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  1. Egypt: Army to Supply Baby Formula At Reduced Prices After Protest
  2. Algeria: Sonatrach's Exports Up By 8 Percent in First Eight Months of 2016
  3. No Foreigner Can Own Land In Tanzania
  4. These Three Women Started A Law Firm — On Twitter!
  5. Planned Parenthood’s Courting Of Black Lives Matter — The Zenith Of Oxymorons
  6. Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte Slams U.S. For “Killing Black People”
  7. Ten Historical Sites To Visit In Africa
  8. Australia: The Worst Place To Be An African Migrant
  9. Angola: Veteran Musician Kafala Dies
  10. South Africa: Hands Off Gordhan - Struggle Stalwarts
  11. Zimbabwe: Mugabe Returns From Dubai Amid Health Rumours
  12. Mozambique: 1.5 Million Drought Victims Face Food Insecurity
  13. South Africa: School Head Accused in 'Hair' Controversy
  14. Mozambique: Gunmen Kill Govt Officials in Sofala
  15. Ethiopia: 1,000 Flee for Sudan Following Clashes
  16. Ethiopia: 'Foreign Firms Attacked' As Ethiopia Protests Continue
  17. South Sudan: New Force Is for Protection Not 'Intervention' - UN
  18. Kenya: Union Demands Probe On Journalist's Death
  19. Tanzania/Nigeria: Iheanacho Wonder Strike Hands Super Eagles Victory
  20. Nigeria: Malnutrition Poses Greater Threat
  21. Nigeria: Permanent Secretary Dies 24 Hours After Swearing in
  22. Nigeria: Govt Reports Recession, Drop in Investment and Currency
  23. Africa: Facebook to Add More African Languages
  24. Egypt: Border With Gaza Opened for Two Days
  25. Egypt: Sisi Heads to China to Attend G20 Summit
  26. Africa: African Nations Endorse Trade Partnerships to Boost Growth
  27. Ku Klux Cops Pepper-Spray 84-Year-Old Woman After Kicking Down Her Door
  28. Nigeria: Oil Workers Threaten Fresh Strike
  29. Angela Corey, One Of The Vilest Prosecutors In America Is Ousted
  30. 2016 Deadliest Year On Record For Migrants Crossing Central Mediterranean
  31. 11 Ways To Make Money Doing Almost Nothing
  32. Japan’s Chequebook Diplomacy In Africa Lacks Sincerity
  33. Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs For Women
  34. Chicago Cop Murder Teen — Then Charge His Friend For The Murder
  35. Brush with law made me strong: Magaya
  36. To them, guardiola is a ferrari…
  37. Thousands lose money to Ponzi scheme
  38. Kenya endorses World Bank chief
  39. Soldiers deployed in Gabon capital
  40. Zanu-PF Youth League convenes
  41. Let’s support the historic Warriors
  42. Demonstrators: A very modest proposal
  43. Harare’s celebrity power couples
  44. Serena marches on
  45. Zambia: Concourt Set to Hear & Conclude Presidential Petition Today
  46. Zimbabwe: Mugabe Skating On Thin Ice
  47. Southern Africa: Drought-Ravaged SADC Grapples With Seed Shortages
  48. Mozambique: President Appoints IMF Official to Head National Bank
  49. Mozambique: Traditional Healers Deny Involvement in Albinism Murders
  50. Zimbabwe: Police Chief Chihuri Ordered to Reinstate Cops
  51. Malawi: Prophet Bushiri Writes Open Letter to President Mutharika
  52. Zimbabwe: Electoral Reform Mass Protest to Go Ahead - Opposition
  53. Ethiopia: Ethiopia, China Vow to Strengthen Trade, Investment Relations
  54. Uganda: Roads Authority in Counter Suit Against Dott Services
  55. Kenya: Former Cabinet Minister William Ole Ntimama Dies
  56. Tanzania: Ruling Party Says It Won't Engage Opposition Over Protests
  57. Ethiopia: Country Thrives to Achieve Remarkable Breakthrough in Tourism
  58. Nigeria: Govt, U.S.-Based Lawyer Bicker Over 40% Demand of Abacha's Loot
  59. Cameroon: In the Tracks of Boko Haram in Cameroon
  60. Ghana: 'Mahama's Govt Pocketing Your Money' - Akufo-Addo
  61. Nigeria: Boko Haram's Leader Shekau Is Dead, Insists Army
  62. Egypt: Govt Participates in Arab League's Economic and Social Council's Meetings in C
  63. Africa: Afrobasket U18 - Angola Play Tunisia in Quarter-Finals Friday
  64. Africa: V-Ball - U-19 Team in Tunis for Youth Africa Championships
