrating Obamas
  17. IPEC de-registers 61 insurance firms
  18. Georgias demands €6m in damages
  19. Euro-Africa Ties: Africa Should Be More Assertive
  20. Africa’s Thriving Middle Class Offers Opportunities To Investors
  21. U.S. Sending Aircraft, More Troops To Uganda
  22. Patrick Ngowi And His Solar Crusade To Light Up Africa
  23. Skin Color Politics In The Latin/o Community And The Roots Of Afro-Latino Music
  24. Segregated Housing, Segregated Schools – A Must Read
  25. Your Life Is Your Responsibility – A Must Read
  26. Egypt: Tourism Has Collapsed - Minister
  27. Algeria: Thousands Join Unprecedented Rally
  28. Egypt: Case of 'Ultras Revolutionary' Adjourned to April 6
  29. Egypt: Court Sentences 529 Mursi Supporters to Death
  30. Libya: Disputed Oil Tanker Returns
  31. Nigeria: Anti-Corruption Agency Enmeshed in Corruption Scandal
  32. Guinea: Ebola Death Toll Rises to 59 in Guinea
  33. Ghana: Rockefeller Foundation's $3.8M Grant Helps Position Ghana to Accelerate Future
  34. Namibia: President Jonathan Bags Namibia's Highest National Honour
  35. Nigeria: Bloody Job Hunt
  36. Kenya: Death Toll in Likoni Church Attack Rises to Six
  37. Sudan: Juba Accuses Khartoum of Abyei Attack
  38. Uganda: Sex, Politics and Religion in Uganda
  39. Uganda: U.S Sending More Special Forces, Planes in Kony Hunt
  40. Somalia: Eight Elders Assassinated Near Burhakaba Town
  41. South Africa: Transcript of Messages Between Victim and Pistorius Read in Court
  42. South Africa: Nurses to Lead Charge Against DR-TB
  43. Mozambique: Police 'Violent' in Areas Where Opposition Competitive - EU Official
  44. Mozambique: When Women Vote Against Women's Rights
  45. South Africa: New Tech Offers Hope of Tackling TB
  46. South Africa: Doctor Turns Patient After Contracting XDR-TB
  47. Mozambique: New Law Keeps Old Leniency for Rapists Who Wed Victims
  48. ZSE trading on a free fall
  49. Finally, the right person for the job!
  50. NSSA gives $5,3m to Star Africa
  51. Govt cuts most mining fees
  52. Zimplats dam construction on course
  53. Chinese-Zim joint venture on track
  54. Is it time to divest from Turnall?
  55. NSSA sweats over $4,2m investment
  56. Sedco courts investors for SME bank
  57. Sluggishness hits insurance sector
  58. Africa’s Biggest Wind Power Project Secures $870m Financing
  59. Asians Join Conservatives To Sink Affirmative Action Bill In California – A Must Read
  60. Egypt Tourism Totally Collapsed, Changes Needed – Minister
  61. Egyptian Court Sentences Hundreds Of Protesters To Death
  62. ‘Business Is Not A Short Sprint, It’s A Marathon,’ Says Baby Product Maker
  63. Will Ethiopia’s Grand Renaissance Dam Dry The Nile In Egypt? No
  64. Zimbabwe, Malema And The Long-Term Vision For Africa
  65. Kenya: Mombasa Church Attack Death Toll Rises to Four
  66. Rwanda: Farmers Return Rejected Cows to Minagri
  67. Rwanda: Kagame in Dublin for Broadband Commission Meeting
  68. Zimbabwe: South Africa Toughens on Zimbabwe Immigrants
  69. Zimbabwe: Mugabe Scholarship Scheme Collapses
  70. Malawi: Hungry Crocs Preying On Innocent Human Lives
  71. Malawi: MEC to Conduct Mass Public Rally At Goliati
  72. Malawi: A 50 Year Old Blind Man Gets Seven Years for Defilement
  73. Malawi: MEC Clarifies On Borrowing of Electoral Material From Zimbabwe
  74. Malawi: Two Tanzanians, Malawian Arrested for Drug Theft
  75. Mali/Egypt: Wadi Degla Put Two Past Djoliba