  65. Egypt: Migrants Lured By Sex Into Backstreet Kidney Trade - Report
  66. Nigeria: Buhari Revives Jonathan's Agriculture Policy He Suspended
  67. Nigeria: Change Doesn't Come Easy, Buhari Tells Nigerians
  68. Nigeria: Another Nigerian Airline, First Nation, Suspends Operations
  69. Nigeria: Minister Denies Dismissing Economic Recession As a "Word"
  70. Nigeria: How N215 Billion Import Waiver Was Disbursed in 4 Years
  71. Woman Screams “Get Him Baby” As White Supremacist Thug Chase Down And Murder Black Te
  72. Here Is A List Of 23 Black-Owned Banks, Credit Unions And Financial Institutions To S
  73. Philadelphia Cop Exposed As White Supremacist With Ties To Neo-Nazis
  74. Black Hair, Sharp Scissors And The Totality Of White Power In South Africa
  75. America: The Empire Of Lies
  76. Ten Things About Gaddafi They Don’t Want You To Know
  77. White Live Matter Is A Hate Group
  78. Firimoni: A dull character that brightened ‘Gringo’
  79. Be innovative, public health institutions urged
  80. Police ban axes, demonstrations
  81. Sadc Summit snubs MDC-T, ZimPF
  82. Citizens to influence judges appointments
  83. Mnangagwa meets Junior Cabinet
  84. Zimbabwe experiences solar eclipse
  85. Public Service to recruit teachers
  86. Police intensify arms cache probe
  87. Sub-editor Gwaunza dies
  88. Namibia: Teachers to Vote Over Strike Next Week
  89. Zimbabwe: Tycoon Clears Air On Zinara Deal
  90. Zimbabwe: Did Another Call for a Total Shutdown Flops?
  91. Zimbabwe: Netherlands Unveils U.S.$3,9 Million Towards El Nino Effects
  92. South Africa: Finance Minister Denies Snubbing Police Unit
  93. South Africa: Household Credit Cycle One of the Weakest in History
  94. Zimbabwe: Arrested Suspected Protesters 'Demand' Nandos
  95. South Africa: Ramaphosa Brings Flavoured, Maximum Pleasure to Parliament
  96. Kenya: Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Lands in Nairobi
  97. Kenya: MPs Allowed to Propose Amendments to Elections Law
  98. Kenya: House Approves Kenya-UK Military Deal With Reservations
  99. Kenya: Bad Day for Zuckerberg As Spacex Failed Launch Destroys Facebook Satellite
  100. Nigeria: How We Will Get Nigeria Out of Recession - Govt
  101. Africa: Facebook Satellite Will Enable Entrepreneurs to Sell Express Wi-Fi
  102. Ghana: Ghana Loses $2.1 Billion to Tax Evasion Annually
  103. Africa: Liberia Tops List of 10 Worst Countries for Access to Primary School
  104. Nigeria: Govt Targets Officials Accused of Stealing Food From Boko Haram Victims
  105. Algeria: Algeria Withstands, Continues Reforms Despite Oil Market Collapse
  106. Algeria: Government's Approach Aims At Ensuring Continuity of Retirement System, Work
  107. Africa: Nuclear Tests - 20 Years After Its Adoption, the Test Ban Treaty Is Yet to Ge
  108. Egypt: Hayatou Congratulates New Egyptian FA President
  109. Egypt: Egyptian Cotton Loses Its Preeminence Even for Local Manufacturers - U.S. Repo
  110. Rwanda: Police Search for Missing Journalist
  111. Nigeria: Govt Renames Solid Minerals Ministry
  112. Nigeria: Buhari Appoints Head of Niger Delta Power Holding Company
  113. Nigeria: Central Bank Lift Forex Ban On 8 Banks
  114. Israel’s Police Chief: It’s ‘Natural’ To Suspect Ethiopian Jews To Be Criminals
  115. Little Girl Cries During Traffic Stop Because She Didn’t Want Cops To Murder Her Dad
  116. Thug Cops Who Assaulted Pregnant Teen, Claim They Were Fired For “Being White”
  117. White Supremacy In South Africa, And The African Girls Who Are Rejecting It
  118. Woman Who Accused Chris Brown Of Assault Is A Known Thief Wanted In New York?
  119. Hyped shutdown monumental flop • Business as usual citywide • Citizens arrest hoodlum
  120. Kereke prosecution fees pegged at $36k
  121. Ex Malawi minister jailed for murder
  122. Editorial Comment : Millers should invest in wheat farmers
  123. Dilma Rousseff impeached
  124. Website to speed up laws harmonisation
  125. Zim model gears up for Malaysia pageant
  126. Blow for warriors
  127. Zimplats bounces back to profitability