  76. Nigeria: Scores of Human Skulls Found in Ibadan
  77. Nigeria/Zimbabwe: How Mine Takes a Narrow Lead to Nigeria
  78. Guinea: Govt Confirms Deadly Mystery Epidemic As Ebola
  79. Zimbabwe/Nigeria: How Mine Edge Nigeria's Bayelsa United
  80. Benin: CAF President Saddened By Death of Benin Referee
  81. Kenya: Gunmen Attack Mombasa Church
  82. Tanzania: Nations Deadlock Over Disputed Lake
  83. Ethiopia: A Million-Dollar Blunder
  84. Uganda: NEMA's Latest Mess
  85. Uganda: Eskom's Bigger Say
  86. He cheated with a dog, good riddance!
  87. Nurses authorised to initiate anti-retroviral treatment
  88. Greed drives corruption
  89. Bus owner’s rape appeal falters
  90. Poacher gunned down
  91. Grandpa rapes 15-year-old
  92. Apostolic man up for murder
  93. Stands scandal rocks Chiredzi Town
  94. Anjin maintains it pledged US$1,5m
  95. Honour our heroes: Mudarikwa
  96. Libya: Flights Suspended After Attack on Tripoli Airport
  97. Western Sahara: British Government Reaffirms Support of Saharawi People Right to Self
  98. Nigeria: Boko Haram - Army Captures Cameroonian Weapon Supplier
  99. Guinea: Ebola Virus Causes Many Deaths
  100. Mali: Locals Inflate Refugee Statistics to Boost Aid
  101. Nigeria: Boko Haram - Nigerian Military Recovers Heavy Weapons From Burnt Church
  102. Cote d'Ivoire: Ivory Coast Transfers Gbabgo Ally to ICC
  103. Somalia: Govt, AU Forces Seize Town
  104. Sudan: Fighting Surges in Darfur
  105. Rwanda: Former Intelligence Chief Found Guilty of Genocide Crimes
  106. Kenya: Row Over Law Allowing 'Polygamy'
  107. South Sudan: Prosecutor Claims Plot to Topple Govt
  108. Zimbabwe: Public Executives in Tax Evasion Scam
  109. Malawi: Campaigning Kicks Off Ahead of May Elections
  110. Swaziland: Calls to Release Jailed Critics Grow
  111. South Africa: TB Is Number One Killer
  112. Zimbabwe: The Numerate Nation That Can't Count
  113. Zimbabwe: Robbers Pounce On Chicken Slice Mvuma
  114. Zimbabwe/Congo-Kinshasa: Pasuwa Dismisses A.S Vita Link
  115. Angola: ZAP Signs Broadcasting Deal With Cuban Television
  116. Russian troops storm Ukrainian bases in Crimea
  117. Malaysia plane search: China checks new ‘debris’ image
  118. Egypt: Egypt Military Chief's Presidential Bid Imminent, Says Scholar
  119. Egypt: Medical Examinations to Check Health Conditions of Presidential Candidates
  120. Egypt: Egypt Air Halts Flights to Libya After Attack On Tripoli Airport
  121. Libya: Libyans Praise Tanker Recovery
  122. Africa: Sadomba Strike Sinks Ahly in Tunis
  123. Ghana: Akufo-Addo Announces Plan to Run for President
  124. Liberia: Unicef to Be Investigated for Alleged Abuse of Children
  125. West Africa: Wind and Dust Can Predict Sahel Meningitis Outbreaks
  126. Nigeria: Boko Haram - It's Now Fire for Fire - Jonathan
  127. Senegal: Scant Progress On Senegal's Talibé Problem
  128. Kenya: Uproar As MPs Pass Bill Promoting Polygamy
  129. Uganda: Ugandan TV Show Features News in Rap
  130. South Sudan: South Sudan Peace Talks Delayed
  131. Somalia: The Verdict On Somalia's New Draft Media Law
  132. East Africa: A Life Ruled by Potholes, Red Tape and Loneliness
  133. Mozambique: The Bishop Who Smashed Guns At the Altar
  134. Zimbabwe: Fresh Waves of Zimbabwean Migrants Flee Worsening Economy
  135. South Africa: Marikana, Nkandla and Jacob Zuma
  136. Africa: It's Not the G-8, but the Brics and Even the G-20
  137. South Africa: ANC On Nkandla Report - a Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery Inside an Enigma
  138. Nigeria: South African Retailer Opens in North Despite Security Fears
  139. Swaziland: Swaziland - Human Rights Lawyer and Journalist Charged With Contempt of Co
  140. Zimbabwe: The Numerate Nation that can’t count
  141. Zimpapers driver Nyoka laid to rest
  142. Miners’ repatriation: Govt hails helpers
  143. Dry weekend for Harare
  144. State promises to address scholarship students’ plight
  145. Robbers pounce on Chicken Slice Mvuma
  146. Pay cuts: MPs dare unhappy CEOs
  147. EDITORIAL COMMENT: The right thing simply has to be done
  148. Take pride in your totem
  149. Another MDC-T official bashed at Harvest House
  150. Africa Must Do More To Unlock Potential For Rising Intra-African Trade
  151. Governments Giving Away African Land, Acre By Acre
  152. South Africa’s President Zuma: Is Having A ‘Let Them Eat Cake’ Moment
  153. Ethiopia: The Hypocrisy Of The West
  154. Englewood Residents Can Purchase Vacant City Lots For $1
  155. Another Slave Movie: Oprah To Produce ‘Invention Of Wings’
  156. Do Video Games Encourage Racism?
  157. Uganda: Museveni May Give Each MP Sh150 Million Loan Bailout
  158. Kenya: Al-Qaeda-Trained Terrorists Believed to Be Behind Thwarted Mombasa Attack
  159. South Africa: Monsanto Forced to Withdraw Advertising Claims on Benefits of GM Crops
  160. Libya: Security Council Imposes Sanctions On Illicit Crude Oil Exports From Libya
  161. Uganda: Gaddafi, Al Shabaab and Beautiful Kampala
  162. Tunisia: Tunisia Confronts Budget Crisis
  163. Libya: Seized Tanker Returns to Libya With U.S. Assistance
  164. Egypt: Interior Ministry - Threats By MB Terrorists Foiled, 74 Rioters Detained
  165. Liberia: War Refugees Rebuilding Liberia - Gyude Moore
  166. West Africa: Trading Away Hunger
  167. Nigeria: Insurgency - Govt Planning Six Nations Summit
  168. South Africa: Report That 'Nigerians' Asked for Vote in SA Elections is Baseless
  169. Nigeria: Who Is Boko Haram?
  170. Kenya: Hague Court Needs to Restore Credibility
  171. Kenya: Court Okays Warrant for Journalist Barasa
  172. Tanzania: New Chapter in History As Kikwete Inaugurates CA On Friday
  173. Africa: Stolen Funds Dwarf Development Aid - Mbeki
  174. South Africa: The Public Protector - a Triumph for Constitutional Democracy
  175. South Africa: A Call to Redefine Democracy
  176. Malawi: Antenatal Access Key to Preventing Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV
  177. Southern Africa: Why Should the SADC EPA Allow Export Taxes?
  178. Africa: Thirsting for Justice On World Water Day
  179. South Africa: Calls for Heads to Roll After Report on President's Home
  180. South Africa: President Zuma Ordered to Pay Back Money for 'Unlawful' Home Renovation
  181. Diamond bosses face perjury rap
  182. A goal made in heaven
  183. EDITORIAL COMMENT: Labour Act review a game changer
  184. Canadian ambassador meets Prof Moyo
  185. Tender board admits to flouting regulations
  186. Implats shows interest in Zim refinery
  187. Dino, Diamond Studios wrangle turns nasty
  188. ANC to act on Zuma’s Nkandla home scandal
  189. NewsDay slapped with US$750k lawsuit
  190. Who should be Zifa boss?
  191. South Africa’s President Zuma Violated Executive Ethics Code
  192. DR Congo Recruits Robots As Traffic Cops
  193. Ethiopia Sees Output At Africa’s Largest Power Plant By 2015
  194. Chinese Companies Invested $1.79bn In Nigeria Last Year