  128. Aussies beat Sri Lanka
  129. Zimbabwe: Boxing Champion Manyuchi Honoured
  130. Malawi: Is Govt Targeting President Mutharika's Critics?
  131. Malawi: U.S. Demand Return of Looted Aids Funds
  132. Zimbabwe: National Anti-Govt Protest On Cards
  133. South Africa: Zuma Takes 'Spy Tapes' Fight to Appeal Court
  134. Zimbabwe: Mugabe Spokesperson Laughs Off Ill Health Reports
  135. South Africa: Constitutional Challenge on Marijuana Law Postponed
  136. South Africa: Reality TV Has Had an Extreme Makeover. Will It Work?
  137. Uganda: Medical Trainees Protest Over Allowances
  138. Uganda: Four People Die in Murder Revenge Attack
  139. Kenya: Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission Chairman Resigns
  140. Ethiopia: Ancestor Lucy Died After Falling From Tree - Scientists
  141. Africa: Lessons From Kenya About What's Holding Back Solar
  142. Guinea Bissau: Political Impasse Should Be Broken to Allow Economic Reforms - UN
  143. Nigeria: We Are Working With U.S. on Repatriation of Abacha Loot - Attorney-General
  144. Nigeria: Nigeria in Recession As Economy Shrinks
  145. Nigeria: Govt to Launch Interest-Free Automobile Loan Scheme Soon
  146. Nigeria: 7 Feared Dead in Zamfara Boat Accident
  147. Libya: About 6,500 Migrants Rescued
  148. Egypt: Egyptian, Jordanian PMs Expected to Sign Cooperation Agreements
  149. Algeria: Three Caches, Homemade Bombs Destroyed in Chlef and Tizi Ouzou
  150. Algeria: Women's Representation in Parliament - Algeria Ranks 29th Worldwide
  151. Algeria: Two-Year Sentence for Facebook Poem
  152. Maine’s Governor Calls For Race War Against Black People
  153. Nigerian World Scrabble Champion Denied Visa By French Embassy
  154. Rwanda: Govt Deploys Scores of New Medical Doctors for Duty
  155. Africa: 'Political Will, Selfless Leadership Key to a United Africa'
  156. East African Countries Backs Replacement Of Traitor Riek Machar
  157. Georgia Lawmaker Tommy Benton Praises KKK Claiming That They Kept ‘Law And Order’
  158. South African School Forces Black Girls To Straighten Their Hair And Not Speak Africa
  159. Nigerian Air Force Helicopter Destroys New Boko Haram Camp
  160. 10 African Civilizations Equally Or More Amazing Than Ancient Egypt
  161. Africa: Italy's Coastguard - 6,500 Migrants Rescued Off Libyan Coast in One Day
  162. Egypt: Govt Seeks Tougher Punishment for Female Genital Mutilation
  163. Algeria: Council of Nation - 2016-2017 Parliamentary Session to Open On September 4
  164. Egypt: More Egyptians Migrate for Work Abroad in 2015
  165. Libya: Libya Government Forces Retake Sirte
  166. Nigeria: Borno Govt to Relocate Displaced
  167. Nigeria: Air Force Helicopter Destroys New Boko Haram Camp - Army
  168. Africa: Facebook Founder, Mark Zuckerberg, Arrives Nigeria in First Africa Trip
  169. Nigeria: Court Turns Down Shi'ite Leader El-Zakzaky's Bail Application
  170. Nigeria: Govt Denies Probe of Former Central Bank Governors Sanusi, Soludo
  171. Somalia: Mogadishu Car Bomb Targets Hotel, Presidential Palace
  172. Uganda: Wanted Police Boss Baguma Turns Self in, Sent to Jail
  173. Ethiopia: Citizens Shave Heads to Mourn Fallen in Oromia, Amhara
  174. Kenya: Top AU Official Stranded in Nairobi After Ticad Forum
  175. South Africa: Mkhwebane One Step Closer to Public Protector Office
  176. Uganda: Ruling Party Sweeps New District Polls
  177. Zimbabwe: Protesters Denied Bail
  178. South Africa: University of Zululand Students Ordered to Leave Campus
  179. Malawi: Former Justice Minister Kasambara Sentenced
  180. South Africa: Eskom Backtracks, Wants Review of Green Energy Project
  181. Zimbabwe: Australia Challenges Mugabe to Stop Harassing Protesters
  182. South Africa: National Airline Asks Lenders for R16 Billion
  183. Zimbabwe: 13 in Court for Burning Police Trucks
  184. Zinara pays SA tycoon $300k monthly
  185. Sadc to establish tech university
  186. Steve Kekana embroiled in bitter split from wife