  195. The Strength Of The Black Man – Malcolm X
  196. Most Women Don’t Deserve A Good Man
  197. Jacob Zuma And The ANC Under Estimated Julius Malema
  198. Burundi: Political Tensions Simmer After Crackdown On Opposition
  199. Kenya: Court Suspends Order Cancelling Laptop Tender
  200. Malawi: Jet Sale Puts Government Under Scrutiny
  201. Libya: Violence Reaches New Heights
  202. Egypt: Police Teargas Student Protests in Cairo and Alexandria
  203. Western Sahara: Situation of Saharawi Refugees 'Desperate', Says Mr. Koloko
  204. Algeria: We Are Going to the World Cup to Compete, Not As Tourists - Lamouchi
  205. Egypt: Egypt to Form Its Side At Egyptian-Sudanese Business Council in Week
  206. Nigeria: Govt Launches 'Soft Approach' to Counter Boko Haram
  207. Burkina Faso: Jailed Editor Appeals to Top African Court
  208. West Africa: The Region's Refugee and Security Crisis
  209. Africa: Cameroonian Gay Rights Activist Wins Top Award
  210. Nigeria: Ambassador Rice Meets with Governors from Nigeria
  211. East Africa: Regional Interests At Stake in the South Sudan Crisis
  212. South Africa: Let Law Take Its Course in Rwandan Case - Minister
  213. Uganda: Opposition Gives Museveni Ultimatum
  214. Tanzania: Local Activists Fault Supporters of GMOs
  215. Somalia: Puntland Chamber of Commerce Calls for Investment
  216. Namibia: Bones of Contention - the Politics of Repatriating Human Remains
  217. South Africa: President's Home Overhaul 'Unconscionable'
  218. South Africa: Pistorius Trial Postponed
  219. South Africa: Jacob Zuma Guilty of Ethical Violations - Public Protector
  220. Southern Africa: Is the Kariba Dam in Danger of Collapsing?
  221. South Africa: Pistorius Case - Victim Shot in Defensive Position
  222. Malawi: Electoral Commission Seeks Consensus on Fighting Political Violence
  223. Harare Council downsizes
  224. Mutasa pays condolences to Nyoka family
  225. Labour Act review looms, welcomed
  226. Govt warns CEOs
  227. Biti proposes new political party
  228. Marange villagers demand their dues
  229. Zim back on track
  230. Editorial Comment: CEOs salary cap progressive, the work begins
  231. Govt to set up lithium plant
  232. Nkandla overhaul excessive: Public Protector
  233. Malema Selected As EFF’s Presidential Candidate
  234. Hershey Investor Sues For Cocoa Records On Africa Farms That Use Child Labor
  235. Video: Kid Screams In Agony As Texas Cop Snaps His Arm
  236. In The Lucky Country Of Australia Apartheid Is Alive And Kicking
  237. A Fools Errand: Caribbean Nations Demand Reparations For Slavery
  238. Watch What Happens When Black Princeton Students Confront A Cop Who Pulled Them Over
  239. US Freezes Aid To Uganda Over Anti-Deviance Laws
  240. Egypt: Officer Jailed After Detainees Suffocated
  241. Libya: UN Urges Libyans to Rally Around After Benghazi Bombing
  242. Egypt: Presidential Candidates to Undergo Medical Examinations
  243. West Africa: Sahel-Saharan Leaders Focus On Security
  244. Egypt: Youth in South Launch Anti-Harassment Campaign
  245. Nigeria: Ruling Party Tries to Wrest Back Momentum
  246. Mali: Mali's Past Leaders Called to Account
  247. Cameroon: Cameroon 'Safe Haven' Town Strains Under CAR Refugee Influx
  248. Liberia: Deputy Defense Minister Reinstated Following Investigation
  249. Nigeria: Court Dismisses Suit Seeking to Stop Jonathan's Re-Election Bid
  250. Somalia: Hotel Car Bomb Kills Soldiers, Peacekeepers