  187. Editorial Comment : Human rights come with responsibility
  188. Include all wheat flour on SI 64: Millers
  189. Police vow to crush demos
  190. Djokovic overcomes scare
  191. MDC-T, ZimPF up terror campaign
  192. Govt in control, says Sekeramayi
  193. Christian clothing range launched
  194. Chinese Firm Makes Biggest Investment In South Africa’s Auto Industry In 40 Years
  195. Did Hillary Clinton Benefit From Funds Stolen By A Former Nigerian Dictator?
  196. Nigeria: New Nigerian Bar Association President Under Fire
  197. Nigeria: Special Report - Nigeria Risks Losing N218 Billion Abacha Loot
  198. Nigeria: Police Vow to Deal With Anyone Harbouring Boko Haram Insurgents
  199. Nigeria: Army Lacks Power to Declare Civilians 'Wanted' - Femi Falana
  200. East Africa: How Rwanda Can Reduce the Growing Trade Deficit
  201. Nigeria: Govt Confirms Discovery of Nickel Deposits in Kaduna
  202. Rwanda: Textile Firm Seeks Tax Exemptions On Raw Materials
  203. Egypt: Cabinet Approves Amendments to Genital Cutting Law
  204. Libya: New Hope for Libya Through AU-Led National Dialogue?
  205. Western Sahara: Ban 'Deeply Concerned' Over Tensions in South-Western Western Sahara
  206. Algeria: Medicines - Imports Rise By 10 Percent in Seven Months
  207. Nigeria: Buhari to Militants - Negotiation Remains Your Best Option
  208. Egypt: Public Funds Prosecution Investigates Charges Levelled Against Former Minister
  209. Nigeria: 'World Class' Nickel Discovered in Nigeria
  210. Nigeria: Singer Bono Makes Commitment to Borno Camps
  211. Nigeria: Soccer Coach Siasia Quits
  212. Southern Africa: Tanzania's Magufuli Skips Yet Another SADC Meet
  213. Nigeria: Power Outage At Lagos Airport Disrupts Operations
  214. Tanzania: Police Warns Opposition Protestors 'Will Live to Regret'
  215. Ethiopia: Feyisa Lilesa - 'Athletes Need to Speak Out'
  216. Uganda: Let Children Taste Some Alcohol - Catholic Priest
  217. South Africa: Duo to Make Musical Collaboration with Supercomputer
  218. Tanzania: New Capital City Seen As a Blessing for Businesses
  219. South Africa: Alleged Genital Mutilator's Bail Application Postponed Again
  220. South Africa: Finance Minister Claims Persecution by Gupta Family
  221. Zimbabwe: Cops Provoke, Brutalise Protesters
  222. South Africa: #StopRacismAtPretoriaGirlsHigh Is Just One Example of the Frustration o
  223. Botswana: IEC Proposes to Phase Out Some Polling Stations
  224. Namibia: Humans, Animals Compete for Water At Epembe
  225. Tough luck josta
  226. Editorial Comment : MDC-T must decide whether its for or against Zim
  227. False start to Tomana trial
  228. Rights commission finally finds its voice
  229. Diddy, Cassie put united front at MTV awards
  230. Govt slams S. African media falsehoods
  231. MDC-Terror and anti-people uprising
  232. Black girls in hair protest
  233. Gold deliveries up 7 percent
  234. NRZ appoints financial advisors
  235. When People Try You – The Gantt Report
  236. Rwanda: Over U.S.$ 6 Million Earmarked for Next Year's Presidential Election
  237. Nigeria: Buhari Pledges to Make Nigeria One of Best Countries for Business
  238. Rwanda: Public Awareness Key to Achieving Green Growth, Experts Say
  239. East Africa: Regional Interpol Chiefs Meet in Kigali Ahead of General Assembly
  240. Africa: Rwanda's Kagame Says Good Politics Begins At Home
  241. Rwanda: Bad Loans Weigh Down Savings and Credit Cooperatives
  242. Egypt: Human Rights Lawyer Malek Adly Released From Detention
  243. Egypt: Court Orders Release of Journalist Badr
  244. Nigeria: 'Kill Rats, Make Money' to Commence in Lagos
  245. Nigeria: We're Ready for Talks With Boko Haram - President
  246. Nigeria: Kerry Has Spoken, but Is Anyone Listening?
  247. West Africa: Why U.S. and Global Interest in Ghana Elections?
  248. Nigeria: Buhari Willing to Swap Detained Boko Haram Members for Chibok Girls
  249. Africa: Ticad Summit a Symbol of Strong Partnership - Kenyatta
  250. Kenya: Junior Officers Explain How They Make Millions of Shillings